Chapter 430 - Group Mockery

Against the Gods

Chapter 430 - Group Mockery

Yun Che carefully looked at the ages and profound strength of the five nations’ young generation’s profound practitioners, then sighed in his heart. At this time, he was increasingly more and more aware of how great of a matter the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was, and why no one in Blue Wind Nation ever bothered to mention, or even be interested in it. It was practically a disgraceful taboo. From beginning to end, even though the combined strength of Navy Tide, Black Fiend, Grand Asura, Sunflower Dew, and Divine Incense’s profound practitioners were somewhat varied, the difference wasn’t too large. The previous ranking tournament’s number two, Navy Tide, had come with an early stage Throne, two half step Emperor Profounds, and seven late stage Sky Profounds this time. As for Divine Incense Nation, which had been placed only above Blue Wind in the previous session’s ranking tournament, last place of the five nations, they had brought a half step Emperor Profound, eight late stage Sky Profounds, and a mid stage Sky Profound… That kind of disparity truly couldn’t be said to be large at all. As long as luck was on their side, there was a possibility for any nation to place second in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament.

In comparison, only Blue Wind Nation was tragic beyond words.

Aside from Xia Qingyue, within Blue Wind Nation's profound practitioners that were under twenty five years of age, not even an early stage Sky Profound Realm could be found.

Half step Emperor Profound was merely the peak of the those below twenty five years of age within the five nations, yet it was the peak of Blue Wind Nation’s entire profound practitioning world.

In fact, Navy Tide Nation and Black Fiend Nation had even individually brought out a Throne below twenty five!

What remained after the five nations, were Blue Wind Nation and Divine Phoenix Nation. Feng Feiyan swept a glance past the seating area, then said indifferently: “As everyone can see, it is not known why, but Blue Wind Nation is absent from this session’s Ranking Tournament, with not even a single sound of activity. Hmph, Blue Wind isn’t great in the profound anyway, so whether or not they participate in this ranking tournament has absolutely no influence on the results of the rankings. Instead, this will cut down the matches, which is better than ever.”

The seating area immediately burst into roars of laughter, everyone knew what sort of pitifully low and miserable existence Blue Wind Nation was within this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. The other six nations came to battle for prestige and glory, yet Blue Wind Nation… only came every time to fill in the Seven Nation number. And to this session, it seemed as though they didn’t even have the courage and face to server as a stopgap anymore.

Inside the arena, there were few Blue Wind citizens, but it didn’t mean that there were none. The words that came from the Great Phoenix Elder completely humiliated them. But they could only tighten their fists, clench their teeth, and silently endure this humiliation with no face to speak out.

“Tsk tsk, Blue Wind kid, there’s still time for you to press your tail between your legs and run away. With just that measly strength of yours, if you really were to go up… and you’re even going up there alone, let alone losing face, you’ll even lose your butt… hey! Shit!”

Before Feng Zhanyun had even finished speaking, the Yun Che beside him had already leapt up. After a few leaps, he directly dashed toward the Phoenix Stage.

“Wait! Who said Blue Wind Nation had no participants!!”

A thunderclap-like shout resounded through the arena. When the shout ended, Yun Che had already executed his last jump. Within everyone’s astonished gaze, he heavily landed on the Phoenix Stage as the ground beneath him vibrated with noise. He looked at Feng Feiyan with a calm yet proud expression and lifted his right hand to reveal the participant emblem imprinted with the words “Blue Wind”: “Yun Che of Blue Wind Nation has come forth to contend!”


Feng Xue’er involuntarily let out a soft cry.

“Xue’er, what’s wrong?” Feng Hengkong turned his head around lightning quick, as he asked in astonishment.

“N… nothing.” Feng Xue’er shook her head, her voice slightly quivering: “It’s just that I was thinking about something earlier, and was somewhat absent-minded, then suddenly saw someone jump onto the Phoenix Stage… I was a bit startled… It’s really nothing.”

