Chapter 624 - Reign of Terror

Against the Gods

Chapter 624 - Reign of Terror

Duke Ming roared loudly. His whole body burst into flames, and a Giant Flame Devil that was more than thirty meters tall fell from the sky as it opened its big, ferocious mouth and stormed towards Yun Che.

The pressure from the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm completely suffocated Mu Feiyan, even with his power. However, the Giant Flame Devil had only flown for less than thirty meters when a streak of scarlet-gold flames burned across the sky, and as soon as it touched the Giant Flame Devil, it was as if fierce flames touched rotten wood, and the Giant Flame Devil instantly burst into flames. In the blink of an eye, the crimson-black Giant Flame Devil became the color of scarlet-gold. Its figure twisted, and it roared in deep agony… Before long, it was burned to ashes, and became sparks that shattered to bits in the sky.

Even though everyone had already experienced the extremely terrifying powers of the Little Demon Empress again and again, a scene like this still trembled everyone’s heart and soul in fear. Duke Ming’s pupils shrunk, and his chest was heaving violently. He looked at the Little Demon Empress, and said in an intricate voice, “Could it be… that your profound energy… has already… achieved the Divine Profound Realm!?”

The four words “achieved Divine Profound Realm” were so shocking that everyone was stunned, unable to snap out of it for a long time.

Divine Profound Realm… the legendary Realm of Divinity! The people who stepped into this realm would no longer be normal; instead, they would become a god amongst men! However, the reason it was a legend was because it had never appeared before; it was even generally acknowledged as impossible for a mortal being to achieve, and it merely existed within the records and imagination of humans.

The Little Demon Empress’ extremely ridiculous strength… the bestowment from the Golden Crow Divine Soul…

Could the Little Demon Empress, who had awakened her bloodline and received the Golden Crow Divine Soul’s unparalleled divine power, truly have stepped into the legendary realm that no one could achieve…

Everyone’s hearts were trembling violently, and the respect and fear in their eyes that gazed upon the Little Demon Empress increased several times… Of course, it was mostly fear. The remaining resistance in their hearts was all shaken by the two words “Divine Profound” and ceased to exist.

“No, that is impossible.” Duke Ming shook his head slowly, and the crimson-black flames on his body swayed madly. In the span of a few breaths, the flames had already risen up to more than three hundred meters high. “How is it possible… for someone to be stronger than this duke in this world! Absolutely impossible!!”

Duke Ming’s eyes widened as he roared, and the three hundred meter tall Devil Flames burning on his body made a devilish howl and charged abruptly towards the Little Demon Empress.

In an instant, the space collapsed and the blue sky changed color. This was the strength of a practitioner at the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, that used to be the strongest in the Illusory Demon Realm, giving his all. If this Fallen Devil Flame were to fall, it would be enough to burn half of Demon Imperial City to ashes.

An apocalyptic pressure caused the crowd beneath to yell in terror.

The Little Demon Empress focused her gaze as the Golden Crow’s flames burned silently on her body. She raised her arms, and her tender, snowy arms dazzling under her wide, gray sleeves. But it was the simple, light wave of the young girl’s flawless, fine arms, that instantly planted an enormous Fire Cage, and shrouded Duke Ming and his three hundred meters of Devil Flames all within.

When the Fallen Devil Flame touched the Fire Cage, no matter how violent it was, it wasn’t able to advance even half an inch. The Fire Cage started shrinking rapidly. Every inch that it shrunk, the Fallen Devil Flame then backed off an inch. Gradually, the Fire Cage shrunk until it was less than three hundred meters, but it was still shrinking in speed, and the Fallen Devil Flame that had nowhere to escape was being compressed, swallowed, and dissipated little by little, like a desperate beast trapped in a cage; no matter how it struggled or cried, it was unable to escape and could only wait to perish completely in lament.

The Fire Cage shrunk until it was only ten meters, and only then did it finally stop shrinking. The Fallen Devil Flame that was originally three hundred meters tall had been burned until there were only scattered flames left, and not a single trace could escape the cage. Duke Ming was trapped in the center of the cage and couldn’t move at all… because during this process, he tried to escape more than ten times, but every time he touched the Golden Crow Flame on the Fire Cage, he was burned and overwhelmed by the pain.

The difference between his strength and the Little Demon Empress’ was evident from this.

