Chapter 574 - Demon Emperor’s Seal (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 574 - Demon Emperor’s Seal (1)

The words Yun Che said did not have the slightest of scruple or respect for elders as a junior, or for the Patriarch of a Guardian Family. Instead, it was filled with deep scorn, disgust, and even hatred. Every single one of his condemnations were even moreso venomous to the extreme. Lin Guiyan had lived for nearly two hundred years, yet this was the first time in his entire life he had been condemned in such an unbearable manner. His lips turned purple, and his entire body was trembling. Under his heart-wrenching fury, he was even close to puking out a mouthful of blood.

Yun Che let out a cold laugh. Disdainfully, he moved his gaze away from Lin Guiyan, and stared straight at the Patriarch of the Bai Family, Bai Yi. “Bai Yi! A hundred years ago, when the former Demon Emperor was in a crisis, just what was your Bai Family doing?! Why didn’t you head over to rescue with the strength of your entire family?! And right after, just what basis did you have to pressure our Yun Family?! You’d best give our Yun Family, the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, and the Illusory Demon Realm a convincing enough reason!”

When Yun Che’s eyes turned towards him, Bai Yi’s heart seemed to have uncontrollably shuddered for a moment. He clenched his teeth, and forced himself to calmly speak, “Yun Che! With every single one of your words, you desperately exaggerate the Yun Family’s loyalty, but you have yet to mention your Yun Family’s sin in the slightest! If not for your Yun Family having lost the Demon Emperor’s Seal, why would the Little Demon Emperor, under utter despair, rush towards Profound Sky Continent alone during the night of his great wedding, causing the severance of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline from that moment on?! This is all thanks to your Yun Family…”

“Hahahaha!!” As though he had heard some sort of huge joke, Yun Che willfully laughed out loud. The moment his laughter fell, his eyes instantly turned incomparably ice-cold. “Thanks to our Yun Family? Bai Yi, I must commend you for actually having the face to say such words! A hundred years ago, the Little Demon Emperor was indeed in utter despair… But the loss of the Demon Emperor’s Seal was the reason for his despair?! According to my father’s description, though the Little Demon Emperor was a sentimental person, he was definitely not a man who acted on impulse. At a young age, he had already greatly possessed the demeanor of an emperor, so how could he ‘die due to despair’ because of the loss of the Demon Emperor’s Seal?! If the Demon Emperor only possessed a disposition of such caliber, how could the Illusory Demon Realm be guided to prosperity till this day by the Demon Emperor’s bloodline?!”

“What caused the Little Demon Emperor’s despair was basically you so-called Guardian Families!” Yun Che sharply roared. “The former Demon Emperor fell into Profound Sky Continent, and his life was at stake. As the only successor to the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, even if he were worried for his father, he definitely couldn’t risk the danger on his own, nor was there a need for him to take the risk… Because the Demon Emperor’s bloodline possessed the mighty and imposing Guardian Families! They should have departed for rescue without hesitating a single moment; however… among the Guardian Families who carried the mission to safeguard, only our Yun Family went to save with all our might! While the lot of you were unwilling to take the risk for the Demon Emperor, and had even spouted out countless excuses! Even when the former Demon Emperor’s corpse had yet to be seen, the lot of you had asserted that there was no way that the former Demon Emperor was still alive, and had even anxiously pushed the Little Demon Emperor to succeed the throne… At the same time, through quiet collaboration, you suppressed our Yun Family who had lost our pillars!”

“The most trusted Guardian Families were actually behaving in such an unbearable manner, completely revealing their selfish, despicable, and ugly selves! How could the Little Demon Emperor not despair from his disappointment?! The reason why the Little Demon Emperor rushed to the Profound Sky Continent all by his lonesome… was because not a single person from you Guardian Families stepped up to save the former Demon Emperor! Overwhelmed by grief and despair, the only choice he had was to save him himself! Because that person was his father!”

