Chapter 476 - The Breaking of Dragon Fault

Against the Gods

Chapter 476 - The Breaking of Dragon Fault

Yun Che himself, had entered an exceptionally subtle state. Suddenly, he couldn’t feel pain, nor could he hear any sounds. It was as though everything in the surroundings had all disappeared in an instant… He felt as though his body was currently floating lightly and swimming freely in the boundless sky. Between heaven and earth, and within the chaotic space, it was as though his existence was the only one which remained.

Endlessly majestic and incomparably calm forces of nature poured towards him. The forces enveloped his entire body and gushed into his body, healing his injuries, restoring his profound energy, and refining his body. These forces of energy felt familiar, yet foreign to him, and they much, much purer than before… No. It should be said that though they were the same forces of energy, it was as if they were forces of energy of another stage!

His consciousness was telling him, that his Great Way of the Buddha, had once again made a breakthrough!!

And the breakthrough this time, was completely different from the few breakthroughs in the past. The first few breakthroughs, could be said to be breakthroughs of levels within the same stage. While the breakthrough this time, that bizarre sensation, was totally a breakthrough of a large realm from a stage, to a much higher stage!

Back then, when he made a breakthrough into the third level of the Great Way of the Buddha, Jasmine had once told him that there every three levels of the Great Way of the Buddha was a watershed. The first three could be considered as the entry-stage realm. After entering the fourth, it would mean stepping into the middle-stage realm… And to step into the fourth level with the body of a mortal, was even harder than ascending to the heavens itself.

Yet, currently, with the timespan of three years from his previous breakthrough, he had already successfully stepped into the fourth level of the Great Way of the Buddha, which Jasmine had termed as a task “even harder than ascending to the heavens itself”!!

The cultivation of the Great Way of the Buddha was not reliant on battles, nor was it reliant on the existence of profound energy. Its growth, was mainly reliant on comprehension and insights. In these eighteen months, Yun Che’s Great Way of the Buddha had basically been circulating at every second, and more than eighty percent of the time, it was in the circulation state at its largest degree and highest limit. The large amount of forces of heaven and earth absorbed, could hardly be calculated. Subtlely, his communication with the forces of nature and his comprehension to the Great Way of the Buddha, had been constantly deepening. He had finally broken through the bottleneck of the fourth level, and stepped into another brand new realm of the Great Way of the Buddha.

His body, was also being reborn from the baptism bestowed by the Great Way of the Buddha of a higher level. And, it was a rebirth of an extreme degree.

Following after Yun Che’s breakthrough of the Great Way of the Buddha, the recovery speed of his wounds instantly accelerated as well. The wounds on his body were closing at a speed viewable with the naked eyes. Through Yun Che’s closing wounds, Jasmine could see that his blood… was clearly mixed with a thin gold color.

“The fourth level of the Great Way of the Buddha… The first step towards the legendary ‘Sacred Body’. He had actually used less than five years, at a speed even faster than Big Brother…”

Jasmine lightly muttered. Currently, she was actually a little out of sorts. Even with her knowledge and experience, she was still deeply astonished by Yun Che’s breakthrough this time. For the first three breakthroughs, although Yun Che had always made them ahead of her predictions, they had merely startled her a little. While this time, her feelings really had to be described with the word “shock”. Because the breakthrough into the fourth stage of the Great Way of the Buddha was a completely different concept from the first three… Although his breakthrough was greatly related to the eighteen months of hell-like cultivation in the dimensional turbulence, Jasmine clearly knew that was not the entire reason. The most important reasons were, comprehensive ability, and luck —— In other words, the affinity and favor the natural chaotic space had towards him. Otherwise, when swapped with a person who had the same body, same strength, but different comprehensive ability and comparatively normal luck in the same spatial turbulence, forget about eighteen months, even if he was given eighteen years, or even a hundred and eighty years, or even a thousand and eight hundred years, it would be extremely difficult for him to breakthrough into the fourth level of the Great Way of the Buddha.

The truth in front of her eyes had told Jasmine that Yun Che’s comprehensive ability, and his luck… had actually far surpassed her brother’s.

In four hours, Yun Che’s body was completely refined. The Buddha pagoda above his head disappeared, and all the external and internal injuries on his body were completely healed as well. He opened his eyes, and during the instant his pupils glowed, a hint of golden radiance flashed past.

