Chapter 553 - Yun Che Comes Forth

Against the Gods

Chapter 553 - Yun Che Comes Forth

The terrifying feeling of the deadly poison eating away at Su Zhizhan’s body miraculously disappeared. Not only had the poison in his body completely disappeared, the moans had also stopped coming from his mouth, and under everyone’s surprised gaze… he even slowly stood up all by himself.


Su Xiangnan, who had his palm pressing on Su Zhizhan this whole time, and all the elders from Su Family, clearly felt the Nine Emperor Dragon Poison completely disappear from Su Zhizhan’s body… It completely disappeared, rather than being suppressed. They were one of the Guardian Families aside the Jiufang Clan for a full ten thousand years, so they naturally knew very clearly how strong the Jiufang Clan’s poison art was, and knew how scary the Nine Emperor Dragon Poison was. Even if someone was as strong as them, it would still take quite a while to completely neutralize the “Nine Emperor Dragon Poison” from Jiufang Yu, a mere Tyrant Profound Realm level four, if they got hit. The yellow pill that Yun Che fed Su Zhizhan dissolved all of the Nine Emperor Dragon Poison in the time of only a few short breaths.

Even with their experience, it was hard for them to believe it.

Su Zhizhan naturally knew best about the status of his own body. He looked at Yun Che with astonished eyes for a while, then he cupped his hands and said sincerely, “Brother Yun, thank you for saving me. Father, all the gathered elders, I am okay now.”

Under the supervision of everyone present, the Jiufang Clan naturally wouldn’t really kill Su Zhizhan with poison, but if the Nine Emperor Dragon Poison was dragged out long enough, there was a very likely chance that it would deal permanent, irreparable damage to Su Zhizhan’s body, or even to his profound veins. If the Su Family wanted to get the antidote sooner, they would have had to lower their heads to the Jiufang Clan… so, not only did Yun Che dissolve the poison in Su Zhizhan’s body, he also saved the Su Family from lowering their dignity.

With Su Zhizhan’s personality, if his clan had to kneel down to the Jiufang Clan because of him, it would be harder to endure than simply killing him. So towards Yun Che, whom he hadn’t paid much attention to before, his heart was now filled with gratitude.

“It… it really was a miracle medicine!” A few of the elders from the Su Family gasped in a low voice. If it weren’t in consideration for their location, they would definitely do everything to find out what miracle medicine Yun Che fed Su Zhizhan. Within the time of a few breaths, it completely dissolved the Nine Emperor Dragon Poison that was spreading within his body. With this medicine, they would be invulnerable to tens of thousands of poisons!

Su Xiangnan nodded heavily towards Yun Che. Even though he hadn’t spoken, his gratitude was already shown all over his face.

“What happened?” With the presence of the venom disappearing from Su Zhizhan’s body, he stood up as if nothing had happened. Jiufang Yu and the people of the Jiufang Clan were all stunned. Even though they only saw Yun Che feeding Su Zhizhan a single pill, the same word appeared in all of their minds —— Impossible!

In this world, how could there possibly exist a medicine that could dissolve the Nine Emperor Dragon Poison that easily… That’s absolutely impossible! It must be only temporarily suppressing the poison. That must be it!

Everyone in the Jiufang Clan was shocked. They absolutely would not believe, and absolutely could not accept that the poison in Su Zhizhan’s body was really cleansed that easily by a single pill! If there really was a pill like that, then wouldn’t the poison art of their clan become a joke, become nonsense?!

“That poison just now, I, Su Zhizhan… will remember it!” Su Zhizhan gave Jiufang Yu a vicious look, and with the help of Su Xiangnan, he sat back into the seats of the Su Family.

But Yun Che didn’t leave right away. He faced Jiufang Yu, and said without expression, “Jiufang Yu, when Su Zhizhan fought you hand to hand, his entire body was already wounded, and his profound strength had dropped drastically. You could have beaten him easily, so why did you use poison? Does your entire Jiufang Clan consist of insidious, sinister people?”

Towards Yun Che, whose body only released a Sky Profound aura, Jiufang Yu was completely uninterested to even look at him. He was a renowned top genius of Illusory Demon Realm, and the number one of the Jiufang Clan. In his eyes, a mere Sky Profound Realm didn’t even deserve the word “trash”. He tilted his head, and asked lazily, “What kind of a thing are you? When did a useless thing like you have the right to question how I fought against Su Zhizhan? Oh… I finally remembered, weren’t you the one who talked back to Duke Huai, the useless godson that Patriarch Yun had adopted, mn? What, is it possible that you are the person representing the Yun Family for the next round? Hahahaha!”

