Chapter 549 - “Mutual Destruction”

Against the Gods

Chapter 549 - “Mutual Destruction”

The overall strength of the east wing was far stronger than that of the west wing. This was something that everyone knew. But no one thought that the west wing would lose this badly as soon as they got on the stage. The four people that went up there all lost miserably, and the other side only sent out Duke Zihuan, who was still in the arena. He was sweating and panting deeply, but aside from that, only his armor was slightly damaged, and there was no trace of bloodstains on him at all.

The four consecutive wins just now, apparently wasn’t too difficult!

And in the entire east wing, there were more people whose strengths were on par with that of Duke Zihuan, such as Chiyang Yanwu, Bai Jie, Lin Hanchuan, and people who were even stronger than him, such as Helian Ba, the Illusory Demon Seven Scions’ third rank Duke Hui Ye, second rank Duke Yuan Que… and, the one who had already exceeded the others of the young generation, whose power was so terrifying it was abnormal, the head of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions —— Hui Ran!!

This battle, how could it continue to proceed?

Within the west wing, those who originally held the attitude that losing was okay but would absolutely not yield, were heavily influenced at this moment in their heart and mind, and a deep sense of helplessness and desolation emerged.

“Who’s next? Who’s next to battle?”

Duke Zihuan swung his Scarlet Blood Blade, faced the west wing, and yelled insolently. He had really stolen the spotlight today after consecutively defeating the other party’s Guardian Family’s number one and three top-skilled dukes from the same generation as him.

“A four-loss streak, that’s pretty rough,” Yun Che frowned and whispered.

“Mu Hengyi was instantly defeated because he was careless. There was too much difference between the strengths of the three young dukes just now and their opponent, so it was certain that they would lose. However, this Duke Zihuan’s profound strength is already exhausted by over sixty percent, hopefully we can win the next battle,” Yun Qinghong said calmly.

“Patriarch Yun, let me fight this round,” said Yan Family’s Yan Chengkong as he came forward. With four straight losses, there was no doubt that the fifth challenger would have to bear enormous pressure. Because if the west wing lost again, then it would be extremely humiliating, and it would have a huge negative impact to their own reputation. But Yan Chengkong, who was also at the third level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, requested to fight by his own will… Yun Che couldn’t help but give him another look.

The Yan Family’s strength was at the bottom of the Twelve Families, and Yan Chengkong’s strength was also on the bottom of the geniuses in the Twelve Families, but in him, righteousness and assuredness that was inconsistent with his age was revealed.

Yun Qinghong moved his brows and said, “Even though this Zihuan has defeated four of our people consecutively, his energy consumption wasn’t that great… be cautious.”

“Mn,” Yan Chengkong shook his head heavily, and answered with a simple syllable. He then he flew up and landed in the arena.

“Yan Family’s Yan Chengkong, may Duke Zihuan enlighten me!” Yan Chengkong didn’t attack immediately, and instead greeted him graciously.

“Oh, so it’s the Yan Family’s young patriarch.” Duke Zihuan won four battles consecutively, and the arrogance in his heart had been magnified countless times. He took a look at Yan Chengkong, and suddenly burst into laughter, “Hahahaha! This duke thought a decent competitor has finally shown up, but I didn’t expect it would be the Yan Family’s young patriarch, and he’s only a pitiful Tyrant Profound level three. Tsk, tsk, the Yan Family has been at the bottom of the Twelve Families for ten thousand years, but didn’t seem to be too far behind. How come, with your generation, it became this miserable? Looks like the Yan Family is doomed as well.”


As soon as Duke Zihuan finished speaking, a shout as loud as a clap of thunder rung, and it shocked Duke Zihuan, making his whole body shudder. His sight went dark, and he almost spat blood. The Little Demon Empress slammed on the armrest of her throne heavily. Her eyebrows, which were shaped like new moons, slanted, and her freezing-cold eyes stared directly at Duke Zihuan. It made his whole body come to a stop. It was as if he was frozen, and he didn’t dare to move at all.

“The Yan Family has guarded my Demon Emperor’s bloodline for ten thousand years. They are loyal, devoted and achieved numerous meritorious contributions. The generations of previous Demon Emperors all respected and valued the Yan Family. You are merely a tiny junior from one of the Duke Palaces, how dare you speak such nonsensical words towards the Yan Family. Who gave you the courage!!”

