Chapter 440 - Phoenix Flame Sears the Heavens

Against the Gods

Chapter 440 - Phoenix Flame Sears the Heavens

“It’s… it’s Yun Che! He actually… did not die!!”

“Not only still alive, it looks like he hasn’t even sustained any heavy injuries.”

“With such a ferocious attack, even a layer of the Phoenix Stage had been peeled off, yet he actually hasn’t died yet… how is that possible!!”

The entire arena practically exploded, this definitely was the most inconceivable, most unbelievable scene they had ever seen in their entire lives.

Even for the four from the Sacred Grounds, a distinct flash of astonishment had flashed across their faces.

“Ah… ah… ah…” Ling Jie opened his mouth wide, unable to close it for a long time. Yun Che was still alive, and had not received any heavy injuries, yet the first thing he felt was not that of joy, rather, he felt the same kind of astonishment as everyone else, and even fear. This was because everyone had watched Yun Che get drawn into the Moon of the Phoenix, then get bombarded by a myriad of lance mirages… in that kind of situation, how could he still be alive?!

“What… th… This is abnormal… One hundred percent abnormal!!” Hua Minghai, who had seen “the world”, and self-proclaimed that he was one of the strongest beings of the Profound Sky Continent, was shocked till his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

Within the blazes, Yun Che looked straight at Feng Xiluo, and took a step forward… This step of his, had caused the astonished Feng Xiluo’s heart to jump fiercely. This time, facing Yun Che, he was truly fearful. He finally started to understand that he had simply underestimated Yun Che’s strength by an enormous margin. At the same time, the other party had also been concealing his true abilities.

“Other than knowing how to spout ridiculous, cocky words, there’s nothing more to you.” Yun Che squinted and ridiculed.

At this point, the uppermost layer of jade on the Phoenix Stage had completely been shattered, the area beneath Yun Che’s feet had been destroyed to fine sand. The two of them stood thirty meters from each other, the atmosphere incomparably cold. Yun Che had a face of calm, yet the corner of his mouth curved upwards as if mocking. Feng Xiluo furrowed his eyebrows, his eyes wavering.

Yet at this point, Feng Xiluo’s eyebrows unhurriedly spread back, as his expression became calm again. He instead drew the corners of his mouth into a thin line... Revealing a sinister smile.

“Very good… This is extremely good.” Feng Xiluo’s eyes sank down, a little murderous aura gathered within his eyes, reigniting the Phoenix flames on his body as he spoke. The Phoenix flames spiraled upwards rapidly, his bones from head to toe started crackling explosively, as a wave of increasingly powerful aura exploded from his body: “I would never have thought that a bastard accidentally leaked from my Divine Phoenix Sect could actually be this strong, making me completely underestimate your power.”

“But, a bastard will always be a bastard, at this level, you merely qualify to force me to use my full power, but as a bastard, you can feel proud on your way to hell!”

The Phoenix flames continued to burn and the aura from Feng Xiluo continued to inflate. In a few breaths time, it would have completely surpassed the aura from before!

What he said was not wrong, he indeed did not use his full strength before.

But he had lost a bit of control; every sentence of his contained ridicule, which exposed the lack of tranquility and the fury in his heart. He was a prince of Divine Phoenix Sect, the strongest in the younger generation of the world’s number one sect. In the future, he would become the highest ruler of the entire Profound Sky Continent! But in front of a huge crowd, he was forced to use his full strength on an unknown profound practitioner with a profound strength of only the Earth Profound Realm, whose age was even younger than his.

Now, he could not be bothered with anything else as he activated his profound strength without restraint, channeling World Ode of the Phoenix at full power… If he didn’t use the most savage method to decimate Yun Che till there was not a single bit of him left, he would never be satisfied!

“His Highness has finally used his full strength… Damn! He was actually forced by Yun Che to use his full strength!” The Phoenix disciples in the arena said roughly, the astonishment on their faces still not completely dispersed.

“His Highness must be totally furious now! If Yun Che doesn’t die now, then I’ll be damned to die!!” Another Phoenix disciple gnashed his teeth as he spoke. It wasn’t just Feng Xiluo, even they were deeply astonished and humiliated.

The Phoenix flames on Feng Xiluo’s body rose higher still, and his aura continued to climb. Under the immense pressure from his aura, the area around him practically became a sheet of vacuum; everything within the vacuum was slapped away with unreasonable power.


