Chapter 547 - Instant Defeat

Against the Gods

Chapter 547 - Instant Defeat

The arena that the Little Demon Empress had drawn just happened to be at the center of the Demon Imperial Hall. Duke Huai stood up and laughed, “You may enter first.”

The west wing patriarchs and dukes all gathered at Yun Qinghong’s side, with the eleven selected participants also standing behind them. As for the twelfth participant, that was naturally to be chosen from the Yun Family, but Yun Qinghong seemed to not have completely decided on who to select for battle.

“Brother Yun, how we’ll fight will be up to you to decide.” Su Xiangnan said. With Yun Qinghong directing them, he believed that no one would object.

Yun Qinghong slightly mumbled, “The outcome of this competition isn’t really judged by the number of wins, rather, it’s by an elimination system, so the order in which they go on stage isn’t all that important. Thus, the order should just be up to the children to decide. However… with how much I know about Duke Huai, even though he moves flamboyantly, he is still an extremely meticulous, cautious person. Even if he is absolutely sure about the outcome, he still won’t hold back. Therefore, he will dispatch all five of their ‘Illusory Demon Seven Scions’... including Hui Ran! You all have to mentally prepare yourselves enough for this.”

The various patriarchs and dukes nodded, their expressions becoming even heavier.

“Even though Duke Huai would not outright send his first string which possessed absolute power, he still would not forget to give us an initial show of strength. Thus, even if the other party’s number one is not their strongest, it still wouldn’t be their weakest, so the one who chooses to go out first must not hold on to the hope that their first selection would be their weakest. Instead, you must be aware that you are going up against a powerful opponent.” Yun Qinghong slowly analyzed. His brows condensed, “I only have one word of advice, even if the other party’s strength is enough to thoroughly crush you, you must never concede that easily! Under a situation in which you are bound to lose, try to make the opponent use up the greatest amount of energy possible, or even sustain injuries. That is how we’ll be able to win this competition! Win with dignity, and also allow the teammate behind you to have a greater chance of winning!”

“Understood!” The eleven participants at the rear voiced out, each of their expressions becoming unwaveringly determined.

“In addition, you must be cautious to not be knocked out of the arena. With that kind of loss, the other party would use up the least amount of energy. Similarly, that is also the most desirable way for you to win against your opponent.”

“Then I’ll go first!” Mu Family’s Mu Hengyi deeply roared.

As his voice fell, his entire person had already flown high in the air, then landed in the center of the arena. In the instant the tips of his feet landed, freezing-cold profound energy had already erupted from his body, as a current of ice-cold violent wind swept toward his surroundings. With a wave of his arm, an Ice Crystal Long Whip lashed out.

“Mu Family’s Mu Hengyi.”

It was only a short four words, but it was incredibly imposing.

“Oh, so you are the Mu Family’s Third Grand Elder’s young master Hengyi.” Duke Huai looked at Mu Hengyi with an admiring expression for a while, then turned to the side and said, “Who among you will come forward for the battle?”

No one responded to Duke Huai’s calling. The corner of his mouth slanted slightly, and said, “If no one would willingly come forward on their own, then this duke will make the selection. Zihuan, you will be the one to fight against the Mu Family’s Young Master Hengyi.”

As soon as Duke Huai spoke of the name “Zihuan”, the expression of everyone in the west wing changed altogether.

Duke Zihuan, a young duke from Duke Zhao’s Duke Palace, but this wasn’t his most notable title. His other identity was one of the “Illusory Demon Seven Scions” that were prestigious in the Illusory Demon Realm, and he was ranked fourth!!

Yun Qinghong’s guess was right. The first person that Duke Huai had sent forward was someone who wasn’t in the first tier, but was someone who definitely was not weak. Even though they had enough mental preparation, the faces of the dukes and patriarchs from each family still showed nervousness. Especially the people from the Mu Family, half of them immediately stood up.

Because Mu Hengyi, was definitely not a match for this Duke Zihuan… definitely not!

Just in terms of profound strength, Mu Hengyi was at the third level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, whereas Duke Zihuan was at the peak of the Tyrant Profound Realm’s fifth level! Among the many in the east wing, his strength was placed in the middle, but in the west wing, only Su Zhizhan could beat him.

