Chapter 474 - The Intensifying Rampage of the Spatial Turbulence

Against the Gods

Chapter 474 - The Intensifying Rampage of the Spatial Turbulence

“To be able to survive in this place, looks like this little girl’s strength is at least at the level of a Divine Sovereign. However this is our domain, just obediently become our nourishment!!”

Another low and terrifying voice sounded out… Following that, two pairs of distorted, black eyes emerged out of the interlacing darkness and color of the realm.

Two Universe Devouring Beasts!

In the entirety of the Chaos Dimension, the number of Universe Devouring Beasts would not exceed thirty. Even if a person traveled across space millions of times, he might not encounter a Universe Devouring Beast even once. But if you met one, it would mean that you had encountered great misfortune. This was because this location was a space between dimensions, a place where it was extremely hard to release profound energy. Due to this fact, unless you were ridiculously strong, if you met a Universe Devouring Beast, your only option was to flee with all your might. However, a Universe Devouring Beast’s ability to control and interfere with spatial properties far exceeded that of other beings; it could easily cut off its targets pathways, leaving them nowhere to run. So even if the victim was not devoured by the Universe Devouring Beast, he would be engulfed and destroyed by the collapsing spatial tunnel.

And if you met two Universe Devouring Beasts at the same time, even the word “doomed” would not be adequate to describe your situation.

Facing these two feared spatial demons, Jasmine did not choose to flee. Instead her face turned cold and as she sealed up the spatial distortion, she said coldly. “Are both of you… courting death?!”

“Us… courting death? Hahahahahaha! Not once has anyone ever dared speak to this king in such a fashion… Ah I see, you are actually a pitiful spirit with no physical body. No wonder you are able to survive for such a long time in this realm.”

“Pitiful spirit”. Those two word made Jasmine’s starry eyes sink and immediately turn crimson. Her entire body gave off such a terrifying killing intent that even the spatial storm seemed to still for a moment. “You’re… courting death!”

Jasmine extended her finger, and a ray of dazzling scarlet light shot out from her fingertip. The intensity of that light was comparable to the light of millions of gathered stars. Instantly, Jasmine’s surroundings became completely silent… The entire space warped into a rapidly enlarging, all-devouring black hole.

The Universe Devouring Beasts halted their advance towards Jasmine, at the same time, gazed upon the red light which caused even space to tremble. Two pairs of savage, terrible and distorted eyes began to flinch, revealing shock and a deep terror. A trembling voice cried out, “Heaven… Heaven… Heavenly Slaughter Star God!”

“Impossible… The Heavenly Slaughter Star God was clearly poisoned with the Absolute God Slaying Poison which is said to cause certain death, and already fell four years ago. This isn’t possible…”

“It seems like the both of you know a lot!” Jasmine’s starry eyes became even colder, and the killing intent she released became so thick that it could pierce both the body and soul, “Since that is the case, then it just means that you are even more deserving of death!”

“One… Route… Heaven!!”

Her finger made a gesture in the air as her voice fell. Instantly, a scarlet line extended across the span of this bizarre realm, seeming to bisect it.

Once this scarlet line imprinted itself upon one of the Universe Devouring Beast’s body, it mercilessly crossed between both its terrified eyes. In the next moment, both eyes split in two and dissipated, as a murky black shadow completely melted into this strange dimensional crevice. This Universe Devouring Beast, which had existed for millions of years, had died without being able to utter a cry.

“Lord Star God… Mercy… Please spare me!!”

The other Universe Devouring Beast retreated in terror. Before, it still suspected that the red light was a bluff, because it knew that the one person who could use this ability had been eliminated, never to appear again. But now, after seeing its companion get obliterated within their own domain in the span of a breath, it had been scared out of its wits, and with an odd cry, fled at the greatest speeds into the deep recesses of the spatial dimension.

“Want to escape? Hmph!” Jasmine smiled in cold disdain and her fingertip once again flared with red light… But, before the scarlet light could shoot forth, her face suddenly went pale, and the gathered profound energy ray dissipated

During this short pause, the Universe Devouring Beast had already fled into the depths of the dimensional sea, disappearing without a trace.

After more than two years of dwelling within the Sky Poison Pearl and not using an ounce of profound energy, more than one-third of the Absolute God Slaying Poison within Jasmine’s body had been cleansed, and the amount of strength she could use far exceeded that of the past. However, it still had not reached the stage where she could act rashly. She immediately stopped her chase, stilled her body, quickly suppressing the poison which had almost flared up again, and once again gazed in the direction of the Primordial Profound Ark.

She forcefully pushed the Primordial Profound Ark, strengthening the spatial storm within the Ark, however she was unable to determine if Yun Che could sustain himself under the force of the spatial storm. If he could not endure it, and she was not by his side, it would greatly increase the possibility of both their deaths.

After a short internal struggle, her worry towards Yun Che won out, and she gave up on the case, tearing open a dimensional rift which lead straight back to the interior of the Primordial Profound Ark. Before she entered the rift, a voice which could freeze one’s soul spread across this peculiar realm, defying its law which negated the transmission of sound.

“If you dare to spread the news that this princess is still alive, this princess will definitely wipe out your entire Universe Devouring species!”


