Chapter 569 - Moving a Boulder Only to Smash One’s Leg

Against the Gods

Chapter 569 - Moving a Boulder Only to Smash One’s Leg

“Duke Huai, what is the meaning of this!” Yan Zijing roared as he rose up.

“Could it be that this duke’s words weren’t clear enough?” Duke Huai laughed lightly, speaking in a carefree manner. “Yun Che is merely an adopted son who was taken in by Yun Qinghong, and is not an actual member of the Yun Family. I believe everyone present is very aware of this point. When all's said and done, an adopted son is nothing but an outsider. How could he possess the qualifications to represent the Yun Family in this competition… especially in this Demon Imperial Hall, when it also concerns the huge matter of the fate of a Guardian Family!”

“Yun Che’s strength is indeed absolutely stunning, and everyone present has witnessed it for themselves. Although luck played an extremely large role when he defeated my son, Hui Ran, a loss is a loss, and our Duke Huai Palace will definitely not deny it. However, the one who defeated my son, Hui Ran, as well as the final six participants from our side, was Yun Che, not the Yun Family! Ultimately, he does not even qualify to participate in this competition! The six matches in which he participated were indeed splendid spars. However, they were merely spars. They were completely unrelated to this competition, which decides the fate of the Yun Family!!”

Duke Huai’s words were like pots of cold water pouring down, causing chills and silent hatred to simultaneously fill the bodies of everyone in the west wing seats. When Yun Che first stepped up for the match, a large number of them had thought of this point. Even several elders of the Yun Family had thought of using this reason to request for Yun Qinghong to replace Yun Che with the most talented disciple among the Yun Family’s youths. However, because of Yun Qinghong’s persistence, Yun Che still went up, and not a single person in the east wing seats voiced their objections… Someone whose strength was so weak to the point of being only at the Sky Profound Realm, was actually representing the Yun Family in battle; they couldn’t wait to see him make a fool out of himself, so why would they point out matters such as him not being a disciple of the Yun Family, and not having the qualifications to participate?

After that, with every subsequent match, everyone was given a ruthless shock by Yun Che. Seemingly everyone had unconsciously disregarded this problem.

Currently, when Duke Huai suddenly brought this up, it was as though the extremely excited and joyful people in the west wing seats, especially the members of the Yun Family, had their Achilles’ heels stepped on instantly… Although it was evident that Duke Huai was denying everything that just happened, the reasoning behind his denial was so substantial, it was basically impossible to refute. Even though Yun Che held the surname Yun, he wasn’t a disciple of the Yun Family. Moreover, he couldn’t be Yun Qinghong’s biological son, and was merely an “adopted son” whom he had just taken in. Indeed, he basically did not have the qualifications to represent the Yun Family in battle!

A session of the Demon Imperial Hall occurred every hundred years, and in every session, there would always be an exhibition competition held by the various Duke Palaces and the Twelve Guardian Families. Some of the troubles and ideological conflicts between the Families and Duke Palaces had always been settled through such competitions… This competition that concerned the Duke Palaces and Twelve Guardian Families could naturally only be entered by members of the Duke Palaces and the Twelve Guardian Families. Outsiders were definitely not allowed to step in, and given the level of strength the Duke Palaces and the Twelve Guardian Families possessed, outsiders basically did not have the abilities and the qualifications to intervene in the first place.

It was even more so when it came to an unprecedented huge matter that concerned the fate of the Yun Family.

Hence, Duke Huai’s words had truly stepped on their Achilles’ heel.

“Duke Huai, you’re clearly trying to deny it!” Su Xiangnan shouted out with a sharp voice. “Yun Che is Yun Qinghong’s adopted son. Since he is his adopted son, he is also considered a member of the Yun Family. Why can he not represent the Yun Family in battle?!”

Su Xiangnan’s words were deafening; however, his argument lacked confidence, no matter whose ears heard it. Sure enough, Duke Huai let out a bland laugh, “Heh, what a huge joke. Based on what Patriarch Su has said, in future competitions that are settled with displays of profound strength, this duke can casually find a few peerless experts, take them as my foster sons, and then have them represent my Duke Huai Palace in battle?! Hehe, what would be the point in the rankings of our various Duke Palaces and Twelve Guardian Families then? What would be the point in nurturing the next generation with all our might? We simply have to see who has the most godsons, and see whose godsons are more incredible, would that not be enough?”

