Chapter 584 - Yun Che’s Suspicions

Against the Gods

Chapter 584 - Yun Che’s Suspicions

As the Yun Family strode out of the Demon Imperial Hall, four elders personally carried Yun Canghai’s body with slow and careful steps. The rest of the Yun Family crowded around them as they escorted the body out of the hall, with every one of their expressions respectful and solemn. When they had entered the Demon Imperial Hall, they had drawn the attention of everyone in the hall, and now that they strode out of the hall, even though all eyes were still fixed on them, those gazes carried something different from before.

“Brother Yun, tomorrow evening, this Su will come along with Patriarch Yan to pay you a visit,” Su Xiangnan sent a sound transmission to Yun Qinghong.

Yun Qinghong gave a faint nod of acknowledgement in the direction of Su Xiangnan and Yan Zijing; he was well aware of what they wanted to discuss.

“Che’er, what are you thinking about?” Yun Qinghong slanted his head and looked at Yun Che while asking. After they had left the Demon Imperial Hall, Yun Che’s brows had been faintly furrowed and it was clear that he was pondering something.

Yun Che briefly raised his head and replied, “I am thinking about why the Little Demon Empress suddenly stopped the ceremony and why she left right after. If it were only for the reason that she wanted to use the Demon Emperor’s Seal to pay homage to the previous Demon Emperor… it simply does not make much sense.”

Yun Qinghong blandly laughed, “Even I feel a little astonished, but the Little Demon Empress is definitely someone who does not deal with things frivolously. If she does something, there is definitely a reason for it. But since she does not want to let other people know, we do not need to think too deeply.”

Yun Che slowly nodded his head, but after that he suddenly asked, “Father, I heard from Xiao Yun that it is a rule that the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley will only be opened once every five years. But is this opening decided by the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley itself, or is it decided by the Demon Emperor’s clan?

“Of course it is the former,” Yun Qinghong said, “There is an enormous flame seal at the entrance of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. This flame seal was not set up by the Illusory Demon Royal Family, but by the Golden Crow Divine Spirit after the original Demon Emperor had obtained the legacy of the Golden Crow. No one can forcibly break this seal and this seal disappears by itself for twenty-four hours at a fixed time every five years. This is also the time when the Illusory Demon Royal Family and the Guardian Families enter to grow stronger. Twenty-four hours later, the seal would reappear once more, and at the same time, all of the people within the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley would be expelled from within… unless of course someone had died within it.

“Ah, so that is the case.” Yun Che nodded his head, but a thought flitted through his mind so he continued to ask, “So that is to say that, until the seal dissolves by itself at that set time and date, there is no other way to enter the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley? Including those who possess the bloodline of the Demon Emperor?”

Yun Qinghong nodded his head once more, “Yes, the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley is home to fire spirits, lightning spirits, and mysterious treasures of heaven and earth. Anyone who enters the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley will receive relatively enormous rewards, but if one tried to unrestrainedly gather resources, that person would be harmed by the origin energy of fire and lightning. The reason behind the five years of sealing of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley after opening is to allow the fire spirits, lightning spirits, and mysterious treasures to regenerate. No matter who it is, they will not be allowed to enter during the period that it is sealed. At least in these hundred plus years that I have been alive, I have never heard of anyone being able to enter the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley when it has been sealed.”

“Ah…” Yun Che rubbed his jaw with one hand for a while and the suspicion that was nestled in his brain grew even heavier. Before, in the Demon Imperial Hall, all the people had witnessed his unyielding posture and also witnessed his power which had swept through all of the young heroes. He had even uninhibitedly lambasted Duke Huai’s faction in front of them. But only he knew the truth; from the moment he had entered Demon Imperial City, he had been cautious and on his toes every step of the way. Especially now, since he had thoroughly offended many of the great powers and individuals of high status and ability today, he had to be even more cautious from here on out. He would not dare to leave even a single blind spot or suspicion uncovered.

Despite pondering on this matter for a long period of time, he still could not make any headway, so he decided to give it a rest. He patted Xiao Yun on the shoulder and laughed heartily, “Xiao Yun, from today onwards you will be the impressive and awe-inspiring King Xiao! In the history of the entire Illusory Demon Realm, after our grandfather, you are only the second person to have ever been made king. How does that feel?”

Ever since Xiao Yun had stepped out of the Imperial Demon Hall, his footsteps had become light and erratic and until now, he still felt like he was in some kind of dream. After hearing Yun Che’s words, his feet came to a halt and he replied in a rather lost voice, “This, this… this is actually all due to Big Brother’s efforts, I… I’m kind of at a loss for what to do right now.”

“Haha,” Yun Che laughed and replied, “You don’t need to worry about this, once you have completed the ceremony of bestowing kingship, you will naturally know what you will need to do.” After that he lowered his voice to a whisper and whispered merrily, “And after you have been made a king, your status will be even higher than that of Seventh Sister’s father, so the matter between you and her should no longer encounter any obstacles.”

