Chapter 504 - Shadows in Illusory Demon

Against the Gods

Chapter 504 - Shadows in Illusory Demon

“Ah? Brother Yun, you know medical arts as well?” Yun Xiao said in astonishment.

Once again, Yun Qinghong seriously sized up Yun Che. With his hundred years of experience, he should have been able to easily see through the truths and lies of a youth, and, from Yun Che’s expression, what he saw was actually seriousness, sincerity, and even a hint of urgency. This was incomprehensible to him. When facing such extremely irregular circumstances, his initial reaction should have been to silently raise his guard. However, unknowingly, even though it was clearly the first time he had met this youth who was filled with mysteries, no matter what he did, he was actually unable to raise his guard nor feel averse. Instead, he felt a form of indescribable trust and intimacy towards him.

In his entire lifetime, this was the still the first time he had ever experienced this sort of strange feeling. He looked at Yun Che for a long while, and his heart was strangely throbbing. However, he was completely unable to discern the source of this throbbing. He lightly smiled, and said. “Little brother Yun is so young, yet, already has such accomplishments. I believe your medical skills are definitely extraordinary as well. It’s just… Haah. My body is not suffering from an average illness, but an old sickness that had worsened throughout the years. Back then, I sought all the famous doctors in the world, yet none of them could do anything. Now that twenty odd years have passed, it has long seeped deeply into my blood marrows. I’m afraid that even if the Great Firmament Golden Deity himself descends into the world, there would be nothing he could do either. You having such sincerity, already makes me exceptionally grateful. It’s best that you don’t waste your efforts.”

Yun Che, however, was unmoved, as he slowly and calmly said. “This junior does not agree with Senior Yun’s words. When this junior first began practicing medicine, my master has taught me before that, in this world, everything mutually reinforces and neutralizes each other; the countless matters of this world are constantly in a cycle of cause and effect, if a perfectly healthy person can become sick, then there’s definitely a way to treat a sick person back to perfect health. In this world, there definitely doesn’t exist any true terminal illness and injuries which cannot be healed. Even if it cannot be treated, that would simply mean that the treatment method has not been found for the time being. This junior’s teacher is the world’s greatest medical saint, and this junior’s medical skills all come from my teacher. Under my teacher’s tutelage, ever since this junior was young, I have never believed that an incurable illness exists in this world. So, I hope Senior Yun will give this junior a try.”

Yun Qinghong had made contact with countless famous doctors, yet, he had never heard such words from a confident and prideful doctor, to the point where he was unable to refute a single word. And, these words, had even been spoken by a youth who was merely a little over twenty years old. Yun Xiao’s mouth was wide open. Suddenly, he recalled the mysterious profound energy he received from Yun Che he was severely injured, and in an instant, he said excitedly. “Father! Let Brother Yun try it out. Earlier, I was injured by those three black-clothed men… Uh, even though my injuries weren’t very severe, they were still a little heavy. And, Brother Yun simply used a very short span of time to completely stabilize my injuries, to the point where I’m seemingly unable to feel any pain. It might be possible that Brother Yun has a way to treat father’s body as well.”

Since the two had already put it that way, Yun Qinghong naturally couldn’t refuse again. With a light smile, he said. “Fine then. But, do not strain yourself. In regards to the condition of my body, I myself know best.”

Yun Che did not speak further, as he took two steps forward. Standing in front of Yun Qinghong’s body, he then stretched out his left hand. “Senior Yun, first allow this junior to inspect the condition of your body using my profound energy, please do not resist it.”

Yun Qinghong gently nodded, and then, he slightly adjusted his sitting posture. His expression was very calm, and calmness, signified that he was not holding onto any hope. After all, just as he had said, in regards to the condition of his body, he himself was more clear than anyone else. Twenty odd years ago, not a single one out of all of the famous doctors in the world could heal him. Now that the illness had settled for twenty odd years, even more so, the possibility of healing it could no longer exist.