“Patriarch Su, you actually approve to an outsider representing one of our Guardian Families or Duke Palaces in battle? Just how low do you place the dignity of our Duke Palaces and Guardian Families?!”

“You…” Su Xiangnan’s expression turned dark, but he was unable to refute in the slightest.

“Duke Huai, since you say that Yun Che does not have the qualifications, then why didn’t you say anything about it when he stepped into the arena? Why didn’t you prevent it then?!” Mu Yubai asked with a cold look.

“Why would this duke have to prevent it?” Duke Huai rebutted with a question. “To allow an outsider to represent the Yun Family in battle is such a laughable and foolish action. The Yun Family had made this decision, and it was the Yun Family’s foolishness for doing so, so they have to bear the consequences on their own. This duke wasn’t obligated to remind, nor prevent them from doing what they did.”

Mu Yubai’s face turned as dark as charcoal, and hatred silently filled his heart. However, he simply could not refute it. Every single person seated in the west wing gritted their teeth, as today, it could be said that they had experienced the feeling of ascending from hell to heaven, only to suddenly fall from the heavens back to hell. Now, there were merely sighs, resentment and desolation in their hearts. In comparison, the formerly ugly faces of the people seated in the east wing had completely disappeared. Every single one of their expressions were relaxed, and their scornful eyes even carried pity within them.

“Patriarch…” Yun Waitian and Yun Duanshui turned around, and looked towards Yun Qinghong. Unconsciously, everyone in the west wing had looked towards Yun Qinghong as well.

Yun Qinghong had not spoken a single word the entire time, and at this moment, Yun Che, who had finally managed to stabilize his energy and blood flow after taking several deep breaths, held his Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Walking up between Yun Waitian and Yun Duanshui who were protecting him, he faced Duke Huai, and said with an indifferent expression, “What Duke Huai has said is indeed correct. Without possessing the Yun Clan’s bloodline, and just based on the identity of an adopted son alone, that person indeed does not have the qualifications to represent the entirety of the one and only Yun Family in battle. However, Duke Huai, on what basis did you conclude that I’m not a son of the Yun Family?!”

Yun Che’s words caused Duke Huai to narrow his eyes, and laugh out loud right after. There were several people in the east wing who directly let out their laughter as well. When Yun Che voiced out these words, they were instantly able to guess Yun Che’s motive… Evidently, after landing in such a predicament, he was clearly being thick-skinned and trying to say that he was a member of the Yun Family. He might even make up a story in just a moment, and take out a few pieces of his so-called “evidence.”

If this was another family, such methods might have really caused them to feel uneasy; however, it just had to be the Yun Family he was talking about.

The Yun Family had a unique method to prove their own bloodline… the Profound Handle!

The Profound Handle was a bloodline power. Only people who possessed the Yun Family’s bloodline would have the power of the Profound Handle, with no exceptions! This type of bloodline power could only be passed on by males to the next generation, and it wouldn’t be inherited by females. Hence, sons of the Yun Family would definitely possess the Profound Handle.

Looking it from another way, people who could use the power of the Profound Handle would definitely be members of the Yun Family. This was common knowledge which everyone in the past ten thousand years of Demon Illusory Realm history knew.

Hence, to determine whether someone was actually a member of the Yun Family, there was only a need to see if that person could execute the power of the Profound Handle. If Yun Che could use the power of the Profound Handle, then he would definitely be a member of the Yun Family without question. If he couldn’t execute it, then he definitely wasn’t a member of the Yun Family, again without question!

Hence, in the eyes of Duke Huai, and the eyes of everyone else, if Yun Che wished to claim that he was a member of the Yun Family, it would simply be a joke.

“What? Could it be that you’re trying to tell this duke that you’re actually a member of the Yun Family? Hehehehe…” Duke Huai laughed with a very playful tone. “Then I wonder which elder of the Yun Family are you a son of? Or could it be that you’re actually an illegitimate child Yun Qinghong left behind somewhere outside, and this so-called ‘adopted son,’ is just a cover? Hahahaha!”

