Chapter 427 - Supreme Ocean Palace: Ji Qianrou

Against the Gods

Chapter 427 - Supreme Ocean Palace: Ji Qianrou

Ling Kun received the ring. After sweeping a glance at the things inside, his eyes flashed with an unconcealable hint of excitement. He didn’t return the spatial ring to Ye Xinghan and instead put it away with a smile: “Young Hall Master is indeed straightforward, looks like this old man calling Young Hall Master to do such a transaction was indeed a choice that couldn’t be more right.. That woman has just turned nineteen this year, and is in Blue Wind Nation.”

“Blue Wind?” Ye Xinghan revealed astonishment, then snorted faintly: “That tiny little place where one would feel as though they were lowering their status if they went there, is actually able to produce one who possess the godly body of legends, ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’? Elder Ling, are you certain that it was the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’?”

Ye Xinghan’s last sentence had a distinct hint of a warning overtone. Blue Wind Nation was an inferior land that regarded the Emperor Profound as its summit, making him completely unable to believe that it could have any relationship with the “Nine Profound Exquisite Body” that was difficult to find even once every ten thousand years. Ling Kun’s expression didn’t change at all as he said lowly: “If I wasn’t certain, even if I had more courage, I wouldn’t dare do this transaction with Young Hall Master. If Young Hall Master uses this Nine Profound Exquisite Body as a incubator, it is inevitable that your cultivation would increase by bounds! In comparison, an insignificant one and a half kilogram of Purple Veined Divine Crystals cannot be said to be anything.”

Ye Xinghan restrained his expression as he chuckled: “Having done so many deals with Elder Ling, I’m obviously extremely relieved by Elder Ling’s words. I will slowly gather the other half kilogram of Purple Veined Divine Crystals. When that time comes, Elder Ling must not disappoint me.”

“Ha! When that time comes, Young Hall Master should just wait to get ahold of a great surprise!” Ling Kun said with narrowed eyes. He didn’t say that the woman who possessed the Nine Profound Exquisite Body was one whose beauty was no less inferior to that of Princess Snow. Even though it would greatly increase the cost of his bargaining chip, it would easily make Ye Xinghan immediately pay close attention to Blue Wind Nation’s number one beauty, Xia Qingyue. If that happened, he would lose half a kilogram of Purple Veined Divine Crystals.

Seated near an unremarkable corner was an unremarkably dressed person who coldly gazed at Ye Xinghan’s back figure. Both of his hands slowly tightened as words brimming with deep-rooted hatred came out between his gritted teeth: “Sun… Moon… Divine… Hall…”

Heavenly Mighty Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall had arrived, but Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace still had yet to come. Feng Hengkong didn’t seem to have been affected by Ye Xinghan’s arrogance. He serenely sat down, and glanced at the time again. There were still several tens of breaths left until the start of the ranking tournament.

At the moment, a gently breeze suddenly blew over, bringing along the faint aroma of flowers that made anyone who scented it feel intoxicated. Suddenly, the fluttering of many flower petals that came from who knows where, suddenly appeared above the arena. Whether the petals were pure white, captivating red, or gloriously yellow… they danced, filling the sky with extreme beauty.

“It smells so good...”

“Did some goddess arrive?”

“It must be a goddess from the Sacred Grounds that have come… I’m too lucky today, not only have I seen Princess Snow, I even have the chance to see the grace of a fairy from the Sacred Grounds!”

Seeing the sky filled with dancing petals and the touching fragrance of flowers, every man in the audience became excited as their scorching gazes looked up above. The floating petals began to become more and more crowded together, as the fragrance also became more and more rich and intoxicating. Suddenly, a huge ball of petals extravagantly bursted open in mid air. Under the enormous rain of flower petals, an endlessly charming silhouette emerged.

This was a man handsome and pretty to an extreme degree. A suit of snow-white attire, his black hair was like ink, the color of his face fair like jade, his facial features was as if they had been carved out by an artist, delicate beyond compare. His brows were as slender as the new moon, slightly bent and raised on one end; his eyes were like the cherry blossom, and the fluid gaze like a young girl’s stirred within. Everyone below raised their head up high, and looked at this man who was slowly floating down with endless petals in a stupefied manner. No matter men or women, all of their hearts birthed an feeling of being ashamed of their inferiority.

“What an elegant and eminently handsome man!” Yun Che couldn’t help but to exclaim, and at the same time silently added in his heart: “Almost catching up to me.”

