Chapter 512 - Coming Uninvited

Against the Gods

Chapter 512 - Coming Uninvited

“Yun Xiao? He actually took the initiative to enter the Sacred Cloud Arena? That certainly is a rare sight.”

“Did this guy take the wrong medicine today?”

“Heh, it is clear that he knows that his so-called position of ‘Young Patriarch’ is about to be taken away, so he wants to at least display some prowess to gain back some prestige.”

“Yun Qiu was defeated so easily? This Yun Xiao normally does not display his talent, but to think that he was actually this strong?”

“This is definitely because Yun Qiu had already defeated quite a few challengers beforehand, so he had exhausted a large amount of his profound energy! Even though Yun Xiao’s profound strength is slightly greater, without a Profound Handle, how could he defeat Yun Qiu in such a straightforward manner under normal circumstances?”

In regards to Yun Xiao’s easy victory over Yun Qiu, the Yun Family disciples were not only extremely shocked, they were also extremely upset. This was because, in their eyes, Yun Xiao was not even a member of their clan; he was some bastard who was picked up from the Profound Sky Continent, and even the entire Illusory Demon Realm knew about it. In the past, Yun Xiao had never participated in anything involving direct combat, but this time, he took the initiative to enter the stage and even beat Yun Qiu… To them, this was basically equivalent to their clan member being beaten up by an outsider, so they were naturally upset.

“Despite what he said in the past, looks like he is still hanging on to the name of ‘Young Patriarch’. But after today, heh, let's see who will still protect him. For him to be kicked out of our family is only a matter of time, but he actually dares to try to steal our thunder at this time… See how I’ll beat him down!”

Another Yun Family disciple immediately vaulted onto the stage and stood in front of Yun Xiao. With an arrogant expression, he said, “Come, let us exchange pointers with one another!”

As his words fell, he exploded into motion and swept up all the shadows in the sky as tens of lightning sword beams interweaved to form a net of purple swords which rushed straight at Yun Xiao.

Yun Xiao’s expression was grave and he retreated half a step. With a single brandish of Galloping Lightning, seven lightning edges screamed forth. The sound of space tearing was akin to a knife cutting glass, it was extremely ear-piercing.


A succession of sounds that sounded like the shattering of crystals chaotically rang out together. At the same time, both Yun Xiao and his opponent were clashing together in the shadows cast by the lightning swords. And most of the Sacred Cloud Arena, which was several tens of meters in diameter, was immediately enveloped in a screen of lightning.

“The Great Elders have arrived!”

As the two people battled atop the stage, a shout rang out. Yun Che tilted his head to look and he saw more than thirty people flying towards them at a slow pace from different directions. Every single one of them exuded an indomitable and powerful aura from their body. None of them deliberately activated their profound energy aura, but because of their appearance, the surrounding space seemed to have been completely solidified.

Every single person in this group were all peak-level powerhouses who could shake the Illusory Demon World.

“These are the thirty six elders who comprise the core of our Yun Family’s Elder Council.” Yun Qinghong told Yun Che in a dry voice, “Among the thirty six core elders, the strongest is the Great Elder Yun Waitian. He is the head of the Elder Council, and for the past twenty odd years, his words have carried the highest weight.”

Yun Che slowly nodded his head. He also understood that the reason why Yun Waitian was the head of the Elder Council wasn’t just because his strength was the greatest or he had lived the longest, there was an even more important reason; his youngest son was Yun Xinyue, Yun Family’s greatest hope to rise to ascendancy once more!

He did not need Yun Qinghong to tell him; he could tell who was Great Elder Yun Waitian with a glance… because he had come together with Yun Xinyue.

The thirty six elders took their seats in proper succession. In regards to Yun Qinghong, some of them nodded their heads towards him. Others pretended not to see him and there were even those with complex emotions in their eyes. As the people who made up the Elder Council, they were the most clear on the events which were going to happen today… Because they were the ones who had come together to decide today’s events.

A elder who was ranked among the last of those in attendance passed by Yun Qinghong and whispered to him in a suppressed voice, “Qinghong, the real agenda behind today’s Family Competition, I believe you have already guessed it… the majority of the Elders have thrown their support behind Yun Waitian, even the three Grand Elders have also… Even though we are not content, we are powerless to change anything… Haah.”

Yun Qinghong laughed faintly and said just five words in a carefree manner, “Do not brood over it.”

That elder shook his head and didn’t speak any further. He sat down in his designated seat with a complex expression on his face.

At the very center of where all the Elders were seated, Yun Waitian had already taken his place, and Yun Xinyue was seated at his right hand side. A junior was actually seated with the rest of the Elders, but not a single person felt that it was inappropriate. Just from that, it could be seen how esteemed and important Yun Xinyue was to the Yun Family.

