Chapter 486 - Contracted Profound Seal

Against the Gods

Chapter 486 - Contracted Profound Seal

In regards to the name Hong’er, it was simple and rolled off the tongue, not to mention that it really suited this little brat. Seeing her satisfied look, Yun Che naturally felt very satisfied in his heart as well.

Just a moment ago, he was still regretting that he saved this abandoned child who ate his Dragon Fault, but now, after he had witnessed that scarlet greatsword and had seen her current expression, he seemingly had the urge to drool. However, wielding a dead sword was easy, but, wielding a sword that was “alive” like this one… To be more precise, this was a living person. It was basically a completely different concept!

Just as he was beginning to think of how he was going to have this little brat listen to him obediently, with a heavy tone, Jasmine suddenly said. “Hurry and plant a subjugation profound imprint on her… The same subjugation profound imprint used to form a subjugation contract with a profound beast!”

“Mn?” Yun Che blanked. “What do you mean?”

“It’s very simple. You only have to plant a Seal of Contract on her body, similar to forming a contract with a profound beast, and you will be able to form a master-slave contract with her… With you as the master!” Jasmine lightly said.

“This…” Yun Che was surprised in his heart. “But that’s a method to subdue profound beasts. She’s human, not a profound beast, so how could a contract be formed this way!?”

“Hmph, she’s not a mere ‘human’!” Jasmine coldly said. “If you were to directly cast a Seal of Contract, even if she doesn’t resist, it would still be completely ineffective. But, just now, the blood you sprinkled on the sword has already been imprinted within her soul! Now, if you were to set the Contracted Profound Seal, the Contracted Profound Seal will quickly merge with the blood that you have left in her soul, and it will be imprinted within her soul forever! Unless you remove it on your own accord, she will never be able to escape from this contract!”

“...” Hearing Jasmine’s words, Yun Che’s mind was in a complete mess. How could the blood which he had sprinkled onto the scarlet greatsword according to Jasmine’s instructions, be imprinted onto Hong’er’s soul? And it could even correspondingly merge with the Contracted Profound Seal? The Contracted Profound Seal which was used to form a contract with profound beasts… could be effective on humans as well?

What’s up with all that?!

“Do it according to my instructions this instant.” Jasmine did not have the slightest intention of joking around. “Currently, she has lost all of her memories, so the concept of a Contracted Profound Seal is completely foreign to her. When she woke up, the first person she saw was you as well, so in her subconsciousness, she’s extremely close to you, and is completely defenseless against you. Hence, as long as you provide a little guidance, she shouldn’t resist you. This is a heavenly opportunity that’s hard to come by even in a million years! If her memories were to suddenly return, and you wish to form a master-slave contract with her then, that will be a completely impossible matter!”

Yun Che finally understood Jasmine’s words. His heart was greatly stirred, but, he still hesitantly said. “This… isn’t really a good idea, right? Right now, she doesn’t have her memories. If I were to take this opportunity, and it really succeeds, it seemed to be a little too unfair to her.”

“Hmph, isn’t tricking girls the thing you do the most!? But now, you’re actually beginning to act like a gentleman?” Jasmine said with a cold smile.

These few words which Jasmine casually mentioned, had completely shattered the morals which had finally managed to sprout in Yun Che. Jasmine would often say several shocking things that overturned his understanding and knowledge, however, she had never lied to him either. If Hong’er could really be subjugated just like a contracted beast like she had said...

Mn, Hong’er wasn’t the key point. The key point was that she could change into that sword!!

“Hmm? What’s wrong with you? Why did you suddenly stop talking?” Hong’er tip-toed, raised her little white, tender hands, and shook them in front of his eyes.

Yun Che regained his senses at that moment. Bending down, he said with a smile. “Hong’er, let’s discuss something, alright?”

“Discuss… something?” Hong’er tilted her head.

“Just now, you ate my Dragon Fault, and then, you said that you will pay me back, right?” Yun Che still carried that smile on his face.

Hong’er nodded. However, looking at her expression, she had evidently raised her guard.

Since Hong’er nodded, she had made it easier for him to say the following words. Yun Che then slowly continued. “Dragon Fault is my weapon. Since Dragon Fault has been eaten by you, I no longer have any weapons that I can use. Since you said that you will pay me back, then in the future, when I need to use a weapon, you have to transform into that sword earlier, is this agreeable? Hong’er is a beautiful young lady, and a beautiful young lady must keep her words!”

Hong’er blinked, and pondered very deeply for a moment. Then… she actually nodded.

It’s… that easy?

She’s actually so obedient?

Hong’er agreed to it too simply, which caused Yun Che to instead feel a little speechless. At this moment, Hong’er said out very loudly. “Although just now, it was really fun in that form, I don’t want to just listen to your words for nothing… Unless, you promise me three conditions!”


This little brat who looked absolutely naive and completely schemeless… actually wanted to talk conditions with him?

“What conditions?” This time, it was Yun Che who raised his guard.

“They’re really simple!” Hong’er raised her little face, and stretched out a white, tender finger. “One, you must play with me often, you can’t ignore me. Two, you must find me various tasty food everyday, you’re not allowed to make me hungry, nor are you allowed to be petty. Three, you can’t throw me aside and run away like what happened earlier, nor are you allowed to scold me!”

“...” Yun Che was instantly speechless. These three conditions were clear, straight to the point and easily understood… Everything in regards to food and fun were all covered! This little brat totally wasn’t as dense and stupid as she looked!

