Chapter 590 - At That Time, We Will Not Owe Each Other Anything nor Will We See Each Other Again

Against the Gods

Chapter 590 - At That Time, We Will Not Owe Each Other Anything nor Will We See Each Other Again

Yun Qinghong sighed heavily, but he did not stop Yun Che. He gave a brief nod of his head and said, “Since that is the case… Yurou, Xiao’er, go home first; I will accompany Che’er to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.”

“No need!” Yun Che hurriedly raised his hands, “Father, I am only unable to hold myself back from verifying my own guesses and instincts, that is all. It’s not like I’m going to do anything dangerous or some urgent and important matter. So you should just let me go by myself. After today’s ceremony, the rest of the Yun Family are definitely still agitated and restless. Moreover, Grandfather’s body has only just been properly returned home and everyone must be waiting for Father to come home and organize things. It is definitely not the time for you to leave the city.”

“But right now, Duke Huai Palace hates you to the very bone, and the seven Guardian Families, along with many of the Duke Palace, harbor ill-will towards you as well. If you go all by yourself… it is simply too dangerous. How about letting Mother come with you as well?” Mu Yurou said in a voice full of worry.

Yun Che knew that they would definitely be worried over his safety and said with a relaxed expression, “Please do not worry, it isn’t so easy for others to follow or detect me.”

Once his voice fell, he withdrew his presence and quietly activated “Hidden Flowing Lightning”. In an instant, his profound energy aura was like smoke being dissipated by a breeze; it swiftly weakened, and within the span of two short breaths… his aura actually disappeared without a trace.

“Ah?” Xiao Yun’s mouth gaped open and he was unable to close it for a good long while. The gazes of Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou also trembled as shock spread across their faces.

“Ah, ah… this… this… Big Brother’s profound energy aura actually… actually completely disappeared!” Xiao Yun yelled in a low voice as his eyes widened into saucers. Yun Che was clearly standing in front of him, yet he couldn’t feel a single wisp of profound energy coming from him… He closed his eyes but he actually could not even detect Yun Che’s existence. It was as if the Yun Che standing in front of him was only an illusionary shadow.

Despite Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou’s cultivations, they could only feel a faint sliver of energy that could only be described as a ‘silk thread’, and this was despite them focusing on detecting him. Furthermore, Yun Che was only three steps away from them… this degree of concealment, if it were in a normal situation, even if Yun Che was hidden within a thirty meter radius from them, they still might not be able to detect him… Even if they were mighty practitioners at the Sovereign Profound Realm.

Yun Che faintly laughed and said, “This profound art is called ‘Hidden Flowing Lightning’ and it can almost perfectly conceal one’s presence. Furthermore, activating it uses very little energy. After all, its method of profound energy concealment is not through forcible suppression; instead, it locks one’s energy within the body and does not interfere with your profound strength at all. So even when you are being concealed, you can always exert your full strength if you have to.”

“To think that this world actually had such a unfathomable divine skill!” Yun Qinghong could not help but exclaim. Despite the heights he had scaled and all that he had seen and heard, this was the first time he had seen such a powerful concealment technique in his life. At the same time, his concern over Yun Che’s safety had been reduced by a great deal.

“Since you are so insistent, go ahead with your plans. Just remember to prioritize your safety and go and come back swiftly.” Yun Qinghong did not try to restrain Yun Che any further. In these short three months that he had known him, he had come to understand that Yun Che was not someone who let others easily interfere with his decisions. Moreover, in regards to Yun Che, he had long ago already formed a confidence in him that even exceeded the confidence that he had in himself.

“Father, Mother, do not worry. Do not forget, I also have the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven that was given to me by Grandfather, so even if I really encounter any danger, with it around, nothing will happen to me,” Yun Che said with a relaxed expression.

Mu Yurou’s face was still filled with worry, but she no longer tried to persuade Yun Che to do otherwise. She simply said in a soft voice, “With this concealment ability of yours, it would actually be safer for you to travel on your own… Ah, even though Mother believes that you will definitely not come to harm, but… I just can’t stop worrying…”

“Now, now. That’s enough. Che’er is far more incredible than we had ever imagined,” Yun Qinghong consoled Mu Yurou as he patted her shoulders. After that, he suddenly took a step forward and pressed his finger in the spot between Yun Che’s brows. Following a flash of dull purple profound light, he slowly retracted his hand and a clear image appeared in Yun Che’s mind.

