Chapter 559 - Duke Huai’s Murderous Intent

Against the Gods

Chapter 559 - Duke Huai’s Murderous Intent

Chiyang Bailie’s brows sunk and his eyes glinted with a dangerous light, “Why? Could it be that you are harboring the delusion that you can seize my clan’s Solar Whip?”

“Oh, you’re talking about this whip?” It was now that Yun Che looked up in sudden realization. He tossed the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip over to Chiyang Bailie with a casual flick of his hand, “This whip’s not bad, especially when it’s used to whip someone’s buttocks; the sound it makes is very crisp and satisfying indeed.”

The vast majority of the people in the great hall burst out into laughter. With a single sentence from Yun Che, one of the Chiyang Family’s three ultimate weapons was reduced to a tool used to whip buttocks. Chiyang Yanwu was already furious with embarrassment and once she heard these words, her fury and embarrassment rose to new heights. If not for the fact that she had been whipped by Yun Che to the point where she was scared stiff, she wouldn’t even have been able to restrain herself and have it out with him, “You… You!!”

Yun Che pretended as if he did not even notice Chiyang Yanwu’s murderous gaze and looked like he was minding his own business before he continued, “Even though this whip isn’t bad, I would never ever have the courage to ‘seize’ it. Recently, I have been perusing the annals of the ten thousand year history of this Illusory Demon Realm, and within these records, I seem to remember that there was a mention that the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip was gifted to the Chiyang Family by the third Demon Emperor. So it seems that the Demon Emperor Clan has truly held the Chiyang Family in high regard all this time.”

“Hmph!” Chiyang Bailie kept the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip and said coldly, “The Demon Emperor Clan has always held our Chiyang Family in the highest regard and the debt of gratitude that we owe to them is as heavy as mountains…”

“Oh!!” Yun Che exclaimed loudly, “Since Patriarch Chiyang knows that the Demon Emperor Clan has always held the Chiyang Family in the highest regard and that the Chiyang Family owes a great deal to the Demon Emperor Clan, it only naturally follows that the Chiyang Family would be deeply grateful, loyal, and devoted towards the Demon Emperor Clan. Also, the annals of Illusory Demon Realm clearly illustrates the rise and development of the Chiyang Family, and pardon this junior for saying something displeasing to the ear, but if not for the original Demon Emperor and several of the great Guardian Families using their entire strength to assist your Chiyang Clan, your clan would have perished at the hands of the Mokui Clan ten thousand years ago.”

“Not only was your clan rescued by the Demon Emperor, he even led the Chiyang Family and conquered everything under heaven with you by his side. Because of that, your family became a Guardian Family which ruled over the heavens and radiated might and prestige. For the past ten thousand years, your Chiyang Family has belonged the highest echelons of the Illusory Demon Realm… ah, and they even bequeathed unto you the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip, a great weapon known throughout the realm… This great favor shown to the Chiyang Family by the Demon Emperor Clan, even ten thousand lifetimes would not be enough to repay it!” Yun Che exclaimed with fervor, “If there is a ever a day that the seed of disloyalty is birthed in your Chiyang Family, that you forget your ancestors and your loyalty to become ungrateful and disloyal, that will surely provoke a universal disdain of the entire realm for your clan. Indeed, it is a contemptible act that would not be washed clean even in ten thousand lifetimes, an act that cannot be tolerated by heaven and earth. Oh, of course, after enjoying the blessings from the Demon Emperor for the past ten thousand years, coupled with the fact that your family is one of the most outstanding Guardian Families, it’s definitely impossible for your clan to perform this kind of act that would shame your ancestors. But I was merely recalling the grand history of your Chiyang Family all of a sudden, so I reminisced for a while.... Oh? Patriarch Chiyang, why does your face suddenly look so bad? Could it be that this junior has said something wrong?”