As the two people in the Sacred Cloud Arena continued to duel, they had reached a momentary deadlock, but Yun Xiao was beginning to steadily gain the advantage. After seeing Yun Xiao actually enter the Sacred Cloud Arena and exchange blows with the Yun Family disciples, the various elders displayed astonished and complicated expressions. Yun Waitian first flicked a glance at Yun Xiao, who was on stage, and then slanted his eyes towards Yun Qinghong. He gave a cold snort, expressing his contempt. He then turned his gaze to his own son and his face immediately swelled up with pride.

Over twenty years ago, Yun Qinghong was the most celebrated son of Demon Imperial City, and was the youngest ever Monarch in the history of the Illusory Demon Realm. His light was simply too dazzling, and even though Yun Waitian was more than fifty years his senior, he could only look up at Yun Qinghong… But who could have expected for there to be such a dramatic reversal of fortunes. The person who he could only look up at and envy in the past had become a cripple, and it was common knowledge that his ‘son’ was not even his own. He then thought of his current position and status within the Yun Family, and thought of his own son, and he felt a kind of superiority that was simply way too refreshing.


A burst of candid laughter suddenly rang out and in the sky. A huge figure appeared out of nowhere, and an earsplitting voice which carried a hint of brashness rang out, “Mu Family’s Mu Yubai has specially come to join this Yun Family gathering!”

None of the Yun Family thought that it was strange for Mu Yubai to pay them a visit at this time. They were well aware of the purpose for his visit, and they had also prepared well beforehand to deal with his intrusion. And after seeing that only Mu Yubai had come, the various elders all sighed silently in relief. All of them stood up one after another, because in a few decades, Mu Yubai would naturally succeed the position of Mu Family’s Patriarch, and his status would be greater than all those present, so they naturally got up to greet him. Yun Waitian stood up, clasped his hands, and said, “Young Patriarch Mu’s arrival is most delightful and welcome, please have a seat.”

“No need.” Mu Yubai waved his hand, “I’ll just choose a seat on my own.”

Having said that, his body flashed and he instantly appeared at Yun Qinghong’s side. After that he sat down in a grand and ostentatious manner and did not pay attention to any other people.

“Senior Mu.” Yun Che greeted.

Mu Yubai nodded his head, and he looked at Yun Xiao who had steadily gained the advantage. He rubbed his jaw and said, “Tsk! This kiddo ain’t too bad.”

“Big Brother, you came by yourself? I had thought Father would come as well.” Mu Yurou said in a soft voice.

Mu Yubai’s face grew grave and he said in a low, suppressed voice, “Dad originally wanted to come as well, but I talked him out of it.” Before he continued, his eyes suddenly shot in the direction of Yun Waitian and his voice dropped a further octave, “While Dad and I were investigating the attack on Xiao’er and the girl from the Under Heaven Clan, we managed to uncover an incredible clue… Today, some people from the Illusory Demon Royal Family may pay this competition a visit as well.”

Yun Qinghong’s brows jumped violently.

“Illusory Demon Royal Family?” Mu Yurou’s brows also sank, “Big Brother, what exactly did the both of you manage to find out? Who exactly were those people who wanted to harm Xiao’er that day?”

Mu Yubai gently shook his head, “We only manage to uncover a tiny clue, but we cannot confirm anything, nor do we have any concrete evidence… We will have to adopt a wait and see approach. If the situation spirals out of control, hmph, this position of the Yun Family Patriarch, it’s fine if you don’t have it. Bring your entire family to our Mu Family, it will be far more comfortable than staying in this wretched place!”

Mu Yurou took a look at Yun Qinghong, and let out a silent sigh. Mu Yubai could say it easily, but she knew that Yun Qinghong would definitely not be willing to leave the Yun Family. After all the Yun Family and its name carried the lives, efforts, pride and glory of his bloodline of Patriarchs. How could he be willing to leave the Yun Family and give his position away to another family branch within the Yun Family.

At this time, an even voice descended from far away,

“Unparalleled Under Heaven has come to pay a visit.”

These few words; the first word sounded like it came from five kilometers away, whereas the last word sounded as if the speaker was right next to you. The robust profound power contained within the voice stirred emotions within all the thirty six elders present. And this voice, as well as the name that accompanied it, caused all of them to stand up as one.

Two figures had suddenly appeared in the air. Yun Che recognized the person on the left, it was Number One Under Heaven! And to his right, stood a middle-aged man with a gentle countenance and a sincere smile. His position was even further forward than Number One Under Heaven, and the words that he had announced, ‘Unparallel Under Heaven’, was his very own name.

