Chapter 658 - Working in Vain

Against the Gods

Chapter 658 - Working in Vain

In the next moment, Yun Che appeared in the sky over the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. This time, he estimated the distance very accurately, appearing no more than ten kilometers away from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Up in the air, he could clearly see its silhouette above him.

Yun Che didn’t stop the slightest, putting all of his strength towards using Extreme Mirage Lightning and charging like a lightning bolt in the direction of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. At this moment, he heard a peculiar sound coming from the direction of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Boom… Boom… Boom...

The sound was incomparably heavy. Even if it was ten kilometers away, it was still heavy and ear-splitting. This was the violent clashing sound of immense strength striking against an incredibly hard object. The closer he got, the heavier the sound became, making Yun Che increasingly sure that the sound was coming from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Yun Che furrowed his brows and put his utmost effort into increasing his speed.

Qingyue… Please be alright...

Boom! Boom! Boom...

All of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was violently shaking. Innumerable snowflakes streamed down. With the exception of the thousand year profound ice, the comparatively weaker layers of ice had already broken off, leaving countless cracks throughout the area.

Beneath Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, in front of Frozen End Divine Hall.

Ye Qingsheng was incomparably sullen and irritable. He had put all of his energy into frantically venting his emotions on the Heavenly Firm stone door. Six months ago, although he had encountered the obstruction of the Heavenly Firm Jade which should not have appeared, in order to avoid the ridicule of others and because the young master Ye Xinghan just happened to be in secluded cultivation, he had resolutely decided not to ask for help from the elders of the Divine Hall, hoping to use his own strength to force open the Heavenly Firm door.

He originally thought three or four months would definitely be enough time and that by the time he had brought Xia Qingyue back to the Sun Moon Divine Hall, the young master wouldn’t have come out yet.

But what he didn’t imagine was that the Heavenly Firm Door’s thickness would exceed his estimation. The twelve of them had bombarded the door, day and night for over five months, and had only just reached the door’s breaking point. Because of this dragging on for so long, he became extremely fretful… Moreover, his biggest concern had already occurred… Young Master Ye Xinghan had already come out from seclusion!

This mission had been personally given to him by Ye Xinghan six months ago. At that time, he had exclaimed that he would perfectly complete such a simple mission in the shortest period of time possible. Adding to the fact that Ye Xinghan originally planned to come in person, he obviously considered Xia Qingyue incredibly important. Having received such an important and easy mission, he originally felt proud of himself and excited from the bottom of his heart.

But now, six months later, the young master had already come out of seclusion, and in addition to having not captured Xia Qingyue, he hadn’t even touched the hem of her clothes.

Ye Xinghan’s sullen voice caused them all to shiver with fright. But luckily, when they were bombarding the Heavenly Firm door today, he felt it trembling... Today, they would definitely be able to blast it open.

“With the exception of Xia Qingyue… the other women all must die!” Ye Qingsheng ferociously struck the Heavenly Firm Jade in front of him with his fist, and the shaking rebound force shook his entire arm with an acute pain. Moreover, his two hands were a blood-like red a long time ago. He definitely wouldn’t hesitate to use weapons to attack the door… but all the weapons that he had brought a few months ago, in the process of attacking the Heavenly Firm Door, had broken one after another—including the Emperor Profound Weapons.

Ye Ziyi shook his head. “No! Right now, the young master is bound to be greatly displeased with us. In order to appease his anger, in addition to bringing back Xia Qingyue… since every Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciple is a first class beauty, we must bring some back to make the young master happy!”



Following the boom was the ear-piercing sound of something shattering as numerous cracks spread out from underneath Ye Qingsheng’s fist, quickly extending outward until the entire door was covered with them.

Ye Qingsheng’s eyes widened as he began laughing madly. Their months of attacking had finally caused the Heavenly Firm Jade to weaken and cracks to appear… These cracks appearing signified that the Heavenly Firm Jade door had finally been thoroughly broken down. A Heavenly Firm Jade which had begun to crumble, was no more than a wall of fine ice. Any low level profound practitioner could destroy it.

“Finally… Finally!!” Ye Qingsheng’s eyes opened as wide as they could, and his facial expression turned from excited to sinister. The pain in his arm had even become a strange kind of pleasure. Over five months of sullen and fretful worrying were finally over, and he could fully vent his emotions. “Out of my way!!”

Ye Qingsheng loudly roared, stuck out his arms, and condensed all of his profound strength, releasing it upon the Heavenly Firm Jade door before him. The tyrannical pressure of an Overlord caused the ten others who had followed him to feel completely suffocated… But he didn’t allow his excitement to cause him to lose reason, directing all of the power towards the Heavenly Firm Jade door and controlling the degree of strength in order to avoid any surplus force hurting Xia Qingyue, who was inside.

