Chapter 472 – Change in the Sky (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 472 – Change in the Sky (2)

Bringing Xia Yuanba, Ancient Blue flew into the air, and turned towards Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. Their speed wasn’t quick, and on the way back, the two of them were oddly silent. There was neither joy nor sadness on Xia Yuanba’s face, and his body hadn’t moved since the very beginning. There wasn’t even the slightest of change in his expression. He simply stared frontwards the entire time, like a wooden puppet which had lost its soul.

Ancient Blue constantly glanced at Xia Yuanba, and occasionally sighed in his heart. After a long while, he finally spoke out. “Yuanba, you have already done your best. The matter has passed, so you should stop being depressed and blaming yourself.”

Xia Yuanba’s expression was as stiff as before, and did not have any sort of reaction.

“Haah.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue let out a long sigh, and said. “I know that all you desire right now is to exact revenge for Yun Che, however, you have forcefully awakened the energy source within your profound veins, causing an unbearable load on your profound veins which have yet to fully mature. For at least two years, you will be unable to use even the slightest bit of your profound energy. In this period of time, you have to cast away unnecessary thoughts, and have a calm and peaceful rest… After all, Ye Xinghan is the Young Hall Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall. If you wish to exact revenge, even if you throw aside the countless intricate relationships between Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Sun Moon Divine Hall, it’s still an impossible matter.”

Xia Yuanba still did not react in the slightest.

Two years ago, at the Heavenly Sword Villa, when he thought that Yun Che died to save him, he broke out into a loud wail, and his mind was at the verge of collapse. However, this time, he did not shed a tear, nor did he even have an excessive reaction. To the point where even after exactly half a day had past, he did not utter a single word. It was frightening how quiet he was.

At this moment, he finally moved. Raising his hand, he slowly pressed it against his own chest, as he let out a hoarse and quiet voice. “Master, this disciple wishes to go into closed-door training for three years.”

“Closed-door training for three years?” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue revealed a shocked expression. However, when he saw the position where his arm was placed on, light swirled in his eyes, and he suddenly said. “Could it be that there’s some sort of change in your profound veins?”

Xia Yuanba did not reply.

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue paused for a moment. However, he still nodded. “Since that is what you wish for, naturally, your teacher will not disagree to it. Let’s talk about all these matters again after returning to the Sanctuary.”

As Xia Yuanba had finally spoken up, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue could finally put his mind at ease, and his flying speed had evidently increased. Truthfully speaking, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue did not know if he should be worried or joyful. After his re-encounter with Yun Che, Xia Yuanba had demonstrated a completely different personality, becoming especially warm and energetic. This was exactly opposite to the heart a Tyrannical Emperor needed, which caused him to worry if Xia Yuanba’s progress would stop, or even regress because of this.

Now, Yun Che’s death in the Primordial Profound Ark had given Xia Yuanba a heavy blow, and a hatred that sunk deep into his bones. As he harbored this guilt and hatred, vengeance had become his greatest wish… Currently, from Xia Yuanba, who was no longer able to use his profound energy, Ancient Blue could clearly sense that intense hatred which even he was a little frightened of. And this monstrous hatred, would ruthlessly stimulate him as he crazily chased after enough power to exact his revenge, and it would cause him to become even silent and colder.

All these would greatly stimulate the growth of his Tyrannical Emperor’s heart, and at the same time, quicken the awakening of his Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins.

However, to have a genius, whose future was limitless, fall just like this, he could not help but feel that it was a great pity.


As though he had instantly lost all of the strength in his body, Cang Wanhe slowly, and powerlessly sat down on his dragon throne with a completely pale expression.

“Has this matter… already been confirmed?” Cang Wanhe said with an aghast look.

“Yes… Till the disappearance of the Primordial Profound Ark, Prince Consort did not make his way out. After that, Divine Phoenix Sect had made a confirmation to the world that, in order to save Princess Snow, Prince Consort… had died within. Currently, all seven nations should already be aware of this matter.” The eunuch beside Cang Wanhe said with a pained look. He faltered for a while, before he finally said. “Your majesty, please suppress your grief… There’s another matter, this servant… this servant do not know if he should bring up.”