Yun Che reached out his palm, and carefully pressed at the place where Yun Qinghong’s heart was on chest, and then closed his eyes. Profound energy gently and slowly entered his body. At the side, Yun Xiao retreated a few steps back, and his two hands were tightly clutching onto his own chest… He wasn’t as calm as Yun Qinghong, instead, he was incomparably wishing for the appearance of a miracle.

In merely a second, Yun Che’s brows furrowed fiercely. This reaction caused Yun Xiao’s heart to skip a beat as well.

From Yun Qinghong’s complexion and superficial aura, he knew that the condition of his body was definitely extremely poor. And, only after the inspection did he shockingly realize that Yun Qinghong’s condition was much poorer than he had predicted. His internal organs were all failing to a large extent, it was seemingly impossible to find a complete internal organ. His heart, lungs, and profound veins… every single one of them was carved with scars which looked as though they were slashed by a sharp sword. And, when an expert’s internal organs were damaged, as long as sufficient time was given, they could be recovered with their own profound energy. However, these sword scars still existed even after twenty odd years… Evidently, the source of these internal injuries was definitely not ordinary, most likely caused by an extremely strong sword energy!

Sword energy… Mighty Heavenly Sword Region?!

The most frightening part wasn’t his internal injuries, but the failures of more than ninety percent of his tendons!

They were failures, not torn apart!

Even if all the tendons in a person’s body were to be completely torn apart, Yun Che would still have a way to reconnect and fix them. However, a failure like this, was even more terrifying than tears. If a regular person’s tendons were to be compared to the roots of life, then more than ninety percent of Yun Qinghong’s tendons had basically wilted. Seemingly, the existence of not even a hint of vitality could be sensed.

Similarly, his profound veins had failed as well. The damage received by his profound veins were not heavy, however, like a dried up quagmire, they were devoid of life.

It could be seen just to what extent he had overused his own profound energy and stamina back then to be able to cause his profound veins and tendons to fail to such a state.

Recalling Xiao Lie’s simple description back then, twenty-two years ago, when they fled to Floating Cloud City, their entire bodies had already been covered with injuries, and they were nearly burnt out… And after that, it was unknown just how long, and how dangerous of an escape they had experienced. Perhaps, from that moment on, their consumption at every second were all complete overusage of their energy. With such overuse of their strength, how would they still have the mental capability to care about their injuries… In their escape that made use of all of their strength and willpower, their injuries, had undoubtedly worsened with every step…

And for them to persist to such an extent, was most probably because of that child in their embrace back then…

If they were merely the failures of his profound veins and tendons, and the worsening of his internal injuries, after recuperating for more than twenty years, even if Yun Qinghong was unable to restore his profound energy, they shouldn’t be able to extinguish his flames of life to such extent… Veru quickly, Yun Che found the answer. In Yun Qinghong’s body, he discovered something that had already invaded every corner of his body… Cold poison!!

And the reason why he was frowning so heavily, was precisely because of what type of cold poison it was.

Because this cold poison, was exactly the same… as the cold poison Ru Xiaoya, Hua Minghai’s wife, had suffered from!!

Back then, bringing along Ru Xiaoya whose body had already been struck with the cold poison, Hua Minghai had stolen a large number of Purple Veined Heaven Crystals to extend her life, and had even constantly searched for various mysterious medicines, yet, he was only able to maintain a short few years of her lifespan. If he had not encountered Yun Che, Ru Xiaoya would have already passed away a year ago. While the cold poison in Yun Qinghong’s body, had existed for more than twenty years. This cold poison had long completely invaded his blood veins, bone marrows, and even his vitals. Compared to Xiaoya’s condition, it was countless times more dangerous.

Hua Minghai had once said that Ru Xiaoya’s cold poison was cast by the Sun Moon Divine Hall’s deadly hands.

Could it be that, those villains back then were not just the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… but the Sun Moon Divine Hall as well?!