With a deep explosion, the Phoenix flames flashed violently, ending its climb. Feng Xiluo’s entire body was wrapped within the raging Phoenix flames, grasping on to the Divine Phoenix Lance, a dark look glinted in his eyes as he smiled sinisterly. His Phoenix robes swelled, his black hair fluttered unrestrained, as lightning-like Phoenix flames hissed and twisted around his body… Behind his back, Unhurriedly unfolding behind his back, was actually a pair of scarlet phoenix wings!

The pair of phoenix wings were immersed in flames, it totally did not look like an illusion, but like that of real phoenix wings!

The Feng Xiluo at this point, looked like a blazing devil come to life.

“Eh? Is this the legendary… the fourth stage of the World Ode of the Phoenix, the highest stage, ‘Body of the Phoenix’? Ye Xinghan looked at Feng Xiluo’s transformation and said, full of interest. While speaking, he reached both of his hands through the bottom of the clothes of the two bewitching women, completely oblivious of the looks from his surroundings.

“Thats right.” Ling Kun nodded his head: “This stage activates the Phoenix bloodline, allowing the form of a Phoenix to appear on the body. The accompanying Phoenix flame skill ‘Phoenix Flame Sears the Heavens’ is the Divine Phoenix Sect’s most powerful signature move.”

“A level eight Throne, operating the World Ode of the Phoenix to this stage, his aura has unexpectedly, even faintly, exceeded a level nine Throne, this World Ode of the Phoenix indeed has some methods too.” Ye Xinghan squinted and said.

“Ah ya yah, this one doesn’t understand Little Hanhan’s words.”

The moment Ye Xinghan finished talking, the voice of Ji Qianrou, which made his entire body suddenly have goosebumps, arrived in his ears: “This little prince is at most boosting his strength by two levels with the help of the World Ode of the Phoenix. This has even gotten Little Hanhan’s praise, yet Yun Che, ah… He can stride across tens of levels of fighting abilities by just casually lifting his hand, but why haven’t I heard Little Hanhan praise him to the heavens?”

Ji Qianrou’s words made Ye Xinghan and Ling Kun feel alarmed at the same time, even Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s eyebrows fidgeted slightly. Following Yun Che’s increasingly shocking performance, they had almost forgotten… Yun Che’s profound strength was merely at the Earth Profound Realm, level ten!!

Contending against the level eight Throne, Feng Xiluo, at full power with only the strength of the Earth Profound Realm…

What kinds of secrets were Yun Che hiding on his body?!

Like a fire god descending upon earth, Feng Xiluo’s entire body released an energy that showed disdain to the whole world, causing the hearts of all the young profound practitioners in the arena to tremble. The fearful looks of admiration they cast at him was like looking at an insurmountable god. They too, did not imagine that the Feng Xiluo, whose power was fearsome to such an extent, had actually not used his full power. The power of Feng Xiluo at this point was obviously twice as powerful as before!!

“This happens to be the highest stage of my Divine Phoenix Sect’s World Ode of the Phoenix.” Feng Xiluo extended his palm towards Yun Che, Phoenix flames hissing on his palm: “A pity that you’re only a bastard, with no rights to learn this unbeatable profound skill graced by the divine spirit. Now, you can struggle as much as you like, because after today, there will be no chance for you to struggle again.”

Looking at the Phoenix flames on Feng Xiluo’s body and listening to his arrogant speech, the look in Yun Che’s eyes was as if he were speaking to a genuine fool: “You seem to have made similar speeches several times already, does it really feel that good to slap yourself every time? Idiot!”

Yun Che’s words was like using a salt-soaked knife to furiously stab at Feng Xiluo’s already bloody wound. The last word,“idiot”, made him explode with fury… Since a young age, who did not treat him with respect? Even Feng Hengkong had always praised him with pride. With such great talent, even towards the crown prince, Feng Ximing, he was always haughty without restraint. Who would dare to call him an “idiot”?!

Feng Xiluo laughed back in anger, then sneered with incomparable darkness: “Little bastard, even at death’s door, you still dare to provoke my rage. I originally planned to give you a delightful death, but now… I’ve changed my mind. I will leave you in the Phoenix flames… more dead than alive!!”

