Chapter 451 - Tranquil Prelude

Against the Gods

Chapter 451 - Tranquil Prelude

Blue Wind Nation, Monarch Palace.

At the moment, Cang Wanhe’s face was flushed. With an absent-minded look in his eyes, his hands shivered violently… violently to the point where the entire table was faintly trembling too.

Just in a short quarter of an hour before, he had received sound transmitted and written profound messages from more than fifty thousand kilometers away, from Grand Asura Nation, Divine Incense Nation, Black Fiend Nation, Sunflower Dew Nation and Navy Tide Nation, one after another. And these sound transmissions which required enormous amounts of resources to accomplish were actually personally transmitted by the five nations’ respective rulers! Within the sound transmissions, the five nations’ emperors used enthusiastic and fervent tones, almost even a bootlicking tone to greet him. They then expressed that they would strongly long to personally head to Blue Wind Nation to visit the Blue Wind Imperial Family, carefully inquiring if he had the time to in the near future.

All five nations were so.

Yet in the past, not to even mention visiting, even if the Blue Wind Nation invited these five nations’ emperors with extreme hospitality, they would simply feel disdain to even bother, at most sending an official without much status to deal with it. During the rare occasions that the six nation's emperors meet, the other five nations would even feel disdain to care about Blue Wind Nation’s emperor.

But now, the emperors of the five nations were competing to outdo one another in personally contacting him, even afraid of being too late, unsparingly using fifty thousand kilometer sound transmissions.

Until Navy Tide Nation informed him that Blue Wind Nation’s Yun Che had won the unprecedented first place in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament.

Not second place, but first place!! Defeating the Divine Phoenix Empire to obtain first place!

For the first time in history, Blue Wind Nation’s name would above Divine Phoenix Empire’s!

Cang Wanhe sat blankly for a long time, distinctly feeling… that he was dreaming. The near bootlicking reactions of the emperors of the five nations were proof of this dreamlike fact, but he still did not dare to believe, because it was simply too dreamlike and too unreal… Even more imaginary than sheer fantasy.

Yun Che was indeed extremely strong, but he was only able to severely injure Ling Tianni.

However this was Divine Phoenix Empire, Divine Phoenix Sect!!

Even more so, he was clearer than anyone else that Yun Che had participated alone! But the message he had received in the morning, clearly stated that the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament had been shortened, making all the fights group battles!

If the news which arrived had stated that Yun Che represented the Blue Wind Nation to obtain the second place, he would still be able to believe, but beating the Divine Phoenix Empire to obtain the first place… it would only cause him to think that he was still dreaming.

The sounds of hurried footsteps could be heard. Very quickly, his personal eunuch practically rushed in rolling and crawling, while striding over the doorstep. He fell flat on his face violently, yet when he stood up, he immediately fell over on the spot, hoarsely howling: “Your Majesty! A heavenly blessing… a heavenly blessing! A message has been transmitted from Divine Phoenix Empire… this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, our Blue Wind Nation’s Prince Consort has single-handedly defeated the number one of Divine Phoenix Sect’s younger generation, then defeated the combined strength of nine mid-stage Thrones, wresting away first place… This piece of news, your servant has already gone through tens of times of verification. It is absolutely true… absolutely true!!”

Cang Wanhe stood up, his complexion flushed blood red as his lips trembled. He was excited to the point where he could not even utter a single word. In the beginning, when Yun Che represented the Blue Wind Imperial Family to obtain the first place in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, he was extremely excited, but the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament and the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament were like black and white; one was heaven and the other was earth. The accomplishment of winning the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament helped the Blue Wind Imperial Family reclaim their dignity in Blue Wind Nation, yet if the news received today was true, then it was simply placing the Blue Wind Nation at the very peak of the entire Profound Sky Continent! It was Blue Wind Nation’s unreachable fantasy of a thousand years.

Xiao Lie, who was sitting to the side, was much calmer than Cang Wanhe. He opened his mouth to ask: “Did Yun Che suffer any difficulties due to his Phoenix bloodline over there?”

