Chapter 442 - Defeating Divine Phoenix

Against the Gods

Chapter 442 - Defeating Divine Phoenix


As he relied on burning blood essence to forcefully control Yun Che , Feng Xiluo laughed hysterically with a face of distortion. In the midst of his hysterical laughter, he suddenly felt a frightening and unusual heat erupt, causing his entire body to feel as though it had burst into flames. The powerful Phoenix flame that he had obtained in exchange for burning his blood essence, had at this time, instantly disappeared like a small canoe being swallowed by a huge wave...


An utmost pathetic scream rang throughout the arena. The flame waves that had been maintained continuously had suddenly collapsed like towering mountains in Feng Xiluo’s direction. A figure that was completely ignited in flames flew out from the sea of flames, like dried leaves that had been suddenly blown by a gust, as he hit heavily onto the defense barrier that was maintained by several overlords.


“Fourteenth Prince!!!”

The gold from Feng Xiluo’s Phoenix robe was made using an exceptionally special and rare material that was incredibly hard to destroy. From the remains of gold on the burning figure, the members of Divine Phoenix Sect could easily recognize that this person was most definitely Feng Xiluo, as they revealed expressions of shock.

Feng Feiyan, who was the closest, immediately rushed towards him like lightning and instantly used his profound energy to completely extinguish the flames on the previously burning Feng Xiluo.

Feng Xiluo was completely limp, his breathing was slight and he was completely unconscious. All his hair had been completely burnt off. His body was filled with burns and the more serious parts were all burnt black. Other than that, it didn’t seem as though he suffered internal injuries. Although the burns were serious, they were still an external injuries. With the resources that Divine Phoenix Sect could gather, it was possible to completely recover other than leaving a few scars… With Feng Feiyan’s abilities, he could easily tell that Yun Che had intentionally kicked him out from the sea of flames. Otherwise, Feng Xiluo would have burnt to death in a few more moments.

However, his face immediately revealed complete outrage. This was because Feng Xiluo’s condition… Was obviously a result of burning essence blood!!!

He was the number one prodigy of Divine Phoenix Clan’s from this era. How could he give up his talent and life and just burn his blood essence like this!!!

When the two Phoenix flames collided, everything was engulfed within the flames, and he couldn’t tell what was happening. If he knew that Feng Xiluo would self ignite his blood essence, he would’ve even interfered with the match just to stop him from doing so.

Feng Feiyan was fuming on the spot. He wanted to slap Feng Xiluo at least a few hundred times and also eliminate Yun Che with his bare hands. However, at this time, Feng Hengkong arrived with a group of elders. With knitted brows, he asked: “Big Brother, how’s Xiluo?”

Feng Feiyan looked up and gritted his teeth as he spoke: “He’s pretty much fine, however he… Actually burned his blood essence!”

“What!” The faces of Feng Hengkong and all the elders changed immediately.

“Bastard!” Feng Hengkong clenched his fists tightly as his face turned green. The one he resented the most was not Yun Che, but instead Feng Xiluo. Since young, Feng Xiluo possessed unrivalled talent and growing up, no one of the same age was able to match him. This caused him to be rather arrogant. He didn’t even really respect his thirteen brothers who were older than him. However, having such talents as he did, arrogance was natural. Feng Hengkong was always the most satisfied with him and never once scolded him before.

Today however, he encountered an opponent who was younger than him, who was able to exceed him completely! How could he be able to take losing? Furthermore, just before the match, he humiliated and insulted Yun Che in front of everyone. No matter what he said and did, he acted as though Yun Che’s life was completely in his hands. When he was defeated by him, his willpower snapped immediately!

It snapped to the extent that he was willing to do a crazy act such as burning his blood essence!

Losing, would no doubt would be shameful, but with his talent, he would definitely become a Monarch that would overlook the world! However, since he burnt his blood essence, the consequence was killing off his own talent. His future would not be limitless like before. For Divine Phoenix Sect, this would become a huge loss.

In his rage, Feng Hengkong felt like strangling his disappointing son.

What made him even more shocked was that even though Feng Xiluo burnt his blood essence, he was still completely beaten by Yun Che.

Yun Che’s instantaneous burst of Phoenix flame earlier had such a high suppression that it felt like… It was clearly a higher level than that of the World Ode of the Phoenix!!!

“Send him to Jade Phoenix Hall to receive treatment immediately.” Contained within Feng Hengkong’s voice was an unbelievable amount of suppressed rage. He turned his head furiously, and looked below, his eyes flashing with bone chilling bloodlust.

The Phoenix flames finally extinguished layer by layer, revealing Yun Che’s silhouette. Yun Che was kneeling with one knee and he breathed deeply. However, he did not look like he suffered any injuries; even his hair was perfectly intact. Within the raging Phoenix flames, he didn’t suffer any burns at all!

The area he stepped on was still part of the Phoenix Stage. However, the stage that was nearly three meters tall was now completely missing. Below Yun Che’s feet were charcoal black debris that looked nothing like the jade stone that formed the stage.

The barrier formed by the Overlords had vanished and a scorched smell, along with heat, spread across the whole arena. With one look, everyone had a dazed expression, and they couldn’t snap out of it. At this point, no one could figure out an acceptable term to explain their feelings.

