Chapter 54 – Jasmine’s Tears

Against the Gods

Chapter 54 – Jasmine’s Tears

After Yun Che lost consciousness, Jasmine’s body no longer appeared ethereal. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the traces of blood on the corner of Yun Che’s mouth, as well as the lines of horrid wounds on his left arm. All the coldness and indifference in her eyes dissolved away like that of melting ice, and was replaced by a deep kind of complexity and haziness.

Yun Che didn’t know how long he had fainted. After he finally recovered his consciousness and opened his eyes, the first thing he saw were Jasmine’s opened eyes.

“Jasmine! You regained consciousness!?” Yun Che immediately yelled out with surprise and joy. However his voice was a bit coarse, and when he tried to get up, he felt as if his body weighed millions of kilograms. After becoming extremely weak from excessive blood loss, he struggled many times but still couldn’t manage to stand up.

“Why did you save me?” Jasmine’s voice still revealed her weakened health. She took one more glance at the scars on Yun Che’s arm and immediately averted her eyes: “If I had died, wouldn’t that have been better for you? At least, you won’t need to mind the demands that I made you accept; not to mention that you wouldn’t need to worry about me killing you after I’ve reconstructed my body!”

“Because…. Jasmine used her life to save me….”

“I was saving myself!” Jasmine stated in a somewhat raised voice.

Yun Che was slightly stumped; he was confused as to why this sentence of his incited such a huge reaction from her. While feeling a little helpless, he said: “Then…. it’s because you’re my master. As a disciple, how could I just watch my Master pass away in front of my very eyes?”

“Master?” Jasmine smiled with a hint of sadness: “If I want to be reborn, then I’d have to assist you in acquiring a formidable amount of profound strength in the shortest time possible. Becoming your master, was only because I wasn’t willing to help you for free…. In the end, it was all for myself. Did you really believe that I was doing it for your good?”

“I knew all that.” After having said those words, Jasmine failed to find a single hint of disappointment on Yun Che’s face, but instead saw him with a little smile. Yun Che moved his body a little closer to Jasmine, looked in her eyes, and gently said: “But those are all not important. The reason why I was so desperate to save Jasmine, is because Jasmine is a very…. very beautiful girl; as beautiful as an angel.”

Jasmine became stupefied.

“Although Jasmine had always strived to make herself appear apathetic, even to the point of being scary, this had always been real and can’t be covered up even if Jasmine wanted to. With such a beautiful girl by my side, no matter who it would be, no one would want her to eternally leave his side. Without a doubt, I too, am the same… This should be an acceptable reason, right?”

“What kind of…. reason is this…” Jasmine’s lips that had recovered some color faintly trembled: “I had killed…. so many people….. Last year… on the day of my twelfth birthday, in one day…. one day… I killed over one million and three hundred thousand people…. My entire body was dyed red… Even my name, ‘Blood-Soaked Jasmine’ was given to me by them….”

“! ! ! !” Yun Che’s heart fiercely jumped…. In one day, killed over one million and three hundred thousand people!?

Capturing the deep shock that flashed across Yun Che’s face, Jasmine closed her eyes and spoke mournfully: “A person like me, how could I be called a beautiful girl…. I am Jasmine…. Blood-Soaked Jasmine…. I’m a dreadful demon…. who had killed countless people….”

Yun Che fixated his gaze on Jasmine for a long time…. However, the expression in his eyes was not one of shock nor fear; it carried a very complex feeling, a feeling so complicated that no one else could understand. For a long time, he looked at Jasmine, and slowly shook his head: “Jasmine, although there is no way for me to experience the feeling of killing that many people at the mere age of twelve, but I believe that it must have been terribly painful…. a kind of indescribable pain that no one would ever want to recall. After, it’d probably also be accompanied by endless nightmares and feelings of guilt, which will even compel you to hate and loath yourself; and furthermore, numb your own soul by making you stick the labels of demon, heartless, and merciless onto yourself….”

Jasmines eyes suddenly widened, and stared at him in a daze.

“But, I believe that Jasmine had always been a kind-hearted girl. The reason for turning yourself into a demon that you hate the most, was entirely for the important people in your heart. Perhaps they were your closest friends, or even the closest of family members…. For this kind of person, it doesn’t matter if she had killed even more people, and soaked in even more blood; it would be impossible for her to be a demon.”

“Besides, for cute and beautiful girls, no matter how big of a mistake was made, they can still be forgiven. If you believe that there are an innumerable amount of despicable sins placed on your body, then let me bear these sins together with Jasmine. After all, you’re my master; and as your disciple, this kind of responsibility should, of course, naturally be carried together.”

Jasmine became completely stupefied and stared at Yun Che in a daze, as if she had lost her soul. Her vision became more and more blurry…. She couldn’t understand why, after the clear declaration of her own cruel sins, not only did he not show fear and rejection…. But instead, he had such a gentle gaze, and spoke such gentle words….

It shouldn’t be like this…. I killed so many people; I’m a frightening demon. It’s obvious that everyone is scared of me; it’s obvious that there shouldn’t be anyone that would like me…. Why did he desperately save me; why does he reveal such a gentle gaze…. After mother and brother died, it’s absolutely impossible that anyone would treat me this way….

