Chapter 44 - Indestructible Blood of the Heretic God

Against the Gods

Chapter 44 – Indestructible Blood of the Heretic God

“??” Yun Che’s words made Jasmine freeze up. When she suddenly noticed the direction of Yun Che’s gaze, she finally realized……


Jasmine jumped backwards like a bolt of lightning, her two small hands reflexively pressing down hard on her skirt. In just an instant, her snow white face brimmed full with exasperation… panic…. and also a spread of rapidly expanding pinkness.

That’s right, this aloof and proud girl that acted with utmost cruelty was actually panicking and blushing. Right now, her panicked and enraged expressions, her reddened face, and her action of holding down her skirt was no different from a normal girl that had suddenly been peeked on. Moreover, there was a stirring charm that no other girl could’ve exhibited, which dazed Yun Che for a while as he looked…. Of course, if there weren’t such a bone-chilling killing intent mixed in with that, it would’ve been completely perfect.

Jasmine’s face was full of anger; her two pearl like molars that tightly clenched together flickered with cold light, and the expressions in her eyes were even more ferocious, as if she wanted to skin him alive. She grew up bathed in the respect, worship and fear of others. Except her family, it would be hard to find a few who would dare to meet her in the eyes. She had never thought, that her body would actually be desecrated by a common man, moreover by an utterly good-for-nothing!

The killing intent surrounding Yun Che was terrifying enough to be compared to tangible blades, as if the owner of the killing intent would completely tear him to pieces in the next second. Yet Yun Che’s complexion didn’t waver; he exercised his neck that almost got dislocated by Jasmine’s feet, and said straightforwardly as he stood up while slapping the dust off his buttocks: “I have agreed to all three of your conditions. Earlier you said that I would be granted a new set of Profound Veins, isn’t it about time for that to happen?”

Jasmin’s murderous aura didn’t diminish in the slightest as the crisp redness in her face eased. With her noble body, let’s not talk about completely desecrating her with one’s eye; even if someone had only touched her fingertips, she definitely would still chop him into pieces. However against Yun Che, though she had extreme hatred in her heart, with enough killing intent that could even reach the skies, she couldn’t do a single thing, because his life, was also her own.

“Eternally forget what you’ve just seen!” Jasmine’s expressions were ominous and cruel, with chilling killing intent as cold as ice. However, her visage was in all honestly, too petite and cute. Even if her expressions were much more malicious, it would still be remarkably pleasing to look at, which didn’t make Yun Che feel the slightest hint of deterrence: “If it’s not for me sharing the same life as you, I would’ve definitely gouged out your eyes, and made sure there won’t even be a grave for you to rest in!”

“….. I definitely didn’t see anything I shouldn’t have seen just now!” Yun Che said with a panicked expression, but quietly added in his heart: Mhm, everything I saw just now was something that I ought to have seen.

Facing the Yun Che that she couldn’t lay a hand on, Jasmine’s anger finally died down bit by bit, but her hands still consciously held down her skirt, anxious that even the slightest breeze would lift her skirt up. She coldly spoke: “I will let you be my disciple, but it’s only because I don’t want to teach the ways of the Profound to a random person for no reason. To be able to become my disciple, it’s the biggest fortune you’ll have in your entire life. From now on, it is absolutely necessary for you to always address me as your Master.”

“Uh, this….” However Yun Che had a face full of hesitation.

“You’re not willing?” Jasmine’s moon like eyebrow slanted.

“Of course I’m not unwilling.” Yun Che shook his head, and said in a careful tone: “It’s just that, earlier I’ve told you that I had a master before, who passed the Sky Poison Pearl onto me. My previous master was a kind looking old man with white hair, and I’ve already called him “master” for many years. So everytime the word “master” is mentioned, I would unconsciously think of him. But since you are so beautifully cute, you definitely wouldn’t want me to overlap the image of of an old man with you every time I call you master, right?”

Jasmine: “….”

“How about I just call you Jasmine? That name’s cute, pleasing to the ears, and also fitting for you…. Or, I can also call you… little Jasmine? Little little Jasmine? Jasmine’er? Little Jasmin’er? JazJaz? Little JazJaz? Little MinMin? Calling you princess, your majesty, or princess Jasmine is also okay, or….”

Jasmine’s eyebrows slightly convulsed and the edge of her lips also lightly spasmed. Unable to endure anymore, she finally spoke: “You can call me Jasmine, but you must not forget in your heart that I’m your master! Furthermore, you must not forget your duty and place as my disciple!”

“Alright!” Yun Che nodded immediately, and faithfully said: “If Jasmine can really grant me a new set of Profound Veins, I will treat you as my master, respect you, be obedient to you, and follow your orders. I’ll do my outmost to purify all the poison in you, and help you restore your physical body.”

Yun Che’s last sentence made Jasmine’s gaze waver. Then, her voice frosted with hidden killing intent: “Also, you are not allowed do any disrespectful things to me, or else…”

“That’s certain.” Yun Che said with a sincere expression: “What happened just now was just an acciden-…”

“Be quiet!” As she heard Yun Che mention the incident where she had been sullied by his eyes earlier, a burst of embarrassment and anger overcame Jasmine, and her tone of voice also weakened quite a bit.

