Chapter 501 - Returning to One’s Roots

Against the Gods

Chapter 501 - Returning to One’s Roots

“That Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, can one enter it normally?” Yun Che asked.

“Of course not.” Yun Xiao decisively shook his head. “After every entry, the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley would be closed by the Illusory Demon Royal Family, and then, it would be given five years to replenish its resources. Although a span of five years is short, with the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’s terrifying energy of flames and thunderclouds, the nurturation of various spiritual bodies and treasures are extremely quick. Usually, the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley can never be entered, and even the Illusory Demon Royal Family themselves are not able to either.”

“Flames… thunderclouds… Since the Golden Crow’s inheritance is situated there, it’s very natural for it to contain flames. But why does lightning exist there as well?” Yun Che asked skeptically.

“I don’t know about this either. It seems like this has also been an unsolved mystery of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. I heard from father that it might be possible that a certain formidable lightning profound beast is living in a certain place within the Golden Crow’s Lightning Flame Valley. Or, it might even be due to a lightning profound treasure. But, these are all mere speculations of his.”

Yun Che nodded. Then, he looked towards the north of Demon Imperial City. Although he did not know where this Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was located, he possessed the power of a Phoenix, so he far surpassed ordinary people in sensing fire profound energy. In a certain place north of the Demon Imperial City, he could faintly sense the existence of an aura of flames. Most probably, that was the direction where Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was located.

The Profound Sky Continent was divided into seven countries. The Four Great Sacred Grounds were trandenscential existences which surpassed the seven countries, and though they proclaimed themselves as guardians, they were more like sanctioners. While, even though the domain of Illusory Demon Realm surpassed the Profound Sky Continent, it was not separated by territories, instead, the Illusory Demon Royal Family was the core of the continent. Just by power levels alone, the Demon Imperial City which Yun Che was currently located in, was comparable to the Four Great Sacred Grounds of the Profound Sky Continent.

Unquestionably, the moment they entered Demon Imperial City, the presence of profound energy had become incomparably dense. It was extremely rare to see a Throne in the seven countries of the Profound Sky Continent, however, this place was filled with them. Even the incomparably rare Overlords resided in large numbers. During the journey towards where the Yun Family was, the auras of Overlords he sensed did not number less than twenty.

It was evident in regards to how large the strength of Demon Imperial City was.

However, in the end, the Illusory Demon Royal Family were still the ones who got the short end of the stick in the confrontation between the Illusory Demon Royal Family and Profound Sky Continent. Furthermore, there had never been any movements to exact revenge… It seemed like, in overall strength, the Illusory Demon Royal Family was still a little inferior than the Four Great Sacred Lands.

“We’re almost there. The huge gate in front that’s shining with a purple radiance is the place.” Yun Xiao pointed downwards in front of him.

The Yun family was not as large as he had imagined. Putting aside comparing with the Divine Phoenix Sect, the size of the family’s territory was even smaller than the Burning Heaven Clan he had destroyed. This was definitely out of Yun Che’s predictions. However, when he recalled that his biological grandfather and biological father seemed to only have a single son, he once again subconsciously thought that… Could the existence of the Profound Handle have suffered the envy of the heavens, which thus caused their reproductive ability to be limited?

When they arrived at the sky above the Yun family’s main gate, Yun Che, along with Yun Xiao, slowly descended. Looking at the overly familiar family gate merely inches away from them, Yun Che however, saw a hint of hesitation flashing past Yun Xiao’s eyes.

“Brother Yun, umm…” Yun Xiao said hesitantly. “Even though I am the Young Patriarch of the Yun family in name… A large number of people seems to dislike me. So, if there’s anyone who is discourteous, there’s no need for Brother Yun to take it to heart.”

Yun Che’s heart stirred, and he nodded. “Mn, I understand. Don’t worry, my main reason here is to greet the Yun family’s Patriarch. Anything else doesn’t matter at all.”

Yun Che followed Yun Xiao as he entered the main gate of the Yun family. The moment he stepped through the main gate, Yun Che’s emotions uncontrollably fluctuated intensely for an instant. The ground underneath his feet, the air he was breathing, everything in his sight, were all so foreign. It was the first time he had stepped into this place in this life, however, this place was where his true family was. The bloodline that was flowing through his body, came from this exact place. His biological father, and biological mother… were both here as well...

I… have really… returned to this place...

The injuries on Yun Xiao were very severe, however, he evidently did not want the people of the family to realize he was wounded. When he entered the main gate, he forced himself to calm his expression, and straightened his back. However, just as they entered through the main gate, in front of them, a male youth who looked around twenty to thirty years old, walked over. The moment he saw Yun Xiao, his face instantly revealed a hateful smile. “Aiyo! Isn’t this the great Young Patriarch Yun Xiao? Why are you back so early today? Did you not find any fun outside, or have you… Oh?”

