Chapter 514 - Duke Hui Ye

Against the Gods

Chapter 514 - Duke Hui Ye

“Good… Very good!” Helian Peng nodded strongly and even clapped: “I had long heard that dear nephew Xinyue’s talent is outstanding. Seeing it personally today, I must say that it is indeed true. You are even slightly stronger than my useless son, and it looks like as long as dear nephew Xinyue is here, the rumor that the Yun Family has fallen completely is but a joke.”

Seeing Yun Xinyue’s performance, Helian Peng revealed shocked, praised him greatly, and rated him even more highly. He even addressed him using the intimate phrase “dear nephew”. Although Yun Waitian found it weird, it could not hide the delight in his heart: “Brother Helian is too kind. My son Xinyue is still young and lacking, I hope Brother Helian can guide him in the future.”

“Brother Yun is too humble.” Helian Peng said laughingly.

“Hmph, although Yun Xinyue’s talent isn’t poor, the Yun Family has not been able to enter Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley for the past hundred years. The fact that they can produce such a young talent who possesses an innate cyan profound handle is admirable. However, Helian Peng is praising him a little too much.” Number One Under Heaven commented.

“Haha,” Unparalleled Under Heaven laughed slightly and said looking forward: “You don’t have to think too much, we’re only here as guests today.”

The various Yun Family Elders enjoyed Helian Peng’s praise very much and felt that Yun Xinyue had helped the Yun Family, who were at their lowest, earn some face. All of them naturally looked upon him even more highly, and the younger members of the Yun Family looked at him with brightly lit eyes filled with admiration and envy.

Yun Xiao returned to Yun Qinghong’s side, his expression not showing much disappointment, because for him, losing to Yun Xinyue was not something unacceptable, but instead something very normal. Yun Qinghong looked at him and said: “Xiao’er, you must remember, no matter when, no matter who you’re facing, never think that you’re the weaker one, and even more so think that your defeat is a normal thing! That’s the mentality of a coward and trash!”

Yun Qinghong’s words were like thunder that struck beside Yun Xiao’s ears. He straightened his body and replied: “Yes, father! This child will remember it well.”

As the time neared the official start of the Yun Family Competition, the three grand elders that everyone was waiting for had finally arrived.

Above the Sacred Cloud Arena, three purplish clouds floated over silently. All members of the Yun Family, from the core elders to the junior generation. stood up and looked towards it respectfully. Then, the three clouds dispersed, which caused dense purple lightning to rain down. Among the purple lightning, the figures of three men floating in a straight line gradually appeared, and three strong auras that were stacked together slowly and silently filled the place. The auras did not pose any threat, yet they were as vast as the starry sky, as majestic as the ocean, and the people under the aura seemed as though they were basked under holy light. Some even knelt down, and acted like they were praying.

These three people seemed as though they were saints for another world, overlooking the entire Yun Family from midair.

Unparalleled Under Heaven, Mu Yubai, Helian Peng all stood up… because in terms of seniority, in front of the three from the Yun Family, they were just juniors.

The three of them looked middle-aged with black hair and black beards, but their auras were filled with the deep stability that came with age, allowing others to clearly feel their strong ancientness.

Yun He, Yun Jiang, and Yun Xi, the only three remaining grand elders in the Yun Family. A hundred years ago, among the grand elders of the Yun Family, their strengths were but the weakest few. However, after the strongest ten members of the Yun Family and Demon King Yun Canghai passed on within the Profound Sky Continent, they became the three strongest of the Yun Family… and also became the strongest cornerstones of the Yun Family.

Yun Waitian slightly floated and bent over, respectfully saying: “Greetings, Grand Elders!”

“Greetings, Grand Elders!” The entire Yun family echoed in unison.

“Xiao’er, help me up.” Yun Qinghong said.

With the support of Yun Xiao, Yun Qinghong gradually stood up. From midair, the Grand Elder standing in the middle said: “Qinghong, your body is unwell. You don’t have to bother with these customs, sit down.”

However, Yun Qinghong shook his head, stood up straight, then bowed respectfully towards the three grand elders: “There is an order for elders and juniors, a difference between seniors and juniors. My Yun Family has flourished for ten thousands of years, the heavens and earth are witnesses! As Yun Family’s Patriarch, how can I not follow basic customs.”

Yun He, Yun Jiang and Yun Xi could faintly tell the hidden message in Yun Qinghong’s words and looked at each other while secretly sighing helplessly. Yun He raised his hand and said: “Qinghong, your nature is upright. It’s good, yet bad… Alright, everyone sit.”

“Esteemed guests, our Yun Family welcome you here. However, today’s matters are Yun Family’s personal affairs that might affect our family’s future. You’re welcome to observe, but please do not interfere.” Yun Xi said coolly. Obviously, the arrival of the Helian and the Under Heaven Family caused them to be cautious.

“Of course.” Helian Peng said matter-of-factly.

Yun He, Yun Jiang and Yun Xi descended and sat at the center of the sitting area. Among the three, Yun He was the eldest and also the strongest. After entering their seats, he nodded slightly and said: “Since everyone is already here, let’s begin.”