“Ah.” Yun Che quickly stopped talking, and lead the topic to the one that he desired the most: “Then, about granting me a new set of Profound Veins, can we start now?”

Jasmine stayed silent for a while and said: “Bring me to a place that no one will come near.”

Since it was also Yun Che’s first time stepping into Cyan Forest Town, he was entirely unfamiliar with the surroundings, and the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range were even more obscure to him. Yun Che’s digestive tract was rumbling with hunger by now, but Jasmine’s words made him so excited that he completely ignored his hunger. He carefully walked deeper into Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range after detouring around a small mountain, he arrived at an area with thick green grass. Seeing that there was no sign of human or beast activity, Yun Che stopped his search.

“Let it be this place…. no one should come here, right?” Yun Che swept the surroundings with his eye, and said with indecision.

“Jasmine, in the end, how are you going to do this?” Yun Che asked. After all, getting a new set of Profound Veins in a short time seemed to be against common sense, no matter what angle it was considered from.

Jasmine, who had followed behind Yun Che all along, slowly came over. Although her feet were exposed, they weren’t contaminated by even the slightest hint of soil and dust along the way. Her feet were so tender and snow-white, that they would give anyone the impulse to touch and feel them with a single glance. Stopping in front of Yun Che, her gaze stared far ahead, and her eyes lustered: “Do you know for what reason I was chased, and infected by this terrifying poison afterwards?”

“For what reason?” Yun Che asked in coordination.

“Because of….. this drop of blood!”

In Yun Che’s bewilderment, Jasmine slowly lifted her right hand. Her thin and delicate index finger erected toward the sky, and from the area of her fingertips, a drop of a dark-red water droplet-like object slowly rose accompanied by a shimmering ball of eerie light, until it hovered over her fingertips.

“This…. is?” Yun Che came closer and steadied his eyes…. It looked like, a drop of blood?

“Three hundred years ago, someone found an ancient book while exploring an dangerous ruin from the Ancient Era. There recorded a message: “In the Primordial Era, there existed a True God also known as the “Heretic God”. He was the last god who remained after the downfall of the Era of the Gods. His downfall marked the true end of Era of the Gods. And during the Heretic God’s downfall, he left a droplet of indestructible blood that embodied his source of power….”

“If one could acquire this drop of indestructible blood and infuse it into their body, their Profound Veins would be able generate the power of the Heretic God!”

“Many people quickly gained knowledge about this record; the words ‘Power of the True God’ was irresistibly alluring to everyone. Thus, many people started to madly search for the blood of the Heretic God. But for centuries, no one had any success, and it was not until one month ago that someone found the location of the Heretic God’s downfall. Hence, innumerous people rushed to that place in order to find the remnants of the Heretic God. Inadvertently, the legendary ‘Indestructible Blood of the Heretic God’ was actually found, and caused everyone to scramble for it….. But in the end, it fell into my hands.

“….. They chased you because you possessed the Blood of the Heretic God?” Yun Che asked. At the same time, a wave of confusion passed though his heart…. Blood of the Heretic God? Innumerous people fighting over it? If it were really such an uproar, how come I had never heard of this? Even the two words “Heretic God” were news to me.

Also, things like the ancient True Gods…. Actually exist?

“Hmph, actually daring to snatch my possession, it’s like they’re simply asking for a death wish!” Jasmine’s eyes emitted a glint of malice, and spoke with hatred: “Only after I had acquired this blood of the Heretic God, was I able to find out that the power hidden inside was entirely different from my expectations. There wasn’t even a trace of destructive power! If one injected it within themselves, it would only forcefully change the structure and attributes of the Profound Veins, and even erase all the built up strength in the old set of Profound Veins! Everything would have to start from scratch! That is all! Afterwards, the profound strength would still have to be trained by one’s self bit by bit!”

“At the very least, what people expected about the “Power of the True God” was fundamentally, not there at all. In fact, it was nothing more than a mere trace of the “Heretic God” attribute! At most, it ought to be a little bit more powerful than an ordinary profound vein!

“I definitely couldn’t afford pay the price of having all of my current powers erased just to use this blood droplet of the Heretic God. But using it on you, it seemed like it couldn’t be more fitting.” Jasmine moved her finger, and made the tranquil droplet of dark-red colored blood hover in front of Yun Che’s chest: “Your Profound Veins were broken from the start, and your profound power amounts to nothing. After infusing you with the blood of the Heretic God, your Profound Veins will be quickly reborn into the Heretic God’s Profound Veins! Although I couldn’t feel much power from this blood droplet of the Heretic God, there still could be a chance that it’ll grant you some kind of special power from the Heretic God’s Profound Veins! Even if not, you wouldn’t stay as a good for nothing anymore!”

As she spoke, Jasmine’s eye suddenly flashed and brightened, as she lowered her luminous snow-white wrist. Her delicate fingertips suddenly stimulated the blood of the “Heretic God” to float adrift and pierce into Yun Che’s chest. The pit of Yun Che’s chest immediately split open to reveal a bloodstain, and the sinister scarlet blood droplet touched Yun Che’s overflowing blood, as if it were attracted. In a flash, it entered Yun Che’s body….

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