Chapter 436 - Phoenix Flame

Against the Gods

Chapter 436 - Phoenix Flame

“Navy Tide Nation, zero wins, sixth place of the Six Nations!”

“Divine Incense Nation, one win, fifth place of the Six Nations!”

“Grand Asura Nation, two wins, fourth place of the Six Nations!”

“Sunflower Dew Nation, three wins, third place of the Six Nations!”

“Black Fiend Nation, four wins, second place of the Six Nations!”

“Blue Wind Nation, five wins, first place of the Six Nations!”

Following Feng Feiyan’s announcement, the arena became a field of commotion. The six nations' performances were extraordinarily harmonious, and did not need tiebreakers. As for the ranking results, absolutely no one was able to predict them before the start of the matches. Navy Tide Nation, top-ranked nation of the last ranking tournament that brimmed with confidence, had brought out a genius in this ranking tournament, yet he had been swept away Yun Che; their morale collapsed as they were utterly beaten. Blue Wind, which had always been there for a mere formality and a source of laughter, was now overwhelming dominant. With merely a one-man army… it had flattened the five nations! Shocking the entire audience.

Those few Blue Wind practitioners had long become emotionally moved… Blue Wind Nation had always been treated as a laughingstock and had only been able to gain a name of humiliation for itself in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. But now, it had firmly stepped on top of the heads of all five nations! They had finally been able to thoroughly let off steam and stand proud. This was unprecedented in all of history, something they didn’t even dare dream of thinking about in the past.

And the one who brought them this tremendous glory was Yun Che.

What the Blue Wind practitioners wanted now was for the ranking tournament to quickly end. They would dash to those huge merchant guilds, and even if they had to spend all the money on them, they had to immediately purchase Hundred Thousand Sound Transmission Talismans and quickly transmit this great news of endless glory back to Blue Wind Nation.

Yet there was not the slightest of happiness on Yun Che’s face. Since entering the arena up until now, his expression was always a field of calm… because in his heart, he was very clear that his previous matches were merely done to accomplish Cang Wanhe’s dream; it was only for winning glory for Blue Wind, and nothing more. But this was not actually the true purpose that he had come to participate in the ranking tournament for.

To him, the real vicious battle… was about to start only now!

“The Six Nation Rankings have already been determined. Yun Che, do you wish to proceed on and battle my Divine Phoenix Empire?” After announcing the six nation rankings, Feng Feiyan’s gaze turned toward Yun Che as he asked solemnly. Following the fall of his voice, an extremely low voice was sound-transmitted at Yun Che: “But I suggest that you’d best save a bit of effort.”

At this time, only Yun Che and Divine Phoenix Empire’s ten top-notch disciples remained in the preparation area.

The gaze of the entire audience fell upon Yun Che’s body, waiting for his response. Whether or not he picked to challenge Divine Phoenix, the name “Yun Che” would spread throughout the Profound Sky Seven Nations within one night, becoming a name that would surge through all of the Profound Sky practitioning world. Him not choosing to challenge them was alright, and him being crushingly defeated when challenging was also alright, none of that would be of any effect… because that was Divine Phoenix Empire, Divine Phoenix Sect!

Before Feng Feiyan’s voice fell, Yun Che had already leapt up high, landing on the Phoenix Stage as Dragon Fault immediately appeared within his hands. The enormous heavy sword’s pressure rolled up a screaming wind vortex, roughly splitting apart the surrounding atmosphere. He stood on the stage, raised his head, and said: “Of course I’ll fight! I didn’t come here today to aim for a measly second place! Instead… I came here to stomp your Divine Phoenix Sect down!”

Once Yun Che’s extremely arrogant words came out, the entire audience instantly quieted. Then, he was drowned in sounds of ridicule coming from everywhere.

“F*ck! This guy’s actually this arrogant. Judging by his words, could it be that he’s absurdly thinking of defeating Divine Phoenix Sect?”

“What arrogance?! It’s just simply ignorant to the point of being ridiculous.”

“Who do you think you are?! Wanting to become number one, dream on!”

“Just because you defeated the five nations by yourself, you think you’re qualified to challenge Divine Phoenix Sect? And to even stomp Divine Phoenix Sect down… That’s just the biggest joke I’ve heard in my entire life!”

“You had already been impressive enough, why the f*ck are you rampant in front of Divine Phoenix Sect… I’m even blushing for him in embarrassment.”


Just due to this one line from Yun Che, everyone’s astonished lament toward him changed into taunts and sneers that filled the stadium. Especially Divine Phoenix Empire’s profound practitioners, they were a stretch of wild laughter and sneers, as though they heard the funniest of ignorant jokes. Profound practitioners from the five nations that had been swept by Yun Che were originally holding back their bellyful of grievances, but now, it was as if they had found something to vent through. They taunted him without restraint as though jeering at a toad that wanted to eat swan meat.