At the lower stages of profound strength, a difference of one stage wouldn’t be too much, but once it reached the Tyrant Profound Realm, a difference of one stage would amount to an enormous disparity in skill. Even with the Yun Family’s powerful Profound Handle, it could only surpass one stage. Mu Hengyi and Duke Zihuan’s difference of two stages was something that could not be compensated. Moreover, Zihuan was not a normal level five Tyrant Profound Realm, he was at the peak of level five.

On top of that, Zihuan belonged to the Illusory Demon Royal Family. Even though his Demon Emperor’s bloodline was thin, it was still the blood of a divine beast. In terms of physique, he already greatly exceeded normal humans and demons.

So, Mu Hengyi would definitely lose this battle!

Duke Zihuan, whose name was called upon, was distracted for a second. Then, he stood up, gave Mu Hengyi a glance, and responded with an “Oh” in a feeble tone; he obviously looked unwilling to do so. He jumped up and entered the arena. He held his arms around his chest and gave Mu Hengyi a sideways glance. His eyes were filled with disdain, even a fool could see it clearly… It was obvious that he didn’t even take the competition in front of him seriously, and he was even somewhat upset at Duke Huai making him fight against someone who was this weak.

Duke Huai said slowly, “Zihuan, Hengyi is the grandson of the Mu Family’s Third Grand Elder, and is the number one in the Mu Family’s young generation. He is a strong opponent, you must not underestimate him. You must give him your best.”

“Oh, I got it.” Duke Zihuan still responded with a feeble tone. A profound formation flashed in his hand, and a blood-red long blade instantly appeared in his grasp. With its blade tip pointing at the ground, he put his other hand behind his back, then gave Mu Hengyi a twisted smile, “Um… oh, what was your name again… let’s hurry up and start this. Oh, you can go first, attack however you like.”

Even though Mu Hengyi’s expression didn’t change, his eyes almost shot out fire.

He himself knew that his profound strength could not compare to this Duke Zihuan, but he was still number one of the Mu Family’s young generation, and everyone in Demon Imperial City knew that he was the Mu Family’s third young master. He had never endured such contempt before!

His eyes showed disdain, his expression showed disdain, even what he said was filled with mockery and loathing.

Even if I can’t beat you… I must leave a scar on your neck!!

It was as if a volcano exploded within Mu Hengyi's heart. He roared deeply as he swung his Ice Crystal Long Whip, and created countless ice crystals that could pierce through bone. They flew towards Duke Zihuan like a swarm of locusts in the sky. At the same time, a blue light flashed on his body. A layer of ice crystals formed on the surface of his body, and as his shadow swayed, it created a freezing-cold storm that headed straight towards Duke Zihuan, who hadn't entered his fighting stance.

“Looks like Hengyi is completely enraged. He used 'Frost Crystal Annihilation' as soon as the fight started,” someone from the Mu Family said.

Yun Qinghong’s eyebrows fiercely jumped at this moment, and then he sighed helplessly, “Oh no!”

Standing there, Duke Zihuan, whose face expressed laziness, suddenly flashed with a split-second sneer. The hand that was at his back grabbed onto the handle as quick as lightning. His body that was originally not imposing at all, immediately burst with a strong aura of profound strength… the long blade in his hand shined with a bright, blood-red profound light.

The silence just now wasn’t because of underestimation and arrogance… he was quietly building up his power! And it exploded at this very second!

Because people from the Illusory Demon Royal Family possessed the Golden Crow’s bloodline, they had an incomparable gift when it came to cultivating fire attribute profound arts. Therefore, even though the dukes of Illusory Demon Royal Family didn’t have the right to cultivate the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》 that was exclusive to Demon Emperors, they all cultivated fire attribute profound arts.

It was no different for Duke Zihuan.

The blade he wielded in his hand was named “Scarlet Blood” and the skill he executed was the “Blood Flame Strike” that all the Illusory Demon profound practitioners feared!!!

The Duke Zihuan before his eyes, who was previously as calm as lake water, suddenly became as ferocious as an oncoming tsunami. Since Mu Hengyi’s all-out attack was made in anger, added to the fact that he never expected the opponent who was obviously looking down on him to suddenly burst out with a fierce counterattack, there was no chance for him to avoid this strike, and he could only face the Scarlet Blood Blade straight on...

