Chapter 484 - Hong’er (3)

Against the Gods

Chapter 484 - Hong’er (3)

Earlier, Jasmine had said that the boundless universe comprised of countless planets, and countless astral planes which were levels above that of planets. The Blue Polar Star was nothing more than one of the countless extremely normal planets. Even if it was suddenly destroyed, in this boundless universe, it was nothing but the disappearance of something similar to a tiny speck of dust, and it could not bring forth even the smallest wave. The Blue Polar Star was comprised of ninety-seven percent water, and three percent land. The domain of the Profound Sky Continent, which in the knowledge of the Profound Sky residents was especially huge, merely took up a hundredth of the Blue Polar Star’s surface. In the boundless universe, it could not even be considered as a speck of dust.

In such a huge world, there would always be a possibility for an outrageously strange living being to exist.

It might even be possible for a living being which could eat anything to exist!

This little red-haired girl in front of him for example, did not eat wheaten food, and did not eat meat products… Instead, she was actually eating… Dragon Fault!!

And in regards to this point, by gritting his teeth, he seemed to be barely able to come to terms with this. But… Dragon Fault! Before it was broken, it was an Emperor Sword! And it was even an Emperor Profound heavy sword! It had grown while Yun Che fought and kill all this while. It had savored upon countless amount of fresh blood, had destroyed numerous boulders, had leveled a mountain, and furthermore, had even shattered countless of armor and weapons. Even if it had currently lost its spiritual consciousness and powerful aura, its degree of tenacity definitely would not drop that much. Even if it was Yun Che whose strength had explosively increased, unless he were to make use of the ice flames, it would be hard to use his own strength to destroy it.

In regards to using his teeth to bite it apart… Even if he were to use all his might, he shouldn’t even think about leaving a single scar.

However, this little twerp who looked as though did not possess any aura, and even felt that a biscuit was hard to bite on, had actually bit a large chunk of Dragon Fault with a single mouthful. And then, after chewing two to three times, she swallowed it down… swallowed… swallowed it down...

“Delicious… So delicious!!”

The starving little girl had finally managed to eat a delicacy. Her cheeks flushed from happiness, and even her pair of eyes were emitting out ripples of crimson red glow. She impatiently took another bite, and with a “kabank” sound, an even larger chunk of Dragon Fault’s blade was bit off by her. And then, chewing another two to three times, she swallowed it down. Then, she directly carried Dragon Fault next to her mouth, opened her mouth wide, and bit it. Like eating corn, she bit it in a horizontal manner, and in a blink of an eye, the part where the blade was, was bit with numerous holes.

Only at this moment did Yun Che finally regained his senses from a stoned state. Letting out a strange noise, he pounced over, and snatched the broken Dragon Fault back from the little girl who was still vigorously biting on it. Seeing the once mighty and peerless sword blade being bitten into a jagged state, not being to find even a single untouched spot from top to bottom, and was even completely stained with shiny saliva, Yun Che’s heart had almost cried out blood.

“Ah!! That’s my food… Return it to me!!” After her food was coldly snatched away by Yun Che, the little girl who was happily eating earlier, instantly became anxious, as she leapt and jump about, trying to snatch the broken sword from Yun Che’s hands. Frustrated, Yun Che widened his eyes, and loudly shouted. “Who gave you the permission to eat it!? This is Dragon Fault… Dragon Fault! It’s not food!”

“But it’s clearly yummy food… Hurry and return it to me! Return it to me!” The little girl jumped as tried to grab it, and a long strand of saliva was still hanging down by the corner of her lips. However, her body was after all, too small; no matter how she jumped, it wasn’t sufficient for her to reach Yun Che’s shoulder-height. And at this moment, she suddenly recalled that there was another piece of delicacy on the ground. She closed her mouth, instantly gave up on the piece in Yun Che’s hands, turned around, and sprinted towards the other broken sword piece. And at this moment, Yun Che immediately reacted at the same time as well. His heart trembled, as he charged over with blinding speed.

