Chapter 617 - Flames of Vengeance (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 617 - Flames of Vengeance (1)

Amongst the chaos within the Demon Imperial Hall, the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che had finally arrived. It could be said that they had arrived just in time, yet it was extremely thrilling. That was because if they had arrived just a moment later, as soon as Yun Qinghong’s blood colored lightning exploded, he would undoubtedly die.

On their return trip to the Demon Imperial Hall, Yun Che had thought of tens of different kinds of dazzling entrances, along with a similar number of sufficiently tyrannical and mighty scripts. After all, he had the Little Demon Empress beside him as backup, so even facing Duke Ming, he could show off to his heart’s content.

The chaos in the Demon Imperial Hall made him scrunch his eyebrows, and the moment he saw the state in which Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou were in, all of his plans were immediately tossed out the window. He shouted startledly, without care for anything else, he rushed down with his fastest speed.

“Father, Mother!!”

“Che… Che’er!!”

Looking at Yun Che who was nearing closer and closer, Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou’s eyes started to get hazy, and they became absent-minded as if they had started dreaming. Yun Che flew down, throwing himself in front of Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou and saying urgently, “Father, Mother, how are you… are you seriously injured?!”

Based on Yun Che’s abilities, he could tell with a single glance that even though Mu Yurou was injured, she was not in dire straits. However, Yun Qinghong’s face was white and lips were purple; his shirt was mostly stained red with blood, and not only was he seriously injured, his vital energy had been mostly used up, so Yun Che did not even spend even a moment thinking He immediately pressed his right palm onto Yun Qinghong’s chest and channeled the Great Way of the Buddha at full power, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth and imbuing it into his body.

“Che’er… you’re still alive… my Che’er is not dead… very good… very good…” Mu Yurou did not care where she was, and currently, nothing else mattered to her anymore. She simply threw herself and tightly hugged her son; her tears fell like rain, sobbing without sound.

Yun Che said lightly, “Your child has not been filial to his father and mother, how could I let myself die… Father, Mother, I have made you worry and hurt you in this time…”

With Yun Che channeling of the essence of heaven and earth, Yun Qinghong’s injuries rapidly eased, even his five senses became clearer. He looked at Yun Che, even this steel-like male was pouring with tears, “It’s good that you’re back… it’s good that you’re back… you’re still alive… that is all the filial piety that we need… this life of mine, even if it is forfeit… I will have no regrets.”

“Father, don’t say such silly things!” Yun Che said resolutely, “Don’t forget, your son is a genius doctor! Your injuries… this small loss of blood essence, is nothing! Father, Mother, you can be reassured, I will definitely heal Father… completely heal him!”

“Good... “ Yun Qinghong shut his eyes, and it was only a single, short word, yet it carried an enormous amount of gratification. At that moment, his body was heavily injured and had lost an enormous amount of blood essence. Although the Little Demon Empress had returned, they were still surrounded by powerful enemies, and based on the strength which Duke Huai possessed, they still had not escaped the crisis. Yet at the moment, he still smiled in tears; he was not a single bit anxious, resentful, or wrathful, only gratified and satisfied… Their whole family had finally been reunited, and this was an extravagant wish which he thought he would never achieve in his lifetime ever again.

The Little Demon Empress swept her gaze slowly across the entire field. Her tender lips, however, let out a cold and bone-piercing voice, “Who will come explain to this empress what exactly has transpired here!”

The Little Demon Empress’ voice brought along a wave of extremely heavy pressure... heavier by who knew how many times it was in the past. Even if one did not look at her, just by hearing her voice, one would not be able to breathe and feel their whole body go stiff.

The Little Demon Empress, who originally was thought dead, appeared on the day of the new Emperor’s ascension, even bringing along the Golden Crow’s imprint and returning with the awakened Golden Crow’s bloodline! This was undoubtedly the Illusory Demon Realm’s most shocking and most embarrassing sight.

The leader of the Demon Emperor’s imperial bodyguards walked forward. His voice trembled slightly and he said, “Little Demon Empress, four months ago there were absolutely no traces of you and Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was forcefully opened, but when the seal was closed, you never emerged from it… everybody thought that you had met misfortune in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. That’s why… that’s why… today is… is… the new emperor’s ascension ceremony…”

“Ascension ceremony?” The Little Demon Empress slowly turned her gaze, and she pointed her icicle like icy gaze towards Duke Huai, along with everyone standing behind him. “Duke Huai. You sure are impressive. How are you worthy of donning the emperor’s clothing!”

The Demon Empress’ fury, that wave of shocking pressure, caused everyone to choke for a moment. Several of those who had hurriedly defected to Duke Huai over the last few months were in a confused state of mind. They were scared witless, completely at a loss. However, even more of the powerhouses… especially those who had belonged to Duke Huai Palace since long ago, looked at each other’s expressions, and gradually, their initial confusion faded away So what if the Little Demon Empress had risen from the grave? The strength of Duke Huai’s side had long surpassed that of the Little Demon Empress’. Within the past few short months, it had once again inflated by a large degree… Apart from the tens of thousands of years of prestige and might the Demon Emperor’s clan possessed, what did the Little Demon Empress have to compete with Duke Huai!!

