Chapter 497 - Greatest Ambition Under Heaven

Against the Gods

Chapter 497 - Greatest Ambition Under Heaven

“Right, right, right!” Yun Xiao hurriedly followed suit and nodded: “My father is a very gentle person; he will definitely be fond of Brother Yun.”

Yun Che glanced at Yun Xiao deeply, sighing to himself in his heart… No matter how much the Yun Family declined, it was still part of the Twelve Guardian Families, and possessed the highest level of family strength in the Illusory Demon Realm; Yun Xiao was the Yun Family Head’s only son, and his status was nothing less than respectable. However, Yun Xiao didn’t possess the least bit of arrogance or willfulness, and when he was doing something or speaking, he was especially gentle and humble, perhaps even cautious and forbearing… As for Number One Under Heaven’s all kinds of savage words, he didn’t flare up or rebut in any way since the very start.

In regards to Yun Che agreeing to visiting his house, he showed not only cordiality, but happiness as well… This told Yun Che that this Yun Xiao, who had a highly respectable status, an extremely good temperament and cultivation, seemed to not have many friends.

It seemed like a completely isolated feeling.

“I also really want to meet the Senior Yun I have revered for a long time. Since this is so, we should travel to Demon Imperial City. This is my first time visiting Demon Imperial City, moreover, I might stay for a relatively long time, so I’ll have to trouble everyone to take care of me.” Yun Che said as he nodded.

“Haha, don’t be polite, you saved my little sister’s life. Our elven race always repays favors; if you need us for anything, just speak up about it. I, Number One Under Heaven, will definitely not wrinkle my brow at all.” Number One Under Heaven said candidly. After speaking, he probed Number Seven Under Heaven’s wounds once again: “Old Seven, can you fly back by yourself? You’re wounded, so you must not push yourself.”

“I’ve said before, I only suffered a few light injuries. Flying a few dozen rounds isn’t a problem,” Number Seven Under Heaven looked at Yun Xiao with concern, and supported his arm: “Brother Yun’s wounds are actually heavy.”

“Hmph! This brat invited trouble upon himself, serves him right if he dies! He’s lucky he didn’t implicate you, otherwise I would strike him to death with one palm!” Number One Under Heaven glared at Yun Xiao for a moment as he spoke with a seemingly dour mood; it wasn’t because his anger hadn’t disappeared, but because it had gathered over time. In regards to Number Seven Under Heaven and Yun Xiao’s matter, there was nearly no one that didn’t disapprove.

Number Seven Under Heaven’s willowy brow straightened, but just as she was about to flip out on Number One Under Heaven, she was held back by Yun Xiao. Yun Xiao was long accustomed to Number One Under Heaven’s mockery and ridicule. He shook his head at Number Seven Under Heaven, and said: “Seventh Sis, don’t be angry at your brother. This time, it was indeed my fault; if I hadn’t secretly asked you out, today’s affair wouldn’t have happened. If we hadn’t run into Brother Yun, I simply cannot bear to think of the consequences… Just let Big Brother scold me, this way, my heart will feel a little better.”

Number Seven Under Heaven looked at him painfully, then turned around and glared at Number One Under Heaven fiercely for a moment. Afterwards, she didn’t look at him anymore, and held Yun Xiao’s hand: “Hmph, ignore him. Brother Yun, let’s go.”

“You’re not allowed to carry him, let him fly by himself!” Number One Under Heaven smiled coldly, and said ruthlessly.

“Big Brother, you’re being too excessive!” Number Seven Under Heaven’s eyes burned with rage: “Brother Yun suffered such serious injuries in order to protect me; his injuries just stabilized, and activating his profound energy recklessly is very dangerous. How can you be this excessive!”

“Hmph! Even he admitted that it was his own fault.” Number One Under Heaven looked away: “He suffered a few light injuries, and he needs the support of a woman? What kind of man is that! If he’s a man, even if he can’t fly, he should crawl if he had to!”

