Chapter 608 - Divine Jade of the Nine Suns

Against the Gods

Chapter 608 - Divine Jade of the Nine Suns

“...Is that so! Then all the more reason for him to inherit my power of the Golden Crow! How could a person who has gained the acknowledgement of the Dragon God Soul be ordinary! He really is the person who deserves the legacy of the Golden Crow the most in this world!”

If faced with the complete might of the Dragon God, the Golden Crow would naturally not be a match. However, Yun Che’s strength was too weak; how could the amount of the Dragon God’s might that he could muster compare to the willpower of the Golden Crow Soul? In the next moment, the flames of the Golden Crow which were retreating under the pressure of the Dragon God’s might suddenly filled Yun Che’s entire soul domain like an erupting volcano… However, the Dragon God Soul was still the Dragon God Soul; although it only existed within the body of a Sky Profound Realm human, the Golden Crow Soul had to use the whole span of a hundred breaths. Only then was it able to fully keep it under control.

It could be said that in the entire Illusory Demon Realm and Profound Sky Continent, apart from Yun Che, there was nobody else who could possibly last this long under the Golden Crow Soul’s pressure.

“This kid is really making this noble one feel even more interested!”

Suppressing the Dragon God Soul, the flames of the Golden Crow had already occupied the entirety of Yun Che’s soul domain. Before erasing the Phoenix bloodline in his body, it was necessary to erase the Phoenix imprint on his soul first; this way, the Phoenix blood within his body would lose its roots, and thus could be easily obliterated in a fraction of a second.

In the blink of an eye, the Phoenix imprint within Yun Che’s soul domain appeared in front of consciousness of the Golden Crow Soul. For her to destroy the simplistic Phoenix imprint would be like batting an eyelid.

“Hmph! this noble one unexpectedly had to take the initiative and go through such great pains in order to pass on her bloodline! This is all because of you, an eyesore of a Phoenix, stole him first… get out of here!”

Following her thoughts, a column of golden flame shot from the sea of flames and rushed towards the Phoenix imprint.


A dull rumbling sounded from within Yun Che’s soul, and golden flames violently exploded… however, within the flames which lit up the entire soul domain, the Phoenix imprint was not destroyed; instead, it also glowed with a golden radiance… it was so intense, not a single bit weaker than the radiance of the Golden Crow’s flames.


An extremely resonant and sharp Phoenix cry sounded imposingly, and a golden Phoenix silhouette dragging along long phoenix feathers flew towards the sky. The surrounding Golden Crow flames, seemingly engulfed by violent winds, were all forced into a corner of the soul, incapable of approaching it.

“Wh… What!!”

“Phoenix… Soul Origin!!”

At this moment, the flames of the Golden Crow no longer approached it, and the consciousness of the Golden Crow Soul was in total shock.

“Why… even the Phoenix… has given him its soul origin!”

“This human… what’s going on… could it be, just because he carries the strength of the Heretic God?!”

“Why on earth!”

The silhouette of the Phoenix Soul floated in the middle of Yun Che’s soul, staring arrogantly at the Golden Crow’s flames which surrounded it. The two extremely luminous golden radiances reflected upon each other… and the flames of the Golden Crow which previously vowed to wipe off the Phoenix imprint did not move forward for a long time. The shock and puzzlement of the Golden Crow Soul persisted for a long time. When her emotions finally stabilized, she did not choose to suppress the soul of the Phoenix, but looked away and started to look through all of Yun Che’s memories.

In a short thirty breaths, all of Yun Che’s memories emerged within the consciousness of the Golden Crow Soul. The sea of Yun Che’s soul was still bombarded by the Golden Crow’s flames, but the golden flames did not have any movement for a long time, and the Golden Crow Soul did not make a sound for a long while either...

It was as if within the silence, she was making a tough decision.


Yun Che’s consciousness gradually returned to him. When he awoke, the scene of him losing consciousness floated into his mind.

