Chapter 543 - Confrontation

Against the Gods

Chapter 543 - Confrontation

“A load of rubbish!”

Old Man Mu stood up in rage, pointed towards Duke Zhong and Duke Xiang and roared, “The Yun Family has protected the Demon Emperor for ten thousand years and everyone knows their accomplishments are greater higher than the heavens! They are the most deserving to be the leading family of the Twelve Families! Even if they have faulted, it cannot hide the accomplishments that they have done for ten thousand years! You all know fully well the reason why the Yun Family’s strengths have diminished! As for the future of the Yun Family, you guys are even less worthy to criticize it! Instead, I want to ask, for what motive do you all have for ganging up together to force the Yun Family out of the Twelve Guardian Families?!”

Mu Feiyan was the eldest among the Twelve Patriarchs. Along with his loud voice and dense profound strength, he caused the ears of everyone in the great hall to buzz. Duke Zhong did not panic and merely laughed: “Senior Mu, please calm down. What sort of motive could this duke have? This duke is just a small duke within the Illusory Demon Royal Family, whose blood originates from the First Demon Emperor. Naturally, all this duke does is for the sake of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline. Even if this duke would invite hatred onto myself, for the sake of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, this duke has no choice but to say it.”

“How righteous you sound.” The Su Family Patriarch, Su Xiangnan, stood up, then looked intently at Duke Huai and Duke Zhong, “Although my Su Family has also existed to protect the Demon Emperor for generations, based on qualifications and accomplishments, we are far below the Yun Family! If even the Yun Family has to be expelled from the ranks of the Guardian Families, then which family would deserve to stay?! Wouldn’t this be disheartening for all the people out there who are loyal to the Demon Emperor’s bloodline?!”

“What Patriarch Su said is completely wrong!” The Helian Family Patriarch, Helian Kuang, rose from his seat and loudly replied, “The fact that the Yun Family has vast accomplishments is something that cannot be denied, but they have also committed an unforgivable mistake that would cause all the Demon Emperor Ancestors unrest! The Yun Family’s vast achievements have led to them obtaining their deserved glory and rewards! So shouldn’t they receive their deserved punishment for the mistakes that they have done? If they’re still allowed to stay in the Guardian Families after such an unforgivable mistake, wouldn’t it be telling us, the other Guardian Families that we don’t have to worry about making mistakes, and can act as we please?! If it’s like this, how could the souls of the generations of Demon Emperors rest? Where would the justice of the legislation of Illusory Demons lie? This is what would be truly disheartening for the people!”

“I, Helian Kuang, represent the entire Helian Family to fully support Duke Xiang and Duke Zhong in kicking the Yun Family out of the Guardian Families!”

“We, the Jiufang Family, also fully support the removal of the Yun Family from the Guardian Families!”

“We, the Nangong Family, fully support as well!”

A large faction that supported kicking the Yun Family out of the Guardian Families rose in support. Just like a hurricane sweeping past this ocean, a large commotion was created… Naturally, this commotion came from the east wing seats. At the same, some people who weren’t too sure were influenced by what was said and started to feel that the Yun Family did not deserve to remain within the Guardian Families. They shouted along as well, and as the commotion became louder, more and more people were influenced along. In the blink of an eye, the Yun Family had become the target of the people, as the entire hall burst with shouts for the Yun Family’s removal from the Guardian Families.

The only ones who were completely clear about what happened were the top powers of Demon Imperial City, especially the Guardian Families and those of the Duke Palaces sitting in the west wing seats. As the jeers grew louder and louder, all of them trembled in rage… Duke Huai’s faction was already frightening, if the Yun Family were to be chased away, they would not have any power to resist them anymore.

“Looks like this is where the will of the people lie. Looks like the Yun Family is no longer suitable to continue guarding the Little Demon Empress.” Duke Huai laughed.

