Chapter 460 - Yue Ji and Mei Ji

Against the Gods

Chapter 460 - Yue Ji and Mei Ji

Yun Che sprinted onwards with all his strength while carrying Feng Xue'er. The strength in his entire body was concentrated onto speed as the wind whistled past his ears. Occasionally, profound beasts would spring out, but before they could even harbor the intent to attack him, he had already zipped past them.

Behind him, Ye Xinghan and Feng Feiyan did not come chasing after them. Yun Che heaved a small sigh of relief, but right after, his heart once again clenched… The fact that they didn’t come chasing after them, clearly meant that they first wanted to work together in defeating Xia Yuanba, to put him to death!

When he thought of this, Yun Che’s speed instantly slowed down. However, immediately after, he gnashed his teeth, and once again increased his speed, while restraining himself from turning around with all his might… Even if he were to return, he basically was unable to help Xia Yuanba in any way. He could only hope that in the time of crisis, Xia Yuanba would be able to use the teleportation jade that Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had handed him in time. Otherwise, with Ye Xinghan and Feng Feiyan working together, he would undoubtedly die.


The great earth shook, flames spread, and shockwaves came rushing over from several kilometers away, causing the madly sprinting Yun Che to stagger. The destructive power caused by a battle between Overlord-class practitioners was extremely terrifying. Even Yun Che, whose name now shook the entire world, definitely did not have the qualifications to be a part of it.

Even though his speed had already reached its limit, Yun Che still thought that it was not fast enough as he desperately circulated all of the energy in his body. He was very aware that although the distance he had fled seemed far, to an Overlord, catching up to him would essentially be a simple feat. Right now, he was absolutely regretting that he didn’t put down his reluctance to comprehend “Extreme Mirage Lightning” last night. With his comprehensive ability, even with merely a single night, it would be enough for him to have small gains, which might even bestow him with an extremely huge support in a time like this.

“Jasmine, just when will your strength recover!?” Yun Che roared out in his consciousness. Back then in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, after Jasmine aided him in killing Mu Tianbei, in order to prevent him from being dependent on her strength, and in order for her to drive out the poison in her body with a peace of mind as well, she forcefully sealed her own strength… Back then, she said that this self-seal would last for at least a year.

However, it had already been more two years since then!

“Since it’s a self-seal, then naturally, even I am unable to control it. Hence, even I myself do not know when the seal will automatically release.” Jasmine lightly said. “Back then, the minimum time limit I set for this seal was a year, while the maximum is five years. Now that two years have already passed, it might be released in the next second, or even three years later.”

“...” Yun Che had the sudden urge to pull Jasmine out and give her a fierce spanking.

“Are you worried about Xia Yuanba?” Jasmine said with incomparable calm. “Even if you’re worried, there’s nothing you can do. Right now, you basically do not have the qualifications to participate in a Overlord-level battle. In regards to Xia Yuanba, I don’t know if he will die, but… between Ye Xinghan and Feng Feiyan, one of them will definitely die.”

Yun Che blanked. “One of the two will die? Why?”

In terms of profound strength, Xia Yuanba would basically be on par with Ye Xinghan. However, Ye Xinghan possessed a Tyrant Profound Weapon, which was enough to completely suppress Xia Yuanba. While Feng Feiyan was even stronger than Xia Yuanba by a small part of a realm. When facing either only one of them, Xia Yuanba held no possibility of victory, let alone when the two of them were working together… How could one of them die?

“Because his profound veins are the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins which have already awakened at the preliminary stage!” Jasmine’s voice, was filled with an odd sense of pity. “Your Heretic God’s Divine Veins come from the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood, while the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, have similarly originated from blood left in this world by a true Primordial God… That god, was the ‘War God’ who was born for wars. Though the War God’s overall strength isn’t comparable to the Heretic God’s, a War God in explosive rage, is comparable to a berserk Heretic God. If mere mortals were to dare stir up a god’s anger… The consequences, would only be death!!”

Yun Che: “...”