Jasmine’s eyes became more and more hazy, and through the blurry vision, Yun Che’s face slowly turned into her brother’s gently smiling face…. In an instant, globes and globes of tears flowed out of her eye sockets from the corner of her eyes. At this time, she, who had sworn to never shed tears ever again, actually streamed uncontrollable frantic tears. A tiny gap silently opened from her heart that had been sealed with hatred and sin.

“….Jasmine, so you’re able to cry too? Mmm, that’s more like a girl, right?” Yun Che on the other hand, smiled. He extended his finger to stroked her face and gently wiped her tear stains.

However Jasmine didn’t resist him, but instead cried even harder. While streaming tears and sobbing spasmodically, she said: “I…. I’m your master…. When… when you were trying to save me earlier, you sneakily kissed me so many times, and now…. you even made me cry in front of you…. You can’t…. bully masters like that…. Uu…uuuuuu…”

“Un, master’s scolding is right.” Yun Che said while smiling: “Then after little master Jasmine recovers her health, punish me to your heart’s content. Even if you want to return the kiss, I’ll absolutely not retaliate.”

What he had thought was completely correct; Jasmine’s true nature, was definitely not what she normally expressed. Since he had underwent experiences that were very similar to hers, and had also possessed the same kind of aura and gaze before, he knew what was inside her heart, and was even more aware of where her weakest and softest parts were.

After crying, Jasmine’s mood had also gradually calmed down. Although her body and soul were still extremely feeble, the life-threatening danger was essentially under control. She extended her petite hands and forcefully wiped away all the teardrops from her face. She then tried very hard to put on the usual cold and indifferent face; however, her eyes peered off to the side, and didn’t make eye contact with Yun Che. Then, she spoke with a stern voice: “Although there are no dangers for now, but for three months, I won’t be able to channel even the slightest hint of profound energy. Otherwise, even using up all the blood in your body won’t save me.”

“I understand. Later on, I’ll definitely try my best to be careful and won’t let something like that happen again.” Yun Che said with an extremely guilty conscience.

“The red-colored bead that you obtained, swallow it down…. That thing, may actually be what I’ve told you about before…. a Seed of the Heretic God!”

“Ahh?” In his astonishment, Yun Che picked up the bizarre bead that he’d almost traded Jasmine’s life for: “You’re saying, this is…. is….”

“I’m only speculating. This was probably the reason why the Flame Dragon had always remained here. When you took it earlier, I had sensed an extremely bizarre fire element hidden within; and even I had never seen this kind of fire element. You also said earlier that you felt something beckon you, and you actually didn’t get burned while holding it in your hands either. Therefore, it may truly be one out of the five Seeds of the Heretic God mentioned in the memory imprint!” Jasmine said with a somewhat unsure tone.

“Also….” Jasmine slightly bit her lips at an angle that Yun Che couldn’t see: “Later on, you’re not allowed to just casually touch my face without my permission.”

After she said that, Jasmine turned into a beam of red light and returned into the Sky Poison Pearl. Yun Che was left speechless for a while.

Earlier was a face of icy coldness; then a weeping like the rustling sound of a storm, and now, a stern little face that came along with words laced in killing intent…. The speed at which a girl could suddenly turn hostile, was indeed, legitimate.

Yun Che’s current body was also very weak; losing a large amount of blood had made his vitality decline greatly and even just walking would supposedly be a somewhat difficult challenge. Not even mentioning the Flame Dragon, even if a normal Profound Beast came along, both he and Jasmine would be done for.

“If you killing one million three-hundred thousand people in one day was already an unforgivable sin, was already a demon, and was called blood-soaked Jasmine…… Then, what about me, who in a day, had killed seven million and seven-hundred thousand people with poison; who also turned an entire city into a hell of deadly poison?” Yun Che silently muttered in his heart: “To say demon……. I am the real demon…. Which was also why I never dared to sully the angel by my side…. all the way till the day I lost her forever…..”

Yun Che closed his eyes and silently paused for a long time. Then, he opened his eyes and opened his palm. As he looked at the round bead shine with a bizarre red light in his hand, he thought about what Jasmine had said. After a brief period of hesitation, Yun Che braced his heart and slammed it directly in his mouth.

Holding it didn’t cause any discomfort, but instead, had an inexplicable sense of close familiarity. Furthermore, there was no worry about it being poisonous…. One way or another, there shouldn’t be any bad outcome from eating it, right?

The crimson bead was forcefully swallowed into his stomach.

At that instant, he detected an abrupt turbulence in his Profound Veins. He didn’t even have time to survey the abnormal motions of the Profound Veins because the surface of his body unexpectedly released a ball of crimson luminescence. Right after, these crimson rays of light actually turned into a flaming blaze that combusted on the surface of his body and bathed his entire body inside its crimson raging inferno.

“This…. This is?”

The unforeseen ignition of flames greatly startled him. What surprised him even more, was the fact that his body unexpectedly did not feel a single degree of its burning luminescence, but instead felt an indescribable kind of coziness. Even his clothes were perfectly intact inside the flames, as if these horrifying flames were merely imaginary rays of bright light.

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