Yun Che slightly clenched his teeth, and his gaze was like daggers. “Just who caused the Little Demon Emperor’s despair? Just who forced the Little Demon Emperor to have no choice but to save his father on his own…? Just who forcefully severed the final bloodline of the Demon Emperor?! If back then, you had collaborated with the Yun Family, and we entered Profound Sky Continent as one, even if the former Demon Emperor still couldn’t be saved in the end, how could it have caused the Little Demon Emperor to harbor such despair?! Bai Yi, with your Bai Family being one of the main culprits, just where did you get the face to say your earlier words?! Just where did you get the face to lecture our Yun Family?! Our Yun Family holds a conscience clear to the heavens, clear to the earth, and clear to the Demon Emperor! Even if our Yun Family has currently been weakened due to your hundred years of despicable suppression, the hearts of the disciples of our Yun Family are magnanimous and unashamed, our spines are as straight as a mountain! While your Bai Family… even if you’re Bai Yi, Bai Family’s Patriarch, you’re basically unworthy of being looked in the eyes by our Yun Family disciples!”

The stir in the glow of the Little Demon Empress’ eyes, could not be calmed for a long while. The atmosphere in the hall constantly changed. Every single person’s expression and eyes were all gradually changing as well… In these hundred years, it was common knowledge to the citizens of the Illusory Demon Realm that the Yun Family had hastily gone to the Profound Sky Continent to save the Demon Emperor who had clearly already sent a death message. In the end, not only did they not save the Demon Emperor, they had instead all lost their lives in Profound Sky Continent, and had even lost the Demon Emperor’s Seal… Because of the loss of the Demon Emperor’s Seal, the Little Demon Emperor’s heart was filled with grief and despair. After getting heavily drunk on his wedding night, under impulse, he headed towards Profound Sky Continent...

This was the version which everyone in the Illusory Demon Realm knew, making the Yun Family out to always have been a heavily sinned family in the hearts of all citizens in Illusory Demon Realm… Severing the Demon Emperor’s bloodline was an utterly unforgivable crime.

However, Yun Che’s words, Yun Che’s condemnation, and Yun Che’s speech that seemed impulsive, had words that were clear and resounding. Every one of them struck straight at their fatal points, causing their opinions toward the “Yun Family’s sin” to undergo a gradual earthshaking change with which they had been familiar for the past hundred years.

People that could enter the Demon Imperial Hall were all lords of their respective locations, unlike those common mortals who could only follow ignorantly and not think by themselves. In a hundred years, under the collaborative effort of the seven families to move public opinion, the eyes of the people of the world were like clear lakes tainted by cloudy oil. Yun Che’s voice was like a gigantic boulder which fell into the lake, clearing their vision one step at a time, allowing them to clearly think and ponder for themselves, making it easier for them to clearly see the truths and the lies.

“And there’s you two, Chiyang Bailie and Nangong Zhi!” Yun Che disdainfully glanced at Bai Yi once more, before shifting his gaze towards Chiyang Bailie and Nangong Zhi. “Ten thousand years ago, when your Chiyang Family and Nangong Family were in jeopardy, who was the one who save your entire families?! Who allowed your families to live to this day, and even hold such standings and prosperity?!”

“Not only did the Demon Emperor’s bloodline bestow the lot of you the heavenly grace of saving and restructuring your families, they had always thought highly of both of your families. The Fiend Dragon Solar Whip belonging to your Chiyang Family, was bestowed by the Demon Emperor! The Sky Splitting Sword belonging to your Nangong Family was bestowed by the Demon Emperor as well! Chiyang Bailie, a hundred and sixty years ago, when you were struck with the Lightning Source Poison while training in the outside world and your life was at stake, do you still remember who saved your life? Heh… It was my grandfather! In order to save you, not only was he unable to activate his Profound Handle for ten years, he had even lost a lightning spirit which he painstakingly refined!”

“Nangong Zhi, bustling with energy during your days of youth, you headed to the outskirts of the city without permission, and unfortunately encountered a vile beast. Who was it that saved you from the claws of that vile beast? It was also my grandfather, Yun Canghai!”