“With only your Phoenix bloodline from five thousand years ago that has been thinned and jumbled through hundreds of generations, do you truly think you’re worthy enough to raise Phoenix fire in front of me?” Yun Che muttered and laughed coldly.

Those words of his were definitely not pretentious. Back in Blue Wind Imperial Palace, when facing the two black and red elders following Feng Xichen, he had used the simplest of Phoenix flames and managed to suppress the two men’s Phoenix flames which were backed by the World Ode of the Phoenix. Since Divine Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix bloodline was passed down from one generation to the next, in order to guarantee the purity of the bloodline, Divine Phoenix Sect would only wed internally, and rarely wed outsiders… unless the other party had extremely high talent or position. Even so, each generation further, the bloodline would eventually thin and mix.

But Yun Che was bestowed the purest Phoenix Blood directly from the Phoenix Spirit!!

Thus, purely speaking of the purity of the Phoenix Bloodline, Yun Che was completely suitable to be Feng Xiluo’s ancestor!

And even his ancestor by a few hundreds of generations!

“I’ll show you what exactly are real... Phoenix flames!!”

Yun Che cried out deeply, and his body blazed with Phoenix flames. But this time, it was not just simple Phoenix flames, he also channeled World Ode of the Phoenix, directly raising it to the fourth stage… Instantly, the aura of the Phoenix flames erupted as the temperature abruptly surged. The blaze which was originally wild suddenly seemed to be boiling, while dancing frantically.

On Yun Che’s back, a pair of Phoenix wings also appeared. The color of this pair of Phoenix wings was even deeper than that of Feng Xiluo’s.

“World Ode of the Phoenix!!”

Feng Hengkong and the others instantly sat up. Their faces were of shock… and even fury!

The Phoenix bloodline was the core of the Divine Phoenix Sect, and the World Ode of the Phoenix was the other core.

Yun Che not belonging to the Divine Phoenix Sect, but possessing the Phoenix bloodline was already violating one of their biggest taboos, but now… He even possessed the World Ode of the Phoenix!!

In the five thousand year history of the Divine Phoenix Sect, situations of a bloodline leakage would happen occasionally, but this was the first time, that even the World Ode of the Phoenix had appeared on somebody not from the sect.

It was no wonder that even Feng Hengkong turned pale.

Feng Xiluo’s face turned dark, revealing a malevolent expression: “Little bastard! Not only do you have my sect’s Phoenix bloodline, You even secretly learned my sect’s World Ode of the Phoenix… You must die today!!”

Maintaining the fourth stage of the World Ode of the Phoenix was accompanied by a large consumption of energy. As he looked at Yun Che similarly activating the World Ode of the Phoenix, an intensely uneasy feeling arose in Feng Xiluo’s heart. He let out a growl and his phoenix wings unfolded. The Phoenix flames behind him rushed into the air, conjuring a sea of fire, covering the entire sky of the stadium in red.

“Die… Phoenix Flame Sears the Heavens!!”

Even though it was if an immense flaming mountain was collapsing towards him, Yun Che remained calm. As he reached out with his palm, the Phoenix flames on his body violently exploded as well.

Phoenix Flame Sears the Heavens!!”

The same World Ode of the Phoenix stage four, the same Phoenix skill. Two waves of Phoenix fire seas covered the skies and land, making the Phoenix stage suddenly seem tiny… as they violently clashed.


The entire Phoenix realm trembled frantically. In an instant, the flaming waves overflowing in the sky exploded crazily, spiraling hundreds of meters upwards, completely swallowing the Phoenix Stage. The faces of the audience consisting of more than three million profound practitioners, all shined pure red; even the sky had entirely changed color, as if the blue sky was burning.

It was as though a bright sun had suddenly descended.

Yun Che and Feng Xiluo’s silhouettes were completely engulfed within the flaming waves. The two of them were not even three meters apart, yet their line of sights passed through the flames, firmly colliding together.

“Just a bastard like you, is enough to challenge this prince with Phoenix flames!? In not even ten breaths… You will be completely burnt to ashes!!” Feng Xiluo growled with a malevolent expression.

Yun Che’s face darkened, his voice filled with ridicule: “Even if I stood still here, your Phoenix flames should not even think of hurting a strand of my hair, but it’s beneath me to do something like that… because I want to compete with Phoenix flames, and beat you outright! I want to let you know…”

“Who’s the real bastard!!”

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