Chapter 633 - Purple Cloud Art

Against the Gods

Chapter 633 - Purple Cloud Art

Duke Xu was the last duke summoned by the Little Demon Empress. Because he had only turned to Duke Huai after the news of the Little Demon Empress’ demise in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley came, he was pardoned by her. The final result caused him to rejoice, but the Little Demon Empress’ terrifying majesty and icy gaze still made his heart tremble.

He hurriedly left along with the members of his palace, but not long after he left the Demon Imperial Hall, a loud, ear-shattering explosion rang out behind him.


Amidst that roar, the figure of a person could be seen flying, and the speed of that figure was akin to a meteor… it flew all the way past the roofs of the heads of the members of Duke Xu Palace before fiercely slamming itself into the ground not far in front of them, causing a rather huge crater to be gouged into the ground.

Duke Xu and his men stood there with stunned looks on their faces, blankly staring at the person who laid in the center of that huge crater… if they were not mistaken, this person… had clearly flown from the direction of the Demon Imperial Hall.

Yun Che emerged from the pit covered in dust with his clothes completely shredded. He dusted off the dirt on his body and muttered to himself, “This woman… is still really vicious when she wants to be. Tch…”

After he climbed out of the crater, he raised his head and his eyes widened when he saw the members of Duke Xu Palace. They stared at him with fixed eyes, and their expressions were as if they had seen a ghost during the day. The corner of Yun Che’s mouth fiercely twitched and, he said in a calm and unperturbed manner, “Ahem, so it’s Duke Xu. Oh… the Little Demon Empress had told me that the ground around her had fallen into disrepair, so it would break apart easily and it was in need of a good fixing up, so I personally came to test it out. It looks like it was indeed as she said. After all, this place is near the Demon Imperial Hall, so the profound jade used should be of a higher quality. If it is so easily broken, it will harm the image of the Demon Imperial Hall.”

Duke Xu was dumbstruck for a good long while before finally coming back to his senses. He hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes, yes. Young Patriarch Yun is indeed correct, the Little Demon Empress indeed has a fine eye for detail. This humble duke will give instructions for this to be repaired with yellow profound jade which is of a higher quality.”

“Then I will have to trouble Duke Xu in this regard. I still have matters to attend to, so I’ll have to bid you farewell.” Yun Che nodded sharply his head and turned around as he casually walked away.

“Your highness, he was not… smashed all the way out here by the Little Demon Empress, right?” The person on Duke Xu’s right whispered to him after Yun Che had travelled a sufficiently far distance away,

“...You know too much,” Duke Xu said in an extremely quiet voice.


“...Which part of her body haven’t I seen or touched before, to think that because I said the bold truth… Tch, it’s simply beyond the bounds of reason!” Yun Che grumbled to himself discontentedly as he strolled along. He found a place to change his clothes and then he returned home to the Yun Family.

Yun Che did not conceal anything from Yun Qinghong. He told him how the Little Demon Empress dealt with the seven Guardian Families and the rest of the duke palaces. This caused Yun Qinghong to gasp in shock. Because of how things were currently configured, the end result and the foreseeable future had undoubtedly been arranged in the most perfect way possible.

“Che’er, I have ‘carelessly’ disclosed your medical skills to the public, so you need to be mentally prepared for what is coming up next,” Yun Qinghong said as he laughed merrily.

Of course, Yun Che knew that Yun Qinghong had definitely not been “careless.” Rather, it was a deliberate thing. He lapsed into thought for a while and then he said, “Father, you are hoping that I can build my own reputation and connections?”

Yun Qinghong gave a light nod and said, “Even though you have built up a huge reputation, it is mainly due to amazement and a little reverence. If you really want to make this Illusory Demon City your home, the medical skills that you have is an extremely good thing to rely on. Ten portions of admiration or amazement is not even equivalent to one portion of gratitude… much less, the gratitude of saving a life.”

“I understand.” Yun Che nodded his head, retrieved a white jade box from the Sky Poison Pearl, and put it into Yun Qinghong’s hand. “Father, inside this box are one hundred Overlord Pellets. Give Xiao Yun eleven pellets. Tell him to save one for himself to eat and let the other ten be given to the Under Heaven Family as a betrothal gift. You can give the remaining eighty-nine pellets to the best young disciples within our family.”