After a long while, Yun Che slowly shifted away his palm from Yun Qinghong’s chest. His pair of brows were kept tightly furrowed, not loosening in the slightest, and even his expression was a little heavy. With an anxious expression that was filled with expectations, Yun Xiao looked at him. However, even after waiting for a long while, Yun Che still did not speak up. Finally unable to bear it any longer, he voiced out. “Brother Yun, my father’s body… how is it?”

Yun Che did not reply immediately, instead, he lightly exhaled, before speaking up. “Senior Yun’s profound level back then must have been at the very pinnacle. If it was an average person, forget about living till now, I’m afraid that the person wouldn’t even live past three years.”

“I once heard from my mother that father’s accomplishments back then could be said to have shocked the entire Illusory Demon Realm. At just the age of thirty-six, he had already broken through to become a Monarch, and, he was the absolutely youngest Monarch in all of Illusory Demon Realm’s history. Adding the power of his Profound Handle, before father encountered this incident, in the entire Illusory Realm, among the people of the same age, not a single one of them was father’s match. Back then, although grandfather and the ten great Grand Elders were no longer in the family, and the family was even shouldering a grave sin, with father’s presence, no one dared to belittle our Yun family.”

Yun Xiao slowly explained. When he brought up Yun Qinghong’s glory back in the days, he wasn’t proud, but simply anguished. “Then, when father had successfully broken through to the middle stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm, he was no longer able to suppress his worry for grandfather. Along with mother who had just broken through to the Sovereign Profound Realm, they used the family’s secret device to enter the Sky Profound Continent. But… But, in the end…”

Thirty-six years old… Monarch...

To Yun Che, the realm of the Sovereign Profound, was simply too distant, and that’s exactly why the concept of a “thirty-six year old stepping into the Sovereign Profound Realm” had struck an incomparably immense blow to his heart and soul. He was the youngest Monarch in all of Illusory Demon Realm’s history… and most probably, even in the Sky Profound Continent, there still wouldn’t be anyone that could break this record.

If he had not encountered such a disaster, his future heights would have been unforeseeable!

However, the heavens just had to be envious of geniuses, causing such a catastrophe to befall upon him.

He was once a Monarch… and was even a middle-stage Monarch. His wife, was similarly a Monarch as well —— the realm at the very pinnacle, which even until now, he could only desperately look up to with his head raised.

The two of them… were actually so incredible, standing at a height which common people could only look up to.

“Hoho, there’s no point in bringing up matters of the past. Fate is determined by the heavens. No matter how strong a person is, it’s destined that he can never win against the heavens. And since such is fate, then the only choice is to calmly accept fate… It’s been more than twenty years, and I have long gotten used to it.”

Yun Qinghong’s voice was calm and gentle, and his every word was casual and light. His expression was even calmer, as though he had long accepted everything and resigned to his fate… However, from a single glance, Yun Che could see that, within his calm eyes, he was concealing a deep grievance. His words sounded as though he was calm and had resigned to his fate, however, what Yun Che heard even more was instead, anger and unwillingness.

That’s right. No matter how open-minded a person was, how could he possibly accept such a cruel arrangement of fate?

“Brother Yun, my father’s body, you… can’t do anything either?” Yun Xiao asked a little dejectedly. From Yun Che’s extremely heavy expression, he had actually obtained his answer.

Yun Qinghong chuckled, and said. “Little brother Yun, there’s no need to put it to heart. Earlier, you should have seen the condition of my body as well. It definitely isn’t because your medical skills are lacking, rather, it’s because my body is indeed incurable. In actuality, this way is fine as well. At the very least, my life is much stable than before…” Turning his head, he glanced outside the window, and lightly sighed. “In another two months, it should be time for my identity as the Patriarch to be transferred to someone else. When that time comes, I will be completely relaxed, and I will no longer have any worries.”

Even though he said that he would “no longer have any worries”, in the depths of his eyes, a deep pain… and eagerness flickered.

“Ah? Transferring the title of Patriarch to someone else?” Yun Xiao was stunned. “What’s going on? When is this going to happen? Why… Why have I never heard about it? Wa… Was this decided by the Great Elders?”