“Unparalleled Under Heaven? What is he doing here?” Yun Qinghong had a flabbergasted expression on his face. Following that, he gave Yun Che a thoughtful look, but he did not ask him anything. Instead he candidly explained, “Among these two people, you are already acquainted with Number One Under Heaven. The person beside him is called Unparalleled Under Heaven and he is around my age. He is the younger brother of the Elf Clan’s Patriarch, Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, and he is also the person in the Elf Clan whose power and position is second only to Greatest Ambition Under Heaven.”

“Oh!” Yun Che slowly nodded his head. Two months ago he had sent a sound transmission to Number One Under Heaven and invited him to the Yun Family Competition, but he did not expect that not only would he come, he would even bring such a heavyweight with him as well!

It was pretty obvious that Number One Under Heaven had guessed his true motive. The debt he owed Yun Che for saving his sister burned in his heart. His position, status and nature dictated that he would definitely be unwilling to owe anyone a favor. So not only did he come, he brought Yun Che a nice surprise as well.

However, this bunch from the Under Heaven Clan and the names that they were given, each one truly surpassed the last!

If it was only Number One Under Heaven who had come, any one of the elders could have welcomed him, because even though Number One Under Heaven was the Young Patriarch of the Under Heaven Family, he was still a junior. But with the arrival of Unparalleled Under Heaven, the entire situation changed. Yun Waitian hurriedly soared into the air and he solicitously greeted the new arrivals, “Ah so it is Elder Unparalleled and the Young Patriarch of the Under Heaven Family.”

“Heh heh,” Unparalleled Under Heaven gently smiled. His gentle demeanor and his complete lack of an imposing manner clashed with the grand name ‘Unparalleled Under Heaven’. “We have come uninvited and we hope that no one takes offence.”

“What are you saying Elder Unparalleled. Since the both of you have come, our Yun Family will definitely welcome you with open arms. Please, have a seat.”

As the two people took their seats, Number One Under Heaven crossed eyes with Yun Che, and they mutually nodded their heads inconspicuously. One used his gaze as greetings, the other used his gaze to express his thanks.

The Yun Family Competition that was taking place today was destined to be extraordinary. Because just as Number One Under Heaven and Unparalleled Under Heaven had taken their seats, yet another voice came from above, “Tut, tut. Looks like the Yun Family has received quite a number of esteemed guests. This was a lot more lively than I expected.”

That haughty voice carried a shrill edge and if people heard it, they would feel unwell. That voice was followed by an aura, and the atmosphere immediately become sluggish. Yun Che clearly saw Yun Qinghong and Mu Yubai’s expression change at the same time.

A middle-aged man gently floated down from the air. This person was dressed all in green and his facial features seemed to have an unspeakable strangeness about them. His face seemed to be tinged in green but what caught Yun Che’s attention was this person’s eyes, as they were shaped like long and narrow triangles. And when their gazes met, Yun Che felt a cold sensation break out over his entire body… But this was definitely not the aura of a ice-based profound art, rather it was a kind of… Bone-piercing sinister aura which caused one’s hairs to stand on end.

For the Mu Family to send someone was extremely normal and while the Under Heaven Clan being in attendance shocked the Yun Family elders, it still was not anything out of the ordinary. But this person appearing, caused all the gathered Elders of the Yun Family to nearly be stunned into insensibility. He slowly floated downwards and spoke in a hoarse and unpleasant voice, “This time, I have come uninvited as well. I hope that all the present friends of the Yun Family will not take offence to my arrival.”

Yun Waitian stood up to welcome him, “Brother Helian, please do not say such a thing. Since you have come, you are naturally our honored guest… Please be seated.”

“Helian Peng, what is your motive for coming?” At this time, an unfriendly voice rang out, and the one who spoke was astonishingly Mu Yubai.

“Heh.” Helian Peng’s long and narrow triangular eyes narrowed even further, and he gave a cold and dull laugh, “Mu Yubai, you can come uninvited, but I cannot? The Yun Family was after all a great power all those years ago. I am naturally extremely interested in observing this family competition.”

“All those years ago”, those words had been emphasized heavily on purpose. Mu Yubai gave a cold snort and did not speak any further, but his brows began to furrow together… Because the appearance of this person was definitely far out of the ordinary.

“Helian Peng, the Helian Family Patriach generation’s rank three.” Yun Qinghong explained to Yun Che, “Their original form is that of a Nine-headed Demon Snake and their physiques possess an extremely high innate potential and an extremely strong power. But for the past ten thousand years, they have always been suppressed by our Yun Family, and they have always been the eternal number two. But after our Yun Family’s situation changed, they have become the head of the Twelve Guardian Families.”

Helian Family… Nine-headed Demon Snake Clan…

Yun Che silently marked this person called Helian Peng and noted down his appearance.

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