“Allow me.” Seeing that the situation had become tense, Yun Che couldn’t stay silent. He walked up to support Yun Xiao, and said: “Brother Under Heaven, Yun Xiao has indeed suffered heavy injuries, and isn’t fit to activate his profound energy recklessly. If he walked back, it would be a waste of time; since I want to follow him to pay my respects to Senior Yun, I’ll just bring him along as well.”

Facing Yun Che, Number One Under Heaven naturally didn’t have anything to say, and nodded: “I naturally have no objections to Brother Yun’s words…Old Seven, let’s go.”

The four people soared high into the air. With their strength, they would be able to traverse the three hundred meter distance very quickly. Seeing the rapidly nearing Demon Imperial City in his line of sight, Yun Che’s heart began to throb unceasingly… He had arrived in this world without any preparation, and also met these people without any preparation… Before this time, the Primordial Profound Ark’s travel was undoubtedly a great calamity, and it was a miracle that he had survived. But now, he wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to rejoice.

Because if the Primordial Profound Ark disaster hadn’t occurred, he wasn’t sure in what year or what month he would have been able to arrive at this place.

Demon Imperial City grew closer and closer. When they were still several meters away from the city gates, three people flew over from in front of them with speed as quick as lightning. Seeing people approach from the front, Number One Under Heaven and Number Seven Under Heaven stopped, and Number Seven Under Heaven called out happily: “Third Brother! Sixth Brother! And… ah? Dad!”

The three people that were approaching also stopped. They were three male elves; the stature and age of the two elves on the side were similar to that of Number One Under Heaven, and although their profound energy auras weren’t as great as Number One Under Heaven’s, they were still astonishingly rich. What caused Yun Che to stare fixedly was the elf in the middle… He looked as if he was thirty years old, but an unfathomable precipitate of age condensed between his brow. Furthermore, the aura on his body was as vast as the universe, causing Yun Che to be unable to probe it in any way. He was even unable to make sense of its very limits, and even the existence of a profound energy aura was barely discernible.

Yun Che had only felt this kind of feeling from Ancient Blue’s body before.

But at that time, his profound strength was only at the Earth Profound Realm, and his current state was completely incomparable to that of the past… which also signified that the strength of the middle-aged elf in front of him far surpassed that of Ancient Blue!!

Ancient Blue was a genuine Monarch powerhouse, the highest level existence in Profound Sky Continent. And this person in front of him, was undoubtedly the peak of the peak… a genuine absolute peak existence that could disdain anything!

“It’s unexpected to have actually met a Monarch so quickly.” The sound of Jasmine muttering came from within Yun Che’s mind.

The three people saw that Number Seven Under Heaven was safe and sound, and the grim expressions on their faces relaxed. The elf on the right said: “Old Seven, you’re alright. I, your Third Brother, was so scared my heart almost stopped.”

“Of course I’m alright. Big Brother already came, why did you guys… Dad, why did you personally come?” Number Seven Under Heaven glanced at Yun Xiao stealthily, and her heart filled with unease.

Yun Xiao faced forward and anxiously said: “Junior Yun Xiao pays respect to Uncle Under Heaven.”

“Hmph!” Facing Yun Xiao’s junior etiquette greeting, the elven male only snorted indifferently, then didn’t pay him another glance. He directly walked in front of Number Seven Under Heaven, and quickly inspected her aura and injuries, then finally relaxed: “I heard from your Big Brother that you encountered a secret attack from three Overlords, how could I sit still? Dad only has one daughter, if you really met some kind of unexpected accident…”

Having spoken to this point, his anger suddenly rose to the air, and he turned around abruptly to look at Yun Xiao. How could the pressure from an angry Monarch be insignificant; it caused the originally heavily-injured Yun Xiao’s face to pale. If Yun Che hadn’t swiftly used his profound energy to stabilize his injuries, he would’ve spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot: “You little bastard from Yun Family! If something really bad really happened to our Seventh Treasure this time, I, Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, would tear down your Yun family no matter what!!”

“Uncle Under Heaven, I…” Yun Xiao timidly opened his mouth.