Yun Qinghong shook his head, and lightly smiled. “Xiao’er, do not mind it. I have sat on the position as the Patriarch virtually for a hundred years, it should have long been given to someone else. Although there hasn’t been anyone who brought up about the matter of having me giving up the Patriarch position, but… in three months, it will be Little Demon Empress’s Hundred Year Reign Ceremony. During the grand ceremony, there would definitely be another battle between dragons and tigers of the Twelve Guardian Families, and, a big incident might even occur.”

“Big incident? What big incident?” Yun Xiao asked in shock.

“You will know when the time comes.” Yun Qinghong’s calm voice was filled with a deep helplessness. The glow in his eyes had slightly dimmed, however, it was still projecting out wisdom and farsightedness that could seemingly see through everything. But, with his weak constitution, even if he was able to see through everything, he was powerless to face it. He continued. “In the Hundred Year Ceremony, our Yun family will definitely have to face it with all we can as well. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that we might face the crisis of being expelled from the Twelve Guardian Families, and even from the Demon Imperial City.”

“Wh… What!?” Yun Xiao gasped out in shock.

“In times like this, we, father and son, should best be abandoned.” Yun Qinghong closed his eyes, his face was expressionless. “In order to face the Little Demon Empress’s Hundred Year Reign Ceremony, our Yun family will conduct a competition within the entire family in two months. During that time, it will also be the moment where I step down from my position… But Xiao’er, there’s no need for you to worry. After all, your maternal grandfather is still here, so the Yun family will not dare to mistreat us. Even if we really have to leave, it’s not like we have no place to go. To our family of three, leaving the Yun family which is currently a dusty land in a pile of mess, isn’t really a bad thing.”

Yun Qinghong said many words which Yun Xiao was unprepared for; he could only stare dumbfoundedly. Furthermore, he did not hide this topic from Yun Che.

And before this, he did not tell Yun Xiao even the slightest bit of this matter.

Evidently, the matter of Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven being assaulted during their meeting, had allowed him to clearly sniff out a certain odor.

In two months, the competition within the Yun family...

In three months, the Little Demon Empress’s Hundred Year Reign Ceremony...

Yun Che’s chest slightly fluctuated, and following after, he gritted his teeth, as a strange clear glow flashed past his eyes. He looked at Yun Qinghong, and said with firm words. “Senior Yun, if your body is able to fully recover within two months, and is able to even restore all of the profound energy that you once had, will you still consider stepping down from the Patriarch position?”

Yun Che’s sudden question, stunned both Yun Qinghong and Yun Xiao at the same time. Yun Qinghong twitched his brows, and then, said with a bitter smile. “There’s no ‘if’. The existence of a full recovery is basically impossible. Restoring the profound energy that I once had back then, is even more of a myth.”

“Disregard the possibility for now.” Yun Che’s tone did not change, as his eyes faced Yun Qinghong’s in a straight line. “Senior Yun simply has to answer this junior. If in two months, your body and strength, returns to the ones Yun Qinghong had twenty-five years ago, then, will you still be willing to give up the Patriarch position… even if the people within your family were to force you with harsh measures!?”

Yun Qinghong looked firmly at Yun Che. In his eyes, he could see something that was causing his heart to fiercely tremble. He was silent for a short moment, and then, he shook his head slowly, with incomparable decisiveness. “No! This Patriarch position, has been passed down from generation to generation, from my great grandfather…to my grandfather… and to my father… It is the identity and responsibility my father had bestowed upon me! If I were to give up this position to someone else, even if there comes a day I will buried under the yellow earth, I still wouldn’t have the face to meet my father! And, the crisis of the Yun family is similar to thousands of kilograms of weight being held on by a strand of hair. A few lowly thieves are even plotting something secretly in their hearts. If I had sufficient strength, I definitely won’t be ignoring them with my eyes closed like I am right now… And only I, am able to revive the Yun family!”

Yun Qinghong’s final few words, were no longer the least bit calm like usual. What appeared, was a form of decisiveness and pride that was carved deep in his bones!

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