The eunuch immediately answered excitedly: “In the arena, Prince Consort indeed had a huge confrontation with Divine Phoenix Sect due to the Phoenix bloodline. However, Divine Phoenix Imperial Family’s Princess Snow personally proved that Prince Consort’s bloodline actually did not originate from Divine Phoenix Sect, but another Phoenix legacy. The Divine Phoenix Emperor had also promised that henceforth, they would not target him for his bloodline. That’s why… it’s a heavenly blessing!”

“Good… good!” Cang Wanhe slowly nodded his head, he was excited to the point of tearing. He strode over to Xiao Lie, excited to the point where he completely dropped his kingly bearing: “Senior Xiao, you have truly nurtured the pride of heavens… My Blue Wind Nation having Yun Che, is definitely a blessing!”

“Immediately announce this to the entire nation at the fastest speed! In addition, deliver another order, from today, there will be a nation-wide amnesty, all citizens will be exempted from taxes for three years!”

“Quickly issue a decree to Palace Chief Qin, let him immediately start to plan for the construction of even more Profound Palace branches.”

“Prepare for next month’s gifts to the five nations to be cancelled!”

“Immediately prepare a feast, I will enjoy a good drink today. Hahahaha…”


“Junior Yun Che greets Senior Ancient Blue, and thanks Senior Ancient Blue for speaking up for this junior.” Yun Che saluted ceremonially as a junior would towards Spiritual Master Ancient Blue.

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had absolutely no aura, and looked like just an ordinary, good-natured white-haired old man. If a profound practitioner were to brush past him, he would not be able to imagine that in front of him was a Monarch from the legends, peak of the entire Profound Sky Continent. He not only had absolutely no profound energy aura, his bearing had absolutely neither arrogance nor pressure, but an aura which seemed easy to subdue.

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue closely sized up Yun Che, smiled slightly, and nodded: “Very good. Not only is your innate talent and strength astonishing, your bearing and spirit are comparable to your contemporaries. Who knew that in this generation, two astonishing freaks would emerge from the previously small and weak Blue Wind Nation.

“I thank Spiritual Master Ancient Blue for the praise.” Yun Che smiled.

After listening to Spiritual Master Ancient Blue praise Yun Che, Xia Yuanba was simply more excited than if he himself was praised, he said hurriedly: “My brother-in-law really is incredible! In the future, he will become the most, most impressive person in the world.”

“Haha.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue laughed gently. Yun Che had shocked him, and he could clearly see his relationship with Xia Yuanba. A person’s nature should originally be hard to change, yet when Xia Yuanba was in front of Yun Che, he was totally different from the Xia Yuanba that he knew; he was simply like two different people.

Yun Che, do you have any interest in tomorrow’s Primordial Profound Ark?” Ancient Blue asked.

Yun Che nodded his head: “Truth to be told, this junior really wants to go up to take a look… even though the journey may be dangerous.”

“Mm.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue nodded his head slowly, he naturally understood what kind of “dangers” Yun Che was speaking about. Although Feng Hengkong had promised in front of everyone that Yun Che would no longer be targeted for the issue about his Phoenix bloodline, no one would probably believe that Divine Phoenix Sect would really just put down the entire matter. Spiritual Master Ancient Blue took the initiative to say: “Since it’s like this, why don’t you stay in the same courtyard as us tonight?”

Xia Yuanba’s eyes shined and said hurriedly: “Yes, yes! Divine Phoenix Sect had arranged a courtyard for us beforehand. Brother-in-law should stay in the same courtyard as us, I have lots of things to tell brother-in-law.”

Yun Che didn’t hesitate, and immediately noded. He too had many questions to ask Xia Yuanba; in fact, he didn’t have to worry about dealing with Divine Phoenix Sect’s hidden attacks during the night if he stayed in the same courtyard as Spiritual Master Ancient Blue: “Then this junior will accept your invitation.”

“That’s great!” Xia Yuanba was happy that he started dancing: “Then let's return now, brother-in-law, I have just too many questions to ask you, like how did you escape from the Heavenly Sword Villa, how’s big sis, how did you become so strong, and and…”

Just when Yun Che wanted to answer, within his line of sight, he caught Ling Jie’s figure in the crowd, along with the person he was talking to...

