Chapter 621 - Golden Annihilation

Against the Gods

Chapter 621 - Golden Annihilation

The enormous crimson-black Fallen Devil Flame was like the devil’s mouth, pouncing and biting at Yun Che, who only had a single weak layer of flame profound energy, but on his sword, there was a pure gold blaze which was luminous to the point that it was hard to look at.

“Che’er, quick, retreat!!”

“Young Patriarch!!”

This was Duke Huai’s crazed, full-powered attack from losing control of his emotions. Even the Little Demon Empress from four months ago would have tried to avoid a head-on collision at all costs. Based on Yun Che’s strength, this kind of power would destroy him to the point that even a dismembered corpse would not be left, without any chance of escape. Mu Feiyan and Yun Waitian shouted themselves hoarse, desperately rushing forward, but they could not reach in time… they could only watch with their own eyes as a Fallen Devil Flame of at least ten feet completely engulfed Yun Che.

However, even though he was completely engulfed by the Fallen Devil Flame, that pure gold flame continued to radiate resplendently, as if it was not obstructed a single bit. Instead, the Fallen Devil Flame was actually outshined by the pure gold flames until it was dulled considerably.

What was even more shocking was that after being engulfed by the Fallen Devil Flames, the golden flame did not get extinguished like what people had imagined, it instead continued to move forward. It actually… cut the frantic flame originating from Duke Huai right in the middle!

Apart from the two foundation stages of the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》, every stage would have a corresponding Golden Crow Flame skill. Cultivating the seventh stage would enable one to comprehend an incomparably strong destructive domain.

Amongst the Golden Crow Flame skills of the seven former stages of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, based on the individual destructive power, it was not the sixth stage’s 【Red Purgatory Lotus】 or the seventh stage’s 【Yellow Springs Ashes】, but the fifth stage’s 【Golden Annihilation】, which was the strongest!

Pure gold flames was the Golden Crow Flames final form. Yun Che had only nine drops of the Golden Crow’s blood, even with the Fire Spirit Evil Body, his Golden Crow Flames would never reach that form. However under 【Golden Annihilation】, the Golden Crow bloodline and Golden Crow Flame’s strength would undergo an enormous amount of congealing; the Golden Crow Flames being ignited would be fundamentally different, achieving a destructive power which surpassed the body’s boundaries and limits!

Based on the purity of his Golden Crow bloodline and the stage of his Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, the color of the Golden Crow Flame which he ignited should be scarlet gold. Yet under the Golden Annihilation, the flames which he ignited were actually pure gold without a hint of scarlet!

The limits of the legendary might of the 【Golden Annihilation】could melt anything in the world! There was nothing it could not destroy!

Duke Huai had released a level five Sovereign Profound Realm Fallen Devil Flame! However based on the level of the flame, how could the Fallen Devil Flame compare to the Golden Crow Flames! After Yun Che brandished the Heaven Smiting Sword, a golden sword blast easily split apart the sinister and terrifying Fallen Devil Flame, dividing it into two… just like a current being split into two, it was dispelled in two directions.

One of them blasted towards Mu Feiyan who was flying over, and the other blasted towards Yun Waitian and Yun Duanshui who were flying over two; not one bit rippled towards Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou who were behind Yun Che.

Mu Feiyan stared blankly for a moment, then rapidly stopped his body and roared. Releasing an icy profound energy, casting it into a gigantic profound energy barrier, he locked down the entire Fallen Devil Flame which was rushing ahead. How thick was the profound strength of Mu Feiyan, a level eight Monarch. Within the short period of a few breaths, the Fallen Devil Flame was completely dispelled. On the other side, Yun Waitian and Yun Duanshui combined their strength, firmly resisting the Fallen Devil Flame; the Elders of the Yun family very quickly managed to eliminate the crimson-black flames.