The appearance of the Little Demon Empress was simply another inconvenience in this ascension ceremony! Today, not to even mention the Little Demon Empress, even if the former Demon Emperor was revived… they had no intentions of stopping Duke Huai’s ascension!

After rapidly exchanging glances, all the experts on Duke Huai’s side calmed down. Now that things had come to this stage, they had nowhere to retreat, so there was also no need to! Duke Zhong walked forward, welcoming the Little Demon Empress’ gaze and said, “Little Demon Empress! Four months ago you cut short the great ceremony, then abandoned the heroes of the realm who attended the great ceremony, leaving without returning. For four whole months, there was no sign of you. All of us had thought that you had encountered some misfortune in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.”

“In these past few months, if it were not for Duke Huai… no! If it were not for the new emperor taking charge of the situation, the Illusory Demon Realm who have been in complete chaos! The ascension of the new emperor is supported by the whole world, meeting everybody’s expectations… you, for what reason do you berate the new emperor?!”

Facing the Little Demon Empress, Duke Zhong words were fierce with no trace of politeness, criticising loudly with absolutely no apprehension. Evidently he did not take her to be the emperor of the Illusory Demon any longer.

“Duke Zhong, what guts you have!” Mu Yubai snarled, “You have the cheek to be disrespectful to the Little Demon Empress, to be this rude while speaking. It seems that you people are ready to rebel openly already!!”

“How has Duke Zhong wrongly spoken?!” Helian Kuang roared, forcefully suppressing Mu Yubai’s voice, “Little Demon Empress, you are still alive, and that is obviously a pleasant surprise, but you disappeared for four whole months without a trace, so the Illusory Demon Realm had thought that you had died. Then, the ‘Little Demon Empress’ would naturally become history! Now that the new emperor has donned the emperor’s clothes, what is done cannot be undone. It is only reasonable that the real emperor of the Illusory Demon is now Duke Huai! And not the Little Demon Empress!”

“Ah!” Mu Feiyan laughed coldly. “As the Patriarch of a Guardian Family of the Demon Emperor’s clan, you have actually said such outrageous words! The hundred generations of the Helian ancestors’ faces have been completely thrown away by this generation!”

“Hmph!” Helian Kuang’s expression did not change. “Our Helian Family guards the real emperor of Illusory Demon! What we guard is the peace of the Illusory Demon Realm! Not mentioning that the Little Demon Empress is female, simply based on ability, the new emperor surpasses the Little Demon Empress! Based on public opinion, the new emperor surpasses the Little Demon Empress! The new emperor is more suitable to the Illusory Demon Emperor than the Little Demon Empress! The reason why the Little Demon Empress managed to become the Illusory Demon Emperor a hundred years ago was simply because of the Demon Emperor bloodline! She abandoned the wavering Illusory Demon Realm without care, suddenly disappearing for four months, which caused great chaos… and now that she is back, what prestige, what face does she have to continue leading the Illusory Demon Realm?!”

Under Yun Che’s power of the heaven and earth, Yun Qinghong’s injuries were more or less stabilized, looking much better. Yun Che inwardly heaved a sigh of relief, turned his head, and stared at Duke Huai, sneering faintly, “You have the mission of protecting the Demon Emperor Clan, and you even professed your unparalleled loyalty, unchanging even in the face of death, yet now you are actually scolding the Little Demon Empress with your head held high… how impressive! You really have no sense of shame! I really want to ask Patriarch Helian, who exactly was it that united the endlessly chaotic Illusory Demon Realm? Who was it that gave the Illusory Demon Real tens of thousands of years of peace, allowing both man and demon to peacefully coexist! Who was it that lead your Guardian Families to rule the lands under the heavens, allowing you to stand at the peak of the Illusory Demon for tens of thousands of years! And who was it that let some certain ingrates, dukes without any sense of shame, to live in glory and splendor since birth?! Was the Demon Emperor Clan… or was it this ‘new emperor’ whom you people cannot wait to grovel under?!”

“You…” The moment Yun Che spoke, Helian Kuang’s heart violently bulged. The shadows from four months ago suddenly awakened, causing him to not dare to talk back for a moment.

“You actually dared to grandiosely exclaim that this Duke Huai is more suitable to become the Illusory Demon Emperor than the Little Demon Empress, hahahaha! That is the heaven’s biggest joke. Without the Demon Emperor Clan, Duke Huai is not even worth a fart. What qualifications does he have to contend with the Little Demon Empress!” Yun Che’s gaze became stern, and then he said seriously, “You people keep blaming the Little Demon Empress for disappearing for four months… then why don’t you people ask your new emperor why the Little Demon Empress disappeared for four months? He knows… that quite clearly!!”