After saying that, Duke Huai had already begun to laugh out loud, and all of the Patriarchs in the east wing revealed mocking smiles as well.

Yun Che also began to laugh out loud, “Your highness, Duke Huai, you couldn’t be more correct. I am a son of the Yun Family, and I possess the truest and purest Yun Clan’s bloodline! Yun Qinghong is my biological father, exactly as you said!”

These words did not shock the entire audience, but they did still startle a few people. Mu Yubai slapped his forehead, and vexatiously said, “Haah, this little one is about to lose so much face this time. In this world, the hardest thing to fake is the Yun Family’s bloodline.”

The one with the most intense reaction was actually Mu Yurou. In the instant she heard Yun Che’s words, she grabbed onto Yun Qinghong’s hand, and tears began to uncontrollably well up in her eyes.

“Hahahaha…” Duke Huai wildly laughed for a long while, then was finally able to contain himself. Penetrating through his narrowed eye slits, his gaze landed on Yun Che, and a certain form of pleasure suddenly rose in his heart… Both of his sons were defeated by Yun Che, his plans completely crumbling was also because of Yun Che, and it brought about a huge backlash. Not only did he fail to humiliate and trample on the other party, he also boosted the other party’s morale greatly. His killing intent towards Yun Che rose; however, Hui Ye, Yuan Que, and Hui Ran were all unable to kill him. His hatred towards Yun Che was like a volcano which had seethed for a thousand years. At this moment, he finally found an opportunity to ruthlessly humiliate Yun Che, and Yun Che was actually the one who set up the opportunity on his own.

“Very well. Since you claim that you are a son of the Yun Family, and even the son of Yun Qinghong himself, why don’t you reveal your Profound Handle to this duke and to everyone present?”

“Profound Handle?” Yun Che’s brows slightly twitched.

“What? Looking at your expression, could it be that you don’t even know what a Profound Handle is? The Profound Handle is a bloodline power which is unique to the Yun Family. As long as one is a son of the Yun Family, he will definitely receive the inheritance of the Profound Handle. If you are able to reveal your Profound Handle, no one can deny your identity as a son of the Yun Family. As for the matter of you representing the Yun Family in battle, it will be perfectly justified as well. No matter if it is about banishing the Yun Family, or offering up the Purple Veined Divine Crystals, this duke will definitely not have the slightest bit of dissent. However, if you are unable to use the Profound Handle…”

Duke Huai’s eyes narrowed into a pair of even thinner slits, and both his gaze and voice turned especially cold, “If you’re unable to execute the Profound Handle, then, in the face of Little Demon Empress, and in the face of the heroes of the realm, posing as a member of a Guardian Family, and even moreso, the son of a Guardian Family’s Patriarch, do you know how large an offense that is?!”

“I have no interest in knowing that.” Yun Che took a step forward, and slowly stretched out his own arm. “I simply wish to remind Duke Huai that you had best not forget the words you have just said!”

Yun Che pulled up his sleeves, and revealed his left arm, “That’s right. The Profound Handle is the best way to prove our identities as members of the Yun Family. It can't be faked, nor can it be imitated! Duke Huai, you'd best open your eyes wide… and watch carefully!!”

When Yun Che’s voice fell, under everyone’s attentive gaze, “Purgatory” silently activated, and on his arm, a cyan sword-shaped mark suddenly flashed.

The moment this mark appeared, everyone in the Yun Family suddenly trembled, “That… That is…”

Following after, Yun Che willed his thoughts. A ray of deep cyan light shot out from the mark, and floated next to him. Right after, it quickly turned into the shape of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword as he willed it. A unique aura that could only belong to a Profound Handle was spreading outwards at a quick rate as well, filling the entire Demon Imperial Hall.

“Profound… Profound Handle!!” Yun Waitian and Yun Duanshui who were behind Yun Che, lost control of their voices at the same time and shouted.

At the moment the Profound Handle appeared, Duke Huai’s expression had turned incomparably stiff. His pupils severely shrank, as though they had suddenly been pierced by needles.

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