He sat up violently, opened his eyes and saw the pair of pure gold pupils gazing attentively at him from the skies. Yun Che said in shock, “You…”

After only saying the word “you,” Yun Che’s voice suddenly stopped, because he could clearly feel within his body the power of the Phoenix. The Phoenix imprint and the six volumes of the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》 clearly existed within his body, it did not feel even one bit indistinct… at the same time, within his body and soul, there was clearly another type of blazing energy.

Yun Che extended his two hands experimentally, two balls of flames ignited on his palms at the same time. They were both scarlet flames, moreover; both were similar shades of scarlet, and the difference in color was not very visible.

However, the difference was that the flames on his left palm ignited calmly, but the flames on his right palm… it was evident that wind was not present in the area, yet the flames danced and swayed violently, as if they were a fierce beast, moreover, they burned with a frantic aura which would make one palpitate.

Two balls of flame, one as calm as the boundless oceans, the other as fearsome as torrential waves.

The flame in his left hand was the Phoenix flame which Yun Che was familiar with.

In his right hand… was a flame which was even more scorching than the Phoenix flame, a flame which released a tyrannical aura.

Could it be...

“Hng, you woke up unexpectedly fast! When the blood of the Golden Crow enters the body of other living creatures, it should be as difficult to overcome as a ferocious beast; it could even cause the creature to burn directly, yet in your body, it becomes so meek! Just within several hours, and even when you were unconscious, you managed to absorb thirty percent! As expected of the Fire Spirit Evil Body which possessed the Dragon God Soul and the Phoenix Soul!”

The voice of the Golden Crow Soul was incomparably dull and downcast, and Yun Che was unsure if he misperceived when he heard some signs of weakness in her voice.

Yun Che raised his head and asked in an unconvinced manner, “You poured the Golden Crow’s bloodline into my body… but did not erase my Phoenix’s bloodline?”

“What else?” the Golden Crow’s soul said coldly, “Hmph! Don’t naively think that this noble one did not have the ability to erase your Phoenix bloodline; it’s just that this noble one suddenly felt merciful and changed her decision! What a joke… this noble one actually allowed the Golden Crow bloodline and Phoenix bloodline to coexist in a single body… hahahaha… this is the biggest joke ever…”

“...” Yun Che was speechless for a long while, he could clearly remember that under the soul attack from the Golden Crow Soul, he was virtually defenseless, his consciousness was defeated and he was completely unconscious. At that time, the Golden Crow’s soul was absolutely determined to erase his Phoenix bloodline, leaving no room for negotiation. He also did not suspect that with the power that the Golden Crow Soul displayed, she did not have the ability to easily erase his Phoenix bloodline.

While he was unconscious, he had thought that all he could do was allow the Golden Crow’s soul to freely take advantage of him, and awaken to find out that he had completely lost the power of the Phoenix… He did not expect to not only keep the power of the Phoenix, but also gain the power of the Golden Crow.

“Jasmine, what exactly happened?” Yun Che could not think of a reason. The Golden Crow Soul suddenly becoming merciful… he could not believe such a reason.

“She originally had almost erased the Phoenix imprint in your soul. However, at the last moment, she changed her mind. As for the reason why she changed her mind…” Jasmine laughed strangely, “It should have been because your experiences scared her.”

Lucky for her that she changed her mind at the last moment, or else, she would have been obliterated by this princess… this was from the depth of Jasmine’s heart.

“Scared by my… experiences?” Yun Che was baffled.

“This Golden Crow Soul character is so fickle; who knows what she’s thinking, you can just get an idea about why she changed her mind… you don’t need to know the reason!” Jasmine said irresponsibly, “This is not the time for you to meddle with such issues. Since you have retained the power of the Phoenix and gained the Golden Crow bloodline, this is really to your advantage! Now, the Golden Crow’s origin blood is flowing within your body. When you were unconscious, you only refined thirty percent of it! You should hurry and concentrate to refine it!”

“Oh!” Yun Che answered immediately as his mind shook. He concentrated and adjusted his breathing. He could feel that within his body, there existed nine additional scorching streams which were emitting pure gold radiances.