“Young Patriarch Yun, why exactly happened?” Sky Demon Region Lord Qin Zheng asked eagerly, “Four months ago, what exactly happened? Could it really be that Duke Huai…”

Yun Che shifted his gaze, and facing the attention of the entire arena, he said faintly, “Ladies and gentlemen who have stopped by Demon Imperial City for several months, perhaps you have heard more or less about rumors of Duke Huai Palace’s ambitions! However, Duke Huai Palace not only harbored rebellious intentions, they are ten thousand times more evil and scheming than you think! Four months earlier, it was him, Duke Huai… along with his long thought to be missing father, Duke Ming, who took advantage of the fact that the Little Demon Empress had used the Demon Emperor Seal to forcefully open Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to maliciously strike her down inside! At that time, I had, by chance, discovered that Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley had opened and thus entered! In the end, I coincidentally encountered them attempting assassinating the Little Demon Empress! The Little Demon Empress and I were forced into dire straits, forced into the Sea of Death!”

“Wh… What!!” A ruckus broke out in the hall. Su Xiangnan said, “Once in the Sea of Death, one would undoubtedly die, then how are you…”

“Of course it was due to the Golden Crow Spirit’s protection!” Yun Che then said with a calm expression, “The Demon Emperor Clan is the sole inheritor of the Divine Golden Crow’s legacy. How would it be willing to see its last legacy bloodline be severed. Thus, it saved us from within the Sea of Death… if not, the Little Demon Empress and I would have long been buried within! This kind of regicidal traitor is simply too outrageous, one which the heavens and earth cannot tolerate… today, he would actually be crowned as the new emperor… this is simply the Illusory Demon Realm’s greatest disgrace!”

Yun Che’s words silenced the entire hall for a moment. Duke Huai gave a cold laugh and said darkly, “Yun Che, you have said enough! This emperor originally had some respect for your Yun family, however… today, you have greatly disappointed this Emperor! Yun Qinghong belittled this emperor, this emperor could tolerate. Now that you, Yun Che, have appeared, this emperor already knew that you would also say the same things as Yun Qinghong… just as expected! Your Yun Family has spared no effort to frame this emperor!

Yun Che looked at him coldly with his eyes expressing his playfulness as if watching a clown striving to give a good performance.

“But what a pity, within your trap lies a laughable hole,” Duke Huai sneered. “Once in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, unless the seal is released, there would be no other way to exit; everybody is aware of this point. However, four months ago, after the Yun, Mu,  and Su Families entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, until the seal was released, this emperor was always in Demon Imperial City! Countless people present, including many from your Yun Family witnessed this! You say that this emperor schemed against the Little Demon Empress… could it be that this emperor can split his body?! That day, after the great ceremony abruptly ended, this emperor did not see the Little Demon Empress again.  Your slander is just full of loopholes and is simply making your Yun Family into laughingstocks!”

Duke Huai’s expression became even darker. “Your Yun Family is doing your utmost to frame this emperor Even though it is shameless to the extreme, it could be considered a type of loyalty to the Demon Emperor bloodline, thus this emperor can tolerate it! However… Little Yun Che, you could have simply stopped at slandering this emperor, you actually went as far as to slander my royal father’s reputation!

“My royal father was indifferent to fame and fortune, standing apart from worldly affairs. Taking leave from the former Demon Emperor a hundred years ago, he wandered the Illusory Demon Realm and lived his life in the wild… everybody knows this! In the past hundred years, not to mention people, even this emperor has not seen royal father, and you, a twerp from the Yun Family…” Duke Huai entire body trembled in fury, “actually dare to slander this Emperor’s royal father; this has pushed this Emperor’s bottom line… your Yun Family needs to give this emperor an explanation today! Or else, don’t blame this emperor for not leaving any compassion!”

“You want an explanation?” Just as Yun Che wanted to speak, the Little Demon Empress’ cold voice rang out from above, “Then this empress will personally give you an explanation!!”

The Little Demon Empress’ grey clothes swept out as she suddenly stretched out her hand, and the imprint on her palm instantly radiated a pure gold brilliance.

“Be careful, your highness!!”

Duke Huai’s bodyguards flashed, wanting to rush in front of him. However, in the very next instant, though nobody could see any other movements from the Little Demon Empress, a flame glowed on Duke Huai’s body, and after that, an ear-piercing “ping” of something shattering could be heard.

Duke Huai’s personal space was directly shattered, releasing a jade seal with the glow of a scarlet flame, and under the gaze of everyone present, it flew out of Duke Huai’s shattered personal space, then flew straight into the Little Demon Empress’ hand under a wave of irresistible suction force, leaving a scarlet trace.

“That is… the Demon Emperor’s Seal!!”

“The Demon Emperor’s Seal!!”

“Demon Emperor’s Seal… this…”

That shape, radiance, and aura… it was the one and only Demon Emperor’s Seal in this world! To be able to directly shatter a mid-stage Monarch’s personal space, that was world-shaking, terrifying strength. Yet nobody had the heart to care about such an issue; that was because they had,with their own eyes, witnessed it flying out of Duke Huai’s shattered personal space...

The hall was completely silent for a moment, and even the faces of the experts on Duke Huai’s side had completely changed. Their expressions were full of fear, and Duke Huai’s expression was even more stiff.

“Duke Huai!!” Mu Feiyan roared in anger. “You actually said that after the great ceremony, you did not see the Little Demon Empress again… then that Demon Emperor Seal, why would it be with you?!!”

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