“One hundred Overlord Pellets.” These four words caused Yun Qinghong’s brain to completely shut down. Even with the incomparably sensitive hearing that had come with entering the Sovereign Profound Realm, he was still undoubtedly sure that there was something wrong with his ears. It was only after Yun Che had finished speaking that he said in a rather dazed tone, “You just said that… there was what inside of this box?”

“Overlord Pellets. One hundred, no more, no less.”

“...” Yun Qinghong opened the jade box, and immediately, the extremely pure and thick aroma of potent medicine assaulted him. Given his knowledge and experience, he instantly deduced that this was the aroma of medicine of the highest quality. Moreover, he, who had come into contact with the Overlord Pellet many times, also instantly thought “Overlord Pellet” when he was hit by the smell.

Yun Qinghong stood there in a complete daze for a good long while before carefully picking up one pellet… the medicinal pellet in his hand was extremely similar to the Overlord Pellet that he recognized in both appearance and aura. But because it was similar, he could tell that this pellet was rounder than the Overlord Pellet he was familiar with. The aura was also far purer and thicker than any Overlord Pellet he had ever come in contact with before. He carefully released a bit of profound energy into the Overlord Pellet, and his expression immediately became one of alarm for a very long period of time. That was right, this was undoubtedly an Overlord Pellet, but it was not only similar in appearance or aura. It was actually an Overlord Pellet of nearly perfect quality!

He picked up a second pellet… a third pellet… a fifth pellet… and every time he picked one up, his expression grew even more and more amazed. After putting down the tenth pellet, he did not continue. He sealed the jade box and stared straight at Yun Che, but he was unable to say anything for a long, long time.

Yun Che gave a chuckle and continued, “Compared to my medical arts, my ability to refine medicine is much better. No matter what kind of medicine it is, as long as I know the quality and composition and I have the required ingredients, I can perfectly refine the ingredients in a short amount of time. Furthermore, I definitely will not fail. So use these hundred Overlord Pellets without reservation. Given the ten thousand year foundation built up in our Yun Family’s Medicine Pavilion, we have more than enough ingredients to refine several thousand of these pellets.”

Yun Qinghong once again felt like he had been submerged into a fantastical dream. Duke Bao Qing Palace had to spend fifty years and painstaking effort to refine just one Overlord Pellet. But in the hands of Yun Che, it became like a mass production line! In addition, from the way he described it, it sounded as if it was as simple to Yun Che as flipping his hand!

If he was not holding a whole hundred Overlord Pellets in his hand right now… Even if Yun Che had told him this in an incomparably sincere manner, he would not have been able to bring himself to believe it. He gave a light laugh and kept the jade box. “Che’er, you have once again caused your father to barely be able to believe what he is seeing or hearing… To call you a little monster is not the least bit absurd at all.”

“Heh, if I’m a little monster, then wouldn’t Father become a big monster? And it seems we’ve even gotten Mother implicated in this,” laughed Yun Che as he replied.

“Hahahaha.” Yun Qinghong gave a great laugh. The shock in his heart still remained, but his expression and emotions had returned to normal. After all, the more “monstrous” Yun Che became, the more he would naturally be overcome with pride and joy and the more he would feel secure and content about his future. One hundred Overlord Pellets, he was incomparably clear on what this meant. It could allow an average force to become a top force in the space of a few short decades. It could cause the Yun Family, whose power had greatly waned, to return to the peak of their power within a hundred years’ time, even without special treatment from the Little Demon Empress.

After he finished laughing, Yun Qinghong suddenly said in a grateful voice, “Che’er, if not for you, the current Yun Family and the current Illusory Demon Realm would not have become like this. Your grandfather in heaven… is definitely extremely happy.”

“My grandfather used his own life to buy my own.” Yun Che said in a soft voice, “Grandfather’s will and his wishes, I will definitely inherit them, no matter what. Moreover, I am also a son of the Yun Family, so these are things that I should do and must do.”

“Good!” Yun Qinghong heavily nodded his head. “You are indeed my, Yun Qinghong’s, son!”

“What about Xiao Yun?” Yun Che asked.

“At this time, he should be cultivating.” Yun Qinghong gave a faint smile. “Even though his talent isn’t otherworldly and even though he had far less resources to work with than the other Young Patriarchs, he has always been extremely hardworking. For him to have the power that he has today required him to exert several times the amount of effort that other people had to put in.”