“Yes… Earlier, within an hour ago, Navy Tide, Black Fiend, Grand Asura, Sunflower Dew, and Divine Incense, these five nations had each transmitted us with messages, cancelling the visits that they had made reservations for yesterday.” That eunuch glanced at Cang Wanhe’s face, and once again hurriedly said. “However, your majesty, there’s no need to be furious. Since Prince Consort died in order to save Princess Snow, the Divine Phoenix Empire will definitely bestow us with deep gratitude. Probably, the Divine Phoenix Emperor himself will make a personal visit.”

Cang Wanhe let out a long sigh. Closing his eyes, he waved his hand. “You can step down for now. Let me have some peace and quiet for a moment… In regards this matter, do not let Yue’er know about it… Go step down.”

The moment Cang Wanhe’s words fell, suddenly, outside the hall, a clear sound of someone falling onto the ground resounded. Right after, the cry of a palace maid could be heard. “Ah… Princess Cang Yue! Men, hurry over! Princess Cang Yue has fainted…”

Cang Wanhe’s heart shook, as he suddenly stood up, and charged out hurriedly. “Yue’er!!”


Before this year, no one would have expected, even Yun Che himself wouldn’t have expected that a single person’s death could shake an entire country. Currently, after the spread of the news of his death in the Primordial Profound Ark, the entire Blue Wind Nation was shaken because of it.

And, it was a quake so extremely severe… which was enough to decide Blue Wind Nation’s future.

Heavenly Sword Villa.

As the curtains of the night fell, Ling Tianni floated in the sky above the Sword Management Terrace. With his head raised, he looked towards the night sky which was filled with stars. More than ten thousand flying swords were dancing in his surroundings, yet, not a single one of them could approach thirty meters from him.

With light movements, Ling Yuefeng arrived next to Ling Tianni, and greeted him respectfully. “Father.”

“Where did Jie’er go?” Ling Tianni calmly said, his voice was filled with indescribable vicissitude and loneliness.

“Jie’er is currently in Divine Phoenix Empire, there’s still a need for a few more days before his return.” Ling Yuefeng said. He stared at Ling Tianni’s expression, and continued. “Father, do you have some important matters to discuss?”

“Haah…” Ling Tianni let out a long sigh. “The sky under this Blue Wind Nation, is about to completely change.”

Ling Yuefeng’s heart skipped a beat. “What does father mean by this?”

“In these coming days, make sufficient preparations. When Jie’er returns, have Yufeng bring Yun’er and himself to reside at Mighty Heavenly Sword Region for several years. Only have them return once they have completely mastered Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword. In this period of time, our Heavenly Sword Villa shall temporarily close its doors as well.” Ling Tianni said with a heavy tone.

“Close our doors? Why do we have to close our doors?” Ling Yuefeng exclaimed.

“Because we are unable to prevent the heavenly change that will occur to Blue Wind Nation this time, nor should we even try to interfere. What we’re able to do, is to only spare ourselves, and protect our own safety.” Ling Tianni said with a sigh.

“This… What huge matter is about to happen? I plead father to express it more explicitly.” Ling Yuefeng said with a shocked and doubtful expression.

“Not long later, you will understand. After closing our doors, even if a storm occurs in the outside world, ignore it. Do not meet with any outside guests either, especially the Blue Wind Imperial Family and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… If they were to come to our doorsteps to plead for help, do not ever answer them. Remember this!”

Ling Yuefeng’s expression revealed a deep surprise. Looking at Ling Tianni’s stern face which was filled with deep helplessness, he could only give a gentle nod. “Yes.”


In another place, in another space.

Yun Che, whom everyone thought had died in the Primordial Profound Ark, did not actually die… Instead, the current him, was even more awake than any moment before.

That moment when the Primordial Profound Ark disappeared above the Divine Phoenix City’s skies, the incomparably violent spatial turbulence assaulted, causing his body to instantly feel as though it was being stabbed and sliced by countless metal blades. Even he, who possessed an extremely strong willpower, roared out in pain. Space was crazily being broken, twisted, and sliced, and his body was being broken, twisted, and sliced as well. His body was instantly completely unidentifiable with his flesh and blood. The terrifying tearing force that was enveloping his entire body caused all the bones in his body to feel as though they were being wrangled.