“Very good.” Jasmine, on this extremely rare occasion, nodded with praise. “I did not expect that you would actually break through into the fourth level of the Great Way of the Buddha so quickly. You’re already capable of absorbing the forces of nature of an even higher level. The refinement from the fourth level of the Great Way of the Buddha grants you an arm strength of fifty thousand kilograms. The current strength and recovery speed of your body, is not the slightest bit inferior to the bestowal of the Dragon God’s bloodline either. With the integration of the Dragon God’s bloodline, although you still lack a lot in terms of power, the strength of your body is not at all inferior to a half-step Monarch! Based on recovery speed, you have even surpassed an actual Monarch!”

“Currently, you should be able to wield ‘Purgatory’ relatively easily! However, even though your growth is astonishing, you shouldn’t rashly activate the ‘Rumbling Heaven’ gate.”

The first level of the Great Way of the Buddha bestowed an arm strength of two thousand kilograms; the second level of the Great Way of the Buddha bestowed an arm strength of four thousand kilograms; the third level of the Great Way of the Buddha bestowed an arm strength of ten thousand kilograms, but there was a huge leap in magnitude in what the fourth level bestowed… an arm strength of fifty thousand kilograms! Although the increase in body strength could not be felt intuitively, it was naturally still to an astonishing extent that was similar to the increase in arm strength.

With his current body, recovery ability, and level of the Great Way of the Buddha, normal spatial turbulences were basically no longer able to cause him actual harm. He could live within without feeling a hint of pressure, and even if he were to sleep openly, it would be no problem at all.

Yun Che felt that his own body was incomparably light. His vision and hearing ability had become more sensitive as well. Slightly stirring his thoughts, his body began to float up… After his profound strength had broken through into the Sky Profound Realm, he finally possessed the ability to fly as well. Within the timespan of eighteen months, his profound strength had consecutively crossed eight levels… Currently, he was already at the eighth level of the Sky Profound Realm!

In a year and a half, from the peak of the Earth Profound, he crossed into the late-stage Sky Profound.

Yun Che summoned Dragon Fault, and grabbed it in his hands… As a heavy sword with a mass of ten thousand kilograms, he would still feel a great sense of heaviness even while wielding it with both hands. But currently, when grabbing it with a single hand, it felt so light, it was as though it did not exist. He had not endured this eighteen months of hell-like experience for nothing. He could clearly feel that his current strength was many times stronger than before he entered the Primordial Profound Ark.

In a short eighteen months, with such growth, it was enough to cause anyone’s expression to pale from shock. However, Yun Che was neither too shocked nor overjoyed, because only he himself, out of this entire world, knew what he had experienced in these eighteen months.

“Has the Primordial Profound Ark halted?” Yun Che looked at the surroundings, and asked Jasmine.

“It should have halted, though, I don’t know what kind of place it has stopped at.” Jasmine answered. “But, this isn’t the problem you should be worried about right now. What you need to think about now, is how to leave this place!”

“You have two choices… If you know the Art of Formation Construction, you can try fixing the profound formation on the stone door. If you don’t have this ability, then, you’re only left with this one choice, and that’s to forcefully break the stone door, or the walls!”

In regards to whether Yun Che knew how to construct profound formations, Jasmine naturally knew that very well. Hence, if Yun Che wanted to leave this place, the only method was to break the stone door.

However, every stone and brick in this place came from the Primordial Era; their degree of toughness could only be said to have surpassed the understanding of a normal person. Yun Che had merely experienced eighteen months of spatial turbulences, and his body was already injured countless of times. If not for the existence of the Dragon God’s physique and the Great Way of the Buddha, he would have already died countless of times. While the bricks here had actually experienced for god knows how many years of spatial turbulences… However, no matter where his line of sight landed on, he couldn’t find the existence of even a hint of crack or damage.

Although Yun Che’s strength had greatly surged, to have him break open a stone door that countless years of spatial turbulences could not leave a scratch on… no matter how he looked at it, it wasn’t exactly realistic.

However, if he wanted to leave this place, this was his only way out. He had to try it, and perhaps, a miracle would actually appear.

Yun Che grabbed Dragon Fault, sensed the strength on his body which was formidable to the extent where it was hard for him to believe it himself, and said. “In this period of time, my strength and profound strength had greatly rose several times. I might really hold the possibility of damaging this stone door. Even if I’m only able create a small dent to it with a single try, if I were to continue endlessly, there will definitely come a day it breaks completely.”

