Chapter 605 - The Only Choice

Against the Gods

Chapter 605 - The Only Choice

Yun Che landed with the Little Demon Empress before Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land’s sealing profound formation. There was only a mountain wall behind this sealing profound formation; evident that the Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land should be another independent world… and even could be the Golden Crow Soul’s own little world. This flame profound formation was merely a teleportation entrance.

“How should we get in?” Facing this place that retained the Golden Crow Legacy and the Golden Crow’s Soul, Yun Che’s heart still only felt unsettled. Because Jasmine said that among the three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts, the Golden Crow was the most incomparably fierce and explosive existence. The Golden Crow Soul came from the Golden Crow’s divine soul, inherited the Golden Crow’s will, and its temperament, was also supposed to be extremely irascible and hot-tempered… On top of that, the Vermillion Bird, the Phoenix, and the Golden Crow were incompatible, and they repulsed each other. If he really met with Golden Crow Soul, there was a great possibility he would be repugnant due to the Phoenix Bloodline within him.

“Sure enough, you two have come!”

A woman’s voice suddenly sounded in the air above him… a divine voice, but of course, this wasn’t the first time Yun Che had heard one. The Phoenix Spirit’s voice was calm and prestigious; the Heretic God’s voice was faint and deep as if it was from the ancients; the Dragon God’s voice was vast and boundless, making people unable to help it but want to kneel and worship on the ground…

But the voice that sounded above the air at this moment made Yun Che’s body shiver, the blood in his whole body instantly turned violently… at that instant, Yun Che even felt like his own body almost exploded.

That was… the voice of the Golden Crow Soul?

This voice was even more explosive than the Sea of Death’s molten lava!

The Demon Emperor’s Seal was needed in order to enter the Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land. The Little Demon Empress was originally worried about it, but when she heard the Golden Crow Spirit’s voice, she slowly kneeled down on the ground, “Golden Crow Divine God, your powers are boundless. Everything that happened in the valley couldn’t escape your spiritual senses. I am the Demon Emperor Clan’s Golden Crow’s descendant, but I was plotted against by traitors, and now I am the only one remaining. This vengeance and hatred is absolutely irreconcilable. Now I no longer seek to awaken my bloodline’s power, I only ask for Golden Crow Divine God to help the two of us leave Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, in order to take revenge for the blood of our clan’s people.”

“Revenge? You don’t have much time left of your life and are only supporting the last of your life’s vitality with your profound energy, what are you going to rely on to exact revenge?”

At that instant, a pair of scarlet-gold eyes suddenly opened up in the deep purple sky, and shed down a fire-like burning brightness. Under the illumination of the pair of eyes, all of the fire spirits stopped wandering, as if the space was sealed, and they did not dare to move at all. Even the falling lightning that were everywhere had all disappeared in an instant, and within the hundred miles, not even the sound of thunder clapping could be heard.

“Even if you can survive, the strength of your nemesis is far stronger than you, so just what are you going to rely on to exact revenge then? Relying on the so-called ‘Demon Emperor’s secret’ that fellow beside you told you?!”

Obviously, the Golden Crow Soul clearly knew of whatever had happened in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley and even knew what they had said. After all, this was an independent world formed by the Golden Crow’s power.

“The greatest secret of your Demon Emperor’s clan can indeed let the direct descendent of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline achieve half a step into the Divine Profound Realm in a short amount of time! But do you know why he kept finding excuses and didn’t tell you exactly how it could be achieved? Because once you reached half-step into the Divine Profound, you would die for sure three years later! By that time, even if the Ancient Emperor of Gods was alive, he still wouldn’t be able to save you!”

Each word spoken by the Golden Crow Soul shocked their souls; the Little Demon Empress slightly lifted her head, her pale face not showing any signs of surprise, but instead was calm like the grayness of death, “I know. Stepping into half-step Divine Profound from being a Monarch is almost an action that defies the heaven’s way. If it really can be achieved… then there must be an extremely tragic punishment and consequence, otherwise, my Demon Emperor’s clan wouldn’t keep this secret from its direct descendants so tightly until their death.”