Duke Zihuan was one of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions, and he had the power enough to look down upon all of the others in his generation, but how could he withstand the anger and momentum of the Little Demon Empress? He was frightened, and his face immediately paled. His body was shaky, and he almost knelt down on the spot.

Within the east wing, Duke Zihuan’s father Duke Zhao hurriedly stood up, bowed and said, “May the Little Demon Empress’s rage subside. My son was merely trying to lower his opponent’s morale, and made an indiscreet remark. He absolutely did not have the intention of disrespecting the Yan Family… Zihuan, hurry up and apologize to the Little Demon Empress and the Yan Family!”

Duke Zihuan promptly said, “Zihuan made an indiscreet remark, and said something I shouldn’t have said. May the Little Demon Empress and everyone from the Yan Family forgive me.”

With four straight losses for the west wing, the Little Demon Empress’ mood naturally wasn’t good. She scoffed softly and her rage finally settled a little, but she didn’t say anything in response as she sat back to her throne and gazed at the center of the arena coldly.

That burst of pressure that was heavy as a mountain finally disappeared. Duke Zihuan was secretly relieved. It was just then that he realized his whole body was covered in cold, wet sweat.

However, Yan Chengkong obviously couldn’t forgive him so easily. He looked calm and peaceful, but his eyes were full of anger. He grabbed his Heavy Profound Spear, pointed the tip at Zihuan’s throat, and said slowly, “Solely based on what you have just said… I bet my, Yan Chengkong’s, lifetime of dignity and honor. Today, I must defeat you under my Yan Family’s Imperious Spear!”

“You?” Duke Zihuan sneered, and said in an extremely deep voice, “Even though I only have forty percent of my strength right now, even if I only had twenty percent left, I could easily step all over you! I will not mention what will happen to your Yan Family, but you, Yan Chengkong, heh, the so-called Yan Family’s ‘number one genius’ of this generation, in the eyes of this duke, you have always been complete trash!”

Yan Chengkong was not angry at all. Instead he sneered and said, “Looks like you have never fought against people from our Yan Family. Even though the level of profound energy of our Yan Family has always been the lowest of the Twelve Families, that is because for generations, our family cultivated our profound energy second, and focused cultivating spears first! Our Yan Family’s greatest pride and wealth is not our family’s profound art, but our Imperious Spear! You will soon know how you’ll end up if you underestimate our Yan Family!!”

“We’re not called the number one Divine Spear Clan of the Illusory Demon Realm… for nothing!!”

Yan Chengkong’s glare became as sharp as the tip of his spear. He swung his arms, and his silver Heavy Profound Spear burst out with lightning speed, like thorns. At that instant, a wave of violent wind swirled up with a sharp roaring sound.

Facing Yan Chengkong’s spear, Duke Zihuan gave a face of disdain. The profound energy of his Scarlet Blood Blade rippled, and he let out a fierce slash accompanied by a blood-red light.


The weapons collided and the deafening sound of metal rang in the hall. Although Duke Zihuan had exhausted half of his strength, in terms of profound energy density, his was still largely above that of Yan Chengkong. Yan Chengkong’s Heavy Profound Spear was reflected off directly and slightly bent by his Scarlet Blood Blade. The corner of Duke Zihuan’s mouth slanted, but before he could make a sneer, the Heavy Profound Spear that was bounced out of the way and bent became like a boneless snake, then pierced directly towards his heart at an unusual angle.


Duke Zihuan’s heart stuttered as he quickly withdrew. His avoidance was extremely swift, but he was still grazed by the Heavy Profound Spear. He could clearly feel his protective profound energy being severely torn, and it made an extremely harsh ripping sound.

Yan Chengkong’s dominating momentum burst completely at this moment. The Heavy Profound Spear in his hand became like a flexible demon snake. It danced in the sky, filling it with multiple spear shadows, and trapped Duke Zihuan within them. Every prick, smash, thrust, and slash… was all flawlessly on the spot, aimed directly at Duke Zihuan’s weak points and vital spots.

“Good spear technique!” Yun Che exclaimed as he leaned forward. He couldn’t help but be impressed.

