Chapter 572 - Great Condemnation of the Seven Families (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 572 - Great Condemnation of the Seven Families (2)

“You… You…” Yun Waitian’s and Yun Duanshui’s bodies trembled from their fury. Even though they knew that the seven Guardian Families were clearly going against them out of ill intentions, they had no words to refute them. The crime of losing the Demon Emperor’s Seal had been pressing down on the Yun Family like a mountain for all these years. Even if a hundred years had passed, it was still heavy to the point of causing them to be unable to breathe.

Compared to Yun Che’s identity earlier, this matter was truly the Yun Family’s Achilles’ heel. It was like a demon from a nightmare that could not be shaken off nor escape from, torturing them for a hundred years. Unless there came a day they could retrieve the Demon Emperor’s Seal, they would have to shoulder the shackles of this heavy crime from generation to generation.

No matter how mighty the Yun Family was today, no matter how great a genius they produced in this hundred years, and no matter what kind of merit they made… They would still be unable to escape from this Achilles’ heel that could be freely stepped on by the other families.

“Enough!” Little Demon Empress raised her sleeves, and said coldly, “The matter of Yun Family losing the Demon Emperor’s Seal was not on purpose in the first place. Now that they had already suffered a hundred years of severe punishment, even this empress has stopped taking this matter into account, so under whose authority do you denounce them time and time again!”

“Little Demon Empress, how could such a heavy crime of the Yun Family be cleared by merely a hundred years of punishment!” Helian Kuang shouted out with a face filled with anguish. “What the Yun Family had lost was the Demon Emperor’s Seal… the Demon Emperor’s Seal! What they have truncated is the future of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline! For such a grave sin, even exterminating their entire Family wouldn’t be going overboard. A mere hundred years of punishment basically isn’t worth even the slightest bit… And the punishment which the Yun Family had suffered was nothing but a restriction of resources, so how could it be referred to as a ‘severe punishment’!’”

Jiufang Kui said, “What Patriarch Helian has said is right! And it’s definitely the voices of the hearts of all the citizens in Demon Imperial City in these hundred years. The severity of the Yun Family’s sin is too enormous, and Little Demon Empress is also too lenient. In these hundred years, Little Demon Empress has been tolerant with the Yun Family. But to be this tolerant to such a huge crime, who in the world would accept it? Since Little Demon Empress is unwilling to truly deal a severe punishment, and is unwilling to banish the Yun Family, we have no choice but to obey. However, to bestow this ‘Overlord Pellet’ to the Yun Family… Forgive my Jiufang Family, but we are unable to accept it no matter what!”

The moment Jiufang Kui’s voice quieted, Nangong Zhi immediately said, “We are definitely not eyeing this Overlord Pellet, but ever since Little Demon Empress was instated a hundred years ago, there have been countless people who aided Little Demon Empress and gained merits. Yet, Little Demon Empress wishes to bestow this Overlord Pellet upon a family with such a mortal sin… As Guardian Families, we naturally have no choice but to obey Little Demon Empress’ orders. But even if we accept this, if this matter spreads, waves of public opinion will definitely be set off in Illusory Demon Realm, bringing about countless grievances and accusations. An extremely huge impact will also be dealt to Little Demon Empress’ holy and mighty name… Little Demon Empress, please reconsider.”

“Our actions are all for the sake of Little Demon Empress, and the mighty name which the entire Demon Emperor’s bloodline had carried till today!”

The Patriarchs of the seven Guardian Families from the east wing attempted to persuade one after another, their every word directed against the Yun Family, yet every single one of their words were shouted sonorously and righteously. In their words, the Yun Family had long been an extremely vile and unforgivable family, and if the Little Demon Empress were to bestow this Overlord Pellet to the Yun Family, then she would be a “fatuous ruler” who displeases the entire world.

If the objections had only come from a single family, then the Little Demon Empress could have easily suppressed it. However, these seven great families had evidently discussed this in secret, standing out together. Their words and attitude were incomparably tough. Even the people who were sitting at the corner of the Demon Imperial Hall and did not have the slightest inkling of Demon Imperial City’s political circumstances could clearly feel the heavy sense of pressure.

