Chapter 598 - Desire in Peril

Against the Gods

Chapter 598 - Desire in Peril


The Little Demon Empress spat out another large mouthful of black blood, and within the blood, were worrying pieces of blood clots. Following that, she gradually knelt onto the ground, her eyes occasionally losing focus and occasionally looking dull.

Seeing her vomit blood, Yun Che suddenly felt his heart clench as he rushed forward to support the Little Demon Empress’ thin shoulder. Just as his hand had touched the Little Demon Empress’ shoulder, she slapped it away heavily, “Let me tell you again… Don’t… touch me!”

The Little Demon Empress looked extremely weak, but her slap was not light. It had caused Yun Che to retreat several steps while her body trembled intensely and nearly collapsed. She then looked up, her tender face looking so weak that it caused one’s heart to ache, but her gaze still exhibited the coldness and stubborness that could never dissipate, “Solely based on the fact that you visually violated my body that day… even if you’re the Demon King’s descendant, I should dig out your eyes… If you dare touch me again… I will kill you!”

Her lifeline had been severed and both her mind and body had been severely injured. Yet, she still cared about such things… The corners of Yun Che’s lips quivered as he rebutted with displeasure, “I already said that I did not peek at you on purpose that night… I had been there all along. It was you who did not detect me and stripped…”

Even before Yun Che had finished speaking, a scorching wave swept the area and the Little Demon Empress’ tender white hand grabbed onto his neck, “Do you really think that… I wouldn’t dare to kill you!”

Although the Little Demon Empress was weak, she still possessed the strength of a mid stage Monarch. Even in her current state, killing Yun Che was a simple task. Yun Che nodded and replied seriously, “Mn… Because you do not have any killing intent towards me.”

Immediately after he spoke, Yun Che was afraid the Little Demon Empress would storm off and he quickly continued, “We have already been forced to such a peril, so now we need to think of how to escape… Even if you want to kill me or dig out my eyes, at least wait until we have escaped.”

“Hmph!” Little Demon Empress flung her hand and pushed Yun Che far away, “Escape? Are you so naive to think that we can escape from Duke Ming’s vicious clutches?! Now is only the calm before the storm.”

Yun Che’s eyebrows knitted as he replied, “I have encountered situations more dire than this at least ten times! However, I’m still alive now… That’s because before I lose my breath, I will struggle with everything I have! Even if there were ten more Duke Mings, I would not sit still!”

“Little Demon Empress, you’re the monarch of Illusory Demon Realm. For the past century, you’ve suffered the pain of losing all your closest kin and have been bearing pressure far beyond anyone’s imagination. You had to face the judgement of the world, worry about the future of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, and handle the wild ambition of Duke Huai Palace. Even so, you’ve still held the position of the monarch and protected the remaining pride of the Demon Emperor for the past hundred years. Duke Huai could not defeat you, and even the powerful Duke Ming, who harmed the late Demon Emperor and the Little Demon Emperor, had been unable to realize his wishes all this while because of you…”

“Every time my father talks about you, he holds you in high regard, and after I realized the truth, I also came to respect you greatly. It can be said that among all the women I’ve seen in my life, other than my master, you’re the most outstanding one! You’re the powerful Little Demon Empress, the only female monarch in the entire history of Illusory Demon Realm… Such an outstanding person, would they be willing to accept fate?! I know that in order to save me, you were severely injured and your lifeline was severed… However, as long as we are able to escape today, even if your lifeline is broken, I have ways to let you live! Don’t forget, my parents had been severely injured for more than twenty years but were still completely cured by me!”

Little Demon Empress, “...”

Yun Che walked forward and stood in front of her, “Little Demon Empress, I would never believe there is anything ‘absolute’ in this world! Also, there is also no absolute peril! If you’re still unwilling to die… If you still want to personally exact revenge for your royal father and the Little Demon Emperor… then follow me. Make use of the short remaining time to come up with a plan and escape no matter what!”