The golden sword blast which had split apart the Fallen Devil Flame continued forward, ruthlessly blasting Duke Huai in the chest while his eyes widened by several times, almost exploding. In a split second, the golden blast frantically discharged; the body of the Heaven Smiting Sword was embedded close to an inch, through Duke Huai’s left shoulder till his right ribs.

“Im... poss… ible…”

Duke Huai’s eyes were wide and completely blank. He mumbled incoherently as if he could not accept the scene in front of his eyes. His body reacted instinctively, exploding with an abrupt strength, blasting Yun Che in his chest.

Yun Che turned pale, blood rushed towards his mouth. Just as it reached his throat, he forcefully swallowed it. His gaze became dark as his entire body ignited with Phoenix flames. His body, which had been struck away, suddenly descended at an even quicker speed. An Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing blasted Duke Huai at his heart, causing the wound caused by the Golden Annihilation to tear to an even greater degree.

The scarlet flames exploded, causing the profound stone in a thousand feet radius to tremble. Duke Huai moaned as blood violently spurted from his body. Yun Che backflipped far away. The Heaven Smiting Sword touched the ground and he landed stably; the ends of his lips and his nose were flowing with blood, yet he had a satisfied smile on his face.

“Your highness!!”

Duke Huai was blasted away, the blood spurting out was a horrifying scene. More than a dozen Duke Huai Palace experts moved forward at the same time, wanting to receive him. Yet at the same moment, the Little Demon Empress suddenly intervened. A dazzling, blazing flame soared into the skies; like an irritable flaming snake, it firmly twisted around Duke Huai. With a flick of her wrist, the fire snake hissed, then abruptly moved downwards, smashing Duke Huai viciously into the ground, then tumbling over to the Little Demon Empress; the strong smell of intensely burnt skin permeated through the entire Demon Imperial Palace.

All of those from Duke Huai Palace who wanted to save Duke Huai all shivered, retreating as if they felt an electric shock, not daring to budge again.

“Che’er, are you alright!”

“Young Patriarch, are you alright?!”

“Relax, it’s just a light injury… at least it’s lighter than Duke Huai’s injury.” Yun Che rubbed away the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth, saying a little proudly without a single bit of weakness in his voice.

Mu Feiyan, Mu Yubai and all the Elders of the Yun Family rushed forward at this point. After all of them heaved a sigh of relief, they became astonished, yet pleasantly surprised. Mu Feiyen reached out to grab Yun Che’s shoulder. Feeling that his aura was not too disordered, he said excitedly, “Che’er, Duke Huai is a level five Monarch, his strength is not too far from your father’s… Yet you were able to resist his full-powered attack and even injured him instead! If it were your father, even he may not have been able to do that! We have not seen each other in four months, yet not only are you safe and sound… your strength has practically surpassed your father’s! This.. this… is simply…”

Yun Qinghong smiled, his face was was full of satisfaction and pride… At this point, how could he still remember about his injuries, how could he still remember that he had lost nearly half his blood essence...

Yun Che laughed and said, “Grandfather is flattering me. My current strength is still much inferior to my father’s, just now was just me pulling a fast one.”

What Yun Che had said was the truth. He had obtained the Golden Crow bloodline, the Heretic God’s Lightning Seed and even absorbed a huge amount of fire profound energy within the Sea of Death, shedding his old body anew, yet it was still impossible for him to be a match for a mid stage Monarch. The instantaneous clash between him and Duke Huai was indeed a cheap trick… He didn’t actually meet Duke Huai’s full-powered Fallen Devil Flame head on. Instead, he used Golden Annihilation to slice Duke Huai’s power, then heavily damaged him. The ones who really received Duke Huai’s strength was Mu Feiyan and Yun Waitian.

“Hohoho, the Young Patriarch shouldn’t be so modest.” Yun Duanshui said beamingly, “The scene of the Young Patriarch heavily injuring Duke Huai just now, everyone present witnessed it clearly. Back then the Patriarch was known as the Illusory Demon Realm’s history’s youngest Monarch, now, the Young Patriarch is only twenty-two years old, and isn’t weaker than the Patriarch… as a part of the Yun Family, this is simply good fortune!”