“Senior, junior will be taking his leave first.”

Yun Che turned his body immediately and quickly walked over.

“Little Jie!” Yun Che shouted after walking closer.

Ling Jie turned over with a “whoosh. His eyes flashed as he rushed over estatically, his eyes sparkling: “Boss! Wa, waaah! You were simply too cool today, explosively cool… eh, say, Boss, why are you here?”

“I should be asking you this question, why did you come running here?” Yun Che retorted.

“Hehe,” Ling Jie scratched his forehead: “Actually, two days after Boss left the imperial palace, the Blue Wind Emperor announced your participation in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, representing the Blue Wind Nation. The moment I received the news, I decided to come… I really did not come in vain! Boss, do you know?! You’re not just a legend in the Blue Wind Nation now, but a legend in the entire Profound Sky Continent!”

For him, Ling Jie did not hesitate to travel fifty thousand kilometers here alone. In the arena, he braved the dangers of being targeted by Divine Phoenix Sect to shout and support Yun Che with all his might, and even questioned Divine Phoenix Sect; these had all moved Yun Che’s heart. He reached out to pat Ling Jie on his shoulder, then looked at Hua Minghai with an odd expression on his face.

What he was curious about was not why he was disguised so unremarkably, but… why were these two hanging out with each other!?

“Hehe,” Hua Minghai propped his chin in his hand and earnestly said: “Boss Yun, the reason I admired you before was because you were able to catch me, and even saved my wife, but now… I, Yan Xiaohua practically worship you like…”

“You guys have to be careful.” Yun Che directly cut off Hua Minghai and said cautiously: “You two kept on shouting for me earlier, there’s a chance that Divine Phoenix Sect might target you. Just in case, if Divine Phoenix Sect causes trouble for you guys, remember to immediately send me a sound transmission immediately.

“Tch, why would I be scared of a mere Divine Phoenix Sect?” Hua Minghai’s face was full of disdain. In his eyes, the Divine Phoenix Sect was only fit to eat the dust off his butt.

Ling Jie patted his chest and said without a care: “Boss, you can relax, my maternal grandfather is an official elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. I just need to reveal my identity and they would not dare to do anything.”

“What? Your grandfather is from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, and even an elder?” Hua Minghai stared wide-eyed, then revealed an expression of indignation: “You’re such a rash youngster, as weak as dregs, yet you have such an incredible backing! This world is not fair at all!”

“Your grandfather?” Yun Che revealed a face of astonishment.

Ling Jie nodded and said: “Back in the day, mother chose father over grandfather, causing grandfather to be furious. A few days back, father and mother brought big brother and I to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to meet grandfather. Mother and grandfather finally resolved their differences. Eh… grandfather even seemed to like me a lot, and even said that he would personally teach me the complete Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword, hehe.”

The look in Yun Che’s eyes suddenly seemed complicated. He nodded, then faintly smiled towards Ling Jie: “Since it’s like this, I am a bit relieved. I have to prepare for the ascension to the Profound Ark tomorrow, I won’t accompany you guys any longer. Little Jie, you can stay in Divine Phoenix City for a few more days. After exploring the Primordial Profound Ark, I will head back to Blue Wind Nation with you.”

“Okay!!” Ling Jie answered excitedly.

“If it’s possible, help me take care of Little Jie during these few days.” Yun Che told Hua Minghai.

“No problem! Taking care of this weak and delicate little brother will be effortless.” Hua Minghai vowed solemnly. The moment he said that, Ling Jie retorted with disdain.

Yun Che laughed and turned to head towards Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s side, leaving with Xia Yuanba towards their guest courtyard in Divine Phoenix City.

Hua Minghai turned around, all expression on his face instantly vanishing, becoming heavy...

Looks like he seems to have some kind of conflicting view about Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… Wrong! It should be enmity. In fact, it was the kind of enmity in which revenge has to be taken!

Thinking back to when Yun Che’s gaze had changed instantly when Ling Jie mentioned the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, Hua Minghai muttered to himself for a long time.

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