“Try it then.” Jasmine said calmly, as she patiently looked at him. In regards to the degree of toughness of the stone door, naturally, she was able to understand it more than Yun Che, even Yun Che’s current level of strength, was something she was more clear of than Yun Che himself.

Yun Che took a step forward and stood before the door. Breathing in lightly, he activated Burning Heart and raised Dragon Fault with both of his hands. Then, his brows knitted, profound energy gathered, and he smashed a “Falling Moon Sinking Star” over.


An incomparably ear-piercing smashing sound rang. Yun Che’s ears felt as though they were pierced by metal needles. He temporarily lost his sense of hearing under the intense pain, as an incredibly large rebound that had far surpassed his expectations assaulted him. Yun Che’s arms instantly numbed, and Dragon Fault flew out of his hands as well. It then smashed onto the wall with a “clang” and fell onto the ground. Yun Che was sent directly flying as well, as his back heavily smashed against the wall at the back, stunning him completely from the collision.

From this incredibly large rebound, Yun Che could make a rough estimate on how enormous his current strength had grown from before. And from a rebound like this, other than a slight and temporary mess to his brain and blood flow, he didn’t receive the slightest bit of actual damage. He hurriedly stepped forward, and his eyes landed on the position the stone door was struck with Dragon Fault… And that position, was no longer as smooth as a mirror. Instead, an extremely small… white dot had appeared!!

Although this white dot was so small, it could be ignored if one did not pay attention, a white dot had indeed appeared!

As time flowed, there wasn’t any trace of the white dot being restored to its former state. Joy instantly surged inside Yun Che’s heart. Although it was merely an extremely small white dot, it had already clearly meant that this stone door was not impregnable, and the current him, already possessed the strength capable of damaging it, even if it was merely a small scar.

Not to mention that he didn’t even use his full strength earlier!

“Oh.” Jasmine’s line of sight fell on that white dot as well. Other than a light response, she did not express any other emotions.

“I might really be able to slowly break open this door.” Yun Che said excitedly. The spatial turbulences had stopped, his strength had risen explosively, and currently, he was able to see the hope of escaping this place; it was impossible for Yun Che to not feel excited. Reaching out his palm, Dragon Fault had already flew back into his hands. Tightly grabbing onto Dragon Fault, his eyes flashed with a radiance filled with confidence.


A shallow profound light shone from Yun Che’s body, and his aura instantly turned violent. Within his eyes, a scarlet-red, similar to the color of fresh blood, lit up. Phoenix flames surged at this moment as well, as they hurriedly enveloped the entire blade of Dragon Fault. With the “Purgatory” state activated, although his body still felt a little heavy, compared to the feeling from before, of a mountain pressing on his body and his organs seemingly about to shatter, it was completely different. He believed that if his profound strength were to make a breakthrough into the Emperor Profound Realm, he might even be able to casually, and without pressure, continue maintaining it like “Heretic Soul” and “Burning Heart”.

“This time, I’m definitely able to break open a small crack!” Yun Che confidently growled. “With every small crack, there will come a day when I will be able to smash open a huge crack large enough for me to get out!”

As his words fell, Yun Che’s aura had already expanded to the extreme. With a loud roar, Dragon Fault, which was filled with Phoenix flames, was smashed downwards with all his might...

“Destroying Sky Decimating Earth!!”


The space surrounding the stone door completely sank, as though the entire world had shaken for a moment. Yun Che had already done the preparation needed to endure the enormous rebound. During that one moment when Dragon Fault and the stone door collided, his hands began to numb at the same time. Suddenly, he felt that his hands had oddly lightened...


Violent forces of energy were sent towards Yun Che, ruthlessly smashing onto him, causing him to puke out a mouthful of fresh blood. His back once again smashed heavily onto the wall behind, and the crash was much heavier than before. Dragon Fault had once again escaped his hands as well. However, this time, Dragon Fault had split into two, which flew into two different directions.

Within the distorted space, the sound of a long and painful dragon cry stirred…


【Actually… in the original settings, Dragon Fault should have been broken by Yue Xinghan when he used the Sun Moon Calamity. But during the chapter, when Ye Xinghan forced the two of them in desperate straits, I had actually forgotten to this matter! So, it can only be broken here now…”】

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