“Hehe,” Xiao Yun gave an awkward laugh but his expression immediately clammed up after, and he continued in a worried voice, “Big Brother, Duke Huai is an extremely terrifying person, and after today, he definitely hates you from the bottom of his heart. Furthermore, I am afraid that the Helian Family and the rest of the seven families will look for an opportunity to harm you…”

“Brother Yun!”

At this moment, the clear and light voice of a young girl rang out from behind. With a ‘whoosh’, Xiao Yun spun around and he immediately saw Number Seven Under Heaven, who was scampering over to his side. Behind her was the heroes of the Under Heaven Family gathered together, all of whom had differing expressions on their faces, along with the six brothers of the Under Heaven Family.

“Seventh Sister!” Xiao Yun called out while he excitedly and nervously stood in place. Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou also halted their steps, and they wore faint smiles on their faces as they looked at them.

“Brother Yun, you’ve become King Xiao now! You’re simply too awesome… Congratulations!” Number Seven Under Heaven practically skipped all the way over to Xiao Yun’s side with a face filled with elation and joy. If it was like before, with her father present, she wouldn’t even dare to give her salutations to Xiao Yun —— and before the opening of the grand ceremony, every time the Under Heaven Family had strode past the Yun Family seats, she was not even able to exchange a word with Xiao Yun. But now, with the reputation and the fate of the Yun Family undergoing a complete reversal, coupled with the fact that Xiao Yun’s origins had been exposed and he had been made King Xiao, the situation had naturally become completely different.

“Cough, cough!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s face stiffened like a board. He shot Xiao Yun a ferocious glare and decided to directly ignore him, but he did not drag Number Seven Under Heaven away from him. Instead, he let his eyes linger on Yun Che for a long while, and then he declared in a deep, lamenting voice, “Brother Yun, this son of yours is simply incredible… he is stronger than all six of my sons put together.”

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s words caused the six brothers of the Under Heaven Family to grimace. Yun Qinghong gave a light laugh and replied, “Brother Under Heaven, do not say such things.”

The reply was short but it was not too self-effacing. Because the greatest source of pride in his life came from his own son, why would he be willing to use his own words to modestly deny such praise?

After seeing Yun Che today, Greatest Ambition Under Heaven was deeply and sincerely moved. Before, he had vehemently opposed his own daughter courting the Young Patriarch of the Yun Family, Yun Xiao, and a small part of the reason was the feebleness of the Yun Family, but his main objection was the possibility that Xiao Yun had come from the Profound Sky Continent. Now, the real Young Patriarch of the Yun Family had returned, and when he looked at Yun Che, the idea that had filled his thoughts was actually this… If Seventh Treasure was able to marry this kid, even if she were a concubine, I would still be willing! Ahhhhh!

“Brother Yun, pardon me for asking, your injuries and your wife’s injuries were suddenly healed, may I ask just which expert did this? My elf clan has always prided itself on being extremely skilled in the healing arts, but we were helpless in the face of your injuries and we were always under the impression that no one under heaven could treat them. But seeing that you have made a full recovery today, I am simply too curious as to which person could actually have such transcendent skills.”

He used the words “transcendent skills” to describe the person who had helped the Yun Qinghong and his wife make a full recovery, and these words came from the Patriarch of the Under Heaven Family of all people. But those who knew the severity of the injuries suffered by Yun Qinghong and his wife knew that it was not in the least bit exaggerated to use those words.

If it were before the Demon Empress Reign Ceremony, no matter who asked, Yun Qinghong would keep it hidden. But at this time, he gave a faint smile instead and his eyes turned towards Yun Che and he said in a calm and proud voice, “To tell you the truth, the poison and injuries that had plagued Yurou and me for so long were treated by Che’er.”

Before this, they had no choice but to conceal this matter, because they did not want anyone to notice Yun Che. Now, Yun Che’s profile was so high that it could not be any higher, and he had also completely and utterly offended Duke Huai’s faction, so there was no meaning in further concealing any information. Instead, if he just openly spoke the truth, it would possibly bring benefit to Yun Che.

As expected, once Yun Qinghong’s spoke those words, Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s face showed unconcealable shock, and behind him, the jaws of the six brothers of the Under Heaven Family all gaped wide open; they were unable to close them for a good long while.

All of them were extremely clear on just how terrifying the poison that had invaded Yun Qinghong’s and Mu Yurou’s bodies was. If this were told to them by anyone else, they would all have refused to believe it. But these words had come straight from the horse’s mouth, so even if Greatest Ambition Under Heaven did not want to believe it, it was not possible… Once they thought back to all the information they had received lately, before Yun Qinghong made his recovery, he had not been in contact with other people, and the only change was that a foster son, Yun Che, had appeared by his side...

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven exhaled deeply, and it was only then that he could suppress the shock that had surged from the depths of his heart. He eyed his surroundings and did not pursue this matter any further, “Brother Yun, thank you for your honesty. But the walls have ears in this place, so we shouldn’t dally any longer. Even though Duke Huai suffered a complete and crushing defeat today, by no means will he back down. Now that Brother Yun has made a full recovery and the Demon Emperor’s Seal has been returned, the Little Demon Empress will have a much greater ability to stand against him… As for what will happen from today onwards, I will pay a visit to your house tomorrow so that we can further discuss things there.”

