Chapter 637 - “Sending in the Goods”

Against the Gods

Chapter 637 - “Sending in the Goods”

“Young Patriarch, this is a Nine Thousand Year Old Pure Yang Ginseng General Chu sent over to thank you for curing his right eye.”

“Oh, send it to the Medicine Pavilion.”

“Young Patriarch, this one hundred fifty kilograms of Purple Yang Jade Zi Yi Duke Palace sent over to thank you for healing their third young master’s profound vein injury.”

“Oh, send it to the Medicine Pavilion.”

“Young Patriarch, this is a ‘Nine Star Evil Warding Bead’ Xuan Duke Palace sent over. There are only three of these in the entire Illusory Demon Realm…”

“Oh, send it to the Medicine Pavilion.”

“Uh… we’re sending this over to the Medicine Pavilion too?”

“Who cares what it is, just toss it in the Medicine Pavilion for now.”

“...Yes, yes.”

“Young Patriarch, Su Family’s Young Patriarch Su Zhizhan wishes to see you.”

“Oh, send it to the Medicine Pavilion… hm? Su Zhizhan? Bring him over.” Yun Che yawned, finally properly sitting down for the first time in a while. Back then, when he was treading through the Azure Cloud Continent with his Master, the patients they’ve saved were innumerable. Under his Master’s influence, a huge sense of satisfaction would emerge in his heart every time he saved someone. After the death of his Master, however, his temperament greatly changed; not only had he not saved a single person in the Azure Cloud Continent, it was unknown how many more people he had ended up killing as opposed to saving...

Following his change in mentality, now that he was saving others with his medical skills, he no longer felt that sense of satisfaction he had back then.

Soon enough, Su Zhizhan walked in, but he didn’t walk in alone. A luxuriously dressed girl was at his side. She appeared to be sixteen or seventeen, with jade-white skin and ruby lips, an extremely charming girl. Her delicate head was bent, her footsteps graceful, and both her hands were nervously wrapped around the belt on her waist. From entering to arriving in front of Yun Che, she had only secretly glanced at Yun Che once and didn’t dare to raise her head to look again.

“Brother Yun.” Upon seeing Yun Che, Su Zhizhan quickly walked forward a few steps with a voice full of gratitude. “You have given my Su Family such a mountainous kindness, yet because of a few trivial delays, I have only come to thank you today. It really is my fault, and I hope Brother Yun can forgive us.”

“Whatever are you saying, Big Brother Su?” Yun Che got up to greet him and smiled. “It was nothing much, so Big Brother Su shouldn’t worry about it too much. How has Senior Su been these days?”

Su Zhizhan smiled and answered, “Recently, Grandfather has changed, completely unlike his old, lifeless self . He’s in great spirits every day, and it’s as if he has been born anew. Brother Yun’s medicine is even more miraculous than we had anticipated. In these short seven days, seventy to eighty percent of Grandfather’s profound entrance injuries have already healed. After a few more days, he’ll definitely make a full recovery. These past few days, Grandfather has been worrying about what kind of gift he should give you as thanks.”

“No need for a gift, being able to help Senior Su recover is my honor… Big Brother Su, you still haven’t introduced… who is this?” Yun Che’s gazed hinted at the girl by Su Zhizhan’s side. He had a slight impression of this girl, and he had a feeling she was a member of the Su Family. From what he recalled, when he was in the Su household, he sensed her aura from some corner… As a celebrity of Demon Imperial City, there were many people taking glances of him from every corner of the Su Family, and it seemed like she was one of them?

Seeing that Yun Che took the initiative to mention her, that girl lowered her head even more. Su Zhizhan hastily answered, “ This is my younger sister, Su Zhixi, she’s seventeen years old. Zhixi, why haven’t you greeted Young Patriarch Yun yet?”

The girl stepped forward and bowed lightly. “Little Sister Su Zhixi greets Big Brother Yun.”

After saying that, her delicate head quickly lowered again as a smear of red quietly flushed from her jade face to the edge of her ears.