The moment Ye Xinghan and Ling Kun saw this man emerging, the expressions on their faces simultaneously changed… But it definitely was neither shock nor fear, and they were instead showing an expression of extreme distress. Ling Kun roared with a low voice: “F*ck! Why is it this guy!”

The moment Feng Hengkong saw the flower petal rain down as far as one’s eyes could see, he had already stared blankly for a bit. As the snow-white figure appeared amidst the flower petals, Feng Hengkong… this dignified Divine Phoenix Emperor, Sect Master of Divine Phoenix Sect, actually quivered from his entire body, as his pupils even contracted for a split second. He hastily roared: “Ximing… go… go welcome him in our stead.”

Before Feng Ximing had the chance to respond, the man’s gaze had already fell upon Feng Hengkong’s body. Instantly, his slender and curved brows stuck up on their ends even more. His fluid glance flowed, his hands covered his mouth, as he revealed an… overbearingly flirtatious smile. From his mouth, a tender and gentle voice came out: “Little Kongkong, this one has finally met you again. Not being able to meet you for a hundred years, this one has missed you to death, you know… Have you missed this one?”



The entire arena instantly became so quiet that a needle falling could be heard. Everyone without exception were flabbergasted, as their eyes and jaws fell to the ground.

This this this this… this person...

Just was he a man… or a woman… Or was he half man half woman… Or was he neither a man nor a woman...

This expression… this posture… these eyes and brows… this voice… and referring to themselves with third person… wait! The “Little Kongkong” he was saying… could it be...

Could it be he was calling… Phoenix Sect Master Feng Hengkong!?

Holy shit!!

Feng Hengkong was already about to find a place to hastily hide himself, but a “Little Kongkong” dropped out of the sky. This made the Phoenix Sect Master, who didn’t have a change of expression under Ye Xinghan’s insolence, shiver from his entire body, his expressions convulsing as he nearly sprayed out a mouthful of old blood on the spot.

Feng Ximing hastily greeted up with great anxiety, as he spoke in a respectful manner: “Junior Divine Phoenix Prince, Feng Ximing, greets… Senior Ji. Welcome to the Divine Phoenix Empire, Senior Ji, your seat has already been prepared. I respectfully ask Senior Ji to enter the seats.”

“Yah!” Ji Qianrou’s coquettish eyes as if waves of water, measuring up Feng Ximing from head to toe. That gaze as gentle as water, made Feng Ximing’s entire body feel numb. With his waist swinging, he walked toward Feng Zhiming with extreme amorousity, as he began to giggle tenderly: “So it was actually Little Mingming, no wonder you are so handsome, almost catching up to my Little Kongkong. When this one saw you last, you were still a two or three years old little baby. In the blink of an eye, you’ve actually grown so much. Come, let this one feel you up, and see if you’ve gotten more robust.”

As Ji Qianrou walked, his soft waist turned like a dancing water snake, the two halves of his hips swung left and right. If he was a woman, that definitely must be a scenery that made one unable to take their eyes away, and even sprout out blood...

But now, all the men only felt their stomach turning.

This was someone of the Sacred Grounds?

Was this really someone of the Sacred Grounds!?

Before Feng Ximing was even able to regain his senses, his hand was already taken up by Ji Qianrou and gently stroked in his palms: “Little Mingming’s skin really is so smooth, this one likes the feeling of smooth skin the most. Little Mingming needs to keep maintaining this, okay…”

As if just waking up from a dream, Feng Ximing retracted his hand like a lightning bolt. His body retreated non-stop, as he felt his heart cramping and a thick layer of goosebumps rose up on his entire body… Especially the hand that was touched by Ji Qianrou; it was simply like tens of millions of ants were crawling on it, causing him to wish dearly that he could immediately chop his entire hand off.

He finally understood why his royal father who did not dread heaven and earth would reveal a terrified expression the moment he heard the name “Ji Qianrou”, lest that he was unable to hide in time. Cold sweat drenched his forehead, as he said in an extremely sorry state: “S-S-Se-Senior Ji, the Ranking Tournament is a-a-a-about to start, I ask Senior Ji to e-enter the seats.”

Such a simple sentence, Feng Ximing couldn’t help but to speak it stutteringly and with incoherence. Ji Qianrou kneaded his fingers, as he said flirtatiously: “Little Mingming, what are you being so hurried for. This one hasn’t given Little Kongkong a deeply affectionate hug… Little Kongkong, this one has already come, why aren’t you rushing up yet? Could it be in these hundred years, you didn’t miss this one at all?”