This youth immediately discovered Yun Xiao’s injuries. His eyes narrowed, and then, gloatingly, he laughed out loud. “Hahahaha! And I was wondering why, so you were actually injured! Just which family’s young master have you sparred with? Heheh, at the very least, you’re still the Young Patriarch of our Yun family in name, yet, you actually lost in a spar with someone else, and have actually been injured to such a miserable state. What a disgrace to our Yun family.”

The words this person directed at Yun Xiao were especially poisonous and piercing to the ears, and although he referred to Yun Xiao as “Young Patriarch”, his attitude did not show the slightest bit of respect at all. Even his expression was filled with ridicule and sarcasm. Yun Xiao’s hands tightly clenched, yet, he forced himself to ignore him, and directly spoke to Yun Che. “Brother Yun, ignore him. I shall bring you over to see father.”

After saying that, Yun Xiao pulled Yun Che, and directly walk past the male youth’s side. He had suffered too much of such similar encounters, to the point where he had seemingly grown numb and had gotten used to it. In these years, what he had trained the most in, was tolerance… Even if it was not for himself, he had to do it for his father and mother.

Yun Xiao left. However, the male youth did not let up his ridiculement. Turning around, with an incomparably scornful cold smile, he said. “Yo! Oh great Young Patriarch, just where did you find this little mistress? With such smooth and tender skin, even I wish to try touching it. It seems like the great Young Patriarch finally understands that he’s unable to lay his hands on that heavenly crane of the elf clan, and has switched to playing with a little bitch… Speaking of which, compared to dreaming daily of laying his hands on a heavenly crane, raising a little bitch is more realistic. Hahahaha!”

Yun Che’s footsteps suddenly stopped… This was no longer ridicule, but an incomparably venomous humiliation. After listening to Yun Xiao’s description and the attitude of the people of the Under Heaven Family towards him, Yun Che knew that although Yun Xiao carried the title of Young Patriarch, his life in the family wasn’t that pleasant. However, he never expected that it would actually be vile to such an extent.

Yun Xiao could tolerate it, but that did not mean he could! If he were to tolerate it like this, then he wouldn’t be Yun Che!

At the moment Yun Che was about to turn around, a clear berating voice came from behind. “Yun Hao! How can you be show such disrespect to the Young Patriarch! Hurry and apologize to the Young Patriarch!”

Yun Che’s attention shifted, as he looked towards the source of the voice. A male youth wearing cloud white clothes was walking over. He looked around twenty-five years old, and his expression was thriving with heroic spirit. Although he was young, the profound aura from his body was incomparably dense. At the very least, it had surpassed the half-step Overlord Yun Xiao by several times.

“Ah… Brother Xinyue!”

Seeing this person, Yun Hao instantly changed the vile expression he had when he was facing Yun Xiao earlier, and greeted him like a lapdog. “Brother Xinyue, are you heading out? This little brother rarely sees you head out at a time like this.”

“Hmph!” The male youth coldly stared at him, and berated. “Didn’t you hear what I had just said!? Hurry and apologize to the Young Patriarch!”

Yun Hao shrank his neck back, yet, he did not dare to disobey. Facing towards Yun Xiao, he gritted his teeth, and lowered his head. Yun Xiao hurriedly waved his hand and said. “Brother Xinyue, there’s no need. Yun Hao is simply joking around, it’s not a big deal.”

“That’s right, that’s right. I was just joking around.” Yun Hao hurriedly nodded while chuckling. Then, he gave Yun Xiao a dark glance, revealing an ‘at least you know what you’re doing’ expression.

Yun Che: “...”

“Hmph!” The male youth once again snorted coldly. “The Young Patriarch is gentle and generous, but everyday, you blind people constantly bully him so...If I were to see this again, I won’t be lenient!”

“I have learned my lesson, Brother Xin Yue. I definitely won’t dare to do it again next time.” Yun Hao agreed to it with a playful smile. After that, however, when he retreated behind the man, he gave Yun Xiao a cold smile with his teeth bared.

The male youth’s expression calmed, and his face revealed a gentle smile as he spoke to Yun Xiao. “Little brother Yun Xiao, if anyone dares to bully you again, there’s no need to endure it… Oh? Looking at your state… you’re injured? What happened?”

Yun Xiao hurriedly shook his head, and said. “Nothing, it’s not really a very serious injury. I will recover in ten to fifteen days. There’s no need for Brother Xinyue to put it to heart.”