“This is where Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley is located and what its entrance looks like.” Yun Qinghong said, “Once you have reached that place, if the sealing profound formation is still there, then you should make haste and return. If the sealing profound formation has disappeared… you must definitely not make any reckless moves, and you must send a sound transmission to me at first notice.”

“Yes, I understand.” Yun Che nodded his head.

“Also…” Yun Qinghong hesitated for a moment but continued speaking anyways, “Even though I have absolute confidence in your ability to protect yourself… even if it is for the sake of not letting your mother worry, send a sound transmission back to us every hour. If I have not received your sound transmission for more than an hour, I will immediately make my way to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.”

“Understood. I will definitely not forget Father’s words,” Yun Che nodded his head once more. He knew that even if he had full confidence in himself and even if he had just demonstrated the mighty Hidden Flowing Lightning ability, they would still worry about him regardless… because they were his father and mother.

“Then go,” Yun Qinghong said as he nodded with a faint smile. Those ordinary and light-hearted words pierced the depth of his heart and carried an inexplicable warmth, causing his heart to warm all over.

“Father, Mother, Xiao Yun, I’ll be back soon,” said Yun Che as he rose into the air and spun around, and before anyone could feel a trace of profound energy in the air, he was already thirty meters away.

“Che’er, you have to be careful!”

As she watched Yun Che’s figure swiftly vanish into the night, the hand that Mu Yurou used to hold Yun Qinghong’s hand involuntarily tightened, “Husband, Che’er, he will definitely be… okay, right…”

“Do not worry, he is only going to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to confirm his suspicions, he’s not going there to fight anyone. Besides, his ability is probably even stronger than what we have seen or imagined so far, so he definitely won’t be in any danger,” Yun Qinghong said as he comforted her.

“I know, it’s just that…” Mu Yurou raised her hand and pressed it against her chest while she said rather despondently, “It’s just that my heart is still beating really quickly and I just have this feeling that…”

“There, there. Don’t let your imagination run wild.” Yun Qinghong said while smiling, “Our child has already returned for three months. Now that he’s left for a short period of time, your heart has been reduced to a complete mess. Don’t worry, Che’er will return almost as soon as he went. All we need to do is go home and calmly wait for his return. You never know, he might even be back before midnight.”

In order to be as stealthy as possible, Yun Che only traveled at half of his maximum speed, but that was definitely not a slow speed. Under the cover of night and using the Hidden Mirage Lightning to conceal his figure, he traveled in towards the location that Yun Qinghong had detailed for him, and pressed westward.

“Why is your heart suddenly so set on that Little Demon Empress?” Jasmine asked all of the sudden, “Is it once again because she is a beauty? So it caused your base, lecherous instincts to stir once more?”

Jasmine’s words caused Yun Che’s body fiercely contort in midair. He yelled in a low voice, “Of course not! It’s because nothing must happen to the Little Demon Empress! If not, the current situation in Demon Imperial City will be thrown into complete upheaval. The Duke Palaces and Guardian Families aligned with Duke Huai Palace will be on cloud nine, whereas my Yun Family will definitely have to endure a miserable and heavy oppression. Before long, there may even be a possibility that the Yun Family will no longer exist… This thing must definitely never come to pass.”

“Even if it’s only a guess, it’s highly likely that it will concern the life and death of the Little Demon Empress. No matter what, I need to confirm it because I will not risk even the slightest chance of it happening!”

Even though Yun Che had explained it in an incomparably sincere manner, and his argument was sound and logical, Jasmine still replied with a disdainful cold laugh, “Hmph, and is the fact that you saw her naked body also one of those important reasons?”

Yun Che, “...”

Yun Che was clear that his status as a “lecher” in Jasmine’s heart was something that was impossible to erase. He chose not to bicker with her any further, and instead looked forward while thinking carefully to himself: Could it be… that “it” was also part of the reason… After all, he had certainly taken full advantage of her that night… Cough...