Nine drops of the Golden Crow’s origin blood.

Watching Yun Che go from a state of shock to a state where he could calmly refine, the voice of the Golden Crow Soul sounded out once again, “Although this noble one allowed the Golden Crow bloodline and Phoenix bloodline to coexist within your body, it absolutely does not mean that this noble one admits that the Phoenix bloodline is on par with the Golden Crow bloodline! The Golden Crow is a divine being borne from the core of the Sun. The Golden Crow’s flames are the strongest flames in this world, how can the Phoenix flames compare… when you have integrated the Golden Crow bloodline into your body and comprehended the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》, you would not even think about using the inferior Phoenix flames!”

“That Phoenix soul merely gave you three drops of Phoenix blood… while this noble one has bestowed nine drops of Golden crow blood upon you!”

“The Phoenix Soul accorded you six volumes of the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》, this noble one will imprint your soul with seven volumes of the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》!

“That Phoenix soul gave you a huge gift… this noble one will bestow you with an even larger gift!!”

The words of the Golden Crow Soul targeted and belittled the Phoenix flames at every turn. She initially “disdained” allowing the Golden Crow bloodline and Phoenix bloodline to coexist, and now, she made each of her bestowals to Yun Che surpass that of the Phoenix Soul.

Peeling off her tyrannical, mighty and violent outside, how was she different from a competitive, ordinary woman unwilling to lose.

Yun Che opened his eyes at this point, he raised his head and asked with misgivings, “The Phoenix soul gave me… a huge gift? What huge gift?”

Such similar words, the Phoenix Soul had said before, and the Dragon God Soul had said before, but they did not state it explicitly. Jasmine wore a knowing expression, but no matter how many times he asked, she never answered seriously. Today, the Golden Crow Soul said the exact same words.

What exactly was the “huge gift” that the Phoenix soul had bestowed upon him before leaving the Phoenix Secret Realm?

“As expected, you don’t know. You do not need to know either.” The Golden Crow’s soul similarly did not answer him, “Although knowing it earlier would be a pleasant surprise for you, it would hinder your growth, and it would not be beneficial! It would be better for you not to know… Until the day you need to know, then you will find out.”

[email protected]#$...” (Damn! Why is it such an answer again! What on earth is it!)

“The big gift that the Phoenix Soul granted to you indeed caused this noble one to be shocked! However, this noble one’s gift to you is not worse than that of the Phoenix!”

At this moment, the pure gold pupils suddenly flashed, and for a moment, the entire sky was wrapped in gold light. The source of the light slowly floated down and landed in front of Yun Che. Yun Che stopped refining the Golden Crow’s blood, extended his arm, and carefully touched the source of the golden light… This was something which was granted by the Golden Crow Soul, something which was not inferior to the Phoenix Soul’s mysterious gift… it was not to be taken lightly!

After making contact with Yun Che’s hand, the glow slowly disappeared. Appearing in front of Yun Che’s eyes was an ordinary looking golden jade about the size of a fist. The jade could be considered translucent and dazzling, and nine irregular golden specks could be clearly seen; in fact, these nine specks were obviously linked by a golden thread.

“This is… the Jade of the Nine Suns!!” Jasmine cried out involuntarily from within Yun Che’s mind.

This was Yun Che’s first time hearing Jasmine lose her cool from seeing a piece of jade. He asked hurriedly, “Jade of the Nine Suns? What kind of jade is this? Is it really as incredible as the Golden Crow Soul says?”

“...It is quite unimaginable for something as divine as the Jade of the Nine Suns to appear in this plane!” Jasmine said with an abnormal voice, she then said in an overcast manner: “The Jade of the Nine Suns is one of the highest level divine jades of the Primordial World! Even in the world I was born, it is an extremely rare divine object! When all the power of a Jade of the Nine Suns is triggered… hmph, it is enough to obliterate the entire Illusory Demon Realm in an instant!”

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