Speed, in the very end, was not Yun Che’s specialty. After all, his profound strength was merely at the Earth Profound Realm. The reason why he was able to face Emperor Profound foes with his current profound strength, was because of possessed the Heretic God’s Profound Veins which brought about an expansion to his profound energy and its berserk elements, the strong physique bestowed by the Dragon God’s blood and Dragon God’s marrow, the perverse physical strength and defense bestowed by the Great Way of the Buddha… However, other than the expansion of profound energy bestowed by the Heretic God’s Profound Veins, the rest were unable to bestow any increment to his speed. Still, the main reason why he was able to reach his current speed, was because he had usually carried an extremely heavy sword, and whenever he kept his heavy sword, his body would feel as light as a feather. However, his speed at its utmost limit, would merely be comparable to the speed of a half-step Emperor Profound practitioner.

The sounds of profound energy explosions behind him grew further and further away, however, he did not rest or stop for even the slightest moment. Beads of sweat fell off from Yun Che’s forehead, lightly hitting onto Feng Xue’er’s snow-white, jade-colored neck. Feng Xue’er opened her eyes, and stared at Yun Che, whose body was completely drenched in sweat tightly gnashing his teeth, as she lightly called out. “Big brother Yun… Big brother Yun…”

“Xue’er, don’t be afraid. We have already fled very far away!” Yun Che looked towards the unknown distance, and consoled her while gritting his teeth with all his might. However, in his heart, he was incomparably aware that with his current speed, even if he were to wildly sprint for several hours more, it would basically be impossible to escape from danger.

“Big brother Yun… Put… Put me down… Alright…?” Feng Xue’er lightly said. “Their target… is me… By putting me down… Big brother Yun can go to much a further place… I…”

“You’re not allowed to say such words!” Yun Che said. “In this world, there are merely a few people who are worth protecting with my life… And among these people, Xue’er is definitely one of them! It’s not merely because Xue’er has saved my life once before, the bigger reason is… let alone me, even the heavens themselves cannot not bear to see Xue’er suffer any harm!”

“But… I…”

“You’re not allowed to say the same words again!” Yun Che growled. “Otherwise, I will get angry.”

“Big brother Yun…” Feng Xue’er clinged onto Yun Che’s chest as her entire body was tightly hugged. She was currently in a dangerous situation she had never been in her entire life; her body was weak and powerless, unable to even circulate the tiniest bit of profound energy needed to summon the Snow Phoenix Beast. However, what filled her heart the most, was instead an indescribable calm. This calm feeling, was quietly dispersing all her fear and powerlessness… She stared with her beautiful star-like eyes, and looked unblinkingly at Yun Che’s face which was a sweat-filled crimson red. As she looked, she gradually turned silly, and she unconsciously muttered out with a soft voice. “Big brother Yun… To be able to meet you… Xue’er is really blissful… I’m so happy…”

The voice which was gentle as fluttering snow, had seemingly melted the tension in Yun Che’s heart in an instant. In his mind, images which could not be forgotten in his entire life, could not help but surface… That dream-like view before he fell off the Absolute Phoenix Cliff… Feng Xue’er, who was dancing in the snow… Feng Xue’er, who was playing happily with the Snow Phoenix… Feng Xue’er who was quietly drooling… The serious Feng Xue’er when she was teaching him the World Ode of the Phoenix… Feng Xue’er, who was listening to his stories… Feng Xue’er, who was looking at him with worshipping eyes… Feng Xue’er, who could not bear to see him go… And Feng Xue’er, who questioned her own royal father during the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament for his sake…

If he were to talk about bliss, then, for him to receive the opportunity to meet Feng Xue’er, and spend so many days with her where they had gotten closer every single day… That was true bliss.

Even though, he was involved in extreme danger because of Feng Xue’er today and was in such a dangerous situation that he might lose his life, he definitely did not regret his meeting with Feng Xue’er. If he was given the choice to choose once more… Even without Feng Chihuo, he would still choose to fall off Absolute Phoenix Cliff on his own accord.

“Watch your back.”