“There is a piece of good news that I want to tell you,” Jasmine said in a bland voice.


“Half of the devilish poison within my soul has already been cleansed.”

“Half? Is that true?!” Yun Che’s spirit was shaken and joy involuntarily lit up on his face.

From Yun Che’s tone, Jasmine could tell that he was subconsciously happy about it. She let out a light sigh and continued, “From the time I have known you until now, it has already been six years. The devilish poison in my body is without a doubt the deadliest poison in the boundless universe, yet half of it was purged within a short six year period… The Sky Poison Pearl is indeed worthy of its name. Hmph, and if not for the fact that I was frequently and personally forced to act, it might have taken a lot shorter than that!”

“That’s great!” Yun Che said as he rejoiced, “The less the devilish poison there is left in your body, the easier it is for the Sky Poison Pearl to suppress and cleanse it. To go from the state of having the poison inundate your body to only half of it being left in your body in less than six years, the remaining half should only require about two to three years to be completely cleansed away.”

“No.” Jasmine gave a dry laugh as her eyes narrowed, “Given the speed at which the Sky Poison Pearl has cleansed the poison, the remaining half should only require about a year or so to be completely purged from my system... Of course, that is with the condition that I don’t use my profound energy at all during this period of time!”

“One year?” This was indeed good news. “So this means that you will be able to make a full recovery one year from now?”

“Far from it!” Jasmine replied with a cold laugh, “It will only mean that the devilish poison will be completely cleansed in a year’s time! Don’t forget, right now, I am only a spirit body that needs to be attached to your lifeline and your body in order to exist! If I want to make a full recovery, I need a profound core that is of the Tyrant Profound Realm or higher, thirty-five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal and also the Netherworld Udumbara Flower… Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten all of this?!”

“Of course I haven’t forgotten,” Yun Che said hurriedly. “What I meant was that once the devilish poison is purged from your system, does it mean that you can use your profound energy anytime you want?”

“...That is right,” Jasmine replied in a voice that was devoid of all emotion or color. “Are you preparing to borrow my power recklessly, without restraint when that time comes?”

“No, not really.” Yun Che said, “I am just thinking if you will be able to search for the Purple Veined Divine Crystal and the Netherworld Udumbara Flower by yourself when that time comes… After all, you are so powerful. If you searched for it yourself, you would definitely find it much faster than I would.”

“I cannot.” Jasmine said indifferently, “My soul is not attached to you in such a simple manner, but it is actually entangled with your lifeline. Before my body is reconstituted, I will not be able to stray too far away from you or leave you for too long! If not, the strength of my spirit will irreversibly weaken.”

“That’s good then,” Yun Che let out a small sigh of relief.

Jasmine, “??”

“I am just afraid that one year from now, I might wake up one day only to find that you have quietly left by yourself. If that were to happen… I would definitely be very lonely and sad,” Yun Che said gently as he looked forward.

Jasmine gave a cold laugh, “These kind of words that are used to coax girls, did you actually vainly think that it would have any effect on me?”

“Hmph, once I have made a complete recovery, I will indeed leave immediately. However, you do not need to worry; I won’t quietly slink away. Before I leave, I will do as I had promised you before and I will impart my Star God Profound Art to you… After all, I am your master, and it was also you who saved my life.”

“At that time, whether it is in Illusory Demon Realm or in Profound Sky Continent, no one will be able to be your opponent and you can live a completely carefree life. You can show off to your heart’s content and if you want anyone to bow their head towards you, they will have no choice but to comply. You will have as many women as your heart desires… But after that, we will naturally not owe each other a single thing and we will never meet again.”


The night breeze welcomed him as it brought faint refreshment. Jasmine’s words clearly told him: The day that she made a full recovery would also be the day that she would make him unrivaled under the heavens… These were four words that seemed to spring from the depths of pure fantasy. Since Jasmine was the one who said it, it was true beyond a shadow of a doubt. But this did not bring any joy to Yun Che, nor did it make a smile bloom on his face. He did not speak any further; instead, he welcomed the night breeze and headed directly westward, and before he knew it, he had already left the confines of Demon Imperial City.

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