Chiyang Bailie’s expression was indeed ugly to the extreme. Because the entire Demon Imperial City knew the true intentions of Duke Huai. When the Chiyang Family appeared at the east wing, they too had made their intentions clear. Yun Che’s words were undoubtedly a fierce rebuke directed towards the Chiyang Family, but under the eyes of all the heroes of the realm, he couldn’t muster a single response to this resounding rebuke. The blue veins on his arms stood out clearly as he coldly eyed Yun Che. He said in a deep voice, “The affairs of my Chiyang Clan are none of your business! You are not yet worthy to idly talk about us! Hmph!”

As he finished speaking, Chiyang Bailie pulled Chiyang Yanwu along and flew back to his seat… His daughter was disgraced for all to see, so as the Chiyang Family’s Patriarch, and even more importantly, as Chiyang Yanwu’s father, he should have greatly rebuked Yun Che, or at the very least given him a stern warning and a few fierce words. However, he had instead grabbed Chiyang Yanwu and left, as he was unwilling to exchange any further words with Yun Che… It was clear that this hidden scolding of Yun Che was extremely hard for Chiyang Yanwu to bear. “Ungrateful and disloyal,” “forgetting your ancestors and your loyalty,” “the universal disdain of the entire realm,” “a contemptible act that would not be washed clean even in ten thousand lifetimes,” “an act that cannot be tolerated by heaven or earth,” every single word used was a poisonous needle that pierced his very soul.

Once Chiyang Bailie had left, the west wing immediately exploded into thunderous applause and acclamation, three consecutive victories… It was the first time the west wing had three consecutive victories, and this was after they had suffered humiliating defeat after humiliating defeat. And it was three consecutive victories created solely by the last man standing, a turn of events that no one could have foreseen!

“Yun Che, that was a beautiful win!”

“This is practically… practically a miracle! He actually won again!”

“Just where did this Yun Che pop out from, how come I’ve never heard of his name before?!”

“It doesn’t matter what he was in the past, just based on the fact that he consecutively beat Jiufang Yu, Xiao Donglai and Chiyang Yanwu, from this day onwards, his name will shake the heavens.”

“Is his profound strength truly only at the Sky Profound Realm? This is simply too… too unbelievable.”

To all who were present, Yun Che’s three consecutive victories was a success that was more than sufficient to shake the entire Illusory Demon Realm. Because he did not beat just any random side character; he had defeated those who represented the pinnacle of strength among the young generation of the entire Illusory Demon Realm.

“The foster son that Yun Qinghong has taken in, he is simply incredible… simply way too incredible.” Su Xiangnan exclaimed repeatedly in shock, “Not only did he beat three people consecutively, he did so while sustaining basically no injuries. Moreover, it looks like he did not even use his full strength. Such a heaven-blessed genius, yet his name was unknown before now. He used such an incomparably tyrannical profound art, yet no one has ever heard of it… this child is definitely, absolutely extraordinary.”

“For a Sky Profound Realm practitioner to be so strong, this is indeed the first time I have seen it in my entire life.” Su Family’s Great Elder also exclaimed and he followed up with a low sigh and a shake of his head, “But his personality is simply too wild and unrestrained. He reprimanded Duke Huai, heavily injured Jiufang Yu and Xiao Donglai and he even humiliated Chiyang Yanwu, then subtly scolded the entire Chiyang Clan for the whole world to see… Such genius, but such lack of restraint. To flagrantly and publicly offend all of these people that even the Little Demon Empress would hesitate to have a falling out with, while winning three consecutive victories and heavily damaging their prestige… I am only afraid that this young genius who is completely unrestrained and offensive will meet an early end.”

“What Big Brother has just said is exactly what I am worried about.” Su Xiangnan said as he nodded his head. Yun Che miraculously won three consecutive victories and caused his opponents to suffer miserable defeats, causing the west wing, which had prepared to have their dignity trampled, to raise their heads once more. Su Xiangnan was in complete awe of Yun Che, and Yun Che also naturally moved his heart which appreciated talent and understood gratitude. Thus, he became worried about the possible situation that Yun Che might soon face, because it was as the Great Elder had said; even though Yun Che was brilliant and dazzling in this grand ceremony, he had fiercely offended one incredible person after the other, and he had even gone as far as to offend an entire family.

