Chapter 448 - Divine Phoenix Sect’s Trump Card

Against the Gods

Chapter 448 - Divine Phoenix Sect’s Trump Card

The moment this voice was heard, the hairs on Xia Yuanba’s head which had stood up, suddenly softened. He turned his gaze to Ji Qianrou, alarm flashing in his eyes.

Ji Qianrou’s half closed eyes, twiddling fingers and peach blossom eyes that quivered like ripples in water could almost make one’s bones melt. His words were even more so soft and gentle, as though a young lady was pouring her heart out. However, the contents of his speech was full of incomparably deep ridicule and contempt, not less than Xia Yuanba’s verbal abuse.


In the arena, half the people present were stupefied and the other half spat on the spot.

Yun Che glanced at Ji Qianrou in astonishment. Spiritual Master Ancient Blue speaking up for him did not surprise him, however, he had not expected that Ji Qianrou from Supreme Ocean Palace, who had an evil and demonic manner and a feminine gaze which did not attach importance to anyone would actually take the initiative to speak up for him… No, no! How was this just speaking up for him, it was simply the same as following after Xia Yuanba, to smash another basin of shit on Feng Ximing’s skull without restraint with a smile, entirely unafraid of thoroughly offending this Divine Phoenix Empire Crown Prince, and even the entire Divine Phoenix Sect.

In front of Feng Hengkong, Ye Xinghan, Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Hall Master was domineering to the extreme, arrogant and rude, yet in front of Ji Qianrou, he was full of worry and fear… How could this kind of character even find a mere Divine Phoenix Crown Prince to be important? Or perhaps… in the entire Profound Sky Continent, no one deserved any respect from him.

The expressions of Feng Hengkong, Feng Feiyan and the others changed again. Feng Ximing’s face twitched, his entire face turning purple as if he had swallowed a pile of piping hot shit; he was oppressed to the point he almost vomited blood. However, even if he dared to retort against Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, he would never have the guts to retort against Ji Qianrou… the one and only person in this world who could cause Feng Hengkong’s expression to change immediately, a frightening character whom one would run away in fear from. People could only witness his wickedness, but he had heard from Feng Hengkong about his frightfulness and ruthlessness not just once.

Ling Jie and Hua Minghai listened till their entire bodies were relaxed and refreshed; they regretted that they were unable to laugh heartily. This was not simply ridicule from any ordinary person, but from a person belonging to a Sacred Ground. They suddenly started to feel that this terrifying devil was actually rather cute; their surroundings were even filled with the sounds of sniggering.

Feng Ximing’s words were indeed extremely funny and full of holes. Those two world-shocking flame skills were clearly blazing with Phoenix flames, released Phoenix pressure, and also far above the World Ode of the Phoenix. How could it be compared to some other random fire profound skill! Taking countless of steps back, even if there really was a fire profound skill which could surpass the World Ode of the Phoenix in this world… what enveloped Yun Che’s body earlier, was clearly a Phoenix silhouette which caused everyone’s heart to palpitate; only a blind person would not be able to see it clearly!

As a result, even though Feng Hengkong, Feng Feiyan and the others did not want to admit it, they still did not say anything, because in front of ironclad evidence, if they opened their mouths to deny, it would just be a joke to be looked down upon on… Feng Ximing had no choice but to brace himself to become cannon fodder, but in the end, he was clearly... miserably splashed with dog shit on his face by Xia Yuanba and Ji Qianrou.

Feng Ximing could not say another word. Nobody in the entire Divine Phoenix Sect could say a word for a period of time, the atmosphere declined into a deadlock where they were incomparably oppressed, and after Spiritual Master Ancient Blue and Ji Qianrou had expressed their stands, it was fated that this deadlock would not be reversed. As a result, today, and the days after, they would not be able to openly chase and kill, or control Yun Che. Their legend of being undefeated would be thoroughly smashed, all their prodigies were defeated by a single person, causing the entire Divine Phoenix Sect to lose face. Even their sect’s five thousand year old pride, the Phoenix bloodline, would no longer be unique to them!

Now, not even mentioning winning Yun Che over, even tidying up the current situation, and defending Divine Phoenix Sect’s last bit of honor and prestige would be extremely difficult.

Within the cold atmosphere, after Feng Hengkong’s expression fluctuated violently again, he finally opened his mouth and said with an extremely calm voice: “Yun Che, do you really believe… that within the young generation of my Divine Phoenix Sect, there is no one who can defeat you! In our Divine Phoenix Sect’s current young generation, there is one person, regardless of innate talent, strength, or even bloodline strength, completely surpasses you, a thousandfold!”

The moment Feng Hengkong opened his mouth, everybody was immediately stunned. Ling Kun looked pensive, smiled silently, then said: “Oh? Within Divine Phoenix Sect, there actually exists another genius? Could it be that Divine Phoenix Sect Master disdained letting this genius to participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament? Or perhaps, the ten who battled are just considered ordinary disciples in Divine Phoenix Sect?”

The truth was naturally not as Ling Kun had stated. In Divine Phoenix Sect’s younger generation, Feng Xiluo was indeed the best of the best whether in terms of talent or strength. But above Feng Xiluo, there was another trump card which surpassed him by miles. It was just that this trump card was simply too important to Divine Phoenix Sect. Before today, Feng Hengkong had never thought about revealing it.

The moment Feng Hengkong spoke, the expressions of several core members of Divine Phoenix Sect immediately flickered. They were very clear about who Feng Hengkong was speaking of, but after their expressions flickered, no one expressed any objection.

