Chapter 56 – Star God’s Broken Shadow

Against the Gods

Chapter 56 – Star God’s Broken Shadow

The current Yun Che seemed to have been reborn anew, for even the sense of extreme weakness caused by the fatigue from blood loss seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

He walked next to the corpse of the Flame Dragon, which had been split into four lumps, and hesitated, not knowing where to begin.

Jasmine was right; the dead body of the Flame Dragon, to him… no, to anyone in the Blue Wind Empire, including all four major sects of the empire, was a huge pile of treasure!!

This was an Emperor Profound Beast; not only that, but a true dragon! Dragons were considered to be kings among beasts, for even between creatures of the same level, dragons would eclipse any other beasts in all aspects. Its hide, meat, blood, bones, horns, eyes, wings, and viscera… were all considered to be treasures amongst treasures. The most powerful beings within the Blue Wind Continent were of the Emperor Profound Realm; in other words, it was possible that this Flame Dragon was very likely, the first Emperor Profound beast that had been slain since an innumerable amount of years! This meant that the true value of the Flame Dragon’s corpse had shot up to an even more immeasurable height.

Especially its Profound Core; for a Profound Core of a Sky Profound Dragon, the Burning Heaven Sect had not hesitated to mobilize five great experts at the Sky Profound Realm to hurriedly rush to this region from afar. As for the Profound Core of an Emperor Profound Dragon, not even they would dare have such an extravagant expectation.

The Flame Dragon’s body weight at least hundreds of tons; such an enormous body, even if it was divided into four pieces, were still each comparable to four small mountains. From the Sky Poison Pearl, Yun Chen took out a dull, small dagger he’d taken from the Xiao Clan and cautiously probed the Flame Dragon’s body. With a muffled sound, the blade bent backwards and left behind nothing more than a superficial line.

How could it be possible for Yun Che to cut this Flame Dragon’s body, that couldn’t be cut by the Burning Heaven Clan’s Sky Profound experts’ Burning Heaven Blade, with a common little dagger?

However… this body that was tough to this terrifying degree was previously supplemented with the Flame Dragon’s tyrannical strength in a blink of sundered into four pieces by Jasmine…. in the blink of an eye, sundered into fourths by Jasmine… As Yun Che recalled the previous scene before him, he could not help but shudder. Even if Jasmine’s cultivation began from the womb, she was still thirteen or fourteen years old. How exactly was it possible that she had already reached such a frightening level… In front of Jasmine, Blue Wind Empire’s various “peerless geniuses” wouldn’t even be considered to be specks of dust.

“Its skin and flesh is not something that you can cut open. However, the location of its Profound Core ought to have already been sliced open by this princess. You should search the tip of the cerebral vertebrae.” Jasmine’s voice sounded in Yun Che’s mind.

Yun Che put away the dagger and headed toward the location Jasmine had pointed out. On the cross section of the flame dragon’s bloody corpse, he caught a glimpse of an incomparably dazzling scarlet light.

This is…

Yun Che promptly leapt forward and his hand precisely grabbed onto that speck of scarlet light. Upon landing, his hand had an additional round bead that was around one third the size of his palm.

The Flame Dragon’s Profound Core!

This was an item that would set the entire Blue Wind Continent into a frenzy!

However, it was completely useless to the current Yun Che; because if Yun Che dared to refine and absorb its power right now, there could only be one outcome…. Death by bodily explosion!

After obtaining the Profound Core, he could do nothing else about the remaining parts of the Flame Dragon, and could only move everything into the Sky Poison Pearl. Not only were spatial rings extremely expensive in the Profound Sky Continent, they usually had the storage space of a few cubic meters, which made it fundamentally impossible to store the Flame Dragon’s corpse. However, inside the Sky Poison Pearl was an unlimited amount of space; Even if the Flame Dragon’s corpse was ten times larger, he would still be able to effortlessly store it inside.

Seeing that Yun Che had finished cleaning up the Flame Dragon’s corpse, Jasmine said with a serious tone: “Within the next month, you are not to leave the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range. In this Scarlet Mountain Mountain Range, you are required to kill at least five Common beasts of the ninth rank or a Nascent Profound beast of the first rank every single day. Furthermore, do not try to attempt another breakthrough during this time period, but instead maximally stabilize your current profound power.