Yun Qinghong faintly nodded and did not speak any further.

“Seventh Treasure, let us be off.” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven glared at Xiao Yun and directly dragged Number Seven Under Heaven along as he prepared to leave.

“Ah! Seventh Sister!” All of a sudden, Xiao Yun remembered the most important thing and he hurriedly shouted after Number Seven Under Heaven to get her to stop. After that, he hurriedly rushed to her side and in his hand was a delicate white jade case… and once this white jade case had been taken out by him, it immediately attracted the gazes of all those around him. Because this was the white jade case bestowed upon him by the Little Demon Empress, and inside this case was the Overlord Pellet!!

“Seventh Sister, this is the Overlord Pellet that the Little Demon Empress bestowed upon me. I am giv… giving it to you.”

“Ah!” Number Seven Under Heaven’s eyes grew into saucers and with a light cry, she subconsciously covered her mouth with her hands. Behind her, her six brothers all wore incredulous expressions on their faces, and one could even see turmoil broiling about in Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s eyes.

This was not some common medicinal pellet; this was the Overlord Pellet that was a mythological existence to the masses. The Overlord Pellet that even the Guardian Families and Duke Palaces would drool over and covet!!

After taking this Overlord Pellet, Xiao Yun would immediately become an Overlord and his progress would be rapid! He would truly become supreme amongst all of his peers… But he actually gave this Overlord Pellet to Number Seven Under Heaven, with no hesitation whatsoever!

Yun Che stood there silently nodding his head, his face filled with approval… Given the insight he had into Xiao Yun’s character over this period of time, this kind of action that would be regarded as world-shaking by other people was actually something that was not unusual at all when it came to Xiao Yun. Or else, why would the little princess of the Under Heaven Family still be so dead-set on him despite the vehement objections...

“You want to give this Overlord Pellet… to our Seventh Sister?” Number Five Under Heaven asked as he stretched his neck, his face filled with disbelief.

Xiao Yun’s origins had already been exposed for all to see, and he had become the benefactor of the Illusory Demon Royal Family. Furthermore, he had been made king by the Little Demon Empress and his current status was completely different from before. He was no longer considered as ill-matched with Number Seven Under Heaven, but now he was actually high above her. Despite all that, he was still willing to take the initiative and give away the extremely valuable Overlord Pellet to Number Seven Under Heaven. And this Overlord Pellet was so valuable that it would even cause division between father and son, brother and brother...

So right now, unless one was blind, anyone with eyes would be one hundred percent certain on whether Xiao Yun’s feelings towards Number Seven Under Heaven were real or fake, whether they were light or heavy.

“Mn, mn.” Xiao Yun immediately nodded his head, “Seventh Sister’s profound strength is right now at the very pinnacle of the Emperor Profound Realm, and this Overlord Pellet would be most suitable for her. Seventh Sister, once you eat this Overlord Pellet, you can became a true Overlord. Then, no one will be able to bully you anymore.”

Number Three Under Heaven’s jaw hit the ground and no words came out of his mouth for a while. The other Under Heaven brothers were no different. They asked themselves, if they had obtained this Overlord Pellet before they had become Overlords, they would definitely not be willing to hand it over to someone else, even if that person was their own brother. But the newly-crowned king Xiao Yun actually...

Number Seven Under Heaven alternated between being moved and elated. She was more convinced than anyone else that even if he had been made a king, he would still be her ‘Brother Yun’. She shook her head and pushed the white jade case aside, “Brother Yun, this is something the Little Demon Empress bestowed upon you, I don’t want it.”

“But, the Little Demon Empress said herself, once it has been bestowed, it has become my property and I can give it to whomever I please.” After seeing Number Seven Under Heaven reject his gift, Xiao Yun replied in a rather anxious tone, “Seventh Sister, right now it is the most suitable time for you to use it, I… I am going to breakthrough very soon anyways, so even if I use it, it will be a waste.”

“Hmph, I don’t believe you.” Number Seven Under Heaven pushed the white jade case aside once more and she smiled merrily as she replied, “Brother Yun, even though you are older than me in age, you are at the same profound realm that I am at, so it is clear that you are a teensy weensy bit lousier than I am. If anyone is gonna make a breakthrough first, it’s gonna be me! So you should just behave yourself and eat it! I forbid you from pushing it to me again.”

“But… But…”

The Overlord Pellet that others could not even obtain in their dreams was now being pushed back and forth by these two people. Yun Che took a step forward, grabbed the case which held the Overlord Pellet, and said, “Both of you, stop pushing it to each other for a moment. Since Xiao Yun wants to give this Overlord Pellet to Seventh Sister and Seventh Sister also wants Xiao Yun to use it for himself… then I have a suggestion. Hand the Overlord Pellet to me first. When I go back, I will divide it into two perfect halves, with the same amount of medicine in each half. If the both of you each eat one half, wouldn’t that settle everything?”

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