“Shut up!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven reprimanded him with glaring eyes: “I don’t want to hear even half a word from you anymore. If it wasn’t for the Demon King and your father’s face, I would’ve definitely crippled you today! Get out of my sight right now; if you try to get near my daughter in the future, I’ll snap your legs in two!”

“...” Yun Che’s ears buzzed from Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s booming voice. Previously, he had thought Number One Under Heaven’s attitude towards Yun Xiao was too vile, but after seeing Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s attitude… he began to feel Number One Under Heaven was simply too kind and gentle!

“Dad!” Number Seven Under Heaven hurriedly stood in front of Greatest Ambition Under Heaven: “Why are you so mean to Brother Yun, this issue didn’t even involve him. It was I who wanted to leave. Furthermore, those three black-clothed men only wanted to kill me; they didn’t plan on attacking Brother Yun at all. If Brother Yun didn’t stake his life to protect me, I… I wouldn’t have been able to see Dad ever again.”

“Hmph! You don’t have to speak for him.” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven waved his hand: “Your Sixth Brother already confessed. He personally heard that it was this bastard who sent you the sound transmission, inviting you to meet two hundred meters outside of the city… this is truly preposterous!!”

“Ah…” Number Seven was at a loss for words. After, she looked at the young elven male to the left… which was her Sixth Brother. Number Six Under Heaven turned his head, and his face was filled with an innocent expression.

“In short, this doesn’t have to do with Brother Yun!” Number Seven Under Heaven said annoyedly.

“You also shut up!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven bellowed. He had six sons, yet only had one daughter. Because he usually treasured her dearly, he was never willing to scold her, so him yelling this time scared all four brothers and sister present… Evidently, Greatest Ambition Under Heaven was truly angry. After all, this was a major event that had almost cost Number Seven Under Heaven her life; how could he remain undisturbed. He looked straight at Yun Xiao, who was already too afraid to speak, and said with a grim voice: “I’ll say it one more time. Get the f*ck out of my sight! Tomorrow, I’ll go find Yun Qinghong. His son almost caused my daughter to lose her life, I want to see what kind of explanation he’ll give me!”

“Dad... “ Number Seven Under Heaven tugged Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s hand tightly, extremely fearful that he would attack Yun Xiao. Facing the furious Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, she was also at her wit’s end.

“Cough, cough…” At this time, Yun Che, an outsider from head to tail, actually walked beside Yun Xiao, and said: “Senior Under Heaven, you’re very protective of your daughter, and is angry because of that; this is only natural, and completely understandable. Only… would Senior Under Heaven please calm down for a moment, and hear out a few of this Junior’s words?”

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven cast a sidelong glance at him, and said lightly: “And who are you?”

Number One Under Heaven said: “Father, this is Brother Yun Che. He comes from the Southern Border, and this is his first time journeying for experience. The one who saved Old Seven wasn’t this son, but him. If it weren’t for him, I’m afraid Old Seven really would’ve…”

“Oh?” Once Number One Under Heaven said this, the gazes of Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, Number Three Under Heaven, and Number Six Under Heaven held towards Yun Che naturally became entirely different, yet his profound energy aura actually caused the three to wrinkle their brows simultaneously. Number One Under Heaven knew what they were thinking, and said in a very low voice: “Father, Old Three, Old Six, you mustn't underestimate him. His aptitude is frighteningly good; although his profound strength is only at the Sky Profound Realm, he can destroy a level one Overlord in one strike! I also probed his strength previously… his strength can compare to a level four Overlord! It may even be higher.”

“What?!” Number One Under Heaven’s words caused Monarch-realm Greatest Ambition Under Heaven to reveal an expression of alarm on his face. Peak of the Sky Profound, can beat a mid-stage Overlord?

If Number One Under Heaven hadn’t personally said this, with Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s extensive knowledge, he definitely wouldn’t have believed it.

“It turns out Brother Yun saved little sis, we were truly lacking in manners. This one is Number Three Under Heaven, and I thank Brother Yun for your life-saving favor.” Number Three Under Heaven said while cupping his fist towards Yun Che.

“This one is Number Six Under Heaven. You saved little sister’s life, which is equal to saving my life; this great favor must be repaid.” Number Six Under Heaven also said gratefully.