Feng Hengkong’s entire body trembled, as his neck even grew thicker by two sizes from stifling himself. He finally couldn’t endure any longer, and roared angrily: “Ji Qianrou! If you dare to babble nonsense like this again, We… We… We will throw you out!”

To be able to make the dignified Phoenix Sect Master lose his control and act up under the eyes of everyone, Ji Qianrou was probably the only one in Profound Sky Continent who could.

Facing the berserk Feng Hengkong, not only did Ji Qianrou not panic at all, he instead laughed tenderly again: “Hehehehe, you are shy again. Little Kongkong really hasn’t changed from before. Alright alright, this one will just comply with you. After this Ranking Tournament is finished, you’ll have to properly treat this one to drink, okay… Little Mingming can also come too~.”

After he finished speaking, with a twist of his waist, Ji Qianrou walked toward his seat gracefully and delicately.

Feng Hengkong: “~!#$%...”

Feng Hengkong sat down at once, his forehead fully covered with cold sweat. At this time, he suddenly felt the Feng Xue’er on his side was currently looking at him with an extremely strange gaze. His eyes stared wide, his expression instantly became somewhat frantic, as hastily explained: “Xue’er, it’s definitely not what you think. That Ji Qianrou, he’s just a lunatic, Xue’er does not need to mind him.”

“I know, royal father.” Feng Xue’er nodded, then began to lightly laugh: “Little Kongkong… Hehe, so royal father’s name can actually be so cute too.”

Feng Hengkong: “¥x%$#(/^%$##$%〇+#...”

“So… this is the rumored witch… ah no, transvestite?” Feng Zhanyun almost fell onto his knees. Their Divine Phoenix Sect’s Sect Master, was actually teased by a man to the point of going mad on the spot… He felt that his outlook of the world was nearly crumbling.

“This person… isn’t simple.” Propping his chin, Yun Che muttered as if deep in thought.

“Jasmine, what is this person’s cultivation?”

“Late stage Tyrant Profound… A high level Tyrant to the letter! Also the kind of level that you absolutely cannot offend!” Jasmine said indifferently.

Supreme Ocean Palace’s seat was precisely to the right side of Sun Moon Divine Hall. After Ji Qianrou sat down, the Ye Xinghan and Ling Kun to the side were both sitting upright and still; let alone greeting with words, it was like they hadn’t seen him at all. Ji Qianrou voluntarily moved closer, and said full of tender feelings: “Little Hanhan, we haven’t met in so many years, this one has missed you to death, you know. Have you missed this one?”

Ye Qinghan’s face convulsed, his chest undulated, as he stiffly forced out two words from the gap between his teeth: “Shut up!”

“Hmph!” Facing Ye Xinghan’s rough manner, Ji Qianrou spat, and poutingly turned his head away: “So nasty, all of you stinky men are the same, each one more unfeeling and heartless than the previous. This one can’t be bothered with you, hmph!”

The muscle on Ye Qinghan’s face spasmed to a great extent, but he finally let out a big breath of relief. But right away, this Ji Qianrou who claimed that he “can't be bother with you” once again moved closer with the tenderness of soft water.

“Little Hanhan, do you really not want to pay me attention anymore? In these years, this one really has missed you, y’know.”

“Look, the current Little Kongkong is much more mature than a hundred years ago, and has a more manly feeling… He really is too enchanting. Compared to this kind of little fresh meat like Little Hanhan, as expected, this one still likes Little Kongkong’s type the most.”

“Aya, Little Hanhan, why have the women beside you grown more and more lacking. Look at this skin, so rough, much more lackluster compared to this one’s.”

“Little Hanhan…”

That tender and sweet voice made Ye Xinghan’s heart spasm, his limbs convulse, his meridians twitch… His entire body was spasming, simply in a living hell. If not for the fact that he couldn’t beat Ji Qianrou, and was also unwilling to conflict with this monster who could dismember someone’s corpse with a sweet smile, he really wanted to rip his head off and stick it up his ass.

“Elder Ling…” Ye Xinghan said gnawing his teeth: “Three pieces of Purple Veined Heaven Crystals… switch seats with this Young Master!”

A row of cold sweat instantly dripped down Ling Kun’s forehead, as he said hastily: “This… this… cough cough, this isn’t a problem of Heaven Crystals or Divine Crystals. This old man is already old, can’t bear too much hardships, and still want to live a few years longer…””

Ye Xinghan: “...”

Author’s Note: 【After writing this chapter, my stomach suddenly felt inexplicably uncomfortable. Let this one go release and mediate a little...】

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