Yun Che’s expression slightly twisted, his every word was filled with thunderous fury. “Your two lives were both saved by my grandfather, saved by our Yun Family! Our Yun Family only had great kindness towards the both of you; when was there ever the slightest of scores to settle or the slightest bit of hatred? However, after my grandfather died, just how did the two of you treat our Yun Family, how did you show your loyalty to the Demon Emperor?!”

Chiyang Bailie and Nangong Zhi opened their mouths. Then, they coincidentally lowered their heads at the same time, not being able to even say a single word.

“Think of the heavenly kindness the Demon Emperor had given to the both of you! Think of the guardian mission that the both of you have adhered to for ten thousand years! Think of the number one family rule in your families’ lineages… And think of all the motives and schemes behind the actions the both of you have committed today! Can the both of you face the Demon Emperor?! Can the both of you face your titles as Guardian Families?! Can you even face all the ancestors of your families?!”

“Think of what will happen after your death, will you have the face to see your ancestors and the previous Demon Emperors in the Nine Springs?!”

Nangong Zhi and Chiyang Bailie’s bodies shook at the same time. Their expressions were ghastly pale, and their hands were ice-cold.

“And you… Helian Kuang!!” Yun Che shifted his gaze towards Helian Kuang… the Patriarch who was behind the deadly assassination attempt on Xiao Yun back then. Based on what Yun Qinghong had said, he was also the very first to submit to Duke Huai, and his greed was plain to see.

“Child of Yun, shut your mouth!!”

When Yun Che’s gaze shifted towards him, Helian Kuang’s heart fiercely skipped a beat for a moment. Under Yun Che’s furious lectures, it was as though plate after plate of dung had rained over Xiao Xifeng, Jiufang Kui, Lin Guiyan, Bai Yu, Chiyang Bailie, and Nangong Zhi... They were even powerless to resist and counterattack, so how could he not be afraid? Hence, without waiting for Yun Che to condemn him, Helian Kuang stole the first opportunity to speak, and roared out. “No matter how glib-tongued you are, no matter the hundreds of excuses you come up with, don’t even think about covering the fact that you people lost the Demon Emperor’s Seal!! A gargantuan sin such as this, no matter how many thousand times loyal your Yun Family is, even if your entire Family were to die, it would still be unable to redeem you! Us having the entire world know about your Yun Family’s sin and having Little Demon Empress punish your Yun Family for your crime are properly justified in the first place!”

“A heavenly sin?” Yun Che coldly laughed. “What sin? Because of your own selfishness, disregarding the safety of the former Demon Emperor is the actual sin! The lot of you forcing the Little Demon Emperor to die due to despair, is the actual sin! A bunch of people harboring malicious intentions is even moreso a huge sin! Because all these are not caused inadvertently, but by the ugliness and vileness the lot of you possess! If it weren’t just our Yun Family who headed to Profound Sky Continent back then but the entire Twelve Families working as one heart heading towards the Profound Sky together, what would there be to fear about the Four Great Sacred Grounds?! It might have even be possible to safely save the Demon Emperor, and the Demon Emperor’s Seal might not have been lost, and the Little Demon Emperor wouldn’t have to die… the Demon Emperor’s bloodline wouldn’t have withered since then!”

“Just who were the ones who caused everything? Just who were the actual ones who committed a gargantuan sin?!”

“The Demon Emperor’s Seal was indeed lost by our Yun Family, but my grandfather headed towards the Profound Sky Continent to save the former Demon Emperor! Losing the Demon Emperor’s Seal was never my grandfather’s intentions! Not only would he not hope to see the Demon Emperor’s Seal be lost, he would instead unhesitantly use his life to protect it… That wasn’t a crime, but merely a mistake! And it was a helpless mistake! The lot of you… are the ones who sinned!”

“No!” Yun Che’s voice suddenly stopped. He gently raised his head, and solemnly said, “My grandfather… basically didn’t make a single mistake either!!”

The moment his voice fell, he suddenly stretched out his hand, and a mass of gentle and white profound light appeared in the center of his palm. “Helian Kuang… You’d best widely open your doggy eyes, and clearly see what this is!!”

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