Chapter 592 - Duke Ming Appears

Against the Gods

Chapter 592 - Duke Ming Appears


A loud noise suddenly exploded within the deathly silence of the night. A violent flow of air that was more ferocious than a storm swept all around, and scorching Phoenix Flames shot into the sky. The flames spread and clearly illuminated the two people’s faces.

“It’s… you!!!” Although Hui Ran immediately recovered and stood firmly after he was sent flying by a swing of Yun Che’s sword, his arms were still severely numb and his muscles shrieked in pain uncontrollably. Seeing that the person who suddenly appeared was Yun Che, he immediately swept around himself with a peculiar gaze before quickly searching behind Yun Che.

“Heh, don’t worry, there’s only me,” Yun Che relaxingly said, lifting the Heaven Smiting Sword. When he attacked Hui Ran just now, he also suffered the recoil due to Hui Ran’s strength. Although he looked to have gained the advantage… Hui Ran had blocked his blow with just one arm.

The profound strength of someone in the eighth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, along with powerful profound arts and a shocking physique… His strength was truly frightening.

Yun Che’s words caused Hui Ran to be shocked for a moment, “What are you doing here?” Changing the tone of his voice, he shouted, “ You’re courting death!”

“Courting death? Hahahaha!” Yun Che laughed madly in disdain, “Is some trash who was beaten by me in three moves worthy of saying those two words in front of me?”

Hui Ran was someone who was extremely arrogant, and looked at everyone else in disdain. And for someone like that, he was easily angered as well. Expectedly, just one sentence of disregard caused the aura around Hui Ran to increase tremendously. His bloodshot eyes made him seemed as though he was a devil that came from hell, as he said angrily, “Yun... Che! This duke will personally turn you into minced meat!!!”

After the ceremony had ended, Duke Huai had personally said that no matter how much he had wanted Yun Che to die, he could not touch Yun Che. However, Yun Che had appeared at a place where no one was allowed to come on this night and even insulted him… No matter what, he was going to torture him to death tonight!

Yun Che wagged his finger in contempt, “Tsk, tsk. You really are useless, you so-called prince of a Duke Palace. Your father and grandfather had wanted you to stand guard to prevent any accidents. If you had really attacked, heh, aren’t you afraid that the commotion would spread to Illusory Demon Realm? At that time, when everyone gathered to figure out what happened, the plan to kill the Little Demon Empress might end in failure.

When the enraged Hui Ran that was about to attack had heard what Yun Che had said, his pupils shrunk in shock… He was shocked that Yun Che had figured out their Duke Palace’s plan and even more shocked that he had mentioned the word “grandfather!”

His grandfather, Duke Ming… was their Duke Palace’s biggest trump card and well-kept secret for the past hundred years! This was a secret that no one had managed to see through!

Tonight, the Yun Che in front of him… had figured it out in one go.

Never mind Hui Ran, if Duke Huai had heard these words, he would be greatly shocked as well.

Yun Che’s initial words were meant to cause Hui Ran to become angry, and his latter words were to test him while he was still enraged. From the change in Hui Ran’s expression and eyes, Yun Che was shocked as well… Because from Hui Ran’s reaction, it was proven that the frightening guess of “Duke Ming” being involved had become reality!

If Duke Ming was involved, then Little Demon Empress’ fate was… absolute demise!

He could not wait any longer.

Hui Ran, was now standing in front of him, letting out a strong killing intent which shot to the skies, “You know too much… You must die!”


The boulders surrounding Hui Ran were shattered and the ground cracked. Following the ignition of the crimson-black flames on his body, a thick, dark chain appeared in his hand, and at the ends of the chain were two huge, round hammers that were filled with spikes!

Meteor hammer… and it was a twin meteor hammer!

A meteor hammer was a very lethal weapon that was extremely difficult to handle. However, with Hui Ran’s physique and strength, the meteor hammer is his hand would undoubtedly be nightmarishly powerful.

“Be careful, this twin meteor hammer of his... each hammer weighs at least fifty thousand kilograms!” Jasmine warned.

Each hammer was no less than fifty thousand kilograms, and adding up the two, their weight was nearly that of the Heaven Smiting Sword in his hands!

“Don’t worry… I don’t have time to waste on him now!” Yun Che muttered, and just when he had finished speaking to Jasmine, Hui Ran swung his arm and a meteor hammer that carried crimson-black flames flew violently at Yun Che… Wherever it went, the air distorted vigorously and the ground below sunk madly. The surrounding boulders of numerous hundred kilograms all disappeared like bubbles being popped.

Even with Yun Che’s physique, if he were to be hit by the hammer, it would not be easy to bear.

Yun Che’s gaze focused as he retreated. However, he did not avoid or dodge, and instead swung his sword at the meteor hammer.


With a loud bang, Yun Che retreated in panic. His arms that held the Heaven Smiting Sword was feeling numb and yet, the corners of his mouth revealed a satisfied smile… Hui Ran, who wielded the frightening meteor hammer, was sent flying into the air when it collided with the sword. The meteor hammer’s surface seemed to have been branded with an indentation.

