Chapter 444 - The Awakened Overlord

Against the Gods

Chapter 444 - The Awakened Overlord

“Who are you!?”

There was actually a person who dared to forcefully step onto the arena of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, Divine Phoenix Empire’s Phoenix Realm.

Feng Hengkong lightly raised his head, and glanced at that intruder in midair… However, in the next instant, the calm on his face disappeared without a trace, and shock flashed past his eyes.

Being the closest to him, Feng Feiyan’s brows sank. Just as he was about to act, when his profound energy had only been circulated halfway, the channeling was forcefully stopped. His face revealed a shocked expression similar to Feng Hengkong’s, and he simply watched with widened eyes as that big and bulky figure fiercely descend with a matchless ferocious aura, landing heavily next to Yun Che.


The ground beneath his feet directly shattered, and a line of cracks instantly spread under his feet. In but a mere second, the crack stretched out to more than a kilometer, directly slicing a country’s audience seats into half, and had even more so, caused the faces of the profound practitioners in the seats to pale in fright.

At the very instant he landed, the nine genius Phoenix disciples who were surrounding Yun Che, all felt a tsunami-like air wave pressing towards them. All of them grunted at the same time, and were pushed tens of meters away by this wave of air. Shock and fear were displayed on every one of their faces… Just merely the force of his descent had pushed all nine of them back! This person’s strength… Just how terrifying could it be!?

“Oh?” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue thoughtfully looked at the figure who descended, and recalled his loud roar earlier, which resounded through the entire stadium.

The person who descended from the sky had an incomparably huge figure. His entire body was as robust as a monster, every muscle on his body was bulging high up, and glistened with a luster which only metals could have. Just by merely looking at them, it could be imagined just how frightening of a strength was being hidden in each of them.

Looking at this person, all of the experts in the Divine Phoenix Sect carried faces of shock… Because the profound aura being emitted from this person’s body… was clearly of the Tyrant Profound Realm!!

And if it was merely an Overlord, it wouldn’t be enough to shock them to such an extent. They could clearly see a form of immaturity on the face of this person, whose figure was astonishingly large and bulky. Strong profound energy could slow down the aging process, and conceal one’s age, however, it was impossible to maintain that form of immaturity which could only belong to a youth. In other words, this person’s age, even at the very most… would not surpass twenty!!

An Overlord who was not even twenty years old!!

And this aura, was clearly that of a mid-stage Overlord… which could suppress seventy percent of the Elder-class experts in Divine Phoenix Sect!

When Feng Feiyan and Feng Hengkong, who were among the peak-class peerless experts of Profound Sky, realized this truth, even they had fallen into a trance for a moment. Even with Feng Feiyan’s violent personality, when facing this intruder who broke through the walls to enter this area, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

A mid-stage Overlord not even twenty years of age… This was too frightening of a concept.

Those nine Phoenix disciples who were forcefully blown away merely by his aura alone, looked at him with extremely terrified eyes. For a moment, they basically did not dare to even take a step forward.

However, Yun Che, who was the closest to his landing point, was not pushed even a single inch by the air wave. Evidently, he had purposefully, and forcefully weakened the air wave that was heading into Yun Che’s direction with his will. Yun Che slowly turned around, and looked dumbfoundedly at the back figure in his line of sight. It was incomparably familiar, yet, the aura was completely foreign, to the point where he was basically in complete disbelief...

“Yuan… Yuanba?”

Yun Che’s call suddenly shook the large figure. Slowly, he began to turn around… His turn was incomparably slow, and during the entire process, his body was shivering like a sieve. It was unknown if it was due to his extreme excitement, or the fear that the person he was going to see after turning around, was not that person he really hoped to see.

Finally, his body had completely turned around, revealing a face which had distorted due to excitement.

Xia Yuanba!!

After being apart for more than two years, Xia Yuanba’s figure, which was already astonishing in the first place, had once again grown another fifteen centimeters. In front of Yun Che, he was an absolute giant. His looks had became a little mature. His eyes and the place between his brows no longer possessed that silliness and frailness he once had before. Instead, there was now firmness, decisiveness, and an oppressive feeling capable of shaking one’s heart, which had never appeared from him in the past. The overbearingness of his aura, compared to his former frailness, was basically worlds apart.