The Yan Family Patriarch, Yan Zijing, stood up agitatedly, and raged: “All of you who have ulterior motives, don’t waste your efforts! We, the Guardian Families, only serve the bloodline of the Demon Emperor! In this world, only the Little Demon Empress is able to command the Guardian Families and decide our fates! The Little Demon Empress naturally has an opinion on whether the Yun Family deserves to remain in the Guardian Families! Other than the Little Demon Empress, none of you have any right to decide!”

The Little Demon Empress’ expression sunk. Just as she was about to speak, Duke Huai spoke before she could, and said loudly: “Patriarch Yan’s words are indeed correct. As the ruler of the Illusory Demon Realm, the Little Demon Empress is naturally the highest authority! But, not only do we, the various dukes and the guardian families, have to serve her loyally, we also have the duty to remonstrate her, especially concerning major matters that involve the prestige and pride of the Demon Emperor bloodline! The mistake that the Yun Family made is undoubtedly a major one, yet the Little Demon Empress allowed the Yun Family to remain within the Guardian Families for the past hundred years, and only received small punishments. This is already great magnanimity that the Little Demon Empress has shown the Yun Family. However, if the Yun Family remained in the Guardian Families, it would be too soft-hearted of her… and how would such soft-heartedness be befitting of a ruler! A real ruler should be clear with rewards and punishment and even decisive when killing! Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Even though the Little Demon Empress looked calm, her gaze was icy cold: “Looks like Duke Huai is more competent than this empress on how to be a ruler.”

“This humble duke does not dare.” Duke Huai replied calmly: “The Yun Family and my Duke Palace have no grudges; Patriarch Yun and this humble duke could even be considered to be friends. All that this humble duke has said does not benefit me other than causing the Yun Family Patriarch to be unhappy with this humble duke, or even hate this humble duke. However, this is something that this humble duke has to say… This humble duke is absolutely sincere, and all that this humble duke has done is for the Illusory Demon Royal Family! I beg Little Demon Empress to please consider!”

“This humble duke also begs Little Demon Empress to please consider!” Duke Zhong said in a righteous manner.

“Little Demon Empress, the Twelve Guardian Families definitely cannot lose the Yun Family, definitely cannot!” Su Xiangnan shouted out respectfully.

The arena was instantly chaotic, none of the rulers outside of the Demon Imperial City could have imagined that just one phrase from Duke Xiang would lead to such a huge commotion. At this point, the smarter ones were already able to see some things regarding the situation.

Then, an elderly duke who was from the late Demon Emperor’s generation stood up, and said: “Since this matter is looked so heavily upon by the various dukes and guardian families and has created such a conflict, it cannot be rashly decided. Otherwise, it would only be disheartening for the citizens. However, this old subject has a suggestion.”

The Little Demon Empress looked on coldly without speaking. Since the old man was sat at the east wing seats, he was obviously on the side of Duke Huai and would definitely not say anything that was beneficial to her. However, with so many people present, she obviously could not reprimand a thousand year old subject; she only inwardly sneered.

“Senior, please speak, I’m all open to ideas.” Duke Huai looked on respectfully.

The elderly duke sighed pretentiously, and said: “The various dukes and guardian families are the cornerstones of Illusory the Demon Realm. Other than the Little Demon Empress, the dukes and the guardian families do indeed have the most right to speak. It seems as though the decision of whether the Yun Family is qualified to remain in the Guardian Families only concerns the Yun Clan themselves, but in regards to such a major matter, it cannot be decided based on one person’s private wishes. Since it’s like this, why not let all the dukes and guardian families whose right to speak is only second to the Little Demon Empress help the Little Demon Empress decide. Since everyone is gathered here, we shall let them witness whether there are more people supporting the Yun Family to remain within the Guardian Families, or whether there are more who support their removal from the Guardian Families. Whichever side has more people, will be the side we shall abide by. Isn’t this the fairest way?!”

“Little Demon Empress, how is this old subject’s suggestion?”

