Chapter 529 - False Alarm

Against the Gods

Chapter 529 - False Alarm

Yun Qinghong’s reaction was even more intense than Yun Che had expected. For a person like Yun Qinghong, even if Mt. Tai fell in front of him, he would not flinch. However, the words “friendship” and “loyalty” were things that were more important to him than his life. How could he accept the fact that his best brother in this life, who had saved his family, died because of him. With even his own family having collapsed…

Mu Yurou went to hold Yun Qinghong. In this world, she was the person who understood him the most, and she clearly knew how big of an impact this would have dealt to him. She did not comfort him, and merely cried silently along with him.

Yun Che comforted: “Father, Uncle Xiao has already passed on for twenty-two years. He might have even reincarnated already and is leading a more perfect life than his previous one, so stop blaming yourself. You are the Patriarch of the Yun Family, the support of the whole clan, the father of me and Yun Xiao. In this world, there is nothing that can knock you down.”

“I’m alright… alright… alright… alright…”

Yun Qinghong uttered four “alrights” in a row. His eyes unfocused, his face was still pale white and he did not look one bit “alright”. Yun Xiao bit his lips, went forward and said loudly: “Father, don’t act like this. This isn’t your fault, furthermore… furthermore, you are good brothers with my birth father; even if he died while saving you, I’m sure he died without any hatred or unwillingness. I believe if the one escaping at that time was my birth father, even if you knew the consequences, you would still make the same choice… Therefore, Father, please don’t blame yourself anymore. This is the choice my birth father made. He won’t blame you, and neither would anyone else… Father, only if you live on properly and take care of yourself would you allow my birth father to rest in peace…”

Even though Xiao Ying was Yun Xiao’s birth father, he had never seen him before, nor had his name appeared in his memory before. It was only today that he had found out about his existence. Thus, other the blood relations, he did not hold any feelings towards his birth father. Hearing that he was no longer in the living world, other than feeling an intense pain and emptiness deep within his veins, he did not feel too much sadness; or, at least, it was not as overwhelming as what Yun Qinghong felt… and towards Yun Qinghong, there was the gratitude of bringing him up for more than twenty years.

Yun Che did not expect that Yun Xiao would be so calm and actually console Yun Qinghong. For Yun Qinghong, Yun Xiao’s consoling would triumph over any words others said to him, because Yun Xiao was Xiao Ying’s descendant, and was of his bloodline. His gratitude and remorse towards Xiao Ying could be repaid and placed onto Yun Xiao, and from his consoling, what he received was the same as Xiao Family’s forgiveness...

Focus slowly returned to Yun Qinghong’s eyes. He looked straight at Yun Xiao, then, his arms suddenly reached out, strongly clasping Yun Xiao’s shoulders: “Xiao’er, you really… don’t blame me? I was the one who caused you to lose your birth parents…”

“I don’t.” Yun Xiao shook his head without hesitation: “Even though I did lose my parents, the heavens were kind to me and gave me two loving parents… Towards Father and Mother, I only have respect and gratitude, why would I blame you two… My birth parents in heaven would also not blame the two of you either. Instead, using one’s own life to exchange for the life of a good brother could only bring about satisfaction and happiness. For instance… if one day, Big Brother encounters any danger and I am able to save him using my life, I would do so without hesitation…”

“Yun Xiao…” Yun Che mumbled.

“Good… Good child!” Yun Qinghong patted his shoulder heavily, raised his head, and suddenly laughed loudly: “Hahahaha… It’s no wonder you’re my son, no wonder you’re Xiao Ying’s son! Brother Xiao, if you can hear this from above, you must be laughing heartily as you look upon the son you had… Brother Xiao, your son is my son! Rest assured that as long as I, Yun Qinghong, still have one breath, I will not let anyone bully our son!”

“Xiao’er, thank you.” Mu Yurou’s gently said. She knew that if Yun Xiao had not said those words, Yun Qinghong, who viewed loyalty and friendship above his life, would not be able to accept it so quickly.

“Che’er, is the Grandfather Xiao who brought you up still fine?” Yun Qinghong asked.

“Grandfather is doing well, he’s still very healthy.” Sadness flashed past Yun Che’s eyes: “It’s just that he has been living bitterly all these years. The pain of losing his son, the sadness of losing his wife… He still needed to withstand all of this while bringing me and Little Aunt up. Furthermore, my profound veins were crippled since I was young. I was unable to cultivate the profound, and became the family, even the whole Floating Cloud City’s laughingstock. This caused Grandfather to be ridiculed as well, causing his position within the Xiao Family to drop drastically… However, even though he was burdened with all of this, Grandfather had never shown any bit of hatred towards me, ‘the culprit’ behind all of these, and instead showed me the same amount of love and care he showed Little Aunt. He brought me up, shielded me from rain and storm, taught me life lessons, and continuously consoled me, who was constantly ridiculed and bullied… All this time, he searched for the culprit who harmed Uncle Xiao while also constantly looking for famous doctors who could mend my profound veins…”

To be able to bring up a child like Xiao Ying, Yun Qinghong did not even think for an instant that Xiao Lie was not a great father. He sighed in deep regret: “Che’er, we must always remember Xiao Family’s kindness in our hearts and never forget it! The Grandfather Xiao who raised you… will forever be your grandfather! In the future, no matter how strong you become, how much achievements you obtain, you must never forget all of these!”