However, Yun Che had grown up with him. No matter how big the change the two of them had, even if they had not met for more than ten years, with merely a glance, they would still be able to recognize each other.

“Brother… in-law…”

When Xia Yuanba uttered these three words, tears instantly poured down, and his voice turned incomparably incomprehensible due to his choking tears. “Brother-in-law… Brother-in-law!!”

Xia Yuanba shouted out with a trembling voice, and then, he suddenly stepped forward, his gigantic figure instantly glomping Yun Che. Two bulky arms tightly hugged onto him, and just like that, in front of several millions of people, he began to wail loudly. A man whose figure was as humongous as that, was actually crying so heartbreakingly. Every corner of the stadium, was filled with his wails and cries.

“Yuanba, it really is you.” Yun Che pressed his hand onto Xia Yuanba’s arm, and lightly smiled. The shock and disbelief in his heart had quickly dissipated, and what replaced them, was warmth and comfort.

Xia Yuanba had changed. His strength had flipped upside down. His eyes, demeanor, aura, all of them had completely changed. However, the voice he used to call him, the sensation from the hug, and the tears which would only fall in front of him… did not change at all. He was still that Xia Yuanba he was familiar and close with since childhood.

“Brother-in-law… It really is you…” Xia Yuanba said the same exact words as Yun Che. His shoulders lifted, and no matter what he did, his tears could not stop flowing. No matter how one could change, the most treasured, and most precious emotion in one’s soul would never, ever change. Furthermore, all of the changes he underwent in these past two years, were all because of Yun Che.

Although he had already found out the news that Yun Che did not actually die two years ago from his father, when he saw the live and well Yun Che with his very own eyes, he was still agitated to the point where he was completely unable to control his own emotions.

“Ehh… Aaaaah!!” Ling Jie looked at the giant who was hugging Yun Che, and after staring blankly for a long while, he suddenly let out a weird cry.

“What happened? Who is that person? Do you know him?” Hua Minghai hurriedly asked.

“I… I do. Bu… But… But…” Ling Jie took in a deep breath. He was so shocked that he was even unable to voice out his words properly. He had naturally seen Xia Yuanba before, because back then, he had went with Yun Che to the Heavenly Sword Villa to participate in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. His two biggest traits were: One, his humongous figure, and two, his trashy weak profound strength. It was impossible to not leave a deep impression on Ling Jie. Then, he was also the reason why Yun Che was sealed in the Sword Management Terrace.

However, clearly, Xia Yuanba’s profound strength back then was merely at the Elementary Profound Realm. It could be said that Xia Yuanba was the person with the worst aptitude he had ever seen in his entire life.

However, the moment he descended, his aura was basically capable of shattering the earth, and the nine genius Thrones of Divine Phoenix Sect, were even blasted tens of meters away purely from his aura alone…

This contrast, was basically too huge… to the extent that he was basically unable to believe his eyes.

What’s wrong with this world…? Boss defeated Feng Xiluo. This conclusion was already astonishing enough!! But this trash among trash back then, is actually… actually…

“This person…” Extreme astonishment was revealed from Ling Kun’s expression, and this astonishment was several times more compared to when Yun Che defeated Feng Xiluo. Because he had once met Xia Yuanba as well. Back then, he was under his watch when Yun Che used his own life to save Xia Yuanba. If not for the words he spoke to Yun Che, and that uncontrollable emotions of his, even if his appearance was similar, he definitely wouldn’t have believed that they were the exact same person.

“An Overlord!?” Ye Xinghan, who had a loose demeanor the entire time, at this very moment, fiercely frowned as well. Evidently, it was impossible for this Overlord whose age had yet to pass twenty, to not have him pay attention.

“Young Hall Master.” Ling Kun spoke. “If I were to say that two years ago, this person’s profound strength was merely at the Elementary Profound Realm, would you believe it?”

“I see that Elder Ling Kun knows how to make such tasteless jokes as well.” Ye Xinghan smirked.

“Hoho.” Ling Kun chuckled, and no longer said another word.

“Who the hell are you! You actually dare to barge into our Phoenix Realm!!” Feng Feiyan arrived in the air above Xia Yuanba, and said with a low voice. However, he still did not dare to act rashly. Because for an Overlord at such a young age, the only birthplace he could think of, was the Sacred Grounds!