The Patriarch of the Xiao Family, Xiao Xifeng loudly said, “Our Twelve Guardian Families have guarded the Demon Emperor’s bloodline for ten thousand years in one heart, yet, it has been shortened by the Yun Family. No matter who the Overlord Pellet is bestowed upon, our Xiao Family will not have the slightest of objections. However, only by bestowing it upon the Yun Family, our Xiao Family will be disheartened with no end… Even countless citizens of the world will feel disheartened, thinking that as the ruler of the Illusory Demon Realm, Little Demon Empress still bestowed rewards regardless of one’s sin, allowing the sinners to be merry, and leaving the meritorious disheartened. This Overlord Pellet cannot be bestowed upon the Yun Family no matter what!”

“In addition, the person who lost the Demon Emperor’s Seal back then was the previous Patriarch of the Yun Family, Yun Canghai! The former Emperor had instated him as King, regarded him highly, and had even handed him the Demon Emperor’s Seal to safeguard it. However, Yun Canghai had instead gone against the former Emperor’s trust, forcefully infiltrated Sky Profound Continent, and in the end, lost the Demon Emperor’s Seal. This could be said to be reckless and foolish to the extreme, an utterly unforgivable action. He basically no longer deserves the honor of being ‘Demon King’! So…”

“Shut your mouth! You are not allowed to humiliate my father!!”

“Shut your mouth! You are not allowed to humiliate my grandfather!!”

Before Xiao Xifeng could finish his words, two thundering roars sounded at the same time. Xiao Xifeng, with the cultivation of a level three Monarch, had actually shuddered from the trembling caused by these two roars, and even his heart had fiercely shrunk for a moment. The moment he turned around, he was instantly met with Yun Qinghong’s frightening face which had already sunk from immense fury.

Among these two roaring voices, one came from Yun Qinghong, while the other came from Yun Che.

When the Little Demon Empress brought up the idea of bestowing the Overlord Pellet upon Yun Che, both Yun Qinghong and Yun Che had predicted that Duke Huai would definitely have the seven great families or the many Duke Palaces intervene, and the best reasoning would naturally be the Yun Family’s sin from a hundred years ago. Hence, with the seven great families collaborating together to go against them, they did not feel surprised in the slightest. They had both been simply watching with cold gazes without making a single comment.

However, Xiao Xifeng’s words, were clearly humiliating Yun Canghai… which had ruthlessly stepped on their bottom line!!

Yun Qinghong respected his father all his life, and had treated his father as his sky. Whenever he thought about that old and wilted corpse of his father which he saw a month ago, the guilt, remorse, hatred, and pain he felt were like countless arrows piercing his heart… Yun Canghai was Yun Che’s grandfather, and was even moreso a person who used his own life to save Yun Che from the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation. Using his own death, he explained to Yun Che what kin was.

They could face countless of matters calmly and collectedly; however, when it came words tarnishing Yun Canghai, how could they possibly endure them?!

Facing Yun Qinghong’s fury, Xi Xiaofeng slightly trembled in his heart, but how could he display such a weak demeanor under the eyes of everyone present? With a cold smile, he said, “Humiliate? The truth that everyone in the world knows has actually turned into humiliation? Could it be that I have actually misspoken somewhere? Back then, if it wasn’t for Yun Canghai…”

“Shut your mouth!!” Yun Qinghong’s expression turned livid. “My father possessed an indomitable spirit, he held a conscience that was clear to the heavens and earth, clear to the former Emperor, and clear to the Yun Family! A lowly person like you isn’t even worthy of saying my father’s name! If you dare to tarnish my father with another word, there will definitely come a day that I, Yun Qinghong… will personally take your life!!”

This overly agitated speech clearly displayed the wrath in Yun Qinghong’s heart. Evidently, from touching upon Yun Canghai’s matters, he had lost his calm to a certain extent. Yun Che furrowed his eyebrows, and called out, “Father, a lowly henchman with ulterior motives such as him isn’t even worthy to have Father personally deal with! Though I do have a few queries that I really wish to ask them about!”

Yun Che took a step forward, and with a cold expression, faced the Patriarchs of the seven families. With a light smile, he said, “You seven great families, in order to prevent our Yun Family from obtaining the Overlord Pellet, sure stand united as one, huh! That’s right… the grave sin of losing the Demon Emperor’s Seal, such a wonderful and perfect excuse! Then, let me make a guess. In regards to the Purple Veined Divine Crystals which you have all lost to our Yun Family earlier, that promise definitely wouldn’t be fulfilled either, right!”

What Yun Che used was an interrogative tone, rather than a doubtful one!

