Chapter 556 - Xiao Donglai’s Huge Loss

Against the Gods

Chapter 556 - Xiao Donglai’s Huge Loss

Everyone gathered within the Demon Imperial Hall was broadly knowledgeable as they were the top experts from all of Demon Illusory Realm. However, not one of them had seen profound skills being sealed in ice, and they were shocked stupefied. Some people even stood up in surprise and repeatedly checked to ensure that what they were seeing was not an illusion.

Bang, bang, bang!!

Following Yun Che’s aggression, the ice-sealed storm shattered as though it were normal ice. Xiao Donglai was so shocked that he had lost any form of composure and stared blankly at the quickly approaching Yun Che. As his arms shook, a longspear appeared in his hands, then swept up a huge whirlwind. With a loud roar, he shot the spear viciously at Yun Che, and the figure of a mighty pegasus, spreading its wings and howling emerged at the tip of the spear.


The longspear shot straight through Yun Che’s figure, but all it tore apart was an afterimage. Xiao Donglai was instantly stunned... Given that his senses and perception had been thoroughly trained by his wind profound skill, he still did not detect when Yun Che had used his instantaneous movement. Luckily, his reaction speed was fast; he withdrew his profound energy at top speed, then guarded his entire body.


As though an extremely heavy sledgehammer had been mercilessly smashed onto his back, Xiao Donglai’s back instantly concaved deeply, and the profound energy that he had gathered to defend his body shook violently, almost completely dissipating… At this moment, he finally understood why Jiufang Yu had been knocked out and bled from every orifice on his head in just one blow! If he had not guarded his body with all his profound energy, such a frightening blow would definitely severely injure him… Even more so, Jiufang Yu, who did not bother to defend, had received such a blow directly to his chest.

In the midst of the deafening noise, Xiao Donglai flew away like a bullet, spinning around several times in midair before he barely stabilized his body using wind profound energy, and landed at the edges of the arena. As he landed, he staggered and directly half-knelt onto the ground. His face had become exceptionally pale. Following a gulping sound, he forcefully swallowed the blood that had already rushed to his throat.

And before he had the chance to stand up, he heard the howling of the wind in front of him. As he raised his head, he saw Yun Che’s ice-cold look… which was not more than thirty meters away from him.

Facing Yun Che now, how would Xiao Donglai dare to have any more scorn and arrogance? He gritted his teeth, ignoring the internal injuries he suffered and condensed his profound energy. He grabbed his longspear tightly, but before he could completely stand up, profound light flashed under his feet and a huge Tree of Frozen End sprouted from the ground, growing quickly and within one breath of time, it had towered into the sky until it reached the top of the hall.

Frozen End’s fourth stage —— Tree of Frozen End!

The branches of ice and leaves of snow of the huge Tree of Frozen End wrapped around Xiao Donglai densely and he could only struggle for a short while before being completely sealed in ice. Even though he had quickly utilized all the profound energy within him, he could no longer move one bit. It was as though cold energy that came from an icy hell had entered his body as he felt all the blood in his body rapidly freezing over.

“Good… bye!”

The corners of Yun Che’s lips hooked up in his mutter, and he gradually opened his outstretched hands...


The Tree of Frozen End suddenly exploded and the skies were filled with ice crystals which caused the temperature in the hall to drop drastically. Even those who sat at the corners of the hall shivered intensely due to the cold. Among the dream-like ice crystals, the completely frozen Xiao Donglai flew out without struggling, just like a lifeless corpse, and even when he had landed onto the ground, he still did not move.

The hall was now silent once again. The audience that was previously struck dumb by Yun Che, who had crippled Jiufang Yu with one blow, was stunned yet again… it could even be said that they had been shocked senseless.

When he severely injured Jiufang Yu in one move before, they could acknowledge it as Jiufang Yu’s carelessness in not preparing and defending while also assuming that Yun Che’s specialty was strength. Ninety-nine percent of the audience believed that if they were to fight head on, Yun Che would never be Jiufang Yu’s match… After all, Jiufang Yu was from the Guardian Families that had a ten thousand year heritage. In terms of foundation and profound arts, Yun Che could not possibly compare with him.

However, Yun Che’s fight with Xiao Donglai was a true and honest confrontation! Furthermore, once Xiao Donglai had entered the arena, he had used the Xiao Family’s most dangerous afterimage attack but that was countered by Yun Che’s own afterimage attack! The full-force storm attack that he had executed was sealed in ice by Yun Che. In his panic, he had used his weapon, but it was still easily defeated by Yun Che. Even the speed that the Xiao Family boasted to be the fastest within the Illusory Demon Realm was quickly obliterated by Yun Che!

Not only was this round an honest confrontation, Xiao Donglai had used all the advantages he possessed, yet was still defeated by Yun Che… and it was a tragic defeat!

Numerous people were shocked, numerous people were baffled, numerous people were dumbfounded, and even more people could not believe their eyes.

In the Mu family seats, even Mu Feiyan had stood up… and he himself did not know when he had done so. Seeing Yun Che, who was walking leisurely back to the edge of the arena, his beard trembled intensely as he said in a daze, “This kid is unbelievable... unbelievable.”

“What kind of profound art is he using? There’s actually such a frightening ice profound art that I have actually never heard of in this world!” Mu Yuqing exclaimed in shock.