Yun Che had concentrated all of his profound energy on his speed, and currently, he was a little out of sorts as well. With Jasmine’s low and cold warning voice, he then suddenly realized that two ice-piercing murderous auras were currently approaching him from the rear.

Yun Che hurriedly turned his head around, and suddenly saw two explicitly-dressed women with bewitching figures, currently flying slightly above ground, chasing after him with extreme speed, closing the distance between them.

With just a single glance, Yun Che was able to recognize that they were the two women who were by Ye Xinghan’s side… Yue Ji and Mei Ji! At the moment he turned his head around, the two of them had already closed the distance to about three hundred meters.

“What are the levels of strength of these two people?” Yun Che hurriedly asked.

“They are both level eight Thrones.” Jasmine said with a heavy voice. “You can barely fight off with just one, but if it’s two of them… You have to pay a certain price, and furthermore, you’re carrying a burden as well!”

Even if Yun Che’s speed was raised to its limit, it would definitely still be unable to compare to two late-stage Thrones. After a short moment of contemplation, Yun Che made a quick decision, and quickly stopped in his tracks. Turning around, his brows tightened as he stood in place, coldly looking at the two approaching women.


In two short seconds, Yue Ji and Mei Ji had already charged over. Their speed had caused the surrounding air to screech, as though it had been coarsely sliced by a bayonet. The two of them descended from the sky, and stood at Yun Che’s left and right sides. When they stopped, their gigantic and silky breasts, which a large half of them were seemingly exposed, intensely shook up and down, bringing about an enchanting wave which could cause a person’s blood to surge.

If there were merely these two enemies, Yun Che might have calmed his breath, and enjoy the view smilingly for a moment. However, right now, with a crisis behind him, there was only killing intent in his eyes… He had to get rid of these two obstacles who were obstructing him and Feng Xue’er from escaping with the quickest speed possible.

“Big brother Yun…” The ice-cold killing intent emitted by the two women caused Feng Xue’er, who completely did not possess the strength to protect herself, to shudder.

“Xue’er, don’t be afraid. They’re only here to seek their deaths!” Yun Che consoled her with a low voice and then carried Feng Xue’er in his embrace with a single hand while grabbing onto Dragon Fault with his right hand… At that moment, the image of the Dragon God’s Trial Grounds flashed past his mind. Back then, just like now, he had carried Chu Yuechan with a single hand, and a heavy sword with another as well…

But… Little Fairy… Where exactly are you...

The ice-cold killing intents locked tightly onto Yun Che, and Yun Che’s aura had similarly locked onto the two of them as well… These two bewitching women were wearing an extremely small amount of clothes, their gazes were cold, and they didn’t seem to have any weapons. However, a chilling light was flashing between their fingers. Clearly, they had poisonous short daggers tucked within, and adding the astonishing speed they had displayed earlier, their strengths should mostly lie in assassinations and instant kills! When facing opponents like them, he definitely couldn’t allow them to approach his body!


A slight breeze blew past, causing the auras of the three people to slightly sway. In an instant, Yue Ji and Mei Ji leapt at the same time, forming into two brilliant red silhouettes. Two spots of chilling light, as though they were shooting stars in the dark night, shot towards Yun Che. One of them struck straight at Yun Che’s throat, while the other pierced straight towards Yun Che’s ankle.


The poisonous daggers of the two people brushed past Yun Che’s body with lightning speed, completely tearing apart his silhouette. While around them, four figures of Yun Che which possessed the completely same aura suddenly appeared in four different directions. This strange change stunned the two women for a short moment, and in the next instant, flames surged from all over Yun Che’s true body. Phoenix wings were spread, and violent energy belonging to the Phoenix’s flames poured out like a tsunami…

The moment Yun Che attacked, he used the extremely powerful, and extremely consuming, complete Divine Phoenix Skill —— “Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing”!!

As though an underground volcano had suddenly erupted, flames that filled the air surged upwards into the sky with an incomparably violent charge, instantly illuminating the sky into a crimson red.

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