Yun Waitian stood up and was about to approach the Sacred Cloud Arena when a frivolous yet somewhat authoritative voice rang from midair: “The Yun Family seems lively today. Looks like this king didn’t waste a trip here by coming here in person.”

Yun Waitian stopped moving and looked towards the sky with a face of disbelief. A young man dressed fully in silver, wearing a silver crown and holding a fan gradually appeared. He looked scholarly and not any older than early twenties. However, his gaze was fierce and a sense of innate nobility came from his body. Even though he was facing the three Grand Elders of the Yun Family, his fierce gaze was not one bit withheld.

Behind him, another figure appeared. This person was bent, with a small stature. His hair was withered and yellow and the greyish yellow clothes he wore was covered in dust. The most eye-catching thing was that his neck and arms… were actually covered in sallow yellow scale shaped patterns… No, they were indeed scales!

“Du… Duke Hui Ye! And the Venerable Stone Dragon!” Yun Waitian exclaimed in shock. All the elders of the Yun Family, including the three Grand Elders, were shocked as well.

“Hehe, I came here uninvited. You wouldn’t mind, right?” The young man said laughingly. His actions and tone of speech was mild, yet each of his words contained an indescribable sense of pressure, causing one to not dare to oppose to what he had said.

Another “uninvited” guest. Today’s Yun Family Competition had a little too many uninvited guests. The Mu Family’s arrival was considered normal, Under Heaven and Helian Family coming was already shocking… but, the arrival of Duke Hui Ye was something no one imagined.

By now, even a fool could tell that there was something wrong.

“Of… Of course not,” Yun Waitian’s voice started to tremble slightly and his shock and agitation could easily be seen: “Duke Hui Ye personally paying a visit to our Yun Family is our Yun Family’s good fortune. How would our Yun Family mind? I wonder… I wonder why Your Highness has come down personally? If you have anything you need help with, our Yun Family will definitely do our best.”

“Nothing much actually.” Duke Hui Ye laughed: “I just heard that today was the Yun Family’s Family Competition, and since I had some free time, I decided to come take a look. Looks like the competition has not started yet. That’s good. I wonder if you could arrange seats for me and company, so we can enjoy the competition?”

“Of course… Your Highness, please enter the seating area.” Yun Waitian hurriedly guided him to the seat personally.

“Who is that person?” Yun Che asked. Yun Waitian was still an elder of the Yun Family, yet he treated this person with so much respect, and even called him “Your Highness”. He was clearly not a normal person.

“Illusory Demon Royal Family’s Duke Hui Ye.” Yun Qinghong explained briefly: “Illusory Demon Royal Family does not have any grand princes, hence, the title of duke is simply only second to that of the Demon Emperor’s direct bloodline. If it was simply any duke, Yun Waitian wouldn’t act this way. However, that Duke Hui Ye is not from any normal family. He is part of the ‘Illusory Demon Seven Scions’ and is ranked third. His elder brother, is the strongest of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions, and his father and grandfather are not normal as well. Currently, their faction’s combined strength and support within Illusory Demon Royal Family, might be able to suppress that of the Little Demon Empress! Even the Little Demon Empress would find it difficult to command them.”

Yun Che wrinkled his brows: “Illusory Demon Seven Scions?”

“I know that.” Yun Xiao replied: “The Illusory Demon Seven Scions are the seven strongest members of the Illusory Demon Royal Family’s young generation. Once a person is listed into the Illusory Demon Seven Scions, he would obtain an exceptional position within the Royal Family and be exclusively trained. Duke Hui Ye is ranked third, which means he’s super strong. I also heard that currently, in the entire Illusory Demon Realm, other than the Little Demon Empress, their bloodline is the purest remaining of the Illusory Demon bloodline.”

“That’s right.” Yun Qinghong nodded: “The person following him is called the ‘Venerable Stone Dragon’. Since ten years ago he became Duke Hui Ye’s personal bodyguard. His true form is a thirty meter long True Dragon which possesses the power of earth, and is very strong…” His eyes closed slowly as his gaze became downcast: “First it’s Helian Peng, now it’s actually Duke Hui Ye… Looks like it’s going to get lively here.”

Yun Che’s eyebrows raised as he slowly exhaled. In his two months within Demon Imperial City, he obviously could not completely learn all the details about Demon Imperial City. He did not even get to know much people outside of the Yun Family. All he knew was the predicament of the Yun Family and the Illusory Demon Royal Family, and basic knowledge of the other eleven guardian families.

He did not actually know just how strong the Illusory Demon Royal Family was. However, the appearance of Duke Hui Ye helped him understand that whatever he was going to face next would be far more complex and difficult; much more dangerous than what he had expected, but he would never change his decision because of that.

The Little Demon Empress’ Hundred Year Reign Ceremony would be held in less than a month’s time and that would be the best stage to rebuild the Yun Family’s reputation. However, before that, he had to help Yun Qinghong keep his position as Patriarch no matter what, and not let anyone else steal it!

alyschu: (本王 = this king) is used by kings, princes, and people of high nobility when refering to themselves. Even when they're not really kings.

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