What the old duke said was definitely reasonable, fair and without loopholes. Under such conditions, even if the Little Demon Empress’s temperament was much tougher, she would still not be able to retort against his words. On the other hand, Duke Huai was already nodding in agreement: “If the majority of the dukes and the guardian families who have been guarding the Demon Emperor along with the Yun Family also think that the Yun Family does not have any right to remain, yet they still remain, this duke would not be satisfied, the whole Illusory Demon Royal Family would not be satisfied, and even everyone in this world would not be satisfied!”

“This is indeed the fairest method and this duke would not have any complaints about the results obtained from such a method.” Duke Zhong also said loudly.

“Good!” Duke Huai raised a hand, righteous asking: “Alright! Then let this duke and everyone else clearly see whether the Yun Family has the right to remain… Various Illusory Demon Dukes, all the Patriarchs of the Guardian Families, those who agree with this duke that the Yun Family should be kicked out of the Guardian Families, please rise!”


Just when Duke Huai finished speaking, Helian Family’s Patriarch Helian Kuang, Chiyang Family’s Patriarch Chiyang Bailie, Bai Family’s Patriarch Bai Yi, Nangong Family’s Patriarch Nangong Zhi, Lin Family’s Patriarch Lin Guiyan, Jiufang Family’s Patriarch Jiufang Kui, Xiao Family’s Patriarch Xiao Xifeng and sixty various other Duke Palaces all stood up.

“The Yun Family has long lost the right to remain, they must be removed! I, Helian Kuang am the first to support this!”

“What Duke Huai has said is what I, Chiyang Bailie, has thought all these years!”

“If the Yun Family remains, my Bai Family would not be satisfied!”

Seven Guardian Families, Sixty Duke Palaces; in terms of numbers, this was sufficient to completely overwhelm the opposition. Within the shouts for the Yun Family to leave the Guardian Families, Duke Zhong broke into a slight smile, whispering to Duke Huai: “Now Duke Huai no longer has to worry about Yun Qinghong spoiling matters, right? Once they are kicked out of the Guardian Families, they won’t have any rights to speak at this ceremony.”

Duke Huai squinted, then suddenly laughed coldly: “Such a great occasion and atmosphere, it’s such a waste to only beat down a Yun Family.”

Duke Zhong eyes flashed: “Duke Huai, what do you mean?”

“Of course it is to use this opportunity to embarrass those fellows who still remain obstinate, making them unable to raise their heads and straighten their back during this Grand Ceremony. Also, we can let Little Demon Empress know just how easy it is for this duke to replace her, heh…”

“Looks Duke Huai is already well aware of what to do next. Hehe, as expected of Duke Huai, to be able to follow you is the smartest decision this duke has made.” Duke Zhong laughed heartily.

Without question, no matter if it was the Guardian Families or the Duke Palaces, those who stood up were all from the east wing seats. Old Man Mu laughed coldly and roared: “All those who oppose to the Yun Family leaving, stand up… Do you really think we’re all herbivores?!”

Old Man Mu’s words were deafening. Su Family’s Patriarch Su Xiangnan, Under Heaven Family’s Patriarch Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, Yan Family’s Patriarch Yan Chengkong and the forty Duke Palaces on the west wing seats all stood up neatly, each one of them with serious and angry expressions.

One side had seven Guardian Families and sixty Duke Palaces.

Excluding the Yun Family, the other side only had four Guardian Families and forty Duke Palaces.

It was obvious which side was stronger with just one glance.

What was even more obvious was that all the families that wanted the Yun Family to leave the Guardian Families were in the east wing seats.

And those who opposed the Yun Family leaving were all seated in the west wing seats.

Even a fool could tell that now there was something was odd about this with such an obvious confrontation.

This was obviously two entirely different factions!

This was not a fight over the leaving or staying of the Yun Family, but the confrontation between two factions that suddenly sprung up.

What was even more evident, was that Duke Huai’s faction, was far stronger than the faction the Yun Family resided in.

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