Everyone from the Yun Family who were crowded at the back nodded their heads with excitement. Their eyes were full of pride; the looks which they casted upon Yun Che were incomparably scorching.

“Che’er, what you used just now… was it the Golden Crow flame?” Mu Yubai moved forward and asked. The golden flame that Yun Che had ignited was filled with an incomparably thick Golden Crow aura. As members of the Guardian Families, how could they not be familiar with it?!

“Yes!” Yun Che nodded, “When the Little Demon Empress and I were forced into the Sea of Death, the Divine Golden Crow Spirit saved us. Heh… the Demon Emperor clan is after all, the Divine Golden Crow Spirit’s only inheritors this world, how would the Divine Golden Crow Spirit allow the Demon Emperor Clan to be exterminated! After the Golden Crow Spirit saved us, not only did it awaken the Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow bloodline, she was also bestowed unparalleled divine strength! Also, in remembrance of our Yun Clan’s unparalleled loyalty towards the Demon Emperor Clan, I was bestowed the Golden Crow bloodline and also allowed to cultivate the 【Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World】!”

Yun Che raised his head, then said, “Although the Divine Golden Crow Spirit has never intervened in the business of our Illusory Demon Realm, everything that has happened in the recent years in Demon Imperial City has been witnessed by it! It is perfectly clear as to who are loyal and who are not! Even though the Divine Golden Crow Spirit has bestowed upon me the Golden Crow bloodline as an individual, however, it is in fact a reward for our entire Yun Family! As for those so called Guardians, those who have forgotten their ancestors and turned back of their clans, despicable and crafty, the Divine Golden Crow Spirit will lay down divine punishment sooner or later!”

“...Good!” Mu Feiyan gripped onto Yun Che’s shoulder tightly, “Your Yun Family deserves such a favor! You, my good grandson, within the Yun Family, is the most worthy! The Divine Golden Crow Spirit surely is omniscient!”

Mu Feiyan said that as he raised his head to laugh heartily. Everyone from the Yun Family had expressions of unrestrained elatedness; several of the Yun Family Elders were excited to the point that their whole bodies were trembling. Looking up to the skies, as though they couldn’t help but kneel down, “I thank the Divine Golden Crow Spirit for this favor… Old Patriarch, do you see this…”

Yun Che did not suppress his voice a single bit. Everyone in the hall had heard what he said clearly; the words which he had said was originally meant for everyone to hear. His aim was to tell this to everyone: The Demon Emperor Clan has always been under the protection of the Divine Golden Crow Spirit!

The Golden Crow was the Illusory Demon Realm’s sacred divine beast and the Demon Emperor Clan were the inheritors of the Golden Crow bloodline. It was just that the Golden Crow Spirit always existed within Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, never intervening in the business of the outside for tens of thousands of years. Up till today, in their daily lives, people still payed their respects and conducted ceremonial rites to the Golden Crow. However, subconsciously, they did not consider that the Demon Emperor Clan was under the protection of the Golden Crow Spirit, so even their reverence had gradually weakened over the years...

Yun Che’s words however, left a deep mark in everyone’s hearts… that the Divine Golden Crow Spirit was all along protecting the Demon Emperor Clan. The sudden rise in the Little Demon Empress’ heaven-opposing strength was irrefutable evidence! So much so that the entire Demon Imperial City, and even the Illusory Demon Realm, has always been watched by it.

Once that psychological mark was left, the reverence towards the Demon Emperor Clan of the Illusory Demon Realm would multiply by countless of times; it would be hard to find someone who would dare think of rebelling.