That was because today’s matter looked as if it was just about the issue of Yun Che’s bloodline. However behind the scenes, it concerned Divine Phoenix Sect’s face, prestige and honor. It could even affect their influence, even threaten Divine Phoenix Sect’s future… Now that the situation had come to this point, it was by no means an exaggeration to say that this was Divine Phoenix Sect’s largest peril in five thousand years…

Therefore, even if it was fated that there was no way to thoroughly reverse today’s situation, even if they had to reveal their trump card, they had to retrieve some face!! At least, they could let the whole word know that even if another Phoenix legacy appeared in this world, it would absolutely not be stronger than their Divine Phoenix Sect! This was the last trump card of the five thousand year old Divine Phoenix Sect which would absolutely not be easy to trample upon!!

Feng Hengkong’s eyebrows sunk as he turned around. His gaze landed on the body of Feng Xue’er beside him. As he looked at his only daughter, his originally overcast expression unconsciously turned gentle, even his frame of mind immediately became gentler. He sighed inwardly and softly said: “Xue’er, royal father knows that you hate being in conflict with others. But the conclusion of today’s matter is simply too important to our sect, it concerns our Divine Phoenix Sect’s entire five thousand years of glory and pride, that’s why… please help your royal father this one time, okay?”

Feng Hengkong’s voice was a little abstruse, even more so unwilling and guilty. Perhaps in this whole world, only Feng Xue’er could affect him in this manner.

It was not only because Feng Xue’er was his most precious daughter, she was the entire Divine Phoenix Sect’s, and even the entire Divine Phoenix Empire’s soul.

“...” Feng Xue’er did not say anything. After a momentary silence, she quietly stood up. Yet with this simple movement, the entire arena’s gaze and attention was instantly attracted, everyone stared blankly at her silhouette… After pausing their gazes on her, everyone uncontrollably went from an expression of shock to infatuation, as though their souls were absorbed onto her body, following every one of her slightest actions, swaying and trembling.

“Yes, royal father.” Feng Xue'er gently replied, every word from her lips were sweet sounding and agile, as if sounds from a celestial from the heavens.

The faces of Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, Ling Kun, and Ji Qianrou flashed with surprise, Ye Xinghan’s firmly stared at Feng Xue'er’s body while releasing the aura of a hungry wolf. Everyone stared wide eyed, staring dumbly at Feng Xue'er move lightly and unhurriedly, quietly walking from the seats like a fairy that gracefully moved her snow lotus-like feet, stepping dreamlike misty clouds.

The person Feng Hengkong referred to… the one who was above Feng Xiluo… could it be… her… Princess Snow!?

How… how could that be? As beautiful as a fantasy, like a fairy, the dreamlike Feng Xue'er, how could the world “powerful” be associated to her? Although Feng Xiluo was defeated by Yun Che, his strength was there for all to see, enough to let the top profound practitioners of the five nations feel thoroughly inferior. Princess Snow, who was as soft and white as snow, how was it possible for her strength to surpass Feng Xiluo...

She was a girl, moreover, she was only sixteen years old!

There was not a bit of profound strength aura on Feng Xue'er’s body. In the entire arena, from the weakest six nations visitor to the strongest, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, none of them could feel the slightest bit of profound energy on her body; she was completely a delicate young girl.

In the midst of astonishment and distraction, Feng Xue'er had already stood in front of Yun Che, facing him directly. Only, she was able to clearly see Yun Che’s face, yet Yun Che was unable to look at her brilliance which was able to make the world lose it’s color.

Yun Che never thought that he would meet Feng Xue'er again under these kinds of circumstances. He looked at Feng Xue'er in bafflement, his lips trembling for quite some time before he was able call out with difficulty: “Xue'er…”

Facing the incomparably powerful Divine Phoenix Sect, he could approach without fear and face them domineeringly. Yet in front of Feng Xue'er, all of his overbearingness had completely disappeared. His expression, the look in his eyes and his heart was deep shame with a little terror… A terror that Xue'er would be hurt, or even cry because of his deceit.

She had saved his life, allowed him to heal in the safest place, granted him the purest, most unadulterated of trust, and taught him the World Ode of the Phoenix… yet what he had granted her was endless deceit. A false identity, a false name, and a false aim… He used the life which she saved, the World Ode of the Phoenix which she taught, to deal with her royal father and the Divine Phoenix Sect which she grew up in...

Yun Che breathed in silently, looked at the beautiful figure in front of him, and used a gentler voice: “Xue'er… I’m sorry…”

Feng Xue'er still did not reply, but suddenly, she reached out with her jade-like little hand, palm facing Yun Che’s chest.

Yun Che did not move… even if Feng Xue'er suddenly made a fatal attack, perhaps he would resist, but he would definitely not retaliate.


A gentle wind breezed past. Scarlet Phoenix flames slowly ignited on her body, the flames were not berserk or blazing, yet they were incomparably deep. Deeper than any other Phoenix flames that Yun Che had ever seen by many times.

The Phoenix flames slowly ascended, gradually spreading across Feng Xue'er’s body. At this point, golden rays radiated on the area between her brows. A silky golden radiance permeated through phoenix jade glass, shining into Yun Che’s eyes, causing his mind to tremble violently. At the same time, the aura that Feng Xue'er had always been concealing was completely released.

In that instant, the those from the Four Great Sacred Grounds all had faces of astonishment.

“Wh… what!!” Ling Kun stood up instantly.

“Oh?” Ji Qianrou willow-like eyes instantly slanted.

“This…” even Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s face was clearly shocked.

Ye Xinghan’s eyes opened wide, then opened even wider. Revealed within his eyes was a blazing flame-like violent light. He gripped the armrests of his seat firmly, and involuntarily growled: “This mythical bloodline… this perfect body!! This is simply the most perfect incubator in the world!!”

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