Su Xiangnan glanced at Yun Qinghong and became hesitant to speak the words he was about to say.

The Little Demon Empress’ expression had been cold and calm the entire time, as if it was encased in ice. It was only when she looked at Yun Che that a small and faint change occurred on her face… At the very least, her initial desire to kill Yun Che had lessened. And the weakening of her killing intent was because he had displayed a strength that had shocked all who were present, while his words clearly expressed his desire to protect and be loyal to the Demon Emperor Clan.

“Who’s next?!” Yun Che stood in the center of the arena, staring directly at the east wing; every single word was filled with a deep arrogance.

No one in the entire great hall still mocked or despised Yun Che as they had when he had first been introduced. Those who had mocked him without restraint were presently filled with embarrassment. Currently, there was only respect left in those gazes directed towards him, and his haughty words caused the blood of those seated in the west wing to surge, as he left them with an uninhibited and extreme feeling of exaltation after their complete and crushing defeat.

This was especially so for the disciples of the Yun Family. They had originally regarded Yun Che as an outsider and completely rejected this person who had suddenly become the Patriarch’s foster son. But at this time, what rejection would still be left towards Yun Che? Their entire beings were filled with admiration and respect as the feeling of shared prestige became unbearably intense.

As for those seated in the east wing, their expressions had naturally become extremely ugly, especially those young disciples, as rage and envy were clearly written on their faces.

“What is this Yun Che so arrogant about?! Does he think that just because he beat Chiyang Yanwu, he is unparalleled under heaven?!”

“His arrogance is about to come to an end! The three who have yet to battle on our side are the remaining three of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions! And any one of them could abuse him to the point where his own mother wouldn’t recognize him!”

“Hmph! Just let him be smug for a while. He offended Duke Huai and offended the Chiyang, Xiao, and Jiufang Families. His status is merely that of a wild punk from outside of Demon Imperial City. Whether he will still be breathing six hours after this ceremony is a matter that has yet to be confirmed!”

“Bloody hell! I wish that Duke Hui Ran would come out now and smash his mouth to pieces with a single punch… However, that is not a likely thing, because with Duke Hui Ran’s strength, he would not even want to trade blows with such an opponent. And with the presence of Duke Hui Ye and Duke Yuan Qiao, Duke Hui Ran won’t even have the opportunity to show off his skills.”

“Hmph! Whatever it is, there is definitely no possibility that we will lose. The only thing that grinds my gears is that we allowed this punk to have the honor of winning three consecutive times. However, the more he shows off, the worse the consequences will be. I reckon that whether it is Duke Hui Ye or Duke Yuan Qiao who steps on the stage, neither will hold back, and even if he were beaten half to death, he would still have been let off lightly! So let him be arrogant!”

Duke Huai’s expression was still completely placid, but a strange light had appeared in his eyes. When Yun Che had beaten both Jiufang Yu and Xiao Donglai, even though he had been stunned, he had not truly taken Yun Che seriously. However, he had just beaten Chiyang Yanwu without even expending too much of his strength. But what caused him the most concern were the words that he had said to Chiyang Bailie… From this moment on, he had no choice but to completely reevaluate Yun Che.

He was unable to find either hide or hair regarding Yun Che’s origins despite his own great power.

He’d also been sorely mistaken about Yun Che’s strength.

Moreover, he had immediately been accepted as the foster son of that Yun Qinghong after he had entered the Yun Family...

The previous scheme that was targeted at the Yun Family and the Under Heaven Family was also completely unravelled by him, to the point where it had been laid bare for all to see.

After he had comprehensively analyzed this person, Duke Huai was suddenly seized by a thought… this Yun Che just might be a completely unforeseen and unknowable variable!