However, even with his speed, he was still a step slower than the little girl. The little girl had already hugged onto the upper broken blade of Dragon Fault, still effortlessly, and then… began to run away!

Still thinking of running?!

Yun Che’s eyes revealed a fierce light… Although Dragon Fault had been broken, it was still possible to be restored. However, with its lower half already bitten with full of holes, even if it was restored, how would there even be a hint of domineering aura from holding onto a Dragon Fault filled with bite marks!? No matter what, he could not allow her to bite on the upper half of the sword blade as well!

Furious, Yun Che instantly used his maximum speed. However, even with his maximum speed, he realized that he could never approach her… The little girl wildly sprinted, her crimson red hair swept up a long red blur behind her. Her speed was simply quick to the extreme. And, in her embrace, she was still hugging onto Dragon Fault which was more than five thousand kilograms in mass!

What… What kind of situation was this!?

Yun Che first stared with widened eyes, right after, he turned completely exasperated, and immediately activated “Purgatory”. His speed immediately rose explosively, and caught up to the little girl in an instant. The moment the little girl turned her head, and saw that Yun Che’s hand was just about to grab onto her hair, she instantly cried out. “Aaaaaah! You can’t steal my delicious food! You can’t!!”

As she cried out, the little girl’s speed instantly rose all of a sudden as well. Her entire figure, as though she had turned into a stream of red light, became further and further away from Yun Che’s line of sight… She had shockingly thrown off Yun Che, whose speed had already been raised to the absolute limit, far away.

Yun Che was completely dumbfounded.

Not only was the little girl unbelievably fast, as she wildly sprinted, she was even directly putting Dragon Fault next to her lips, and with incomparably shocking speed, started chewing it. When Yun Che heard the clanking sounds, he raised his head, and realized that in a blink of an eye, close to half of the broken Dragon Fault in her hands had already disappeared.

At that moment, Yun Che’s eyeballs were close to falling out. And, the remaining half of the broken sword did not escape the fate of being eaten either. As he simply heard the “crunch crunch crunch” sounds, another small part of it had once again entered the little girl’s mouth. That chewing speed of hers, could not even be compared by her sprinting speed either. Following after, the “crunch crunch crunch” munching sounds came again, and even the remaining hilt of Dragon Fault, was cleanly eaten by her...

After finishing with the Dragon Fault, the little girl finally stopped running, and instantly stopped. She turned around, raised her chest up high, and as she chewed in an intoxicated manner, she unclearly said. “Wu… I finished eating it. It’s so delicious… There’s no use even if you chase after me again, okay…”

Yun Che stopped flusteredly as well, and his eyes stared straight at that little girl who carried a pure, satisfied expression… That gaze of his, was as though he was looking at a little monster! Oh, that’s not right. It’s a huge monster!

That strength which could casually carry Dragon Fault which weighed five thousand kilograms, and that speed which he could not catch up no matter what he did… The key point was that teeth that could eat Dragon Fault as though it was candy… This seemingly tender and frail little girl who did not have any presence of life, nor any energy aura… Just what kind of monster was she!?

And forget about the weight of the half piece of Dragon Fault, just by its size, it was seemingly comparable to this little girl’s height. However, after she ate the entire thing, her stomach actually did not look bloated in the slightest… Just where did it go?!

However, to the current Yun Che, the anger in his heart had slightly suppressed his astonishment. The upper half of Dragon was completely eaten by the little girl, while the lower half was bitten full of holes as well. There was definitely no possibility of Dragon Fault being restored any longer. However, the culprit for this entire mess was, after all, merely a little girl of tender age. The naive and spirited look in her eyes were impossible for anyone to not love them, and Yun Che was completely unable to harm her in the slightest, instead, he could only roar out loudly. “Y-Y-Y-You… You little… You little brat! Didn’t I say that you’re not allowed to eat it!! It’s not food, it’s my sword, Dragon Fault! It’s something very important to me! How can you eat it!?”