Solely based on the profound energy levels, the difference between the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm and half a step into the Divine Profound Realm was less than half a small realm, but the difference between them was half a plane. Whether it was the Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow bloodline or the Golden Crow Flame, it all completely suppressed Duke Ming.

The Duke Ming that the Little Demon Empress of four months ago was definitely unable to oppose now was unfit to even be her opponent.

“Duke Ming…” The Little Demon Empress reached out her palms, but they weren’t facing towards Duke Ming; instead, they faced downwards, and above her arms, the ascending Golden Crow Flames scorched more and more. Each of her words was filled with hatred, “You killed my father, killed my brother, harmed my whole clan, and drove my Illusory Demon Realm into chaos! Your crimes must be paid with the blood of your whole clan!!”

“This empress gave up everything and crawled back from the abyss of death… to make your whole clan… fall into infinite hell!!”

The voice of the Little Demon Empress seemed to be from outside the heavens and clearly spread to all of the corners of Demon Imperial City. After the last word was spoken, she waved her arms that were burning with the Golden Crow Flames. The surging scarlet flames became an enormous Golden Crow Flame Silhouette and flew towards the west side of the Demon Imperial City…

In the time of a few breaths, the large Golden Crow Flame Silhouette had already flown away more than ten miles, temporarily circled in the air above, and abruptly dropped down…

The loud explosion shook the whole Demon Imperial City, and a scarlet-gold fire pillar shot up and spread towards the sky. Even from more than hundred miles away, they could see the flames shooting up into the sky. Under the ruthless Golden Crow Flame… and it was the Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow Flame; there was no question that everything would be burned into ashes.

“That’s… that’s…”

“That’s Duke Huai Palace!!”

The sound of yelling came from everywhere, and there was even the sound of those sucking in a cold breath. The Little Demon Empress actually sent her Golden Crow Flame to Duke Huai Palace over ten miles away! Even with such a distance, the flames and smoke filling the air, and the power of the flames that still startled and frightened people’s hearts, even from more than ten miles away, all showed that the great Duke Huai Palace had been completely demolished… The entirety Duke Huai Palace, including the living people within, were all buried within… and none of them would be able to survive!

Yun Che opened his mouth and said to himself in surprise, “Half a step into the Divine Profound Realm… is actually so strong to this extent…”

“You think?” Jasmine said in disdain, “Even though the Divine Profound Realm is merely one rank above the Sovereign Profound Realm in terms of level, the disparity between it is in fact an incredibly large watershed! In this world, there are countless profound practitioners that have broken through to the Emperor Profound Realm and the Tyrant Profound Realm, but no one has ever broken through to the Sovereign Profound Realm, and they can’t even step halfway into the Divine Profound Realm! Because of this, the Sovereign Profound Realm was called the limitation of a mortal being. Just from the fact that no one has ever broken through this reality, you can imagine the how large the difference between Divine Profound Realm and Sovereign Profound Realm is!”

“Or, I could tell you in a even more straightforward way!” Jasmine said softly, “If the Elementary Profound Realm and the Sovereign Profound Realm are categorized as large realms, then the Divine Profound Realm would be another large realm! A completely different realm! And the Little Demon Empress has her foot in halfway into this large realm. Even though on the surface, it looks like she and Duke Ming only have a slight difference between them, the laws that she could touch now, even her understanding of this world, are already different from Duke Ming and all other living beings on a fundamental level.”

“Using the rest of their life in exchange for three years of divine power; it is an especially good deal for the living creatures of this world.”

Yun Che, “...”

The endlessly burning flames and the raging, dense smoke wavered in Duke Ming’s pupils. In order to cut off the Demon Emperor’s clan, he plotted deliberately for a hundred years, yet the Little Demon Empress only used a torch of fire and destroyed his clan’s thousands of years of foundation.

But the nightmare of Duke Huai Palace has only just begun. The Little Demon Empress waved her arms, and Duke Huai’s body was sucked up into the air in sparks of flames. He was still under the effects of Profound Handle Soul Search. His eyes were dull and his face was expressionless. He wasn’t the only one who was sucked up into the air; there were also his sons, Duke Hui Ye and Duke Hui Ran.

“Duke Ming, you caused the deaths of my father and my brother… so this empress will slaughter the people of your clan, exterminate all of your offspring, burn them, and kill them in the most painful way in the world!!”

“This is what your clan… deserves.”