Even though Feng Hengkong still had some doubts, he didn’t inquire any further. At this time, Feng Xichen, who sat in the rear suddenly stood up, and suddenly exclaimed: “Royal father, that’s him… he’s that Yun Che!”

“He actually came.” Feng Ximing said lowly: “Looks like he still is a bit knowledgeable, since he knows that no matter where he runs, he’ll never be able to escape the palms of our hands.”

“That’s him?” Feng Hengkong’s gaze slightly converged as he said faintly: “Him daring to come here today can be considered to be a bit courageous. Don’t mind him, or else it’ll affect the ranking tournament. Since he came, he shouldn’t have the delusion of ever escaping.”

Feng Xue’er quietly listened in on their conversation, her mind a field of chaos.

Feng Lingyun...

Yun Che...

Big brother Yun… is Yun Che...

Not Feng Lingyun...

How… could this… be...

“Crap! How could it be him!!”

In a corner of the spectator seats, an extremely unremarkable person quivered a little with a face full of surprise when he saw Yun Che hop onto the Phoenix Stage. As soon as he finished exclaiming in his heart, a youth sitting to his right who looked to be around seventeen stood up rapidly with a swoosh. He was so excited that his entire face was thoroughly red, both arms trembled as he shouted: “Boss! As expected, you came. I just knew that you’ll come!! I didn’t come here in vain… I just knew that you wouldn’t not come!”

Seeing how this youth acted, excited to the point that he almost stopped breathing, he nudged the youth’s clothes and asked: “Hey, lil’ bro, you know this person? Could it be that you’re someone from Blue Wind Nation?”

“Of course I know him!” That youth said with a face full of excitement: “He’s my boss, you know! The reason why I came here from so far away is just to watch his match!”

“He’s your boss? Shit, such a coincidence! He’s also my sworn big brother! The reason why I came here… uh, uh. Oh oh, it’s also to come watch his match!”

“Is that true?” The youth asked as he looked at him with a face full of suspicion.

“What’s your name?”

“Ling Jie! Ling Jie of Blue Wind Nation’s Heavenly Sword Villa!” The youth said with pride.

“Ling Jie? Who’s Ling Yun to you?”

“That’s my big bro… How do you know my big bro’s name?"

“Of course it was mentioned to me by Boss Yun.”

“You really know my boss? What a coincidence! Right, what’s your name? Which nation are you from?”

“Oh, my name’s Yan Xiaohua, no home no country. I can tell at the first glance that I’m older than you. You can call me Big Bro Hua, Boss Hua, Old Hua… Any is fine!”

“Yan Xiaohua? Why do you have such a feminine name!”

“Of course it’s because I’m born handsome and elegant, so my name gotta be a bit elegant too. At least it’s much better than your name without any skill involved.”


Yun Che’s appearance, undoubtedly became the entire arena’s focal point. When the five nation’s profound practitioners entered the stage previously, what had sounded were heaven shaking cheers. But this time, it was the entire arena’s discussions and laughter… Cheers were the only thing lacking.

“The other participants all came flying over, yet he actually came leaping over… it couldn’t be that he hasn’t even reached the Sky Profound Realm, right?”

“You dumbass! He’s from Blue Wind Nation. Tsk tsk, Blue Wind Nation, you know. Don’t tell me that you’ve heard of someone below twenty five in Blue Wind Nation above the Sky Profound? This kind is at most in the Earth Profound Realm… I remember in the previous Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, that the highest level within Blue Wind Nation’s participants was also Earth Profound Realm… In fact, they even had those in the Spirit Profound Realm, hahahaha. It makes me laugh whenever I recall that.”

“Wah! Someone from Blue Wind Nation actually came? Divine Phoenix Sect didn’t even prepare Blue Wind Nation’s seats. Clearly, they didn’t even think that someone from Blue Wind Nation would come, yet this guy actually went up there by himself… Tsk tsk, profound strength at only the Earth Profound Realm. He’s not even at my level, is he that desperate to lose all his face?!”