“Wha… What!” Hui Ran was extremely shocked. His meteor hammer had been forged with a lava core made of “Flame Devil Heart Shattering Steel” which possessed the strength to destroy mountains. Ever since he had started using it, nobody below the Sovereign Profound Realm dared to face it head on. This swing had been made out of rage, and he had used nearly eighty percent of his strength. He originally thought that he would see images of Yun Che’s arms shattering, yet, he had never imagined that when his meteor hammer collided with Yun Che’s great sword... he would be the one sent flying.

Besides being shocked, Hui Ran was furious. In front of his eyes, Yun Che’s heavy sword had already arrived instantly, bringing along blazing phoenix flames. He stared widely and howled. His Fallen Flame surged in an instant and the twin meteor hammers swung in unison, which made them seem like two Flame Devils that came from hell as they smashed forward.

“Go… and… die!!!”


With a loud bang, all the dark clouds in the sky scattered, and within a three kilometer radius, the earth was completely overturned. Crimson-black flames filled the entire sky and the entire scene looked as though doomsday had arrived… Under such catastrophic strength, the greatsword that had infused with Phoenix Flame shattered into numerous tiny fragments right in front of Hui Ran’s eyes and disappeared from sight.

Yun Che’s figure disappeared with it.

Taking where Hui Ran stood as the center, a massive, deep pit that spanned farther than three kilometers appeared. In the air, there were shattered flaming rocks raining down. Grabbing his meteor hammer, Hui Ran had an extremely downcast expression, and after five breaths of time, he had finally reacted. What he had shattered just now was obviously just Yun Che’s profound handle!

And Yun Che had used that opportunity and snuck into Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’s entrance!

He turned and looked towards the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley but did not give chase. His face revealed a cold smile as he laughed, “Idiot… With your speed, if you wanted to run, this duke might not be able to kill you! However, you chose to court death yourself…”

“Then, you shall become the Little Demon Empress’ companion in death!!”

Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, Core Region

“Princess Caiyi, it’s been a hundred and fifty years, how have you been. Oh no, I guess I should address you as… Little Demon Empress!”

The man was of medium stature, looked elegant and handsome, and his face was rather pale. Overall, he looked as though he was a weak scholar, yet he was emitting an extremely frightening pressure from his entire body.

The world of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was shrouded in exploding flames and the constant rumble of thunder. At every corner, a disastrous elemental storm was present. However, around him, it was frighteningly silent and there was no sign of any flames or lightning. There did not even seem to be any trace of airflow. His hair and sleeves were all still… just like his surroundings, where his frightening aura seemed to have condensed the air around him.

He was dressed in a red robe and looked to be only around thirty years old. Standing in front of Duke Huai, he seemed to be even younger than Duke Huai. Furthermore, the Duke Huai who usually treated everyone indifferently and was feared by many others not only stood upright behind him, but he also had a posture of respect.

The Little Demon Empress stared closely at this person, as her expression and gaze changed, revealing the shock and horror in her heart.

Within the Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land, she did not obtain a desirable result and was expelled by the soul of the Golden Crow. Without much hesitation, she swiftly returned because she could guess what Duke Huai would do if he had predicted her course of actions, and at the same time, she had a bad feeling… There was only an entrance to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley and no exits. The only way to exit from Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was to wait for one to be forcibly expelled a day later when the seal was reactivated.

However, since the Demon Emperor’s Seal had a way to allow her to enter forcefully, it must also have a way for her to leave as well… But, she had to get back to the place she entered from first.

When she was flying back to the core region of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, she saw Duke Huai… Regarding Duke Huai’s appearance, she was already well-prepared and was not surprised. However, she never expected the person that accompanied Duke Huai!

He was a person that has disappeared for a hundred and fifty years without a word!

“Duke… Ming!” The Little Demon Empress’ chest rose intensely. For this person to suddenly appear here today along with Duke Huai, she would not naively believe that he was here to welcome her. At that instant, in her shock, she had finally understood facts that she had previously dared not to believe.

“It’s been a hundred and fifty years, but your highness still looks the same,” Duke Ming spoke with a slight and gentle smile. If it were not for the frightening flow of air, anyone who saw that smile would feel that the smile was like a warm spring breeze, “It’s such a pity. Although your highness possessed the purest of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, even if you forcefully seal your vital Yin and maintained your body in a youth-like state, the feeling of the bloodline eating away at your body must be unbearable. It must be hard on you to bear it all these years. Although the Little Demon Emperor died early, there are many men within Illusory Demon Realm. You could have found any of them to release your vital yin and live comfortably for the past hundred years. Hahahahahaha!”

Duke Ming and Duke Huai both laughed hysterically. Their words of insult had caused any hope within the Little Demon Empress to shatter as she continued staring closely at Duke Ming… Staring at this person that her father used to trust and value; this person that she herself used to greatly respect. In her heart, her anger was like a volcano that was exploding crazily.

She also clearly knew how frightening Duke Ming’s profound strength actually was… Then, he was the third strongest person in the entire Illusory Demon Realm behind the Demon Emperor and Demon King.

However, now that both the Demon Emperor and Demon King had passed on, he had become the undisputed number one within Illusory Demon Realm! Within a hundred fifty years, his strength had obviously risen greatly. Under the effect of his profound energy, even at the Little Demon Empress’ level, her body was frozen cold and her chest felt a suffocating pressure.

“Duke Ming, you have hidden very well.” The Little Demon Empress’ gaze was like an ice cold sword and golden flames had already ignited on her hand which was holding the Demon Emperor’s Seal.

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