The Little Demon Empress was stunned as she looked straight at Yun Che’s eyes… Within them, she saw concern, but no fear nor one bit of hopelessness! The look on his face did not change one bit… This was the first time in her life that someone’s look was so bright that she felt it was eye-catching. She lost focus for some time and even the darkness in her soul started to waver.

“Furthermore, and most importantly!” Yun Che said extremely seriously, “You should know that the Demon Emperor’s bloodline possesses a secret that only Demon Emperors and the Yun Family Patriarch know! Before, when the late Demon Emperor was harmed, he could not pass the secret on to the Little Demon Emperor in time, and my grandfather had also been harmed in Profound Sky Continent… However, when I met my grandfather, not only did he pass me the Demon Emperor’s Seal, he had also told me this secret which was crucial to the Demon Emperor’s Bloodline and told me to personally pass it on to you!”

Yun Che words caused the Little Demon Empress to be shocked once again! As the daughter of the Demon Emperor, she certainly knew the existence of this secret but did not understand why the Patriarch of the Yun Family could know this secret when the Demon Crown Prince could not until he succeeded the throne. No matter whether it was her or whether it was the Little Demon Emperor, they did not ask about this matter, despite their curiosity. Originally, she had thought that this secret was lost when the Demon Emperor and Demon King had met with harm, and would be buried forever. However, Yun Che had actually brought this secret of the Demon Emperor back.

She looked at Yun Che… When he spoke, his eyes did not show any signs of lying, “There’s naturally a reason why this secret was not imparted upon you earlier. It’s because this secret can only be used during the most dangerous and desperate of times… like the current situation with the Illusory Demon Royal Family! If this was mentioned earlier, once one did not have sufficient determination, something disastrous would happen!”

“Because, this was a… way to let the heir to the Demon Emperor… advance to a Half God Realm and let him possess the strength of someone half a step into the Divine Profound Realm!”

Half God Realm… Half-step Divine Profound!

This was something that only existed in the imagination and legends, and even to the Little Demon Empress, it sounded too much like a dream.

“What did… you say?” she uttered in disbelief.

“What I just said was something my grandfather personally told me. If I had said any lies, I would burn within the depths of hell when I die.” Yun Che looked at Little Demon Empress straight in the eye and said with absolute seriousness and uncertainty, “At that time, personally killing Duke Ming wouldn’t be any difficult task! Destroying Duke Huai Palace would also be simple! You can rebuild the entire Illusory Demon Realm and no one would dare disobey you! The people and families that had betrayed you would tremble below your feet and regret…”

“As long as you can survive today, all of it would come true!”

“Therefore, there’s no more reason for you to sit still and leave it to fate any more!”

Half-step Divine Profound… Avenge her father… Avenge her husband… Rebuild the might of the Demon Emperor… Reform the entire Illusory Demon Realm...

Each of Yun Che’s words was like lightning striking directly at her soul. Her eyes started to lose their dullness and lifelessness, and they started to tremble intensely as a strong desire started to frantically appear...



A thick bolt of purple lightning struck down from the skies, shattering the tough profound stones on the ground and causing a huge pit to appear. The strong shock wave traveled towards them and violently swept the weak Little Demon Empress away. Yun Che quickly flew up and caught the Little Demon Empress in midair, gently wrapping his right arm around her waist.

Although the Little Demon Empress’ clothes were big, her body was extremely thin. In particular, her slender waist was tender like the branches of a willow, allowing Yun Che’s arms to completely wrap around it easily.

The Little Demon Empress’ body froze slightly, but this time, she did not attack Yun Che and instead just said softly, “Go… I want to kill Duke Ming… to avenge my royal father and royal brother… I cannot die here… bring me away… no matter what… I cannot die here…”

Yun Che’s words had undoubtedly given the Little Demon Empress a large amount of hope and desire. Yun Che smiled and nodded firmly. The arm around her waist wrapped around even more tightly, “You are more familiar with Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley than I am… Which direction is the most advantageous for us to head toward?”