Mu Yubai shook his head, “Huh, our Mu family have always boasted that our ice profound skills are unrivalled in this world, but compared to this kid… just based on the fact that he could encase profound energy in ice, our family’s profound skill already cannot be compared to his. Tch… Someone in the Sky Profound Realm that can match a mid-stage Overlord, such speed, such a movement skill, such an overbearing ice profound art, and he even cured… This kid simply has too many secrets on him! No! Even if it costs my life, I must make him my sworn brother!”

“Big brother… is actually… so powerful.” Xiao Yun had his mouth agape in shock.

“Husband, is… he really our son?” Mu Yurou grabbed Yun Qinghong’s hand as her emotions went from nervousness to shock to being so agitated that she had nearly lost control and spoke incoherently. This child that heavens had returned to this couple gave them far too many surprises. She felt that she was still in a dream, and the deep relief and pride caused her tears to well up uncontrollably.

“Yes… he is our son.” Yun Qinghong nodded strongly as his quivering eyes revealed a deep sense of emotion and pride.

The various Yun Family elders were all flushed and even the three Grand Elders, Yun Jiang, Yun Xi and Yun He, couldn’t help but nod. The Yun Family disciples who previously snorted surreptitiously and normally looked down on Yun Che in secret were now so ashamed that they wanted to hide their heads.

Xiao Donglai was carried back to the Xiao Family seats by the Xiao Family members and at this point, everyone from the Xiao Family was staring at Yun Che. However, those were not looks of anger, but looks of shock and disbelief. Yun Che had completely overwhelmed Xiao Donglai in terms of speed and movement skills, which were what the Xiao Family had always been the most proud of. They were so shocked that they could not even shout a phrase back in anger or retaliation.

The members of the Jiufang family who were voicing out their discontent and unhappiness over Jiufang Yu’s defeat had all shut up as well, no longer able to say that Jiufang Yu had only lost due to his carelessness. Jiufang Yu and Xiao Donglai’s strength were around the same level, so since Yun Che had defeated Xiao Donglai in a mere five rounds of exchanges, even if Jiufang Yu had fought with his all… the result would have also been a huge loss under Yun Che’s hands!

They had completely predicted Yun Che’s strength wrongly.

No! It was just that Yun Che’s strength had completely defied their logic!

If one could defeat someone who was one level higher in the Tyrant Profound Realm, he would have had to be an unparallelled genius. The ultimate profound handle of the Yun Family could, at its limits, allow them to release strength two Tyrant Profound levels higher than their own. There was a huge gap between the strength of each level of the Tyrant Profound Realm and the massiveness of this gap was something that talent could not easily overcome, unlike in the Spirit, Earth and Sky Profound Realms…

An early stage Overlord being on par with a mid-stage Overlord was already like a legend that had been actualized by no more than five people throughout the entire history of the Illusory Demon Realm.

As for a Throne being on par with an Overlord, that had never been seen or heard before.

Something like a person in the Sky Profound Realm being on par with someone in the Tyrant Profound Realm… and it was the middle levels of the Tyrant Profound Realm, was something that had never occurred before in all of history. If it were not for them seeing it for themselves today, even if it were told that by the most respectable person in the world, they would never have believed it.

But such a person was standing in front of them now. With a profound strength at only the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm, he had beaten Xiao Donglai who was in the fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm… Furthermore it had only been five exchanges!

No one could imagine just how Yun Che could release such frightening strength when he was only in the Sky Profound Realm. Such a bizarre leap in strength was something that could only be described as “heaven defying”. At the very least, one must possess immeasurable talent to become capable of fighting across levels... Could one’s talent truly be this great, to such an extent?!

Duke Huai’s expression stiffened. Defeating Xiao Donglai head-on and severely injuring the defenseless Jiu Fangyu were two completely different concepts. His profound strength could not be faked and his strength was made clear in everyone’s eyes. At this point, even Duke Huai’s heart was completely filled with shock.

Hui Ran, who had always been looking down, uninterested, finally looked up and glanced at Yun Che He snorted, “Hmph, seems a bit interesting now.”

“This brat’s strength is indeed a bit exaggerated. It seems like Chiyang Yanwu might not necessarily be his match.” The number two of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions, Duke Yuan Que, commented with a smile as he narrowed his eyes.

Behind him, Duke Hui Ye looked sullen as he stared at Yun Che for a while before laughing coldly, “This duke also hopes that Chiyang Yanwu loses to him as well. If that happens, this duke can personally… cripple him!!”

“Oh!” Duke Yuan Que turned his head around and said, “Speaking of which, this Yun Che brat seemed to have spoiled your grand plans a month ago. This is indeed a great chance. Heh, this duke originally thought that we wouldn’t have to appear on stage, but it looks like this game has suddenly become very interesting. I hope that this brat won’t be burnt into ashes by Chiyang Yanwu’s flames, otherwise, it would spoil your fun.”

“Don’t worry.” Duke Hui Ye laughed eerily, “Falling into Chiyang Yanwu’s hands is probably not much more comfortable than falling into my hands. That woman is extremely vicious. Even though this duke would lose the joy of doing it personally, I can at least save my energy and wouldn’t have to dirty my hands!”

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