“Al… right!” Yun Che acted as though he was hesitant for a moment, before he nodded in agreement.

“Eh? Really… You really agree to everything, and will keep to your promises?” Seeing Yun Che nodding, Hong’er’s eyes sparkled. Her tender lips opened, and instantly shouted out in excitement.

“Of course, I keep to my promises. But you must be obedient as well. When I want you to turn into a sword, you definitely mustn’t not listen to me!” Yun Che said very sternly.

“Yay!” Hong’er happily cheered and then nodded like a little chick pecking for rice. “Mn, mn, mn, mn! As long as I get to play and eat many tasty food, then I will definitely be the most obedient… Wu, umm, umm…” Hong’er placed her pair of hands on her cheeks, and her eyes flashed with sparkles. “Right now, I’m hungry again. That thing called farmer faulty earlier, there still seems to be half of it. Can I eat it now?”

“It’s Dragon Fault!”

Yun Che took out the lower half of Dragon Fault, and his heart still ached from looking at the bite marks on it… Thinking back, Dragon Fault was unimaginably imposing in his own hands. They, one person and one sword, obtained the top position in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, exterminated Fen Moli, Fen Yijue, shook Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, destroyed the entire Burning Heaven Clan, defeated Ling Tianni, and furthermore, in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, they swept across a crowd of mighty foes, shaking the entire world… They were basically beyond awe-inspiring.

He could put aside the fact that it had broken, but it had actually turned into this little brat’s food!!

Old friend, it has been hard on you. In any case, your other half has already entered her stomach, just take it as though I’m sending you into her stomach in order to reunite you… Yun Che groaned in his heart. He did not give to her immediately. Instead, he hid it behind his back, and said. “I can give you the other half now, but you have to fulfill a small promise for me as well.”

Seeing the other half of Dragon Fault and smelling its aura, Hong’er’s saliva instantly flowed down. As she forcefully gulped her saliva, she anxiously said. “What is it, what is it!?”

“Close your eyes, and in the next twenty seconds, no matter what I do to you, you’re not allowed to resist! Simple, right?” Yun Che bent his waist, revealed a smiling face, and said with incomparable gentleness.

“Twenty seconds, and I’m not allowed to resist? Ehhh!?” Hong’er’s tender and small body shrank back, and her little hands grabbed onto the corner of her skirt as she gave a vigilant look. “Could it be… you’re trying to molest me? No, no, no! I’m a little beautiful lady with the purest body, I don’t want to be molested at all.”

Molest… This brat actually knows about molestation!!

“Who said I wanted to molest you!?” Sweat constantly dripped down from Yun Che’s forehead. “I simply want to touch the center of your forehead with my hand… and that’s it!”

“Ah?” Hong’er looked doubtful, as she stretched her hand and touched the center of her forehead. “Why do you want to touch this spot?”

“Because… I love touching that spot of other people the most, especially when it belongs to a cute, beautiful little lady!” Yun Che said with great difficulty.

“Is that so…” Hong’er pondered for a moment. Being touched at the center of the forehead, and then being able to eat the delicious Dragon Fault right after; no matter how she thought about it, it was a really great deal. “Okay… But, after touching it, you have to let me eat farmer faulty. You definitely mustn’t go back on your words.”

It’s Dragon Fault! Yun Che roared out in his heart… Since Hong’er had agreed to it, then it was much easier to handle. He nodded, and slowly said. “Alright… First, close your eyes… That’s right, you’re not allowed to open them. A moment later, no matter what happens, you’re not allowed to resist. Don’t worry, other than the center of your forehead, I will not touch anywhere else, nor will I molest you!”

Hong’er stood in front of Yun Che, and closed her eyes according to his instructions. It was unknown if it was because she was too naive, or she did not have any defense against Yun Che in her subconsciousness, but not only did she not feel disturbed, she instead carried curiosity and expectation on her face. Yun Che took a small breath, condensed a pearl of blood at the tip of his finger, and then, gently tapped on the center of Hong’er’s forehead. In an instant, a small-scaled Contracted Profound Seal appeared at the center of her forehead.

The entire process, was completely the same as forming a contract with a completely subjugated profound beast.

Did it really succeed? Although he had always trusted Jasmine the most, he still carried a deep doubt in his subconsciousness… After all, this was simply a little too outrageous.

With the appearance of the Contracted Profound Seal, as long as Hong’er carried the slightest of will to resist it, the Contracted Profound Seal would be instantly expelled by her… Even if this Contracted Profound Seal was really effective against human lives, then, as long as one person sensed that the other party had cast such a Contracted Profound Seal on him, he would definitely expel it with incomparable force. Because no one would be willing to become dependent on others like a profound beast.

However, this conclusion did not happen on Hong’er. After the Profound Contracted Seal that came from Yun Che rotated three times at the center of Hong’er’s forehead, carrying his drop of blood, it entered the center of Hong’er’s forehead with incomparable success, until it completely disappeared.

In that short moment, a form of spiritual connection with Hong’er had also appeared with incomparable clarity within his soul.

This form of spiritual connection… seemed to be the same as the spiritual connection he had with the Snow Phoenix in the past...

It succeeded?!

It actually succeeded for real!

The back of Yun Che’s left hand flashed with a red light as an inch long red profound imprint slowly appeared. And the shape of this profound mark, was clearly a miniature-size of that scarlet greatsword!

After this profound imprint appeared, it once again slowly dimmed, and disappeared without a trace.

alyschu: Hong'er = 红儿, 红 = Red. 儿 = an endearment.

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