That indescribable thought and vision… It seemed as though it had inverted every one of their beliefs.

The whole arena of nearly three hundred thousand profound practitioners… From the weakest to the strongest, not one of them could have predicted this.

Not one person!

Their minds excitedly echoed with this one phrase...

Divine Phoenix Empire… LOST!!!

Defeated by Blue Wind Nation!

The strongest Divine Phoenix Empire’s young generation, was beaten by someone from Blue Wind Nation… And that profound practitioner was even younger than him!!!

No one dared to believe such a result, and no one dared to imagine it! For more than five thousand years, no one had managed to accomplish it either.

Today however, they witnessed a moment where this came true!!! A match that broke a historical record that stood for five thousand years! A young profound practitioner that broke a five thousand year record.

Although Feng Hengkong was about to explode and even had felt a newfound killing for Yun Che, he didn’t act or even speak… Because no matter how bad Feng Xiluo’s injuries were, no matter what bloodline or status Yun Che had, this was the Profound Sky Seven Ranking Tournament. Yun Che beat Feng Xiluo fairly during the match with three hundred thousand people as witness, including those from the Four Great Sacred Grounds...

As Sect Master of Divine Phoenix Sect, if he dared to take action against Yun Che now, it would undoubtedly be beneath everyone’s eyes, and would ruin Divine Phoenix Empire’s respect and awe, drawing everyone’s ridicule.

He also knew fully well that Yun Che only dared act this way because of this reason!

However, him controlling his emotions did not mean that all the elders of Divine Phoenix Sect could do so as well. After Feng Xiluo had been carried away, Feng Feiyan’s body sank and he looked at Yun Che with a face full of rage and disdain: “Little kid from Blue Wind, you actually dare injure… our Fourteenth Prince! You’re… courting death!!”

He didn’t mention that “Feng Xiluo had been forced to burn his own blood essence”, otherwise, it would be seen as a joke amongst jokes.

Feng Xiluo was obviously not weak, and despite not suffering much injuries after defeating him, who burnt his blood essence, it was still taxing on Yun Che. He panted and seemed as though he did not have sufficient energy to stand up, but he still looked fierce and even retorted righteously: “So what! This a Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament match, and I beat him Feng Xiluo fair and square! During a match, injuries are a result of inferior skills! Could it be that your Divine Phoenix Empire are sore losers who can’t afford to be injured? Are you going to kill me now that I’ve enraged you!”

“You!” Feng Feiyan was extremely angry, and now that Yun Che retorted back, the color of his face changed. However, before he could react, another angry shout came from the seats:

“That’s right! This is a ranking Tournament match. Whether one is injured or not is dependent on one’s abilities! If one lacks skills, how can others be blamed! Who are you to blame Yun Che!” Ling Jie strained his throat and gathered all his profound strength to shout.

Just as Ling Jie finished, Hua Minghai also shouted loudly: “That’s right! During a match, even when one is killed, the matter is not pursued. This is an unchanged fact about the history of the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, and a rule even an idiot would know! Furthermore, this was a rule set by your Divine Phoenix Empire. Does that mean that contestants from other nations are allowed to get injured, but not anyone from your Divine Phoenix Sect!”

Just as the two of them finished, the entire arena turned into an uproar. All those agitated and excited profound practitioners from Blue Wind Empire all became hot-headed and shouted along with them… Soon, more and more people started shouting. Not just people from Blue Wind Nation, even profound practitioners from the five other nations started cheering for Yun Che, calling for unfairness. The fact that Yun Che defeated Feng Xiluo was not pride for Blue Wind Nation, it was also pride for the all six nations. This was the first time such a fairy tale happened for the six nations!

In the blink of an eye, the uproar spread around the whole arena...

“For many tournaments, so many of our profound practitioners have gotten injured and we have not pursued matters. Now that one disciple from Divine Phoenix Sect has gotten injured, what gives you the right to pursue matters! It looks like you wanted to take revenge immediately too?”

“The honorable Divine Phoenix Sect could only amount to this much?”

“Even an idiot could tell that Yun Che already showed mercy. If not, that Fourteenth Prince would have turned into ashes by now. Not only do you not thank Yun Che, you want to question and threaten him!”

“As the number one sect in the Profound Sky Continent, could you at least save a little face!”

“If you want it like that, why not just scrape the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament?! People from the other six nations can be killed and injured, but not one person from Divine Phoenix can be injured?”

“If you dare to take revenge on Yun Che, even if you are ten times stronger than us, we six nations will look down on you for generations to come!!!”



The commotion spread quickly, and soon the whole arena was on Yun Che’s side. The last few that shouted nearly blasted everyone deaf. If it was simply one person, facing the absolute pressure of Divine Phoenix Sect, even if he was completely unhappy, unsatisfied, and looked down on them, he would not dare to question the Divine Phoenix Empire. However, among the millions of profound practitioners from the six nations, there were those who dared stand against them unfazed. The more they spoke, the harsher it became… Yun Che beating Divine Phoenix Sect was pride for all the six nations, and all the other profound practitioners were proud of this. The fact that they could question Divine Phoenix Sect, was no doubt a satisfying experience.

And this, was the result that Yun Che hoped to see, or should we say, predicted.

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