Yun Che gave a rather heavy sigh and suddenly said, “Father, I want to experience our Yun Family’s Purple Cloud Art.”

Yun Qinghong was faintly surprised, but he nodded his head and replied with a smile, “You are a child of the Yun Family, so you are definitely more qualified than anyone to learn the Purple Cloud Art. But you already have the double elemental profound powers of ice and fire. Different elemental profound energies will cause fluctuations to easily occur. If you add yet another lightning element, it should not bring you any benefits. Moreover, your ice profound art can freeze profound energy and your fire profound art is bestowed by the Golden Crow itself. Their quality is top-notch. So your father feels that you shouldn’t be too interested in the Purple Cloud Art.”

“I am the scion of the Yun Family. No matter what, I should learn the profound art that is passed down within our family. Moreover… I just happen to need a kind of lightning profound art right now. As for the conflicts and limitations that will normally occur between differing elements, they should not occur within my body.”

He had obtained the Heretic God Lightning Seed in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, so he really needed a lightning profound art to utilize his lightning profound energy.

Those last words would have caused anyone who heard it to be completely flummoxed, but the way Yun Che said it was brimming with confidence. This tremendously amazed Yun Qinghong, and a dull and forced laugh came out of his mouth... His own son had far too many unimaginable qualities about him, and it happened so often that he had already become numb to it.

“Follow me.”

Yun Che followed Yun Qinghong and entered a hidden room under the Yun Family Ancestral Monument.

The hidden room was pitch black, and it was incomparably spacious. In the darkness, Yun Che’s eyes could not detect anything other than the walls around him. As Yun Qinghong strode forward and extended his left hand, a cyan profound handle flew out and came into contact with the right wall in front of him.


Immediately, a purple light flashed, and a wide expanse of purple-colored profound writing appeared on the originally mirror-smooth wall. This profound writing was scrawled across the wall that was tens of meters long, and the lightning element in the hidden room came alive as crackling lightning unceasingly sparked in the air.

“This is our Yun Family’s Purple Cloud Art.” Yun Qinghong withdrew his profound handle, but the purple profound formula on the wall did not disappear. “Only the profound handle of our Yun Family can cause this profound formula to appear.”

Yun Che did not reply because he had already started to study the Purple Cloud Art’s profound formula that was written on the wall. Yun Qinghong gave him a look and gently said, “Among the profound elements, fire has an extremely strong destructive ability and ice can freeze things, but a lightning profound power that is of similar strength, in terms of pure power, will exceed the power of ice or fire and even the rest of the profound elements. But the practitioners who cultivate lightning profound power number the least. This is of course not without reason. Even though lightning profound energy is extremely strong, it is too volatile and is the hardest to control and manipulate amongst all the profound elements. It is also easy to harm oneself in the process of cultivation… to the point where you can damage your own profound veins. The higher a level you reach, the more this concept applies to you.”

“Even though the ’Netherprison Lightning Emperor Formation’ I used seven days ago was incredibly strong, it required an extremely large amount of blood essence as its cost. Before injuring another, it would also injure oneself first. If it wasn’t forcibly stopped by the Little Demon Empress, even with my profound cultivation realm and Purple Cloud Arts, I would’ve lost my life. That is also the taboo profound technique your late grandfather has repeatedly warned me to never cultivate… You should also not bother to comprehend it.”

Not receiving a response from Yun Che after he finished speaking, Yun Qinghong tilted his head and then was stunned in place.

Yun Che stood there motionless, his expression and gaze was calm and placid, and the aura surrounding his body was as still and quiet as a lake in the dark of night. There was not a single ripple of movement… he had actually entered an enlightened state where his six senses had been sealed off, where his spirit was empty!

Yun Qinghong’s face was masked by thick astonishment. The Purple Cloud Art was the strongest lightning profound art in the Illusory Demon Realm; even though it was not as high-class as the 【Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World】, its might was also enormous, and it embodied incomparably profound lightning profound laws, so it was extremely hard to comprehend. Even though he had extremely outstanding talent, he still had to stay inside the secret room for an entire month before he started to even grasp the basic concepts.

Furthermore, from the time the Purple Cloud Art had appeared until now, it had only been about one hundred breaths… Yun Che had actually entered into a state of enlightenment!

Could it be that the extremely complex and mysterious laws of lightning encapsulated in the Purple Cloud Art was seen through by him in a single glance and had been fully comprehended?

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