A scarlet, blood-red radiance flashed past the sky and the cool air became a vicious storm, as the ice crystals that filled the air quickly turned into the smallest of particles.


Mu Hengyi’s Frost Crystal Annihilation which bore great destructive powers was instantly torn apart. After that, the ice layer on the surface of his body was also cut open… The red beam continued onwards, and slashed onto his protective profound energy. A ball of red light burst mercilessly at that instant… and right now, a sneer appeared on Duke Zihuan’s face.

“Kid, what we want is not only to win, but to make you lose in the ugliest way possible!!”

A low, mocking whisper resounded in Mu Hengyi's ears as he flew out of the battle arena with his body covered in shattered ice crystals and long streaks of bloodstains, crashing toward the Mu Family’s seats.


A Mu Family member cried out in alarm. Mu Yubai quickly flew over, catching Mu Hengyi who had been sent flying while splattering blood.

A deep cut went from Mu Hengyi’s waist all the way to the position of his heart. It was a foot long, so deep that even his internal organs could be seen.


“Hengyi, are you alright…”

“Quick!! Quick, bring the medicine!”

Mu Family’s members quickly gathered at Mu Hengyi’s side. Several Great Elders evenly channeled profound energy, sealing his wound. Mu Hengyi unwaveringly gritted his teeth, not uttering the slightest of screams, but his complexion was as white as paper. He gasped heavily, looked at Mu Yubai and Mu Feiyan, and said in shame, “Patriarch… Hengyi is useless… lost… so unsightly… lost… our clan’s… face…”

Everyone knew that Mu Hengyi would lose, but no one would ever think that he would actually lose this fast.

Instant defeat… a completely unexaggerated instant defeat!!

Even though there was a large disparity between the strengths of Mu Hengyi and Duke Zihuan, an all-out reaction should not have caused such a tragic defeat. However, the other party’s strength was obviously an absolute advantage, yet he still used such an act of contempt and ridicule to anger Mu Hengyi, causing him to lose his cautiousness. As for Duke Zihuan’s disdainful appearance, he was actually already maneuvering the energy in his body in secret… In an all-out direct collision, how could a level three Tyrant Profound Realm defeat a peak level five Tyrant Profound Realm, moreover, against an Illusory Demon’s duke who held an absolute advantage in terms of innate talent?!

Not only was Mu Hengyi instantly defeated, he didn’t even cause the other party the slightest bit of injury, and the amount of power the other party used was also very small.

Number One Under Heaven flew to Mu Hengyi’s side and injected his elven powers. Soon after, Mu Hengyi’s cut stopped aching.

Mu Feiyan’s chest heavily heaved. He didn’t blame Mu Hengyi, and instead said with a heavy expression, “Your loss was indeed unsightly, and losing this match is of no value… However, to you, this match has great worth! Because luckily, you are not against your mortal enemy this time, otherwise, you wouldn’t have ended up just being simply injured and defeated! Properly reflect on why you have lost this shamefully. Once you realize it, you would be able to live longer next time!”

“Yes…” Mu Hengyi closed his eyes, and said in shame, “It was I… who let my guard down… because of the opponent’s provocation… I will remember this lesson for my entire lifetime…”

“Alright, close your eyes and rest now. If you have something to say, say it when you’ve recovered from your injuries.” After Mu Yubai finished speaking, he turned around, and icily gazed at Duke Zihuan.

“Cough, didn’t expect Brother Hengyi’s body to be this weak. This humble duke merely hit him once, and he was injured this seriously. If I knew beforehand, I would have only used half of the strength just now.” Duke Zihuan acted as if he was blaming himself, “Senior Mu, during the competition, injuries cannot be avoided. You won’t give this humble duke a hard time because of this, right?”

No one could be held responsible for the wounds from a sparring competition. Moreover, it took place in Demon Imperial Hall with everyone watching. Mu Yubai knew for sure that even if he intentionally maimed Mu Hengyi, he couldn’t say anything about it. He scoffed, and didn’t say half a word to Duke Zihuan, turning his gaze towards Yun Qinghong.

They could already tell, not only did Duke Huai’s side want to beat them, they wanted to make them lose in the most awful, miserable, ugly way possible, and step all over their dignity and pride.

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