“You…” Duke Ming’s face was pale, and his body was also trembling slightly. The Fire Cage shrouding over him was something that was not supposed to belong to this world. He wasn’t able to escape using any of his methods and could only watch his own son and grandsons be thrown high up into the air…

“Little Demon Empress… spare me… I don’t know anything… I really don’t know anything… ahhhh!!!!”

Hui Ye begged desperately, but his begging would never trigger any of the Little Demon Empress’ mercy. She ignited flames from out of thin air and veiled the three of them. The sound of his begging immediately became horrific screaming.

Being burned by the Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow Flame, they were destined to be burned to ashes, and no one could possibly save them. But how would the Little Demon Empress just let them die that easily? The Golden Crow on their bodies followed their limbs and burned slowly, swallowing their bodies and blood bit by bit, torturing them with flames that seemed to be from hell itself.

“Waaahhh… Little Demon Empress… spare me… Grandfather… save me… save me… ahhhhh…”

The three bodies were burning in mid-air until their flesh and blood were all horribly mangled, and their limbs were all gone, but the sound of their screaming was still horrific. They were in extreme pain and could neither live nor die. All the people below were shivering with pale faces as their teeth chattered away. Just looking at a scene like this, listening to sounds like this, they were so in fear they almost couldn’t stand straight.

“Shut up! Don’t beg her for mercy!” Duke Ming roared harshly. Watching his only son and grandsons ending up like this, his eyes were bloodshot and his face was pale like a ferocious ghost. He reached out his palm and pointed at the Little Demon Empress while trembling, declaring, “Little Demon Empress… this is not over… don’t think that this duke has lost completely… the strength you have, is not usual… In a short four months, and to have your profound energy increase so fiercely… it is impossible for it to not have side effects… perhaps… your cost, is death… die before this duke!!”

The Little Demon Empress locked her eyebrows, and said coldly, “You’re about to die and still dare to speak of such nonsense! This empress will now put you to a graveless death!!”

“You alone… are not enough to kill this duke!!” Duke Ming gnashed his teeth in seeming madness. A dark bloodstream dropped speedily from the corner of his mouth. “Little Demon Empress… you just wait! This duke will one day… obtain revenge, revenge that will repay this ten thousand times over!!”


Duke Ming spat out a large sheet of blood mist, and color of the blood mist was a ghastly sight of crimson-black. Under the shrouding of the crimson-black blood mist, Duke Ming’s body gradually faded, and then completely disappeared.

“Blood escape!” Jasmine yelled aloud, and followed with a soft sneer, “Even if he escaped, he lost a large amount of his life vitality and blood. But for the Illusory Demon Realm, it will certainly be big trouble.”

The Fire Cage was put away. The Little Demon Empress became a flash and appeared where Duke Ming had been before. She looked at the dissipated crimson-black blood mist. Her eyes were filled with endless chill, and her chest was heaving.

This was the blood escape that used blood and vitality as a cost to activate. Even with the Little Demon Empress’ strength now, she could not trace the direction in which he escaped.

Behind her, the screaming of Hui Ye and Hui Ran had stopped. The three bodies of the father and sons had been burned completely into ashes and were floating in the air. Duke Huai, who used to look prestigious when wearing the emperor’s clothing just earlier today and was elected as the new emperor, along with his two sons that were extraordinarily proud, had come to their miserable ends on the day that was supposed to be their most proud day.

The Little Demon Empress slowly turned around, and her sight swept below. In the wrecked Demon Emperor Hall, those sinners who surrendered to Duke Huai Palace were still kneeling on the ground, and no one dared to stand up at all. Under the gaze of the Little Demon Empress, their bodies were trembling, and every pore from head to toe was shivering.

“This empress will give you a chance to compensate for your crimes!” The Little Demon Empress’ voice was like the judgement of the reaper, sounded coldly in their ears, “I will give you ten days. Within these ten days, this empress wants you all to wipe out Duke Huai Palace’s whole clan! Father, mother, wife… exterminate their whole family! Even women and children cannot be excluded! And bring their corpses and pile them up in front of the gate of Demon Imperial City and burn them all; not even a single hair can remain!”

“After ten days, if there is anyone left of Duke Huai’s clan, this empress will condemn and kill a hundred of you! If there are ten people left, then this empress will kill a thousand of you!”

The ruthless command of the Little Demon Empress set off the most terrifying reign of terror in the history of the Demon Imperial City. A baptism of blood with the Little Demon Empress’ endless hatred, with Duke Huai Palace at the center, had fallen onto the Illusory Demon Realm’s holy Imperial City…

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