“Yes!” Yun Che nodded. To suddenly jump from the fourth rank of the Elementary Profound Realm to the first rank of the Nascent Profound Realm, he indeed required some time to adjust and stabilize the spike in profound power. “Speaking of which, did you say that you’ll teach me Profound Skills?”

“With your current profound power, there is only one Profound Skill this princess can teach you.”

“What is it?”

“Star God’s Broken Shadow!” Jasmine slowly said out the name: “This is a Profound Movement Skill, and its primary stage can be activated with the least amount of profound energy.”

“Profound Movement Skill?” Yun Che was somewhat disappointed: “Are there no profound skills for attacking?”

“Out of all the Profound Attacking Skills in this princess’ possession, there is not one the current you is capable of learning. Even though ‘Star God’s Broken Shadow’ is only a Profound Movement Skill, you definitely shouldn’t look down on it. If Star God’s Broken Shadow is put to use, your speed will instantaneously explode and become so fast that even your afterimage wouldn’t have enough time to fade away. If you are able to master the primary stage of Star God Broken Shadow, then you wouldn’t lose when facing against two opponents of the same rank. If you can achieve the pinnacle of this skill, even if the opponents are over three or five levels higher than you, they still wouldn’t be able to easily defeat you.”

Jasmine’s last sentence instantly made Yun Che’s blood boil: “Also, it is this princess’ one and only Profound Movement Skill!”

What was Jasmine’s current level? The strength of her one and only Profound Movement Skill was obvious. Yun Che immediately nodded, “Yes, I’ll learn! Umm… Let’s start right away!”

Jasmine did not refuse and faintly stated: “If your perception is high enough, you can learn Star God’s Broken Shadow in three months, but if you perception is insufficient, you will not be able to learn it in your entire lifetime. Whether or not you are able to master it, and to what extent, shall be up to your own power of understanding now.”

This princess’ spiritual health is poor and must quickly return to the Sky Poison Pearl to recover. This princess will first tell you how to activate Star God’s Broken Shadow and explain its main aspects…. After that, it will be up to you.”

“Yes!” Yun Che earnestly nodded. He in place and and began to earnestly listen to Jasmine’s every word. The nearby residents and the Profound Beasts of this area did not dare approach the Flame Dragon Cave. And those people from the Burning Heaven Clan had already been scared out of their wits and it was even more impossible for them to return. Therefore, Yun Che did not have to worry about being disturbed in this place.

Star God’s Broken Shadow… This was the very first Profound Skill Yun Che would learn in this world. Only, the current him was completely unaware of what the two words “Star God” truly implied.


Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, one month later.

It had just recently rained; the atmosphere was fresh and moist. Droplets of water still hung on the leaves and branches. At this moment, the stirring of the underbrush scared away the birds on the ground. As the bushes parted, an ash-gray wolf as tall as a man appeared with ferocious eyes and slowly moved about.

It was a Nascent Profound Beast of the first rank. In the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, it was considered a menace and Elementary Profound Beasts did not dare to enter its territory.

Suddenly, a prey appeared in its line of sight; it was a youth dressed in black. He continued to walk towards this direction with a smile on his face as if he was completely unaware of the gaze of those dreadful eyes. Step by step, he drew closer and closer.


The gray wolf’s silhouette shot out from the bush like lightning; its explosive speed was truly frightening. Even if it were a profound practitioner in the True Profound Realm, it was nearly impossible to evade the gray wolf’s surprise attack. As its target came closer and closer to the gray wolf’s line of sight, its teeth were already aimed at its target’s throat and prepared to ferociously bite down….


However, what caught the gray wolf off-guard was the fact that although it definitely reached the human’s body and was about to pin him down on the floor to bite at the throat, instead, its own body passed through the youth’s body and slammed into the ground.

Only then did the image of the youth disappear. Then, a fist filled with profound energy struck from the right side of the gray wolf and ruthlessly smashed the top of its head. It died with a blood-curdling screech as blood oozing out of its orifices.

With not even a single glance at the reckless gray wolf, Yun Che dusted his hands and continued to walk forward.

Jasmine could not help but state: “To unexpectedly complete the first stage of the Star God’s Broken Shadow within this span of just one month; your previous sixteen years of being a cripple was truly a waste of your comprehension.” She had originally thought that it would take Yun Che at least three months to somewhat master the first stage, but never would have thought that he would completely perfect the first stage within just one month, and was even able to freely utilize it.

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