“But, it’s a really yummy food.” With Yun Che’s loud roar, and his completely reddened face, he seemed to be really angry. The little girl’s snow-white sneck slightly shrank, as she weakly said. “Wu… big brother, can you not scold me? It’s just a really tasty sword. At the very most, I can give you one back.”

“What tasty sword!? That’s Dragon Fault!” Yun Che roared out in grief. “It’s not just a mere sword, it’s a companion and friend which had accompanied for many years! It’s the most important thing by my side! There’s only one in the entire world! When you ate it, it’s gone forever, so how are you going to give it back to me!?”

The more he thought about it now, the more he felt that being a busybody and saving this little brat was the worst decision he had ever made in his entire life. In just the short span of time after he saved her, he could forget about receiving something in return, and he could forget about how troublesome this matter was as well… but she actually… ate his Dragon Fault!!

The little girl’s neck once again shrank back, however, her little face revealed an unsatisfied expression. With her nose raised, she said. “What I will give you in return is more incredible than the one I ate earlier! Hmph!”

After saying that, a crimson red light suddenly radiated from her body. Within the light, she slowly floated up in the air, and her entire figure was completely enveloped by red light… Following after, the red light exploded apart in the sky, and then, completely dispersed.

Yun Che’s pair of eyes, was once again largely widened… The number of times he was shocked on this day, was most probably more than the number of times added up in several years.

Following after the dispersal of the red light, the little girl’s figure had completely disappeared. Floating in the sky, what appeared in Yun Che’s eyes, was shockingly… a crimson red odd-shaped gigantic sword!!

The entire sword was completely crimson red in color. The blade was filled with rows of messy deep-red inscriptions, and an extremely light layer of obscure red glow was enveloping it as well. The length of the blade was more than nine feet, which was larger than Dragon Fault by thirty percent. And with this length, it had even surpassed an absolutely large number of spear-related weapons! The sword of the hilt was straight and bulky, and above the hilt, the base of the blade was shockingly more than two feet in width. Moving up the blade, the width of the blade irregularly shrank, and at the end of the blade, it had already shrank into an incomparably sharp tip, radiating with a cold, crimson red light!

It was larger than both the Overlord’s Colossal Sword and Dragon Fault, however, different from the heavy and thick blade tip of the Overlord’s Colossal Sword and Dragon Fault, it was actually incomparably sharp, enough to produce a piercing strike with immense penetrative power. However, putting aside its outer appearance, this sword actually completely lacked an imposing atmosphere… It was lifeless without a single hint of aura emitting from it, as though it was crafted from nothing more than the most normal profound metal.

Yun Che’s eyes widened, completely dumbfounded… What he was shocked about was naturally not because of the sword itself, rather, it was because this sword, was transformed by that little girl right in front of his eyes!!

The gigantic crimson red sword swirled around in the air, and then, with the sword tip pointing downwards, it descended under Yun Che’s stunned gaze. With a light sound, the blade tip deeply stabbed into the ground at the bottom, which was extremely hard itself. And even though the part where the blade tip was had stabbed into the ground, the straightened gigantic crimson red sword was still much taller than Yun Che. The top of Yun Che’s head was only comparable to the bottom of the sword hilt.

Following after its descent, Yun Che realized that at the bottom of the gigantic crimson red sword’s hilt, at the center of the widest part of the sword, a marble of about seventeen to eighteen centimeters in diameter was embedded in it… Within the marble, astonishingly, he saw the little girl who had disappeared!

The height of her body had already turned into about seventeen centimeters tall, and although she had turned especially pocket-sized, her clothes, the color of her hair, her face, and even her eyes could still be seen clearly. She, who was within the marble, placed her hands on both sides of her waist, and laughed out loud triumphantly. “Hehehehe! I succeeded! I succeeded! As expected, I’m really amazing! Big brother, did you see it? Isn’t it much better than that… uhh… farmer faulty thing!”

“It’s Dragon Fault!” Yun Che’s voice slightly trembled.

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