“So it’s Little Sister Zhixi… didn’t expect that Big Brother Su, who has a tiger’s fierce aura, would have such a placid little sister. Hahahaha… Come, sit,” Yun Che said with a smile. Then he thought to himself: Hm? Su Zhizhan actually has a sister? It seems like they’re even direct siblings… but what did he bring his sister for?

“No thank you.” Su Zhizhan waved a hand, and then became embarrassed. “Brother Yun, actually, I came this time because of my little sister. Uh…”

Su Zhizhan stopped talking. Then, a concentrated profound sound transmission sounded beside Yun Che’s ears, “Uh… when Brother Yun was treating my grandfather that day, my sister was actually in the side room… When Brother Yun left, my sister was always absent-minded and had no appetite… Grandfather said that she has an ailment of the heart that only Brother Yun can cure. That’s why he said I had to bring my little sister to Brother Yun no matter what, and he even said that once I’ve brought her… I should immediately leave....”

Yun Che, “...”

“Ahem,” Su Zhishan lightly coughed once, then said with cusped hands, “My little sister is sick, but with Brother Yun’s medical skills that transcend the heavens, it shouldn’t be a problem… Oh, my father has just sent me a sound transmission saying that something huge has happened in our family. He wants me to come back immediately after bringing my sister here. Then… I’ll leave it all up to Brother Yun! Once she has completely recovered, I’ll definitely treat Brother Yun to some good wi… I’ll take… take my leave now.”

Before he had yet to finish his sentence, Su Zhizhan had already turned and left, instantly disappearing… not letting Yun Che have the chance to even speak.

“!#$%...” In Yun Che’s mind, several crows flew through in a straight line.

Shit! What the hell?! Your Su Family is still a Guardian Family alright?! This little girl is still a daughter of the Su Family Patriarch, you know?! You’re actually actively giving her out for free?! And it’s even Su Hongbo’s idea?

Where is your Su Family’s integrity?!

In actuality, Old Man Su definitely wasn’t someone without “integrity.” Instead, he was extremely shrewd. Back then, Yun Che had totally moved his heart, and several days after, he began to understand everything about Yun Che. His verdict: This is a man in a domain that none could reach, someone who has completely surpassed the Yun Qinghong of old! He has made an appearance at only twenty years of age, yet his name has already shaken the entire Illusory Demon. His future accomplishments were perhaps completely unimaginable. If one were to say he was to oversee the entire Illusory Demon Realm in the future, perhaps no one would doubt that at all.

Even though he had arrived at the Yun Family not so long ago, for the sake of his family, he did not hesitate to face off against Duke Huai, who possessed absolute power. In order to save the Little Demon Empress, he did not hesitate to brave danger and enter Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. That was sufficient enough to prove that he was not an evil person. Instead, he was one who valued relationships and righteousness.

There was another piece of information: He shouldn’t be married yet.

He was simply the world’s perfect candidate for a grandson-in-law!

Following the reveal of his shocking medical skills, his prestige had flourished even further, reaching as high as the sun at noon. The families that were well-matched in terms of social status had daughters, and as long as their brains were functioning, if they were to think of the number one candidate for a son-in-law, they would certainly think of Yun Che! Currently, Demon Imperial City was not at peace due to the aftermath of the chaos, so it didn’t seem like anyone had proposed marriage to the Yun Family, or perhaps they didn’t dare… Thus, Old Man Su promptly decided to have someone personally “send in the goods.” Su Zhixi was Su Family’s princess and was an appropriate match for Yun Che. Their ages were more suitable than ever, and her temperament was also one that men had a tender affection for. She was even an outstanding beauty… He didn’t believe that Yun Che would not “accept the delivery.”

If he worried too much about face and was late to take action, he’d probably have to make her line up to be a concubine.

And so, this kind of situation that left Yun Che completely stumped occurred.

Su Zhixi quietly stood in place and her blush did not recede for a very long time. Her delicate head hung low, not daring to take another glance at Yun Che… She was nervous and blushed in shyness, but it didn’t seem like she rejected Su Hongbo’s extremely absurd set up.

The two remained silent, and the atmosphere became extremely awkward. In these types of situations, it was obviously improper to make the girl speak first. Yun Che took a few steps forward. When he approached her… he could practically hear the nervous thumping sound of her heart.