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue stood up from his seat. Holding his horsetail whisk in his hands, he calmly smiled. “This child is this old one’s last closed-door disciple. My dear disciple has a reckless personality, and because he had suddenly saw a relative of his, he lost control of his emotions, startling everyone. I hope that your esteemed sect is not offended.”

When Spiritual Master Ancient Blue himself stood up to speak, Feng Hengkong hurriedly stood up as well. With an astonished expression, he said. “So he’s actually the disciple of Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, it’s no wonder he has such astonishing profound strength at such a young age… I wonder what the age of your esteemed disciple is this year?”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue lightly smiled. “My dear disciple is already eighteen years old this year.”

When the three words “eighteen years old” were uttered, those whose cultivation was not yet an Overlord’s and were unable to inspect Xia Yuanba’s degree of profound strength, did not really feel anything. However, the faces of Feng Hengkong, Feng Feiyan, and the various Great Elders of Divine Phoenix Sect paled from shock. Even Ye Xinghan’s brows had fiercely twitched for a moment.

Feng Hengkong said with an astonished voice. “As expected of the closed-door disciple Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had personally taken in. At the mere age of eighteen, he’s actually already at the realm of an Overlord! His achievements in the future are limitless! Congratulations to Spiritual Master Ancient Blue for having such a talented disciple.”

Feng Hengkong did not purposefully reduced his own volume, and with his dense profound energy, his voice naturally spread across the entire stadium easily. When the few words “eighteen years old”, and “Overlord” were uttered out from his mouth, not one of the practitioners in the stadium were not dumbfounded.


The breath of air which Ling Jie had been taking into his stomach, instantly gushed out. “Ov… Ov… Overlord!?”

“The hell… In other places, it’s rare to see an Overlord even once in a hundred years, when did one become so invaluable today… Eighteen years old… Overlord… Are you freaking sure you’re not kidding me?” Hua Minghai took in a cold breath. Then, his expression instantly calmed down, as he said with a soft voice. “But, seeing how close he is with Boss Yun, and that he’s the closed-door disciple of this Grand Elder of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary… Boss Yun seems to have instantly gotten out of danger all of a sudden!!”

“Hoho.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue chuckled at Feng Hengkong. Then, his eyes turned towards Xia Yuanba, as he said with a light voice. “Yuanba, as a disciple of the Sanctuary, even if you’re unable to help it, it is still inappropriate to cry in such a manner. Calm your emotions, and come over to greet the Phoenix Sect Master.”

Xia Yuanba’s emotions, at this moment, had finally stabilized as well. He turned around, yet, he did not face Spiritual Master Ancient Blue. Instead, his gaze fiercely swept across the several Phoenix disciples in the air. “Earlier, were you the ones who said that there’s no one else in Blue Wind!? And even wanted to attack my brother-in-law with all nine of you together!? Then come forward and face this daddy here… Come!!”

Earlier, when Xia Yuanba was wailing loudly like a little child, the nine Phoenix disciples had even felt it was funny. However, the moment Xia Yuanba’s gaze swept towards them, the might displayed from his eyes, was actually capable of causing their hearts to suddenly spasm. With his roaring voice, every single word was thunder in the distant sky, shaking them to the extent where the energy and blood in their bodies boiled, making them feel like they were about to spurt out blood on-site.

Yun Che once again sized Xia Yuanba up, and his heart was filled with shock. The Xia Yuanba he was familiar with, was silly and frail. Yet, the current Xia Yuanba, on the territory of this Divine Phoenix Sect, while facing the big heads and disciples of Divine Phoenix Sect, his aura, eyes, and voice, were actually this tyrannical and overbearing. That kind of feeling… was as though he was an unparallelled emperor who was arrogantly watching over the world, overlooking over the countless lives; that everything in his eyes were but insignificant beings!

“His Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, actually awakened.” Jasmine’s voice was also filled with astonishment. Although she had long ago told Yun Che that Xia Yuanba’s profound veins were the extremely rare Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, she had also said that given his personality, it was completely impossible for the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins to awaken. Instead, it would become an extremely large burden for his profound practitioner path, causing his profound strength to, at the very most, stop at the Elementary Profound Realm.

However, reality was in front of their eyes. Xia Yuanba’s Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, had genuinely awakened!

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