After saying that last sentence, Jiufang Yu immediately burst into laughter. Yun Che laughed as well, “You are correct. I am the one representing the Yun Family, who is also your opponent now.”

“Hm?” Jiufang Yu’s laughing stopped abruptly, and then he started laughing once again. He laughed until he was staggering back and forth, and was almost out of breath, “You? A Sky Profound Realm piece of trash… representing the Yun Family? Be my opponent? Ahaha… hahahaha…”

The words Jiufang Yu said before were just pure mockery. He didn’t think that the Yun Family would send someone who was only in the Sky Profound Realm, because this realm couldn’t even be qualified to be serve as a stopgap. He didn’t expect Yun Che to give him a confident answer. It was as if he heard the most hilarious joke in the world.

People in the east wing instantly fell on the ground laughing, and the same laughter came from every corner in the hall. The west wing had lost miserably, and the competition was a foregone conclusion. After Su Zhizhan lost, they only had one last contestant left. This competition was started because of the Yun Family, and the result also determined the fate of the Yun Family. Therefore, the Yun Family would have to send someone out no matter what… Even though the Yun Family’s young generation had fallen, and even though it would be a loss for sure, the Yun Family made the claim that they could lose the competition, but they absolutely could not lose their morality and momentum. They should’ve sent the strongest of their young generation to battle with all their might against Jiufang Yu. Even if they lost, they would not yield…

No matter what, they shouldn’t let someone who was only in Sky Profound Realm, someone who didn’t even qualify to serve as a stopgap into the arena. If they really did so, wouldn’t the Yun Family be humiliating themselves?

So, aside from everyone laughing, they all thought that it was Yun Che making the decision on his own. Everyone still vividly remembered all of his shocking impulses, actions, and words from before.

“This boy is here doing comedy, right?”

“When he spoke against Duke Huai before, I thought he was courageous. Turns out he was just a hothead afterall.”

“He is merely in the Sky Profound Realm. He can’t even be compared to me, yet he still wants to represent the Yun Family? Doesn’t he know that this is stripping off the Yun Family’s face?”

“Even I can’t watch this. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t be able to face anyone ever again.”

“The dignified Yun Family Patriarch, how could he adopt such a son, sigh…”

The whole audience fell over laughing. The Little Demon Empress’ crescent brows locked tightly. A soft laugh sounded as Duke Huai stood up and said smilingly, “Yun Che, you are representing the Yun Family? Is this your decision, or Yun Qinghong’s decision?”

Yun Che didn’t answer. Yun Qinghong slowly stood up and looked at Duke Huai. Just as everyone thought he was going to overrule it, he softly said, “Of course this is my decision! The last person from our side, and the person who is representing our Yun Family, is Yun Che! Does Duke Huai have any objections?”


It was no surprise that as soon as Yun Qinghong spoke his words, the whole hall was surprised. Almost everyone was staring in bewilderment, followed with even more noise coming from all directions. Yun Qinghong didn’t even have to listen to know exactly what they were saying. It was definitely things like “Yun Qinghong must have gone mad”.

But, not everyone was like this. Some were gaping, some were laughing loudly, but Duke Huai wasn’t laughing, and many people from the Twelve Families were also deep in thought.

Many people from the Twelve Families knew Yun Che saved Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven when they were assaulted outside the city three months ago. Especially the Under Heaven Clan, the Helian Clan, and Duke Huai’s people. They even knew that Yun Che had not only saved them from three first-level Tyrant Profound Realms, he even instantly killed a level one Overlord!

His powers were absolutely not as simple as they looked on the surface… Yun Qinghong’s decision displayed this fact even more clearly.

Because Yun Qinghong was absolutely not a fool!

“Seventh Treasure, when Yun Che saved you that day, did he really only use one move to slay a level one Overlord?”

At the seats of the Under Heaven Clan, Unparalleled Under Heaven confirmed with Number Seven Under Heaven.

“Of course it’s true!” Number Seven Under Heaven nodded with certainty, “Third Uncle, I was there when it happened. I saw it clearly with my own eyes.”