Yun Qinghong nodded slowly and said, “It is said, months for staves, years for punches, yet decades to learn spears. The art of the spear is difficult to train and master. If you don’t put in enough hard work, it would be hard to have even a small achievement. The Yan Family is hailed as Illusory Demon Realm’s number one Divine Spear Clan. Their clan’s spear tactics are unpredictable. It could be said that they exerted the power of the spear to the max. Once they are able to handle it effortlessly, they could sweep through everyone under heaven, and even ten thousand soldiers cannot compare to them. They absolutely live up to the name of number one Divine Spear Clan. Even though Yan Chengkong’s profound strength is weaker in comparison, in terms of his skill in the Imperious Spear Arts, he has already entered the highest mastery! Among others of the same level, it is hard for him to meet a worthy foe. With Zihuan’s current state, he can easily win against another peak-level Tyrant Profound Realm, but it is extremely hard for him to win against Yan Chengkong, who is only a mid-stage third level Tyrant Profound Realm.”

The whizzing sound of the spear and the sound of the wind from the spear were piercingly sharp. Duke Zihuan kept increasing his profound energy. The bones in his entire body were making cracking sounds from him using his full power, as he deflected Yan Chengkong’s attacks one after another… but it was only deflecting. He didn’t have a chance to fight back, and the tip of the spear had already roared towards him once again. Just based on the weapon’s characteristics, the spear’s power and range of attack was better than a blade, but the flexibility, speed, and maneuverability were inferior to that of a blade. However, at this moment, the spear shrouding over Duke Zihuan was swift as lightning, and as flexible as a living thing. It forced him several times into a frenzied state.

One had the advantage in profound strength, the other had skills in draconic divine spear techniques. The two of them originally had a large level difference in profound strength, but now they were stalemated in the arena. The weapons collided countless times; space was disturbed for an extended time and it continuously rippled. As the audience in the great hall looked upon this scene, the fight was distorted the whole time. Duke Zihuan couldn’t get rid of Yan Chengkong’s spear shadows throughout the fight, and for the time being, Yan Chengkong also couldn’t really hurt Duke Zihuan.

Among all the Duke Palaces, there were also many who used spears, and Duke Zihuan had gone against many who used a spear as a weapon, but he hadn’t fought against anyone from the Yan Family. He’d never thought the power of the Yan Family’s Imperious Spear was this astonishing. The Heavy Profound Spear in Yan Chengkong’s hands attacked and defended freely according to his will. When he attacked, his spear sprung like the wind and clouds, with its momentum able to swallow mountains and rivers. It made the duke’s movements all seem sluggish, as it suppressed both his blade and flame. When Yan Chengkong defended, it was like placing an iron chain across the river, it was impervious.

The two of them exchanged over a hundred blows, but none of them could do anything to the other. Yan Chengkong was calm and steady throughout, but Duke Zihuan was getting impatient. Before the battle, he mocked Yan Chengkong harshly, even insulted the whole Yan Family, got scolded seriously by the Little Demon Empress, and was humiliated hard. Now, after a hundred exchanges, he still wasn’t able to defeat this person whom he had ridiculed in front of everyone. Instead, he was being suppressed, and he was extremely aggrieved and furious.

Duke Zihuan gritted his teeth, and suddenly roared deeply. The light on his Scarlet Blood Blade intensified, making a fierce ripping sound, tearing up the space… This strike was exactly the same “Blood Flame Strike” that defeated Mu Hengyi before, but because he had already exhausted much of his profound strength, the power of the “Blood Flame Strike” was far weaker than when it defeated Mu Hengyi.

A terrifying force headed towards Yan Chengkong, as he positioned his spear horizontally and entered a defensive stance, causing the power of the Blood Flame Strike to be decreased by seventy percent. At this moment, his eyes were flickering in the attack’s brilliance, but he didn’t retreat and disarm the thirty percent power left of the Blood Flame Strike. Instead, he turned the body of his spear, let the blood-colored reflection of the blade graze his waist, and the Heavy Profound Spear became like a dragon flying out of the seas. It created an unstoppable profound energy storm that passed through the Blood Flame Blade, and stabbed Duke Zihuan viciously on the shoulder… The instant the tip of the spear touched his shoulder, all of the power immediately collected at the spear tip, and passed straight through Duke Zihuan’s protective profound energy and armor.