“But now all of my close family had passed away and I am the only one left from the Demon Emperor’s clan that had inherited for ten thousand of years. Even our clan’s honor of being emperor for the past ten thousand years is on the verge of being seized by traitors. I am alone in this world and there is no more going back. All that is left in my life is only an absolute irreconcilable blood vengeance that is deep as the sea! For revenge… I would do anything at any costs. If I can obtain the power of half-step Divine Profound, not mentioning three years, even if my life perishes and my soul disperses ten days later, I would be willing to do so without regrets, and absolutely would not hesitate!”

Yun Che opened his mouth, as his heart was immediately filled with a complicated emotion. He had been struggling on how he should describe that secret to the Little Demon Empress, and even unconsciously wished that the Little Demon Empress would not put herself in the position where she would only have three years of life before dying for the sake of revenge… Facing the Demon Emperor’s secret that Yun Che had revealed, even though the Little Demon Empress showed extremely deep desire, she did not question him closely… It turned out that she had already predicted the possible ending.

“Um… is there really no way to have it both ways?” Yun Che probed.

However, the Golden Crow’s Soul completely ignored him, and spoke with a voice that was like burning flames towards the Little Demon Empress, “Even though you are a woman, your intelligence is worthy of praise, and you are indeed worthy of being a descendant of the Golden Crow. Your hidden secret of the Demon Emperor’s clan is actually a promise that I gave to your ancestors back then! Back then, this noble one told them, ‘If your clan were to be on the verge of desperation and seek for the power for a comeback, then I will allow one request, and will grant nine drops of the Golden Crow’s blood! At the same time, with the guidance of that person’s life vitality, burn all of the power from their Golden Crow’s bloodline, and allow them to receive a strength that is as strong as half-step into the Divine Profound Realm!”

“But three years later, the bloodline’s power and life vitality would burn out at the same time! By that time there would only be death! And there would not be any remedy for it in the world!”

“Unfortunately, your clan was still too late after all. You are the only one left from the Demon Emperor’s bloodline; even if you receive this power, although it will help you exact revenge, eventually… it would extinct your clan even more quickly!”

The Little Demon Empress knelt and bowed deeply, there was only determination and desire on the face of the pale girl, but not any trace of hesitation and fear, “May the Golden Crow Divine God please grant my wish!”

“Because you are a woman, I rejected awakening your bloodline before. Originally it would be the same today as this method can only be used on men and using it on a women would cause her to instantly perish… But maybe the heavens took compassion on your Demon Emperor’s clan, and let a twist of fate appear for this event and your life for the next three years!”

“A twist of fate?” The Little Demon Empress was confused.

“It’s that person by your side! Do you remember that last time, I told you that the only way you, a woman, can awaken the Golden Crow’s bloodline safely is by receiving the vital Yang nourishment of a man with the Vermillion Bird or the Phoenix's bloodline! If you want to achieve the half-step Divine Profound that is required for your revenge, that is the only way as well! And, that man standing beside you… is someone who possess the bloodline of the Phoenix!”

“...” The Little Demon Empress turned her head, and looked at Yun Che in shock.

Yun Che’s mouth opened widely, and his heart was a mess… receiving the vitial Yang nourishment from a man with the Vermillion Bird or the Phoenix’s bloodline…

Vital Yang… nourishment…

What… the hell… is this!!

“Yun Che!”

The Golden Crow Spirit’s voice seemed like a fierce ball of fire, shocking through Yun Che’s heart and soul from his ears. Nothing in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley could escape her spiritual senses. She naturally also knew Yun Che’s name clearly, “Did you inherit the Phoenix’s bloodline from Profound Sky Continent?”

“...Yes,” Yun Che nodded stiffly… as he kept repeating what the Golden Crow Soul had said in his heart.