“Haha…” A Phoenix disciple in the preparation area coldly laughed: “I initially thought that this kid wasn’t that simple, but it looks like he’s only an idiot who overestimates his abilities.”

“Very normal, after impressively sweeping through the five nations, the unprecedented inflation of his ego is understandable.” Another Phoenix disciple shrugged.

“But he obviously found the wrong opponent. It seems like took us to be the same as those five nation group of rookies that aren’t even worth looking at. Haa, he is, after all, from Blue Wind. I suppose that’s just how large of a scope he has.” The Phoenix disciple that spoke drew back the corners of his mouth as he shook his little finger.

On the Divine Phoenix Empire’s seating area, the various princes, elders, and palace masters all laughed in disdain. However, Feng Hengkong’s brows sunk as his gaze became sharp and overcast. At this moment, he realized that he was mistaken about something… He originally had the same thoughts as Feng Ximing and the rest, thinking that Yun Che had taken the initiative to come to the ranking tournament to challenge Divine Phoenix Sect because he knew that he could not hide. After all, he, with the Phoenix bloodline, only had two fated choices to make.

One was to swear loyalty to Divine Phoenix Sect and become a Divine Phoenix Sect member forever, so to preserve his life.

The other was to die.

Him taking the initiative to come could mean that he had selected the former. If he allowed Divine Phoenix Sect to find him, then it obviously meant that he chose the latter.

Feng Hengkong had always thought that him coming to the ranking tournament while displaying his might without restraint was him deliberately exhibiting himself to Divine Phoenix Sect, proving to them that he was not trash, that he had the qualifications to enter Divine Phoenix Sect.

But now, once those words of his came out, it was obvious that he was provoking Divine Phoenix Sect!

And those purposefully brief sweeps on his opponents in each and every match… If thought like that, then he wasn’t even showing off, and instead... was giving Divine Phoenix Sect a demonstration!

What exactly does he want to do? Could it be that he truly thinks that he had the qualifications and ability to go head on against Divine Phoenix Sect?

“Haha, then you mean you wish to represent Blue Wind Nation and defeat Divine Phoenix Empire to seize first place in this session’s ranking tournament?” Feng Feiyan laughed faintly. Even though he laughed, there was not the least bit of emotion. His thoughts right now, were about identical with Feng Hengkong’s… The reason why he came here, was not to reach a compromise with Divine Phoenix Sect with his surrender; instead, he clearly wanted to use force!

Feng Feiyan sneered inwardly… Yun Che having such strength at only nineteen years of age was comparable to the upper echelons of his peers in Divine Phoenix Sect. As for his level skipping abilities, they were nearly unimaginable. With his show of talent today, if he was willing to permanently become a member of Divine Phoenix Sect, he, as an elder, would be the first to approve. Even if he had offended Thirteenth Prince in the past, that could also become a bygone. He believed that Feng Hengkong and the other elders were also of the same opinion.

After all, no sects would want a wastrel, and no sect would reject an astonishingly gifted young disciple.

He previously thought that Yun Che had opened a way out, so much that he might even even acquire a position that wasn’t low in Divine Phoenix Sect, but he just so wanted to pick a death route!

“Daring to proclaim that you would stomp our Divine Phoenix Empire down in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, you are the first one since forever. ” Feng Feiyan put on a fake smile: “Even I suddenly admire your boldness somewhat.”

What he said was “boldness”, not “courage” or “guts”. Naturally, the element of ridicule was comparatively more.

“However, this ‘first place’, won’t be realized with words, and won’t be realized with delusions either; rather, it’ll depend on whether or not you have such qualifications and strength!” Feng Feiyan’s voice became heavier by some, as his gaze turned toward the ten participating profound practitioners of Divine Phoenix Sect: “My Phoenix disciples, did you understand that? Blue Wind Nation’s profound practitioner has already issued challenges to you, and also proclaimed that he will take the first place in this Ranking Tournament. Which one of you will go forth?”

What he said was “which one”, not to fight as a team.

Yun Che was alone. Even though for all ten of Divine Phoenix Sect’s people to be dispatched wouldn’t be violating the rules at all, it would undoubtedly draw the mockery of others. And with their Divine Phoenix Sect’s dignity, they definitely felt that it was beneath them to do so. Therefore, what Feng Feiyan meant was to clearly just dispatch one person, yet the other meaning was clearly… any random one, would easily beat Yun Che.