“I tested out his strength that day." Number One Under Heaven gazed at Yun Che and said, “When he attacked, his profound energy aura was still at the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm, it was unmistakeable. But his combat capabilities, were at least at the fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm! Jiufang Yu might not win for sure in this battle… wait and prepare to be surprised!”

Number One Under Heaven pronounced “at least" articulately. Even though the fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm was the resulting strength of his test that day, he also felt that it was possible that Yun Che had not used all of his powers. A person who was smart enough would definitely not reveal all of his strengths that easily.

“If that really was the case, then we’ve got a show to watch. A Sky Profound Realm level ten… holds the strength of a mid-stage Overlord, how was this cultivated! In the history of the whole Illusory Demon Realm, there absolutely hasn’t been such a jump in levels of strength,” said Unparalleled Under Heaven as he lowered his eyebrows. But then, he followed it with a sigh to himself, “Sigh, even if his strength really exceeds the fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, what good will it do if he won against Jiufang Yu? This miserable losing situation is impossible to fix. Even if Jiufang Yu lost, they still have the kid from the Xiao Family, the lass from the Chiyang Family, and the three sons of Duke Huai and Duke Zhong… sigh.”

“At least he could win back a large amount of momentum!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven gave a sideways glance and said, “I’d like to see if he could surprise us! If this kid could really win this fight, then it would be a ruthless slap in their faces, and even if we lost, our hearts would be more at ease! Yun Qinghong’s decision to put him last must have been for this purpose.

“But, Yun Che is only Yun Qinghong’s adopted son after all, not someone from the Yun Family. Usually, he wouldn’t be qualified to represent the Yun Family,” Number Five Under Heaven opened his mouth and said.

“If no one from either side opposes, then why are you worrying about it?” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said as he waved his hand, “Even if they were aware of this, they definitely won’t say anything about it. They can’t wait to use this opportunity to brutally humiliate the Yun Family… Sigh, I hope this kid can actually win.”

“No objections, of course no objections.” Duke Huai said smilingly and said, “Since Patriarch Yun trusts your adopted son so much, your adopted son must be extraordinary. Then this duke will wait quietly for the exciting showdown next, hehehehe.”

“Patriarch, t-t-this… this is a serious matter, please think clearly about this.” None of the elders of the Yun Family could sit tight any longer, and they all spoke up in agitation.

A younger disciple from the Yun Family speedily stood in front of Yun Qinghong, and said, “Patriarch, this disciple requests to take Yun Che’s place. Even though this disciple is not as gifted, I will fight until death, and will definitely not shame our clan…”

“Say no more.” Yun Qinghong waved his hand firmly, “Go back to your seats. If there’s anything you want to say, save it for after this competition!”

Yun Qinghong’s voice was strict and determined. The elders and disciples all looked at one another, and didn’t dare to say another word. Yun Qinghong sat down and looked at the Yun Che on the stage. In his mind, he thought about the speed and concealing skill that deeply impressed him three days ago… and the Golden Crow’s exploding flames that night outside of Demon Imperial City…

Even though he never really tested Yun Che’s strength, simply based on that night when Yun Che enraged the Little Demon Empress and still came back alive, it was enough for him to believe that his son’s strength was absolutely stronger than he had predicted.

Che’er… let Father see, what performance you would present!

Not everyone in Demon Imperial City knew about Yun Che saving Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven from the three Overlords. Even if they heard about it, they wouldn’t take an unfamiliar name to heart… Jiufang Yu was one of those people.

For someone at the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm, even if he was incredibly gifted, his strength would at most be half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm. Jiufang Yu felt humiliated that he was faced with an opponent of a garbage level, in a location like the Demon Imperial Hall with all the heroes of the realm gathered here. To lessen the mortification as much as possible, he felt like he couldn’t just defeat him immediately even if he could crush his opponent with only one fingertip. He had to humiliate him as much as possible, or else he would feel like he couldn’t show his face anywhere in the future.

He stood there in a crooked posture, signaled Yun Che with his finger, and said in a lazy tone, “Then let’s fight. Come. Grab your weapon and attack me all you want. I will stand right here and let you slash me thirty times. If I flinch at all, then consider it my loss, how about that?”

“Heh!” Yun Che laughed slightly, “That’s okay, I don’t think I’ll need a weapon to deal with you.”

“...” Jiufang Yu got so angry he burst into laughter. He now believed that what he encountered wasn’t a weak chicken, but a complete idiot. He felt like his class, level, and even his IQ had all been smacked down just from standing face to face with him.

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