His logic-defying talent and strength, that demeanor and sharpness that far surpassed his age, all caused Duke Huai to feel a clear sense of danger.

Duke Huai’s brows faintly sunk and the killing intent he felt towards Yun Che instantly intensified by tens of times. He lowered his head and sent a profound energy sound transmission to Duke Hui Ye, “Ye’er, kill him!”

Duke Hui Ye had already been prepared to set out for battle when he suddenly heard Duke Huai’s sound transmission. His brows jumped and his mouth faintly curved into a cruel smile. He looked in Duke Huai’s direction and gently nodded his head, after which, he bounded into the air to land in front of Yun Che. His face was full of smiles as he looked at Yun Che... and that gaze was filled with an unconcealed cruelty.

“Duke Hui Ye… It’s Duke Huai’s Palace’s Young Duke Hui Ye!”

“I never thought that he would actually force Duke Hui Ye to personally come out. Ah, it really doesn’t make me feel good. But at least this competition has finally come to an end.”

“Yun Che won three consecutive victories, but it seems like he hardly broke a sweat. Moreover, he hasn’t even used his weapon yet… Do you think that Yun Che might have a possibility of beating Duke Hui Ye?”

“Are you joking?! This is the one who is ranked number three among the Illusory Demon Seven Scions that we are talking about, Duke Hui Ye of Duke Huai Palace! The thickness of the royal blood that Duke Huai Palace possesses is second only to the Demon Emperor Clan! And all the dukes in Duke Huai’s palace have a strong bloodline that is second only to the Demon Emperor! And the profound art that they cultivate is the one recognized to be inferior only to the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》, the ‘Fallen Flame Devil Art’. A practitioner of this art who is at the sixth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm has power that is equivalent to a level seven Tyrant Profound Realm practitioner from the Twelve Families. Even though it could be said that Yun Che easily beat Chiyang Yanwu, he also had to fight nearly one hundred rounds and at one point, he was nearly forced out of the arena by her. Now that Duke Huai has made his move, he won’t even last three rounds! So how can there be any possibility that he will lose to Yun Che?”

“That’s right. Do not compare any disciple of the Twelve Families to a duke from Duke Huai Palace. Yun Che is indeed strong to the point of absurdity, but there is no way he can be Duke Hui Ye’s match. At most, he might be able to force Duke Hui Ye to use his full strength.”

There was much discussion inside the hall. The unsightly looks on everyone’s faces in the east wing seats were gradually alleviated when they saw Duke Hui Ye enter the arena; they all revealed a cold smile… They believed that Yun Che’s previous public attention would cause Duke Hui Ye to treat him harshly and there was also the possibility him killing Yun Che. As for Duke Hui Ye losing to Yun Che… it was definitely impossible.

The cries from all those seated in the west wing suddenly went cold, as every single person seated there displayed varying degrees of anxiety on their face. Especially those seniors, once they thought of Duke Hui Ye’s temperament, their brows tightly knitted together.

“You have done pretty well. Honestly, this duke actually severely underestimated your strength. One month ago, when I saw you at the Yun Family household, I had thought that you were merely a little grasshopper who was beneath my notice. I really did not think that you would actually be able to force this duke to personally take the stage. I guess that you are somewhat adequate enough for privilege of making this duke take you seriously.”

Duke Hui Ye had a bland smile on his face as he said that, but Yun Che could perceive an incomparably clear killing intent from his eyes. This kind of clear killing intent told Yun Che that in the upcoming battle, Duke Hui Ye would definitely try to deal a killing blow to him.

Yun Che also smiled, “Duke Hui Ye, it’s better if you boast less. This kind of boasting, in my entire life, even if I have not heard it a thousand times, I have at least heard it eight hundred times. But in the end, every single one of them had slapped their own face without a single exception. Heh, and let me tell you, slapping your own face is very painful, you know.”

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