“Hmph! No wonder the faint scent of the Phoenix kept coming from the North, it was indeed not an illusion!” There was suddenly a faint sense of disdain in tthe Golden Crow Soul’s voice, “You were gifted by the heavens, received the inheritance of the Heretic God, and achieved the Fire Spirit Evil Body. You can control primordial flames and are fear none of the myraid flames in the world. However, you happen to choose the Phoenix's flames which can only be called an inferior divine flame in front of the Golden Crow’s divine flame! It is simply a throwaway!”

“Uh…” (Damn! It was exactly as Jasmine had said… Oh, no! This was only a tiny part of the soul of the Golden Crow, and the attitude of discriminating the Phoenix's flame was even more severe than what Jasmine had said. How is this discriminating, this is simply naked disdain and contempt.)

“But, your Phoenix's bloodline is useful to me now!”

The scarlet-gold eyes suddenly flicked at this moment.


Yun Che’s brocade clothes and the Little Demon Empress’ grey clothing instantly became tiny pieces of scraps with a soft ripping sound, left their body, and was swept away by a searing storm.

“I! #$%... What are you doing!” Yun Che was surprised as he backed away in panic. The Little Demon Empress’ tender back which was even more delicate than white snow, and even more smooth than porcelain appeared right before his eyes.

The Little Demon Empress covered her chest with her arms, as panic flashed across her face.

“What is it? You have such strong will for revenge, and the sense of giving your all, yet you don’t have the courage to face a man’s ugly body?! Only by getting his Phoenix vital Yang can you receive the power of half-step Divine Profound for three years. Otherwise you would only perish instantly! Also, not only does he possess the Phoenix’s bloodline, he also possesses the extremely rich Dragon God’s bloodline! The Dragon God’s scent in his vital Yang could not only refine your body, it could allow your broken lifeline to be restored within a short amount of time! What reason do you have to be afraid!”

Yun Che was furious by what the Golden Crow Soul had said and nearly couldn’t resist jumping up and yelling… Who are you calling ugly! You’re ugly!! Your whole family’s ugly!! All eight generations of your ancestors were all ugly!!

A snowy, white silhouette suddenly swayed before his eyes, and before he could even react, he was pressed down tightly under a small, young and naked girl, who pressed both of her hands strongly on his chest.

“Little Demon Empress, you…” Yun Che cried out in a low voice, but then his voice was choked in his throat and he couldn’t make another sound.

The tender body of the young girl within his sight was white as snow. Her body was soft, delicate and weakened that it made one’s heartache. Her snowy shoulders were narrow, her slim waist was supple and her two snowy bosoms with two delicate red, jade beads were right before his eyes. Even his nose could smell a scent that could intoxicate his heart and make him lose his soul.

However, the young girl’s face was incredibly indifferent. There was no sadness, no tears, no joy, no embarrassment, no panic, nor any trace of emotions… the only emotion, was a hollow desire… for power, and the desire for revenge.

It was as though at that moment, she had ice-sealed all of her emotions, and became a doll without a soul.

“I have… a… wife,” Yun Che looked straight at the Little Demon Empress, and protested weakly.

The Little Demon Empress’ hands that were on his chest pushed down with more strength, and her long, snowy, dazzling legs also slowly split, until it became an “m” shape before she sat onto him… She would not know that her indecent action was enough for the purest soul to be willing to be doomed into the sinful abyssal…


A ball of scarlet-gold flames fell from the sky, forming an enormous flame barrier, and shrouded the place where Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress were.

“Hahahaha!” The Golden Crow’s Soul laughed loudly, “If you want to repair your lifeline, and let your body become strong enough to receive my power, you at least need to take his vital Yang five hundred times! Since his noble one has decided to help you, then I’ll help you until the end! I will give you two months, and when you’ve completed it within these two months, this barrier will naturally disappear! If you cannot complete it, this barrier will exist forever, and you two should not even think of getting out! Hahahaha…”

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