The faces of the seven great families slightly changed. Earlier, when they transmitted their voices between each other, they had already colluded, saying that they definitely would not truly hand over the Purple Veined Divine Crystals to the Yun Family… Forget about two and a half kilograms, they wouldn’t even give the slightest bit! After stopping the Little Demon Empress from handing the Overlord Pellet to the Yun Family, their next plan, was to work together to apply pressure, to welsh on the agreement of handing over two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals.

Now that it had been given away by Yun Che, not a single one of them revealed an expression of awkwardness, but instead, took advantage of this and said, “Yun Che, your guess is right! Those two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals, my Chiyang Family will definitely not give to your Yun Family!”

“Our Jiufang Family, will definitely not hand it over either!!”

“Hahahaha, it seems like our thoughts were all alike! Even if my Nangong Family had to destroy these two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals, we will definitely not hand them over to the Yun Family even the slightest bit!”

“My Lin Family is the same as well! Forget about two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals, we wouldn’t even hand over five strands of hair!”

“Your Yun Family carry numerous sins, what face do you have to receive our Guardian Families’ Purple Veined Divine Crystals!!”

Even though they were clearly being thick-skinned and shamelessly denying what they had promised under everyone’s eyes, every single one of them were shouting with such exalted demeanors and soaring spirits… Evidently, the Yun Family’s “great sin” that was known to the entire world was what they were confidently relying on. Yun Che laughed coldly, “Two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals are what you people promised! The duel earlier had also ended in your defeat! Yet, currently, all of you are denying it in such a high-sounding fashion. You dignified Guardian Families who had stood at the top for ten thousand years are actually this shameless. It’s simply laughable and lamentable to the extreme! Aren’t you afraid that the mighty names you have kept for ten thousand years will thus become laughingstocks in the Illusory Demon Realm?!”

“”So what?!” The Patriarch of Bai Family, Bai Yi said. “We’d rather become the laughingstocks of the world than give your Yun Family the slightest amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystals!

“The Yun Family’s sin, is utterly unforgivable. Even banishment would be the lightest punishment, and cleansing the entire family wouldn’t even be enough either! However, in these hundred years, the fact that your family is still standing at an equal footing with our Guardian Families is already raising the suspicions of the entire world. If we hand our Purple Veined Divine Crystals to the Yun Family, the Yun Family will definitely rise into prominence, while ours will definitely weaken… The Yun Family is a sinful family that has shortened the Demon Emperor’s bloodline!! Not only have they not received the punishment they deserve, they will even be overriding the rest of the Guardian Families. If that’s the case, not only will chaos definitely ensue in Demon Imperial City, chaos will definitely ensue in all of Illusory Demon Realm! Even the former Demon Emperor will be unable to sleep in peace under the Nine Springs!”

“Compared to chaos within our Illusory Demon Realm and shame to the Demon Emperor’s name, even if we have to be ridiculed as faithless people, so what?!” Helian Kuang said with a solemn expression. “In these ten thousand years, we have been loyal to none other than the Demon Emperor, and if it’s for the Demon Emperor, we wouldn’t even fear death! So what if our name and reputation gets tarnished?!”

Even though they were clearly denying in such a shameless and despicable fashion, under the cover of Yun Family’s sin, their words had turned into “feats” which demonstrated loyalty to the Demon Emperor’s bloodline , and the degree of responsibility they had for the Illusory Demon Realm. This caused everyone in the Yun Family to seemingly explode in fury; however, Yun Che simply laughed out loud, “Hahahaha! What a well-said ‘loyal to none other’, and what a well-said ‘if it’s for the Demon Emperor, we wouldn’t even fear death’! You great families are so loyal, and for the sake of this ‘loyalty’, would even forsake your reputations! Then…”

The moment his laughter ended, Yun Che’s expression suddenly turned stone-cold. Taking a step forward, with a hawk-like gaze, he pointed towards the Patriarchs of the seven great families, and his voice thundered, “A hundred years ago, when the former Demon Emperor fell into the Sky Profound Continent, my grandfather stepped forward to save him without the slightest of hesitation… Then what about you people?! Where were you people? Why were the ones who disregarded their fears of death, who risked their lives to save the former Demon Emperor, my grandfather and our Yun Family?! Why was it not your so-called families who are ‘completely loyal, and for the sake of the Demon Emperor, wouldn’t even fear death’!!”

“At that time, where were you people?! And where was your so-called ‘loyalty’?!”

Yun Che’s furious interrogation rendered all these Patriarchs, who were giving various eloquent speeches earlier, utterly speechless.

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