“You must not know this. In Blue Wind Nation, being at the Earth Profound Realm under twenty five in Blue Wind Nation is already the highest existence. I heard that the instructors in their imperial family’s profound palace is only Spirit Profound Realm. Earth Profound Realms could even be a Palace Chief at a branch Profound Palace.”

“Shit! You serious? Then wouldn’t I become a main branch Palace Chief if I go there? Hahahaha… eh? How come only one person came up? Don’t tell me that Blue Wind Nation only brought one person?”

“Hahahaha… It’s simply funny enough to make one’s head fall off from laughing. Even if Blue Wind Nation came here, they should at least bring ten people, after all, the matches this time just happen to be team battles… This daddy’s gonna die from laughter.”

“It’s still good if they’ve come. With Blue Wind Nation here, this last place can’t be snatched by anyone.”



Inside the incomparably large arena, every corner was filled with the sounds of wanton laughter and ridicule. In front of one that was only at the Earth Profound Realm, yet was able to represent Blue Wind Nation in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, a kind of intangible “higher” form of superiority birthed within the hearts of every profound practitioner of the six nations. One after another, they looked at him with a kind of amused, pitying, and mocking gaze… so much that it seemed as though Yun Che was on trial.

Yun Che was too familiar with this kind of scene. Back then, in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament when he represented Blue Wind Profound Palace, he, who had the lowest profound strength level was looked at with contempt and mockery by nearly everyone present. All kinds of voices and gazes spun all around him. It seemed as though this time was a repeat performance of what happened two years ago. Only, two years ago, all the sounds of taunting didn’t affect him in the slightest, and this time, it didn’t affect him at all either.

Within the arena, although there were very few profound practitioners from Blue Wind Nation, it didn’t mean that there were none. The reason why they came today was to watch Yun Che’s might. A month ago, when Yun Che left Blue Wind Imperial City for Divine Phoenix Empire, Cang Wanhe spread the news of Yun Che going to represent Blue Wind Nation in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament by himself to the practitioning world the very next day. He had originally told Yun Che that if Blue Wind’s profound practitioners were to know that he was going to participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, it might even suddenly ignite hope… hope that would wipe away their previous disgrace! Because Yun Che had created miracle after impossible miracles in Blue Wind Nation! He had even become a legendary figure in the hearts of Blue Wind profound practitioners.

Because if he came represent Blue Wind Nation in this competition, he would definitely amaze the world and wipe away all their previous shame!

In this one month, many Blue Wind profound practitioners were filled with hope and zeal, coming to Divine Phoenix Empire from a great distance… Even though the difference between Blue Wind profound practitioners and the other six nations within the arena was large, it was not known how many more had come compared to the previous session.

Faced with the entire audience’s laughter and mockery, those sparse and scattered Blue Wind profound practitioners looked at Yun Che. Some clenched their fists, some gritted inwardly, and some sneered, waiting for Yun Che to beat them to a pulp. Some couldn’t endure it any longer as they roared in a loud voice: “Shut the hell up! Not only is our Blue Wind Nation’s Yun Che the number one of the young generation, he’s number one of the entire profound practitioning world… Even though he is only at the Earth Profound Realm, he could still fight against an Emperor Profound!”

“Earth Profound Realm… fight an Emperor Profound? BWAHAHAHA!!” It was as if the surrounding audience heard the funniest joke in the world as they all erupted in wild laughter: “Did this kid forget to take his medicine when he left home? Earth Profound fight an Emperor Profound? Hahahahaha…”

The Blue Wind profound practitioner who spoke was so mad that his face became thoroughly red. His companion pulled him in place and shook his head: “Don’t mind them! Wait until Yun Che reveals his might, they’ll naturally all shut their mouths… Yun Che! This time… you have to seize glory for our Blue Wind in front of the entire world’s outstanding warlords!!”

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