“Ugh… ah… ahhhhh…”

After breaking through to the Sky Profound Realm, Yun Che had managed to stabilize himself within the spatial turbulence. But this respite did not last for long, as he suddenly felt the turbulence become even more wild. It was as though the light ripples on the ocean suddenly morphed into monstrous tidal waves. In the span of a few breaths, his body had once again become drenched in blood.

Yun Che once again clenched his teeth stubbornly, and grunts of extreme pain could be heard spilling out from his mouth. He circulated all the profound energy in his body, and the golden pagoda hovering over his head began to spin rapidly. The exhaustion and recovery of profound energy, along with the subsequent damaging and regeneration of his body… proceeded at a much higher pace and frequency, several times faster than what it was before. It reached a point where it was too horrible to imagine.

If Yun Che’s profound energy had not undergone a massive breakthrough, he would not be able to endure for more than thirty breaths within this spatial storm, even with his Dragon God’s physique and the Great Way of Buddha aiding him.

As Jasmine mutely monitored Yun Che’s condition, her delicate features, as if crafted from fine jade, showed no expression. In the blink of an eye, fourteen hours had passed and Yun Che’s body began to shake and twitch. The horrifying spatial turbulence had torn open his chest multiple times, almost destroying his internal organs and nearly ripping his throat apart on several occasions… Jasmine knew that Yun Che had already reached a critical point. Her eyes flashed, and a colorless light flashed forth from her hand.

Instantly, the surrounding space seemed to solidify. Following this, the spatial turbulence became noticeably gentler, and its intensity was gradually lessened to the level that it was fourteen hours ago.

As the hurricane swathing him died back down into a strong gale, Yun Che, who had always maintained a sitting posture within the spatial storm, suddenly slumped onto ground. As his body rapidly replenished his blood, he laid there taking big breaths. After a while, he reassumed his sitting posture with much difficulty. Without making a single motion, he concentrated intently and the injuries on his body began to recover.

Even though the spatial turbulence had subsided considerably, Yun Che’s absorption of nature’s energy had only slowed slightly. Within the gentler spatial turbulence, Yun Che used an hour to more or less recover from his wounds. And even though his profound energy was protecting him at the same time, it still recovered by half.

Yun Che opened his eyes, his gaze surveying the continuously distorting space, and he saw Jasmine looking at him expressionlessly. He took a deep breath and spoke between clenched teeth, “What… happened just now? Why did the spatial turbulence suddenly surge to such a terrifying extent?”

Jasmine blandly replied, “This Primordial Profound Ark has always been like this, for such fluctuations to occur is extremely normal. But don’t rejoice yet, because another spatial turbulence of that magnitude will surely occur again… in fact it might even be more terrifying than the last. It will also last for a longer period of time. Don’t forget, the Primordial Profound Ark only appears on the Profound Sky Continent once every three hundred years, if it does not need to stop to appear at other locations, so why would it need to take a full three hundred years to appear again? And while it is traveling through space in the next three hundred years, all manner of spatial turbulence could occur! Your moment of respite won’t last much longer. If you don’t want to die, hurry up and concentrate so you can recover your physical strength and profound energy.”

During the month within the Primordial Profound Ark, every second was like hell for Yun Che. If he relaxed even a little, his body would have been torn into shreds. At this time, the state of the spatial turbulence would be tantamount to purgatory for any living being from the Profound Sky Continent. However for Yun Che, who had endured a spatial turbulence many times greater, this was like a perfect paradise. As he resisted the turbulence, he began to observe his surroundings… Even though the spatial storm was terrifying beyond compare, the walls and floor in this place did not even suffer any damage; not even the smallest of scratches could be seen. The degree of toughness of this place was, undoubtedly, extremely terrifying.

Even if Yun Che was able to withstand the spatial turbulence in this place, the walls which surrounded him, would prove to be yet another unsurpassable barrier.

Every brick and stone in this place had endured countless years of spatial storms, yet he was unable to find even the slightest of scratches.... Even if he could survive these spatial storms, how would he be able to destroy this stone door to leave this place?

That thought flashed in Yun Che’s mind, but he immediately suppressed it, and fully focused his mind. He took the opportunity to recover his physical strength and profound energy while he still had the ability to resist the spatial turbulence… He would not be discouraged so easily, nor would he fall into despair. Otherwise, how could he have endured until now in this hellish place? As long as his breath still lingered, even if he had to endure something which far exceeded the limit of ordinary humans, his will would never break.

Furthermore, now was not the time to think of a way to escape, but to put all his effort into surviving this place. Then, like Jasmine had said… bit by bit, he would adapt his body to the spatial turbulence here!

The calm of the spatial turbulence did not last long. Two hours later, it started to rage once more, and in an instant, it seemed like countless terrifying death gods were roaring towards Yun Che, using their cruel scythes to mercilessly slice apart his body. Yun Che’s eyes enlarged, and with a furious roar, he released the profound energy within his profound veins to its highest degree. At the same time, the Great Way of Buddha began to revolve at the highest level as well.

He did not know when this present plight would end...

And he might even die in this place at the end of it all… However, he would never surrender his will or his body to death!

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