The ambience within the Demon Imperial Hall experienced a subtle change for a moment. Those who had long since defected to Duke Huai Palace suddenly withdrew, their faces filled with a deep terror. The seven Patriarchs and the Dukes present all started to sweat profusely. Looking at the devastated state that Duke Huai was in, on the ground, along with the members of the Duke Huai Palace who were frightened stiff, Jiufang Kui and Chiyang Bailie who had slightly weaker psychological resilience started to sway. Both their legs became soft, almost falling flat on the ground many times.

Also, the looks at which people viewed the Yun Family had changed drastically. Everyone present had very clearly witnessed the Golden Crow flames that Yun Che had ignited. And it was not simply the case of a bestowal of bloodline! That was because after the Demon Emperor Clan, a second Family which inherited the Golden Crow bloodline was born!

Also, because the Little Demon Empress was the last remaining person from the Demon Emperor Clan, moreover was a female, the Demon Emperor clan was fated to perish. Instead, Yun Che who also possessed the Golden Crow bloodline could continue to pass on the bloodline, that was to say, after the Little Demon Empress, the ones who possessed the Golden Crow’s bloodline and strength would be the Yun Family!

That would mean, the Yun Family would be the ones who would receive the protection of the Divine Golden Crow Spirit!!

Anyone would know what that signified!

The Little Demon Empress glanced at Yun Che indifferently. Not even looking at Duke Huai who was by the side of her feet, emotionless words spilled from her lips, “Profound Handle Soul Search!”

Although Duke Huai’s injuries were not light, he was not at the state where he could not even stand. However he was silently suppressed by the Little Demon Empress’ profound energy, as if his whole body was pressed down by the heavens. Nevermind standing, he couldn’t even gasp for breath or speak. Hearing the Little Demon Empress’ voice, the only thing he could do was to open his eyes as wide as he possibly could.

“Wait… wait a moment…” an elder whose whole body emitted the aura of a Monarch from Duke Huai Palace stood out. As a mediator for Duke Huai Palace, he knew clearly the consequences if Duke Huai underwent the Profound Handle Soul Search in front of the heroes of the realm...

However the moment he spoke up, the Little Demon Empress suddenly shot her icy gaze over. He did not even finish his words, and a blaze shot over, transforming into a flaming python, twisting firmly around his body. Following that....


The flaming python exploded, causing the elder’s body to transform into flaming bits, scattering in the air.

The speed at which the Little Demon Empress had attacked was incomparably terrifying. The moment the elder from Duke Huai Palace had opened his mouth, his entire body was burnt into bits. When people finally reacted, the previous terrors which they had only just calmed themselves from had presented itself in front of them again. Those around the elder had fallen, paralyzed on the ground; their terror-stricken eyes were practically split open.

“You may begin.”

Those three cold words knocked icily on everyone’s minds. She had absolutely no emotions on her face, absolutely no fluctuations, as if she had not just killed an immensely powerful Monarch, but just burnt a tiny little insect.

This time, no one from Duke Huai Palace made a sound. Everybody trembled, having their guts destroyed again and again from the fear and terror. The entire hall was silent to the point that one could hear a pin drop; even the sounds of breathing could not be heard. Yun He, Yun Jiang and Yun Xi moved forward… They were extremely careful when walking, afraid to even make the slightest sound.

The Little Demon Empress of today was simply too terrifying.

And amongst everyone present, the only person who truly understood why the Little Demon Empress had become so cruel and heartless was Yun Che. He looked at Duke Huai on the ground and said in a low voice to Mu Feiyan and Mu Yubai, “Grandfather, Uncle, I beg you to protect my father and mother… Duke Ming is currently hiding! Sooner or later, when he becomes impatient… he will be the biggest threat!”

Mu Feiyan and Mu Yubai were inwardly shocked. Not asking much, they nodding slightly. Behind them, the various elders of the Yun Family who had heard Yun Che’s voice all tensed up, becoming vigilant, storing up their profound energy and waiting to take action.

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