The male youth did not continue with his questions either, as he said with concern. “Look at you. No matter how I see it, it doesn’t seem to be a light injury. Hurry and get yourself treated… Oh right.” He shifted his gaze towards Yun Che. “This person is?”

“This is a friend that I have just made, Yun Che.” Yun Xiao introduced. When he was facing this person, his expression was evidently very relaxed. “Brother Yun, this is my family senior, Brother Xinyue.”

Yun Che nodded, and greeted.

“Oh? This person is surnamed Yun as well? Now that’s really a coincidence.” Yun Xinyue cupped his fist towards Yun Che. “It’s rare for little brother Yun Xiao to bring a friend over. I believe brother Yun Che must be a dragon amongst men. If there’s time in the future, I hope that we can have a nice chat.”

“Of course, Brother Yun is really incredible!” Yun Xiao said with a prideful expression. He saw that several people were coming over from afar, and hurriedly said. “Brother Xinyue, there’s matters I have to meet my father for, so I will take my leave first. Thank you, Brother Xinyue, for helping me resolve this once again.”

“Go then.” Yun Xinyue lightly smiled.

Yun Che’s gaze lightly swept past Yun Xinyue, turned around, and followed after Yun Xiao as he sprinted towards where his father was. However, after he walked for a few steps, an ice-cold chill suddenly swept past for a moment from behind him.

Yun Che’s brows slightly twitched, however, he did not stop his footsteps.

Killing intent!!

This was something Yun Che definitely wouldn’t make a mistake in recognizing!

And, this killing intent wasn’t directed at Yun Xiao… but directed at himself!

Today was clearly the first day he had entered the Yun family. Before this, other than Yun Xiao, he had never met any other people from the Yun family. Furthermore, he had never come into the Demon Imperial City before this. The number of people he knew could not even number more than the fingers he had, so why would someone harbor the intent to kill him?

Before he arrived at Demon Imperial City today, the thing he did… seemed to only be that very incident...

Then, there was only one possibility!

“Yun Xiao, who is that Yun Xinyue? His prestige seemed to be much higher than yours as the Young Patriarch.” Yun Che suddenly spoke out to ask.

Yun Xiao scratched his head, and smiled a little helplessly and embarrassingly. “It’s natural for brother Xinyue’s prestige to be higher than mine. His father, is Seventh Elder Yun Waitian, the strongest among the thirty-six elders of the Yun family. While he himself, is also the strongest expert among this generation of the Yun family. At the age of twenty-seven, he is already at the fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, and had even awakened the one and only Cyan Profound Handle in this generation. In addition to his Profound Handle, there has never been any opponents at the same level capable of defeating him, to the point where he has the ability to challenge someone at the fifth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm. He’s been referred to as the hope for Yun family to rise again, and within the family, it’s been spreading around that he is the most qualified to become the next…”

When he spoke till then, Yun Xiao’s voice suddenly stopped. However, it was sufficient for Yun Che to guess what he did not want to say.

“Your impression of him seem to be really good?” Yun Che asked a question that did not seem to be really important.

“Mn.” Yun Xiao nodded. “Not only is brother Xinyue’s aptitude extremely high, his personality is very gentle. Because of some bloodline matters, I have often suffered from various criticisms, ridicule and bullying. But, brother Xinyue has never ridiculed, instead, he often resolve the issues for me, to the point where he had even stepped in to lecture those people that bullied me. I have always been really thankful to him.”

“Because of some bloodline matters? What do you mean?” Yun Che looked to the side and asked.

Yun Xiao, who had unintentionally exposed himself, revealed a slight fluster. “No… Nothing much. It’s just a small matter.”

Yun Che did not continue with his questions, instead, he changed the subject. “Do you think that he’s really suitable to become the next Patriarch of the Yun family as well?”

Yun Xiao completely did not expect that Yun Che would actually such a direct question. He blanked for a moment, and voiced out with a bitter smile. “Although I hold the name of the Young Patriarch, you have seen it yourself. When I hold this name, it’s merely a joke. In regards to strength, persuasiveness, and the most important… In any case, I know that it’s impossible for me to become the next Patriarch. If it’s brother Xinyue, I think that I will be very supportive as well. After all, brother Xinyue might really be the hope for our Yun family to rise once again.”

Yun Che looked at him deeply, and said with an ambiguous smile. “This Yun Xinyue, really isn’t simple.”

“Of course he isn’t simple! In the Yun family, he’s the well-deserved number one person in our generation. Even the people from the Illusory Demon Royal Family are especially watching after him as well.” Yun Xiao said a little pridefully.

However, he did not know that the “isn’t simple” which Yun Che had said, and the “isn’t simple” he had said himself, were two completely different concepts.

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