Chapter 495 - Number One Under Heaven

Against the Gods

Chapter 495 - Number One Under Heaven

Just as Jasmine finished speaking, a fierce gust swept over from the north, and Yun Che only felt a green figure flash past. A huge man’s figure appeared into his vision from out of nowhere.

The man was dressed in green and was extraordinarily handsome. His eyes were masculine, his ears thirty percent larger than the elf girl, and he gave off an overbearing aura. Even his pair of transparent wings vibrated intensely with profound strength. Upon seeing the elf girl, he descended in a flash and landed beside her: “Old seven, you’re injured?”

“Big brother, you’re finally here!” Once she saw the tall man appear, the elf girl was finally relieved: “My injuries aren’t serious, but Brother Yun suffered serious injuries…”

“Hmph!” Seeing that his sister was alright, the muscular man let out a sigh of relief. Then he grunted coldly, turned around, and glared coldly at Yun Xiao, anger rising within him: “Yun brat! I knew it must be you! Luckily old seven is alright this time, otherwise… I will personally cripple you!”

“I…” Yun Xiao opened his mouth, but did not rebute. Instead, he looked down in shame.

“Big brother! Don’t talk to him like that!” The elf girl frantically grabbed his hand: “It’s not Brother Yun’s fault, and… and he was only so severely injured in order to save me. It’s enough that you don’t thank Brother Yun, but you’re actually acting so fierce toward him.”

“Thank? Hmph!” The muscular man looked down: “Wasn’t it him who asked you out this time?”

“I… No, it wasn’t. It was me who secretly asked Brother Yun out. If you want to blame someone, then blame me.” The elf girl answered as she puffed her cheeks. It was obvious she was not good at lying and her wavering eyes and pique attitude had already betrayed her.

“It’s not seventh sister’s fault, it’s all my fault.” Yun Xiao’s head hung downwards with a face of guilt and unease.

“Since you know it’s your fault, you better stay further away from old seven from now on!” The muscular man said coldly said: “If there’s a next time, I will personally cripple your hands and legs! I do what I say! Old seven is not someone you are worthy of… Hmph! Who knows which bastard child you are. Do you really think you’re the Young Master of the Yun family?!”

“Big brother!” The muscular man’s words caused the elf girl’s face to change drastically as she looked worryingly at Yun Xiao, and said angrily: “How can you say such words to Brother Yun… If you continue, I’ll ignore you from now on!”

“Old seven, I… forget it, hmph!” The muscular man was spurred by anger, and now felt he was a little overboard as well. He turned around and stopped talking.

Yun Xiao’s face blackened as he bit his lips. Then, he smiled bleakly, shook his head, and said: “Seventh sister, don’t blame big brother, what he said is true… but,” Yun Xiao looked up and said with resolve: “But no matter what, even if you cripple my legs, I will never give up on seventh sister! It is undoubtedly my fault that seventh sister was nearly assassinated this time. I will definitely train hard, and next time, I won’t allow anyone to bully seventh sister anymore. Then, you and uncle will be at ease when you pass seventh sister on to me.”

“Brother Yun…” The elf girl looked on tenderly as her eyes filled with tears.

The muscular man looked over with disdain, but when he saw the elf girl, he quickly changed to a caring and serious look: “About the matters concerning you two, we will discuss them back in the city… Old seven, what happened here? You sound transmitted over that you were attacked by three Overlords? Where are they now?”

The elf girl turned and looked at Yun Che: “Me and Brother Yun nearly died in their hands. It was this Big Brother Yun who saved us. If not for Big Brother Yun, if you came now, you would probably only see our corpses. You should thank him.”

“You?” The muscular man turned and looked at Yun Che with suspicion. He saw Yun Che when he arrived, but chose to ignore him as he was only in the Sky Profound Realm and was a stranger.

Yun Che smiled slightly: “I am Yun Che.”

The elf girl continued: “Big Brother Yun and Brother Yun are the same age, but he’s amazing. He killed a black-clothed man in one move, scaring the two others away… He really only used one move! The three black-clothed men were all Overlords. Me and Brother Yun cooperated but couldn’t even defeat one.”

The muscular man’s eyes swept across Yun Che and he gradually frowned. From what he sensed, Yun Che’s profound strength was only at the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm… At this level, he could only be considered a weakling within Demon Imperial City. How could he kill Overlords… and furthermore, defeat them instantly!

Under his forceful gaze, he realized that Yun Che, who was in front of him, was unperturbed and completely unaffected by the pressure of his aura. He was slightly shocked in his heart. Then, he step forward without uttering a single word, and push out a palm at Yun Che.

The casual palm caused a huge and dangerous looking spiral to appear in the space between him and Yun Che. Following which, the huge spiral suddenly dispersed into ninety-nine separate small spatial whirlpools, then converged again, and smashed towards Yun Che.

Wind attribute profound energy?

This was a blow from a high level Overlord, perhaps the most frightening attack Yun Che had ever received since birth. However, he did not panic, nor did he retreat or even move. He stretched his hand out and a ball of Phoenix flames burned in his hand, going head-on against the savage, oncoming profound energy cyclone.