The feeling of death approaching had never been so clear. However, due to the instincts of wanting to survive, Yun Che struggled out all of his profound energy and willpower, to release the Sealing Moon Locking Sun barrier.

Cht… Cht… Cht...

The strong barrier built by “Sealing Moon Locking Sun” allowed Yun Che to calm down. However, the barrier was still being greatly twisted and broken by the spatial turbulence, and it could completely collapse at any moment. At this moment, Jasmine’s incomparably serious voice resounded next to Yun Che’s ears. “You’d best listen to me well! The Primordial Profound Ark is currently in the state of a spatial transfer. It’s unknown how long this state will last. Most probably, it may have to take dozens, or even hundreds of years. And during this process, the Primordial Profound Ark will be filled with spatial turbulences at every moment. In these lasting spatial turbulences, even a high-ranked Monarch will be unable to last for a very long time, and be torn into ashes.”

“But you still have the slightest bit of hope to survive! Because you possess the Dragon God’s body. Your body, especially your bones, cannot be completely destroyed that easily. The most important factor is that you possess the Great Way of the Buddha! Although spatial turbulences are scary, the force of nature contained with the spatial turbulences is several times more than regular environments! If you wish to live, then circulate the Great Way of the Buddha with all your strength, absorb as much force of nature within the turbulence as much as you can, in order to restore your body and recover your profound energy!”

“If your restoration speed can barely match up to your rate of being damaged, or even surpasses it, you will be able to live! This is your only hope!”

Jasmine’s voice caused Yun Che, who was initially already quietly waiting for death to arrive, to instantly open his eyes widely… The things in his line of sight had already completely twisted, and in the twisted space, his own flesh and blood were floating about. His willpower which had initially sank, underwent an incomparably intense awakening due to his instinct to survive. He growled, gathered all of his concentration, and crazily circulated the Great Way of the Buddha.

A golden whirlwind appeared above Yun Che’s head. The whirlwind slowly began to turn, and then, its turning became even quicker and quicker. In the end, a small figure of a golden-colored pagoda clearly appeared. In the turbulent space, the golden-colored pagoda, however, did not have any trace of being distorted.

The golden-colored pagoda slowly spiraled above Yun Che’s head, and then, it began to absorb the surrounding force of nature at an intense speed… In the first instant, Yun Che’s eyes were instantly filled with joy, because what Jasmine had said for completely correct. The force of nature carried within the spatial turbulence was much denser than he thought it would be. Under the absorption of the Great Way of the Buddha Art, it was similar to a flowing river being poured into his body.

In an instant, as though it had been completely ignited as well, the breath of life in Yun Che’s body became an intense and boundless flame. At a speed visible to the naked eyes, the parts of his body where he had received serious injuries at, were being restored at an incredible speed. The wounds on Yun Che’s body were incomparably severe, and not a single perfect spot could be found on his entire body. However, with the continuous circulation of the Great Way of the Buddha, although his body was enduring incomparably heavy pain at every second, with every second, he was recovering at extreme-speed as well… Gradually, ten breaths passed, a hundred breaths passed… an hour passed… two hours passed… six hours passed… a day passed...

Yun Che was still stained by blood on his entire body, however, ever since the start, the wounds did not continue to intensify. In regards to Yun Che, he was still clearly alive… In this Primordial Profound Ark where the force of nature was flourishing to a frightening extent, the astonishing restorative power brought by the Great Way of the Buddha had actually basically tied with the injuries created by this turbulence! This allowed him to live for exactly a day in this Primordial Profound Ark that was filled with terrifying spatial turbulences!

And the number of times his body was torn, restored, torn, and restored on this day… was so high that it could hardly be calculated. His profound energy had also been greatly consumed and greatly restored to maintain his life force in this entire process… In this cycle with terrifyingly high frequency, his body and his profound energy were being refined using an inconceivable method as well...

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