Chapter 610 - Forces Approaching Floating Cloud

Against the Gods

Chapter 610 - Forces Approaching Floating Cloud

Profound Sky Continent. Blue Wind Nation, Floating Cloud City, Xiao Clan.

An old rattan chair sat underneath an ancient tree with dried up leaves. An old man, his head filled with white hair sat quietly on the rattan chair with his eyes closed as the morning sun shined upon him.

A man dressed in black walked into the courtyard, his footsteps were silent, his silhouette was like a monster. With just a single step, he crossed the courtyard to arrive in front of the old man… The old man in front of him was actually not fit to be called an old man, he was only sixty-one years old this year. On top of that, he was a profound practitioner, signs of aging would not leave a huge mark on his body. However, in the past few years he had aged very quickly, his hair rapidly became white. The man dressed in black stood in front of him; what he felt was not a kind of peacefulness but rather a type of loneliness and apathy.

As if he was apathetic even to death.

As if he had detected that someone had neared, the old man opened his eyes, he glanced at the youth dressed in black silently, then shut his eyes: “Xi’er is not here.”

The youth in black did not say a word. He turned around as though intending to leave quietly. At that point, a tall figure walked through the entrance of the courtyard —— it was Xiao Clan’s Clan Master Xiao Yunhai. The Xiao Yunhai who walked in glanced at the youth in black who stood there, his entire body trembled violently. His bones shuddered and went limp, his eyes were filled with fear as if the one he saw was not a person but a devil that was baring its terrifying fangs.

Xiao Yunhai did not have the guts to leave. He summoned the courage to move forward. After taking several steps, he nearly fell because both his legs were shuddering and had become limp: “Gree… greetings… Young… Young Master Fen.”

“What are you doing here?” The youth in black spoke, his voice was cold and indifferent with absolutely no emotions as if the words were not spoken by a human but a cold, dead body.

“Your… your humble servant… specially… specially came… to… pay respects… to the Fifth Elder.”

Xiao Yunhai took such a long time stuttering over such a simple sentence, and the sound of his teeth chattering could be heard.

“Hmph!” The youth in black snorted coldly. He didn’t make any visible movements, but his body suddenly disappeared without a sound or breath leaving no traces behind.

Xiao Yunhai’s entire body loosened; like a pile of mud he fell paralyzed onto the ground. He sighed a huge breath of relief, his robes were entirely drenched in cold sweat.

In the past few years, his fate, and that of the entire Xiao Clan’s went up and down like the lone boat in a huge wave.

Six years ago, Xiao Sect granted enormous favors upon the Xiao Clan. Xiao Yunhai was wild with joy, thinking that they could transform from an earthworm in the soil to a dragon soaring in the clouds. In order to curry favor with Xiao Kuangyun and let his son Xiao Yulong enter Xiao Sect, he did not hesitate to use devious schemes to offer up Xia Qingyue and Xiao Lingxi to Xiao Kuangyun.

He did not think that Xia Qingyue would be a Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciple… instead, the outcome of his devious scheme was to force Yun Che to leave in bitterness… That night, his son who was originally supposed to leave with Xiao Kuangyun to Xiao Sect on the second day got his four limbs and five senses destroyed… dying miserably not long after.

Three years ago, Yun Che returned to take revenge, causing them to experience a horrible nightmare.

After that, the entire Xiao Clan lived in constant fear, especially Xiao Yunhai and the rest, feeling as though they were awaiting a trial for a death sentence… Eight months later, Yun Che did not arrive, but the news of his death in the Primordial Profound Ark spread across the entire Profound Sky Continent.

The entire Xiao Clan sighed a breath of relief. However half a year ago, they had attracted another demon… one which was even more terrifying than Yun Che.

Fen Juechen!

Bearing an inexhaustible hatred, Fen Juechen wanted to exterminate the entire Xiao Clan… because this was Yun Che’s birthplace!

He arrived at the Xiao Clan and started to kill people… He flashed with each step, and each step brought ten people down. They had not even reacted to the situation and more than a hundred had died in his hands, with none of their corpses left intact.

Amongst them included the Grand Elder Xiao Li and Third Elder Xiao Ze.

Throughout the whole thing he did not say a word and did not have any expression, as if he came from hell, like a Grim Reaper who came to harvest lives.

The scariest thing was that those who died under him… their corpses rotted rapidly in a cloud of black gas, transforming into piles of char...

And the one who stopped this devil was Xiao Lingxi.

When Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi who had a face full of fear appeared, that devil stopped his massacre as undulating emotions which belonged to a human appeared on that emotionless face...

Thereafter, he stopped his massacre of the Xiao Clan and continued to stay in this place… the reason why he stayed was also because of Xiao Lingxi.

He became an existence like the devil to the Xiao Clan, any disciple of the Xiao Clan who saw him would shiver in terror, not even daring to take a breath. The good thing was that he listened to Xiao Lingxi and did not kill anymore members of the Xiao Clan. He did not even harm a single person since, and he practically only stayed within his courtyard… Everyday, the only time when he left his courtyard was to take a glance at Xiao Lingxi, even if he could only see her from afar.

Back then, to escape the chaos of war, Xiao Lie brought Xiao Lingxi back to Floating Cloud City where the war would not reach them. Because of a warning from the Imperial Palace, even without the threat of Yun Che, they would no longer be disrespected because of their current identities. Xiao Lie was the grandfather of the current Empress’ husband and when Fen Juechen arrived, everyone treated Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie like their ancestors, not daring to neglect them the slightest bit.

Because anybody could clearly saw that the terrifying devil would listen to Xiao Lingxi’s every word, so whoever Xiao Lingxi wanted him to kill would die immediately.

“Fifth Elder…” Fen Juechen had left but Xiao Yunhai was still frightened. Facing Xiao Lie, he said deferentially: “The forces of the Divine Phoenix Empire are approaching, the gates of Floating Cloud City are already… already wide open, Governor Yuwen and Governor Situ left two hours ago to personally lead the city soldiers thirty kilometers away from the city to wel… welcome… and after the Divine Phoenix Army enters the city, they warned our Xiao Clan… not to do anything disrespectful. Just now, the Divine Phoenix Army has already arrived… the Fifth Elder may be at ease, there was no resistance, so there should be no indiscriminate killing.

Xiao Lie opened his eyes. There was no grief, disappointment or unwillingness in his eyes, only an expanse of dead gray: “That’s good… since we are bound to be humiliated, at least we can avoid the deaths of innocent civilians.”

From afar, waves of clamors could be heard, as if it were getting closer. Xiao Yunhai hurriedly took out a Sound Transmission Jade and took a glance at it, then carefully said to Xiao Lie: “Fifth Elder, the Divine Phoenix Army did not enter the city, but… instead garrisoned outside the city, encircling the city tightly, I’m not sure what… what they want to do.”

“I will immediately notify the Clan disciples, that they have to be well-behaved during these days. Fifth Elder, I… I won’t disturb your rest any longer.”

Xiao Yunhai moved two steps back. Although Fen Juechen was not present, he was still deferential, not daring to show the slightest bit of neglect. That was because in his eyes, Fen Juechen was several hundred thousands of times scarier than the Divine Phoenix Army. After all, facing the Divine Phoenix Army, one just had to obediently surrender and listen; they would not massacre the entire city. However with Fen Juechen, just the slightest bit of inattentiveness could cause one to die without his corpse intact.

At this moment, a flustered voice came from outside...

“Big trouble! Fifth Elder… big trouble!!”

A young Xiao Clan disciple staggered in a hurry. When he saw Xiao Yunhai, he gasped: “Clan Master, it turns out that you are here… trouble… Xiao Lingxi she… she… she…”

The urgent speech and the name “Xiao Lingxi” caused Xiao Lie’s eyes to open wide. Xiao Yunhai’s heart also thumped, he shouted: “What happened to Xiao Lingxi… hurry and speak!”

“She… she…” The Xiao Clan disciple choked violently: “She was stopped by the Divine Phoenix Army… that Divine Phoenix General seems like… he wants to…”


“What did you say!?”

A pitch-black silhouette abruptly streaked across in the air. The Fen Juechen who had left before suddenly appeared in front of the Xiao Clan disciple, as though a demon. He picked him up by his collar with a single hand, but immediately threw him aside. His body was brimming with murderous intent as his body flashed, his pitch-black figure rushing toward the northern direction with terrifying speed.

Less than one and a half kilometers before the Floating Cloud City’s city gates.

Feng Huwei, Divine Phoenix Empire’s mighty and brilliant General Huwei. He possessed the Phoenix bloodline and belonged to the Divine Phoenix Sect. Within the Divine Phoenix Army, he possessed extremely high prestige and rank… At the same time, he also had an extremely high level of profound cultivation —— level one Tyrant Profound Realm. Even within the sect, he could be an Elder.

He was one of the heads of the invasion of the Blue Wind Nation.