The savage wind profound energy and the fire profound energy collided against each other without any trickery. Even though it was only a simple test between the two, space was still violently torn apart in that instant; the savage storm tore apart the flames, and the torn apart flames burned the savage storm. The surrounding ten of meters of air were violently disrupted by the collision of wind and fire.

Yun Che collided against the muscular man in the midst of the collision between the storm and the flames and was forced back by three steps. They looked at each other, their gaze now completely different from before, as their hearts echoed the same words:

So strong!

Yun Che possessed strong arm strength gifted by the Dragon God’s bloodline and natural strength. Hence, when they collided, he should’ve had the advantage. Despite that, he did not gain an advantage from that straightforward exchange… This was also not knowing how much strength his opponent had used.

The muscular man’s shock was even greater than Yun Che’s. Because the Yun Che in front of him was obviously only in the Sky Profound Realm, and from what he had heard from old seven, he was probably only in his early twenties… What exactly was this person’s background? Why had he never seen him before?

“Big Brother, what are you doing!” The elf girl chided: “Big Brother Yun is our benefactor. Not only did you not thank him, you attacked him! You’ve gone too far.”

“Hahahaha!” The muscular man laughed, cupped his fists at Yun Che and said sincerely: “Brother, please do not misunderstand. Even though I am a member of the elven race, I love battles. When I see a strong opponent, I cannot help myself. I am Number One Under Heaven, I thank Brother Yun for saving old seven’s life. Your kindness, my clan will definitely repay you.”

“...” Yun Che opened his mouth, but did not speak. He had seen arrogant people before, but he had never seen someone so arrogant that he proclaimed himself to be the number one under heaven! Even though he was strong, he couldn’t be the number one under heaven, right? Even if you are the number one under heaven… Would you die if you were a little more humble?!

Seeing Yun Che’s expression, the muscular man knew what he was thinking and laughed bitterly: “Brother Yun, do not misunderstand, I’m not such a conceited and arrogant person but my surname is Under Heaven and my name is Number One. My father named me this way and I too am helpless.”

Surname Under Heaven… Name Number One...

How great is he at naming?!

Even though Yun Che tried his best to control himself, his brows still twitched intensely twice as he eyed the elf girl. He said with a nod: “So that’s why. Then, your sister’s name is…”

“Oh, my sister is the seventh child in the family, so she’s named Number Seven Under Heaven…”

“Don’t say it!! Ugh…” The elf girl tried to stop her brother but it was already too late. She could only hold her face in embarrassment: “It’s all dad’s fault, giving me such a stupid name… Just call me seventh sister! Seventh sister!”

“...” Yun Che used an immense amount of determination to stop himself from laughing out loud. It was no wonder seventh sister refused to mention her name just now. The eldest was Number One Under Heaven and the seventh eldest was Number Seven Under Heaven… One could guess with their toes what the second eldest to the sixth eldest were respectively called: Number Two Under Heaven, Number Three Under Heaven… Number Six Under Heaven...

Who knows whether there were any Number Eight Under Heaven, Number Nine Under Heaven...

That also meant that the titles of the top few people in this world belonged to their family!

“Brother Yun looks very foreign, could this be your first time coming here?” When Number One Under Heaven said his name, Yun Che’s reaction caused him to believe that Yun Che was definitely not from Demon Imperial City. Furthermore, at his age, having such a profound strength level was frightening. If he belonged to Demon Imperial City or its surrounding places, he would not be so unfamiliar.

“That’s right.” Yun Che nodded: “In my entire life, I’ve never actually entered Demon Imperial City before.”

“No wonder.” The Number One Under Heaven nodded before honestly continuing: “Old seven is my Under Heaven family’s most important treasure. Since you’ve saved her life, you are a great benefactor of my Under Heaven Clan. If you don’t mind, how about coming to our Under Heaven Clan to stay for a while? I also happen to have some free time now and can bring Brother Yun around the city.”

Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven revealed faces of shock… They knew fully well of Number One Under Heaven’s status and position, and since he was young, he had never took the initiative to get to know someone… However, as they thought of Yun Che’s age and abilities, they could understand why. With such skills at his age, even within the entire Demon Imperial City, he could be considered an elite. Even though the Under Heaven Clan’s power within the Demon Imperial City was considered massive, making such a friend would only bring benefits.

Yun Che smiled and replied: “I appreciate Brother Under Heaven’s intentions, but Brother Yun Xiao and I have the same surname. It must be fate, so I’ve already agreed to go to the Yun family for a while. However, when I’m more familiar with Demon Imperial City and know where Brother Under Heaven lives, I will definitely go pay a visit.”

Number One Under Heaven glanced at Yun Xiao, before gradually nodding: “Since that’s the case, I shall not ask anymore. That Yun brat knows where my Under Heaven family lives. If you encounter any problems that are difficult to handle, you can come find me at any time. Although my Under Heaven family is not huge, within Demon Imperial City, and perhaps even the entire Illusory Demon Realm, we still have some reputation.”

Yun Che raised his hand: “Since that’s the case, I shall thank Brother Under…”

Yun Che words were suddenly cut off as he stared forwards, stunned for a moment...

Illusory… Demon… Realm...

Illusory Demon Realm?!

alyschu: Like 'er (儿), old (老) is sometimes used as an endearment as well.

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