“Where… on your body do you feel uncomfortable?”

“I…” Su Zhixi nervously clutched the belt of her dress tightly.

Seeing that the girl didn’t know how to respond, Yun Che smiled as he reached his hand out. “Give me your hand, let me check your pulse. Seventy to eighty percent of someone’s condition can be surmised just from checking their pulse.”

Seeing that Yun Che stuck out a hand, Su Zhixi opened her mouth and then slowly extended her little pure white hand… She had only extended it halfway before Yun Che grabbed onto it.

“Ah…” Su Zhixi cried lightly, subconsciously withdrawing her little hand. However, it was firmly held by Yun Che, causing the red blush on her face to spread all the way down to her snowy neck as she hung her head so low that it reached her chest. This was the first time her jade hands had ever been held by a man, and the blazing temperature of a man, as well as the sensation of Yun Che’s hands, nearly caused her heart to jump out of her chest.

Yun Che’s hands continued onward, going from her hands to her wrist, yet he didn’t test her pulse. Instead, he smiled as he watched her lovely bashfulness and said, “Little Sister Zhixi. You know, I actually have a secret that no one knows.”

Su Zhixi raised her head... and slowly looked at him with hazy eyes.

“This secret is…” Yun Che’s face neared as his smile became dangerous, “I’m… actually a huuuge pervert.”

“...” Su Zhixi’s beautiful eyes slightly shook. She opened her lips and stared blankly at the closeby Yun Che. Then, all of a sudden, a “pfft” sound was heard right before she started laughing.

The girl’s smile was bright and beautiful, warming to the heart. If not for Yun Che’s extremely strong immunity, he’d probably lose his head. After a short silence, he said feebly, “I just said that I’m a huge pervert, you’re not afraid? You’re even laughing…”

Su Zhixi used her hand to cover her lips, and her face was pink as she lightly said, “A real bad guy wouldn’t say that they’re bad… same with huge perverts.”

Yun Che gaped, then said helplessly, “Does no one listen anymore when a bad guy tells the truth these days?!”

“He…” Su Zhixi laughed lightly. Yun Che’s incomparably “frank” words didn’t achieve the anticipated result, but it greatly lessened her nervousness. “If you’re a bad guy, then there wouldn’t be any good guys in Demon Imperial City.”

“Uh, why do you think that? Do I look that much like a good guy?” Yun Che asked while pointing at himself. His hand still held Su Zhixi’s delicate smooth wrist, as though he had forgotten to release it.

“Grandfather said so,” answered the girl with a laugh.

“...” Yun Che nodded seriously. “Your grandfather is right. Since that’s the case, then how about I, this good person, invite Little Sister Zhixi… to have a chat about life?

Su Zhixi lowered her head and softly responded, “Grandfather and Father wants me to leave it all up to Big Brother Yun.”

“...” Yun Che lifted his head toward the sky… Are they really her biological father and grandfather?

Su Zhixi and Yun Che spent an entire afternoon together. It was only until night had arrived that Su Zhixi began to leave… and, it was Yun Che personally accompanying her back to the Su Family. For the entire afternoon, everyone in the Yun Family had a mutual understanding to not disturb them, which was why everyone who had come to visit Yun Che had all been declined.

When Yun Che went to send Su Zhixi back to the Su Family, everybody in the Yun Family talked about how they would soon have a Young Madam… even the auspicious date of their wedding was under intense discussion. Both the Su and Yun Family were Guardian Families, and the Su Family’s power was also incomparably powerful. The Su Family princess’ status, background, temperament, looks, and innate talent were impeccable. Judging from all angles, she was all the more suitable to be their Young Madam candidate.

Yun Che escorted Su Zhixi up to the Su Family’s doorsteps before returning. The instant he came through the door, he had already been dragged to the side by a beaming Mu Yurou. “Che’er, what do you think about the Su Family’s young lady?”

“Little Sister Zhixi?” Yun Che didn’t even think, and honestly answered, “A simple and elegant temperament which didn’t lose its noble air. Soft and graceful disposition yet not to the point of being weak. Also looks pretty, her figure is also… cough, in short, she is a very charming girl.”

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