Just as Feng Feiyan’s voice fell, a person amongst the Phoenix disciples walked out with slow steps. He said with a mild yet insipid tone as he walked: “It is nearly five in the afternoon now. Just two more hours, and the skies will darken. But tomorrow’s matter of exploring Primordial Profound Ark is more important than even the heavens, and require sufficient time to make prior preparations. So this match, ought best to be finished quickly.”

As he spoke, the man had already gently floated up. His phoenix clothing fluttered as it brought up numerous dazzling streams of golden light, then landed on top of the Phoenix Stage as though a light feather. He looked at Yun Che with a smile on his face: “So this match, let this prince do it.”

“Ah… it’s Fourteenth Prince!” A wave of shocked cries came from the spectator seating area. This outcome, was entirely out of their expectations.

“Fourteenth Prince would actually personally act to deal with Yun Che? Isn’t this thinking too highly of him!”

“Did you hear what Fourteenth Prince said? He’s doing it in order to save time, and finish the battle quickly. After all, tomorrow is the day to enter the Primordial Profound Ark.”

The one who leapt onto the Phoenix Stage and stood before Yun Che, was shockingly the Fourteenth Prince of Divine Phoenix Empire… The one who possessed terrifying aptitude, whose profound strength was as great as Emperor Profound Realm rank eight —— Feng Xiluo!

Facing Yun Che, he faintly smiled, without any posture of anxiousness before a battle.

Feng Hengkong secretly nodded… Using Feng Xiluo to battle Yun Che, was also the outcome he most wanted to see. Even though Yun Che had swept through everything before and the combat power he exhibited was around the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, any of the ten Phoenix disciples could still crush him. However, no one could guarantee that this would be all of Yun Che’s strength. If he had hidden it to some extent, and also possessed extremely powerful trump cards, then the Phoenix disciples who battled with him would have the possibility of not winning, and even losing.

Even though this possibility was next to nil, even it was only a one out of a billionth chance, they still absolutely could not be rash!

Because the Divine Phoenix Sect, who had been the mightiest in Profound Sky for an entire five thousand years, could not afford to lose! They absolutely must not lose, either.

But if it was Feng Xiluo who came on stage, then there would definitely be no possibility of losing.

At the same time, the lines Feng Xiluo spoke when coming onto the stage were also incredibly ingenious; they didn’t expose the high regard they held Yun Che at in the slightest, but rather was a type of condescension… Because the reason for him to personally exchange moves with Yun Che, was to “save time”. Which was clearly saying that he could easily defeat Yun Che with the effort of lifting a palm.

“Hm!” Feng Feiyan nodded: “That’s fine too. Seems like, watching an entire day’s of matches also made Fourteenth Prince’s hands somewhat itchy. Then, Divine Phoenix Empire, will let Fourteenth Prince Feng Xiluo have a battle with Yun Che! Even though our Divine Phoenix Empire has ten participating people, we still disdain to oppress someone through an unfair numbers advantage!”

“Thirty-ninth session of Profound Sky Ranking Tournament, the battle that decides first and second place, now begins!!”

With a wave of his palm, Feng Feiyan cleanly and succinctly issued out the order to start the match.


Feng Xiluo raised his arms, as a ball of scorching hot flames burned up in the center of his palm. Looking at Yun Che, he said with an insipid smile: “Yun Che, even though I don’t know where you got your confidence from, you will right away find out how laughable this confidence of yours is. You and the ones who were defeated by you are beings of two different levels; while I and you, are also the same. But before this, I will give you a chance, to let you properly experience my Divine Phoenix Sect’s unparalleled phoenix flames.”

“Experience phoenix flames?” Yun Che replied with the same dull smile: “That won’t be necessary. Phoenix flames huh, I can’t say who will experience whose yet!!”

Yun Che extended his palms, and a ball of scarlet colored phoenix flames burned up extremely quickly. The height that the flames soared, had even far surpassed the phoenix flames in Feng Xiluo’s hand.


The moment the phoenix flames in Yun Che’s hand were revealed, the entire arena instantly blew up. The expressions of the Phoenix disciples all changed simultaneously. Feng Hengkong as well as Feng Feiyan and the others all knitted their brows greatly.

Hua Minghai and Ling Jie nearly fell down beneath their seats from being startled. The two both knew very well that Yun Che possessed the Phoenix bloodline… When he directly voiced his provocation at Divine Phoenix Empire, these two were already frightened quite a bit. But now, under the condition that Divine Phoenix Sect didn’t take the initiative to mention the matter of his bloodline, he actually ignited phoenix flames in front of all the outstanding people in the world on his own accord...

Him specially coming here, was it just to resolve grievances, or was it to fight it out until the end!!

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