Chapter 482 - Hong’er (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 482 - Hong’er (1)

This little girl’s not dead?

Yun Che was always extremely confident in his medical skills and never doubted if he could determine whether a person was alive or dead. However, this little girl in front of him obviously did not possess any signs of life, yet… she could actually wake up!

“You’re… not dead?” Yun Che stared in awe at the girl and blurted, asking an exceptionally moronic question.

“Eh?” The girl blinked her eyes as it was still hazy from the long slumber and said softly: “Could it be… that I’m already dead?”

“That’s not what I meant… Ugh, what’s your name?” Yun Che asked. The girl’s aura was extremely weak… Not different from a completely normal girl.

“Name? Ughhh…” The girl was deep in thought for quite a while before replying with a grin: “Don’t know! Does big brother know?”

In normal circumstances, when a person didn’t even remember their name, their natural reaction would be to feel lost or confused, but the red haired girl smiled cheerfully instead. The smile was undoubted innocent as even with Yun Che’s ability in seeing through people, he couldn’t feel any acting or pretension. It was as if not remembering her own name was just a very very small unconcerning matter.

“You don’t remember your name? Then… do you know where your home is? Who your parents are?” Yun Che asked very seriously.

“Wuaaahhhhhh…” The girl stretched strongly and directly shook her head: “Of course I don’t know! I completely don’t remember.”

“Then you… do you remember your age? How old are you?”

“This…” The girl thought for a while before raising her hand to rest her face and shaking her head: “I don’t know… But big brother is so annoying. I’m just a little beauty. How can you just ask a girl her age so casually.”

Yun Che: “~!#¥%……”

“Looking at her, her soul had probably been affected by the devilish poison, or perhaps she has been in slumber in the Coffin of Eternity for too long, she probably lost her memories of her past.” Jasmine said plainly. Just as she had finished speaking, the young girl’s eyes looked towards her and started sparkling brightly like stars: “Wahhhhhhhh! Little big sis, your clothes are so pretty! It’s red! Red… I love red!!!”

Although Yun Che had bought numerous clothes for Jasmine, the one she wore the most was the first one Yun Che bought for her, the Smoky Red Fairy Dress that was embedded with rubies. This mysterious girl had red hair, red eyes and even wore red clothes. Obviously, she like red just like Jasmine. Therefore, when she saw the elegant Smoky Red Fairy Dress that Jasmine was wearing, her love for it instantly overflowed… But this was not the main point! The young girl’s reaction caused Jasmine’s brows to twitch intensely, replying in shock: “You can see me?”

Jasmine didn’t have a body, only a soul. Unless she showed her soul figure on her own, or if the opponent was sufficiently powerful, no one could see her except for Yun Che. It was obvious that Jasmine was now in a figureless state… Yet, this little girl was able to see her existence!

“Of course I can see you, my eyes aren’t spoilt.” Jasmine’s reaction caused the girl to turn her head to one side. She found that she was in the Coffin of Eternity and softly said: “Waaah! What a beautiful crystal bed! Was this where I was sleeping in? It’s so pretty… But it’s so hard, it’s not really comfortable. Big brother, can you carry me out? The crystal bed is so tall, if I climb out, it will affect my image as a beautiful young lady.”

Beautiful… Beautiful young lady...


The corners of Yun Che’s mouth and eyes twitched obviously as he lended a hand to young girl. Seeing her unsuspecting look, he seriously asked: “Little girl, are you not afraid… that I’m a bad person?”

“Bad person?” The little girl’s small face looked up as she thought very deeply for a while, before uttering a sudden “aiya” and retreating her body backwards whilst her cream colored face revealed a frightened expression: “Big brother, could you be the legendary Big Baddie? Wahhhhhh… Baddie don’t eat me! I’m just a small beautiful young lady, not tasty at all. Eat me when I’m grown up, okay?”

“~!#¥%… Of course I’m not a bad person!” The young girl’s reaction caused even Yun Che’s heart to spasm uncontrollably.

“Mn…” The young girl nodded her head strongly as her eyes flashed and she spoke pitifully: “ I knew big brother couldn’t be a Big Baddie. Then can big brother carry me out, pleaseee? Pleaseee?”

Yun Che stretched out both his hands, using one hand to support her slender waist and another hand to support her small butt, effortless lifting her out from the crystal coffin, placing her down outside. At that moment, Yun Che face revealed a sense of shock.

Before the girl woke up, him not detecting any signs of life from her body might have been a misjudgement.

But, when he just touched her body, he intentionally probed her body’s condition… Yet he did not detect any signs of life at all! Not only were there no signs of life, there wasn’t even any sign of blood flow!

What exactly was going on here?