“To the east… the ancestral land is in that direction… Although we cannot enter without the Demon Emperor’s Seal… If we are able to reach that place before Duke Ming finds us… The Golden Crow Divine God… might not watch without interfering…”

“Okay!!” Yun Che replied strongly and activated the Extreme Mirage Lightning, shooting towards the east like a bolt of lightning. In actual fact, whether it was Yun Che or the Little Demon Empress, they clearly knew that it was near impossible to arrive at the Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land before Duke Ming.

Even if they managed to arrive first… The answer as to whether the soul of the Golden Crow would intervene was already clear. Because, with the power of the soul of a True God, the situation within the entire Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was definitely clear to the soul of the Golden Crow. If it had wanted to intervene, it would have done so when the Little Demon Empress met Duke Huai and Duke Ming.

After all, it was the one that provided the bloodline of the Demon Emperor with the power of the Golden Crow. It was their entire clan’s benefactor, but not protector. It would not bother to meddle in such affairs!

The secret regarding the “half-step Divine Profound” that Yun Che had explained to the Little Demon Empress was not a lie. When the Demon Emperor’s clan faced the danger of being exterminated, they could use this secret of the Demon Emperor to obtain the strength of half-step into the Divine Profound Realm… becoming unbeatable in this world. This would cause the situation to change and allow the Demon Emperor’s bloodline to rebuild.

However, all that Yun Che had described was only half the entire truth.

The other half was… that although this secret way could indeed allow someone with the Demon Emperor’s bloodline to obtain the profound strength of half a step into the Divine Profound Realm, their longevity would in turn be left with only three years...

This was also the reason why Yun Che did not immediately tell Little Demon Empress the secret that Yun Canghai had passed on to him even though he had already been in Demon Imperial City for three months.

Using Extreme Mirage Lightning, Yun Che’s speed became faster and faster, to the extent that even Little Demon Empress was shocked. He only possessed the strength of the Sky Profound Realm, and there were no strong profound fluctuations coming for him, yet, he could raise his speed to the level of a low-level Monarch. Based on the understanding of any profound practitioner, this was something that was basically impossible.

Along the way, Yun Che had shook off numerous fire spirits and lightning spirits. His eyebrows knitted tightly, as his eyes scanned the road in front, searching for any possibility.

The Little Demon Empress had mentioned before, this was the north-western boundary of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, and looking northward, there were no longer signs of the scorching earth and no signs of the volcanoes that were engulfed in flames. All that was seen was a frightening scene of redness that was boiling, as though it were a boundless purgatory of blood.

Yun Che could not help but ask, “What surrounds the borders of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley? A spatial barrier?”

“No! It’s one thousand, five hundred kilometers of lava! This lava is not made of any molten rocks, but comprised of the most scorching profound stone refined by the Golden Crow Flame! This one thousand, five hundred kilometers of lava surrounds the entire Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley and is named the “Sea of Death!” If one dares to touch the Sea of Death, even at Duke Ming’s level, he would instantly be injured. If he’s submerged within the Sea of Death, just a few short breaths of time would be able to turn him into ashes! If we were to suffer at the hands of Duke Ming here, he would undoubtedly throw us into the Sea of Death to eliminate any evidence!”

Just as the Little Demon Empress had finished speaking, a very gentle voice that to them, was like a nightmare, sounded from the sky, “Heheheheh, Princess Caiyi is indeed as clever as I had expected. You had the same plan as this duke.”

Yun Che abruptly stopped moving, gritted his teeth and looked forward… About a hundred meters in front of him, the air distorted violently and the distorting space was torn apart violently. Duke Ming walked out slowly from within, his face revealing a casual smile. He was followed by Duke Huai, who was smiling coldly.

“Duke… Ming!!!” Little Demon Empress stared intensely at Duke Ming who appeared in front of them as she uttered the two words that filled her with deep pain… as well as the strongest hatred and killing intent that she had ever felt.


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