And the “important duty” of taking down Floating Cloud City this time was personally lead by him!

As he had expected, under the twenty five thousand strong army which he lead, Floating Cloud City did not even dare to show half a bit of resistance. The two governors opened the gates wide and went on their own accord to welcome the army and fawned throughout the journey.

After allowing the army to surround the entire city, he entered Floating Cloud City riding on a huge ferocious Fire Mastiff with a five hundred cavalry behind him, along with Governor Yuwen Tuo and Vice Governor Situ Nan bowing and scraping. Even without his identity of General Huwei, he was very clear what an Overlord was like to Blue Wind Nation… not to even mention the tiny little Floating Cloud City. His eyes swept across Floating Cloud City… Everything here was in the palms of his hands, it was as easy as stepping on an ant.

In fact, the exaggeratingly large twenty five thousand strong army was not necessary, he alone could casually flatten the entire Floating Cloud City… forget about getting hurt, not even a speck of dust would get onto him.

After taking down Floating Cloud City, the mission would be completed after finding the enormous crystal mine in the vicinity of Floating Cloud City in the shortest time possible… that was not simply his task this time, it was the end goal of the Divine Phoenix Empire invading Blue Wind Nation… Eradicating the Blue Wind Nation was just a ploy to fool others!

Nobody would think that the reason why the Divine Phoenix Army invaded Blue Wind would be… because of Blue Wind Nation’s smallest, most barren city, Floating Cloud City!

He had originally thought that the task was pointless to the extreme and similarly boring… until a girl caught his eye.

The girl wore a flowy blue dress, from afar her figure was elegant, moving and extremely delicate. Following her slow steps, her dress would float behind her. Her exquisite figure could be seen intermittently. Even though the arcs of her waist, bosoms and bottom could only be seen for a split second, words could not describe this beauty which had a charm that cause men to lose themselves.

Although only a little could be seen, it was extremely beautiful. The skin of her slightly exposed neck was snow white and gem-like, as though it were slightly translucent to the point her bones could almost be seen...

As the stately General Huwei who was an Overlord, he had seen countless people yet he still was instantly dumbstruck… At that moment, he felt as if he had seen a beautiful fairy who had fallen among mankind.

The girl’s footsteps quickened, evidently wanting to avoid the scary invaders. Feng Huwei’s had a fiery gaze in his eyes. He pointed forward in an incomparably urgent manner: “Go! Stop the little lady, let this general take a good look!”

Following the startled cry of a young maiden, Xiao Lingxi was surrounded by a group of people riding flaming colts. She could neither move forward nor retreat, and her eyes were wide with terror: “Wh... what do you guys want…”

The civilians of Floating Cloud City all fled. They were filled with terror, so who would dare to rescue her?

“Hahahaha!” Feng Huwei rode in majestically on his Fire Mastiff without haste. He took a good look at Xiao Lingxi’s looks, and his gaze became even more fiery, as if his eyes were about to start burning. He even subconsciously licked the corner of his mouth: “In this tiny place, there is unexpectedly such a quality beauty… Sss, seems like this general has not wasted his time, hahahaha!”

Floating Cloud City’s governor, Yuwen Tuo hurried forward. He bent his back, and said with a flattering smile: “This is the daughter of the Fifth Elder of the Xiao Clan, the largest family in our Floating Cloud City. Her name is Xiao Lingxi, twenty-one years old this year and is not married. General Huwei has such a good eye, she is definitely our Floating Cloud City’s number one beauty.”

“Yes, yes.” Situ Nan immediately nodded and smiled: “If General Huwei fancies her, that would be her biggest fortune in this lifetime… Oh, that’s right, there is something that this little one does not know if he should mention… She has another identity. That… that is Yun Che’s Little Aunt.”


The two words “Yun Che” made General Huwei’s face change. He grinned suddenly, then laughed wildly: “That means this little beauty is actually Yun Che’s family… Good! Good! Good… hahahaha! This is simply wonderful! Since it is Yun Che’s family, even if I have to snatch, I will snatch it away! Bring her to this general’s sedan!”

He displayed such tyrannical deeds absolutely unrestrained. That was because in these barren lands, everything in front of him was petty and vulgar. No matter what he wanted to do, no one could stop him, no one could bring him to justice… The only thing they could do was obediently obey and tremble.

At least, that was what General Huwei thought.

Then, just when his voice landed, an icy cold voice… that seemed to have come from hell came over:

“Try… to… touch… her… if… you… dare…”

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