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s complexion eased up. He nodded at Yun Che, and said with praise: “It turns out you were the one that saved my daughter’s life. My elven race always repays favors, let alone this great favor. If you want to say something, do speak. If you have any request, do not hesitate to bring it up as well.”

“I don’t dare make any requests; Junior only has a few humble opinions.” Yun Che gave a slight smile, then said slowly: “Before this junior saved Yun Xiao and Seventh Sister, I heard the three black-clothed men personally yell that they only wanted Seventh Sister’s life, and wouldn’t kill Yun Xiao. Moreover, when one of the black-clothed men attacked Yun Xiao, he promptly restrained his strength, as if he was afraid of injuring him… Perhaps Senior and Under Heaven Brothers could come up with a reason?”

“Right, they really did say that.” Number Seven Under Heaven immediately nodded and said: “From the very beginning, they only wanted my life, and let Brother Yun leave immediately… But Brother Yun didn’t go, and even protected me with his life. They were afraid of mistakenly killing Brother Yun, so their hands and legs were tied when they were fighting me.”

The four people all furrowed their brows. Number Three Under Heaven said in a low voice: “Could it be, those three black-clothed men were Yun family’s people… That’s not right! They shouldn’t have a reason to do such a thing.”

“Of course this couldn’t have been the Yun family.” Yun Che said unhurriedly: “Although this is junior’s first time adventuring and is extremely unfamiliar about the Twelve Guardian Families, if I didn’t guess incorrectly, your elven race and the Yun family shouldn’t have a hostile relationship, right? Perhaps you’re even somewhat friendly with each other?”

“This is indeed true.” Number One Under Heaven nodded: “My father owes a great favor to Senior Demon King Yun Canghai, so my clan and the Yun family has always been friendly. A hundred years ago, when the Demon King’s life or death was unclear, Yun family went into disorder; our relationship with the Yun family has cooled off year after year, but we’ve never been enemies before.”

“Then,” Yun Che’s expression became more cautious: “If this time, Seventh Sister truly suffered an evil scheme and Yun Xiao was safe and sound, how would your relationship with the Yun family change?”

Yun Che’s statement was like a sudden burst of thunder sounding beside everyone’s ears, causing them to sink into thought for a moment, and everyone’s expressions changed completely.

Yun Che nodded, and continued speaking: “That’s right! If Seventh Sister and Yun Xiao both suffered the evil scheme, then, you all and the Yun family would unite against a common enemy, and search for the murderers together. However, if only Seventh Sister suffered the evil scheme and Yun Xiao was unharmed, in addition to the fact that Yun Xiao had invited Seventh Sister, then, before searching for the murderers, with the extent that Senior Under Heaven and the Under Heaven brothers love Seventh Sister, you all would definitely thoroughly take your anger out on the Yun family. Perhaps this would even create great enmity, which would lead to conflict, and conflict would only allow the enmity to spread. In the end, your two families might even end up in a feud that wouldn’t end until everyone dies!”

“If the goal of those three black-clothed men was only to take Seventh Sister’s life, then not only would letting Yun Xiao keep his life not bring any good, it might actually allow him to discover tiny hints of evidence, which could expose their identities later. However, they would rather risk their identities being discovered to only kill Seventh Sister, and leave Yun Xiao… their true purpose, goes without saying!”

Yun Che’s gaze swept all of them for a moment: “Seventh Sister is safe and sound, yet Senior Under Heaven is already this angry. If something really happened, one can imagine what would happen. If Senior Under Heaven’s anger still doesn’t disappear, and personally visits Yun family tomorrow to find Senior Yun, once your feelings intensify, wouldn’t that be precisely falling into the trap of the traitors behind the scenes?”

“Of course, this is only junior’s humble opinion and conjecture; I believe Senior Under Heaven should have insights as well.”

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven naturally wasn’t an idiot. His previous anger had peaked, and he hadn’t taken too much into consideration. Yun Che’s words were like a bucket of cold water, allowing him to become more clear-headed. His expression sank, and he nodded slowly: “What you said is correct.”

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