“Wahh… so comfortable!” After leaving the crystal coffin, the girl stretched again strongly before lifting up her face and looking at Yun Che with her ruby like eyes: “Big brother, where are we gonna play? This place looks so fun.”

“...Don’t you want to know who I am? Or where this place is? Or why you’re here?” Yun Che asked in confusion.

“This, this… Is this important?” The girl had a face of confusion before raising her small hand up and shouting excitedly: “Playing is still more important! Big brother, little big sis, quick, bring me to a fun place! I want to see the blue sky, the green grass, and all the colorful flowers!”

“...” This little girl’s reaction was completely unlike a normal person’s behavior, and this caused Yun Che’s human brain to continuously hang. She had been in a deep slumber and lost nearly all her memories. Yet she did not seem to care for all this… not even caring about who she was! Yun Che had seen numerous innocent people in his two lives but he would never encounter a second like this!

He used a pleading expression and looked at Jasmine, but found that Jasmine was staring at the girl with a serious expression.


A strange sound rang from the girl and she started touching her stomach with her small hand. Her originally excited face fell: “Ummm… I’m suddenly very hungry…” As she finished she turned and stared at Yun Che: “Big brother, I’m suddenly very hungry. Do you have anything nice to eat?”

After sleeping for so many years, suddenly feeling hungry was a very normal thing. Yun Che searched the Sky Poison Pearl before removing a dried biscuit: “Here.”

After having the experience of nearly dying under the Sword Management Terrace, Yun Che always kept a large amount of food and drinks with him. The food would naturally be the easily kept dried goods. The girl took the biscuit, smelled it with her tiny nose and blinked her watery eyes before replying softly: “What a weird smell, it doesn’t look nice at all… Is this really edible?”

“Of course it’s edible. Even though it looks unappetising, it is actually fragrant once you bite it.” Yun Che casually replied while muttering in his heart… Having something to eat when you’re hungry is already very good. When I was under the Sword Management Terrace last time, I nearly died of starvation and had to risk my life by eating dragon meat and drinking dragon blood. You’re much luckier than me. At least you have a big biscuit to eat!

This girl smelled this biscuit once again and after hesitating for some time, she finally opened her mouth and bit into the biscuit. It was obvious that she then took a lot of strength in order to bite off a small piece.

“So tough, my teeth nearly spoiled.” The girl complained softly before carefully starting to chew. Just as she began to chew, the girl’s face fell...

“Pupupu… Peipei…” The girl instantly spat out the biscuit that she had not completely chewed, and even spat out the residue in her mouth strongly. Judging from her looks, she couldn’t wait to get rid of the taste of the biscuit from her mouth: “Disgusting, too disgusting… I don’t want that… So bad! So bad! So bad!!!”

Logically speaking, even if one used to lead a sheltered life, after being hungry for a long time, anything that is edible would be nice. However, looking at the girl, it was as though she had been fed poison. She had an expression of grievance and her eyes turned watery, as though she was about to cry.

Yun Che helpless frowned and searched the Sky Poison Pearl again. Eventually, he found a piece of the rose cakes that Cang Yue had personally made for him… Seeing this piece of rose cake that Cang Yue had made. Yun Che became distracted for a little before he snapped back into it and nearly withdrew the cakes. Looking at the face full of grievances the girl wore, he still placed into onto her hand: “Alright, the biscuit before might not suit your taste but this is called a rose cake. It’s sweet and fragrant. You’ll definitely like it.”

“Sweet? Fragrant? Really? It smells slightly unpleasant.” The girl took the rose cake that was as big as her palm and looked at it with suspicion. With the “lesson” she gained from the biscuit just now, even if she was very hungry she was still very careful and only took a small bite.

“Puuu… Wah! Disgusting!!!”

The girl once again spat out what was in her mouth and even the rose cake had fallen onto the floor. Yun Che hastily rushed over to pick it up. With a pained look, he started to blow the dust of the surface of the cake before keeping it again. Looking at the girl’s face, she had obviously found it very disgusting. The delicious rose cake had caused the beautiful small face to turn into a face of suffering. Yun Che helplessly asked: “It can’t be that… you only eat meat?”

Not eating biscuits… Probably means that she likes to eat meat.

“Meat… What’s that, is it edible? Delicious?”

Yun Che removed a piece of smoked bacon from the Sky Poison Pearl and passed it to the girl: “How about you try eating this…”

The girl received the smoked bacon in anticipation and sniffed it lightly with her small nose… This time, without even biting, she threw the smoked bacon far away with a “woosh”: “Wuaaaaahhhhh! So smelly! Disgustingly smelly! I don’t want to eat that thing!”

“...Then… what do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat something delicious!!!”

“Something delicious… What’s that?”

“Something delicious… I just want to eat something delicious!”


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