“Mn!” Yun Che nodded heavily. He turned towards Yun Xiao, and said: “Yun Xiao, even though your birth parents are no longer here with us, you still have Grandfather. He’s a very benevolent and noble grandfather. A few years back, when I obtained some achievements, he was finally relieved, and started having thoughts of passing on. However, when I told him that you were most likely to still be alive, he finally found hope, and all his negative thoughts disappeared. If I am able to find a way to return to the Profound Sky Continent one day, I must bring you along to let Grandfather see you. He’ll definitely be happy… You still have a little aunt who, even though is one year younger, is still your blood related aunt. She’s mischievous and kind, and when you see her, you’ll definitely be elated to have such a relative… Also, you still have a prenatal betrothal… Uh…”

“Prenatal betrothal?” Yun Xiao widened his eyes.

Yun Che was a little agitated, unconsciously blurting out the matter regarding Yun Xiao and Xiao Qingyue’s “child marriage”. Once he said it, he was perplexed, and upon seeing Yun Xiao’s innocent expression, he could only smile out of embarrassment, and said: “Erm, Father, Mother, I have something I forgot to tell you two. During my time in the Profound Sky Continent, I have already gotten married.”

Two times, in fact!

“Oh?” Yun Qinghong’s face revealed signs of a smile.

“Really?” Mu Yurou uttered in shock, her expression agitated yet at the same time nervous: “Does that mean I have a daughter-in-law already? Then… how old is she, who’s child is she? Is she pretty? How’s her temper, is she obedient? Is she nice to you?”

Mu Yurou’s string of questions caused Yun Che to scratch his head and reply with a little embarrassment: “When I was sixteen, I had already gotten married. Furthermore… actually… the person I married, her father and Uncle Xiao had decided on their marriage before she and Yun Xiao were even born, and in the end… she… married me.”

If it were not for what happened, the person who would have married Xia Qingyue should have been Yun Xiao. Even though Yun Che did not know of this back then, he still stole Yun Xiao fiancee. He asked, slightly perturbed: “Yun Xiao, you wouldn’t blame me for snatching your… er, child bride, right?”

Yun Xiao stared blankly for a while, before finally understanding what Yun Che said. He hurriedly waved it off, his face even revealing signs of panic: “No, no, no… I won’t, I won’t, I won’t! I definitely won’t! I already have Seventh Sister… It’s good that Big Brother married her, it’s good.”

Yun Xiao actually looked a bit relieved, and when his finished speaking, he even suppressed his voice to whisper to Yun Che: “Big Brother, the… the fact I actually had a fiancee, please don’t tell Seventh Sister about it. Otherwise… She might even get angry.”

“Ohh! Of course I won’t tell.” Yun Che hurriedly said… He was worried for nothing.

“Anyway… My child bride... Oh no, I meant sister-in-law, what’s her name? Is she pretty?” Yun Xiao asked carefully. Even though Yun Xiao was definitely not interested in any other woman, he was curious towards something like a “child bride”.

Yun Che rubbed his chin and replied: “She’s called Xia Qingyue. She’s the same age as us. She looks pretty but her personality is a bit cold. Her biggest desire is the pursuit of profound power and other than cultivating, she has no other interests. A few days after marrying me, she entered her sect, and after that, for the next few years, I did not see her much. She has most likely forgotten me by now.”

“Oh!” Yun Xiao nodded, his mind immediately conjuring up the image of a woman with lifeless eyes, a rigid face and a cold expression… As he thought about it, he secretly shrank away. His heart heaved a deep sigh of relief… Phew! Good thing Big Brother married her. If I really married such a woman, it would be so boring. Seventh Sister is still the best, with her cute voice, her cute eyes, her cute temper. She’s even cute when she’s angry...

Mn? Looks pretty? Even if she was, how could she compare in looks to my Seventh Sister… Yun Xiao resolutely thought.

“A person that was able to let Xiao Ying arrange a prenatal betrothal would definitely not be any bit lacking.” Tears welled in Mu Yurou’s eyes once more: “I never thought that my son has already made a family.”

Yun Che lips trembled, but he still did not say the fact that he already had two wifes. Furthermore, he also did not talk about having a child with a woman who was not his wife, because saying those would be causing them to be even more concerned.

“Che’er, what happened to your profound veins? Who cured them for you?” Yun Qinghong asked the question that had been in his mind for a long time.

Yun Che replied: “I have two masters. One of them taught me medical arts. The other, helped me reconstruct my profound veins and trained me when I was sixteen.”

Yun Qinghong was deeply moved: “At the age of twenty-two, your medical skills already far exceed the best doctor in Illusory Demon Realm… And if you reconstructed your profound veins at the age of sixteen, then you have only cultivated for six years. You reached the Sky Profound Realm with six years of cultivation, yet can easily defeat an early stage Overlord. Your teachers must be extraordinary geniuses.”

His Medical Saint Master was indeed an extraordinary genius.

But as for Jasmine...

She was simply an incomprehensible monster!

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