A splash of blood splattered out from Yan Chengkong’s waist, and the tip of the Heavy Profound Spear was stabbed deep into Duke Zihuan’s shoulder, stuck in between his shoulder blades.

A sense of pain came from his left shoulder, and it, along with the feeling of humiliation, stimulated Duke Zihuan’s ferocious personality. His eyes widened and emitted a radiance of craziness, “Go… to hell!!”

Duke Zihuan’s whole body instantly started burning in blood-red flames, as if he just walked out of a pool of blood… Watching his movements, the Yan Family’s Patriarch, Yan Zijing, was shocked and became pale. He yelled loudly, “Kong’er, dodge it, quick!!”

“Blood Cage Nether Flame!!”

The blood-red flames suddenly burst open, and a terrifying aura shrouded Yan Chengkong as his pupils shrank, but he didn’t choose to abandon his spear and retreat. Instead, he gritted his teeth, and poured all the profound energy he had into the Heavy Profound Spear… The next second, it was as if his chest had been slammed with ten thousand sledgehammers, as he instantly lost consciousness.


The blood flame exploded, and Yan Chengkong was thrown out backwards into the distance. When he was caught by Yan Zijing in the air, his chest was already torn and bloody. But Yan Chengkong wasn’t the only one who was thrown out backwards in the blood flame. In the instant that the blood flame exploded, the Heavy Profound Spear that Yan Chengkong poured the last of his powers into, pierced directly through Duke Zihuan’s shoulder, and poked open a real, transparent hole. The rest of his power pounded Duke Zihuan high up in the air, causing him to crash into the east wing with his blood sprinkling all over… That Heavy Profound Spear fiercely pierced the seats in the east wing, without any hint of blood on its surface.



Both sides were extremely shocked. None of them thought that the two of them who were originally at stalemate would meet such a tragic outcome in a single instant. To ignite those streaks of blood flames, Duke Zihuan did not hesitate to exhaust his entire body’s profound strength, and his body was pierced through with a transparent hole. It was impossible for him to continue fighting. But Yan Chengkong was no better than him; the front of his flesh was all torn, and his internal organs were all shifted. If it weren’t for his strong willpower, he would have been unconscious already. However, it was impossible for him to continue fighting.

This battle, Yan Chengkong and Duke Zihuan had achieved “mutual destruction”.

“Brothers of the Under Heaven Clan, thank you for your help!” Facing the heavily injured Yan Chengkong, Yan Zijing was fairly calm.

“Don’t worry, with us here, your son will definitely be alright,” two Elders from the Under Heaven Clan said as they nodded. They reached out their palms, and a dark green light shrouded Yan Chengkong’s wounds.

Under the natural healing power of the elven race, even though Yan Chengkong’s injuries were serious, they quickly stabilized. He took a deep breath, and said with shame, “Father, your child’s cultivation was too immature… I let you down…”

“Don’t blame yourself.” Yan Zijing said reassuringly, “After all, Zihuan is ranked fourth in the Illusory Demon Seven Scions. There’s a huge gap between you and him. To have such a result, Father is already very proud of you. Concentrate and calm down now, don’t talk anymore.”

Duke Zihuan was finally defeated, but none of the expressions on anyone from the west wing eased up in the slightest. Because it took five people for them just to beat Duke Zihuan.

“Sigh, the difference in strength between the two sides is too great.” Many in the hall were sighing.

“Yes, I don’t understand why the Yun Family accepted the challenge… Even though they would rather lose the battle than lose their dignity, when losing this miserably, what dignity is left?”

“There’s also a Su Family. I heard that Su Zhizhan from the Su Family is one of the best in the Twelve Families’ young generations. He should be able to recover some disadvantages.”

“Come on, Helian Ba from the Helian Family, second and third rankers of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions Duke Hui Ye and Duke Yuan Que, none of them are weaker than Su Zhizhan. And first rank Duke Hui Ran… it’s not exaggerated at all to say that just his strength alone is enough to beat the twelve people from the other party single-handedly!” a citizen of Demon Imperial City stated while he shook his head.

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