In that extremely oppressive explosion, the Heavenly Firm Jade door, which had endured the strikes of two Tyrants and ten Thrones for over five months, exploded, breaking into pale white powder. Behind the Heavenly Firm Jade door which had been destroyed, was a crowd of women wearing snow white clothing while huddling together… The Frozen End Divine Hall was so big that, even with two thousand Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciples huddling together, it still seemed extremely spacious and empty.

A cold air pervaded the hall, and even colder still were the disciple’s expressions. They had known that the last line of defense would eventually break and had already prepared their hearts. Receiving an additional six months already exceeded their expectations. At this moment, they were already absent of worry and fear, their cold expressions full of resentment, determination, and unwillingness… and also a little gratification since, at the very least, Xia Qingyue had already safely left over six months ago and hadn’t fallen into the hands of these evil people at all.

“Hahahahaha!” Ye Qingsheng madly laughed, then his face darkened as he quickly said, “You hateful women unexpectedly delayed this great lord for such a long time… If you had been well-behaved and let yourself be captured, this great lord wouldn’t be willing to kill a single one of you and would have given all of you to the young master. Those that received the young master’s favor, their future position would be even higher than this great lord’s. But you all unfortunately refused to yield and now are being forced… If I didn’t kill a few hundred of you, I wouldn’t be able to resolve my hate.”

“Fiend! You… “ Gong Yuxian extended her trembling hand and pointed. “You’ll one day meet heaven’s wrath… cough… cough, cough…”

Gong Yuxian’s face was a pale white, like paper, and her vitality was as thin as a string. These short few words had already caused her to start coughig incessantly. Her hands were supported by Murong Qianxue and Jun Lianqie, and she had already lost all ability to stand… She painfully persisted, not willing to let her vitality disperse, only because of her unwillingness… her indomitable unwillingness…

Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, with its thousand year old foundation, abruptly encountered this all-encompassing calamity… They didn’t even know who their enemy was and what their goal was… so how could they be willing! How could they be willing!

“Oh?” Ye Qingsheng narrowed his eyes as he looked at the incomparably weak Gong Yuxian, laughing disdainfully. “Hehe, to have received this great lord’s profound energy, injuring your heart and veins, yet unexpectedly remain living, tsktsktsktsk, not easy at all. How pitiful, how pitiful, your profound strength seems to already have completely scattered. Even if the Great Firmament Golden Deity had appeared to save you, you’ve already become disabled. It’s pitiful enough to make this great lord want to reach out and kill you so that there is nothing left. How about this, these beautiful women, this great lord will kill them one by one. This great lord wants to see how many I have to kill before you die from anger… Hahahahaha!

“You…” Ye Qingsheng’s words caused Gong Yuxian’s whole body to tremble and caused her to abruptly cough up black blood. All of Frozen Clud Immortal Palace’s females were pure of heart and devoid of earthly desires, and the Frozen Heart Arts caused their hearts to become cold as ice… But facing such an enormous disaster, even if they had cultivated the Frozen Heart Arts to completion, they wouldn’t be able to keep their hearts calm.


“Mistress!!” Murong Qianxue and Jun Lianqie hurriedly circulated their profound energy, working at all costs to protect Gong Yuxian’s heart and veins while tightly clinging on to the ice swords in their other hands… Six months of respite, but in the end they could not escape their desperate condition. Even if they pooled together the strength of everyone there, it still wouldn’t be enough to contend with the two Overlords in front of them… but no matter what, they would put their lives on the line to fight!

As Ye Qingsheng recklessly vented his feelings and egotistically howled, Ye Ziyi’s facial expression shifted… In all of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, the one with the strongest profound energy was Xia Qingyue… a full half-step into the Tyrant Profound Realm! Therefore, she was extremely easy to recognize. After the Heavenly Firm Jade door was blasted open and they had entered the Frozen End Divine Hall, his gaze had swept over the area numerous times, but he didn’t see Xia Qingyue. He concentrated and realized... he couldn’t feel Xia Qingyue’s aura at all!

Confirming again and again, his face grew darker and darker. He snarled, “Xia Qingyue!! Where did you hide Xia Qingyue!”

“What?” Ye Ziyi’s words caused Ye Qingsheng to stare distractedly, causing him to go from madly laughing to being unable to move which caused his facial expression to change greatly… The entire Frozen End Divine Hall didn’t have a trace Xia Qingyue’s shadow, let alone the slightest bit of her outstanding aura!

All the other members of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace were there… only Xia Qingyue was missing!

“Stop!” Chu Yueli held her ice sword horizontally in front of her, her whole body prepared to spring into action. “Don’t even think of ever being able to find her… Only when she comes looking for you, will this blood debt be repaid!!”

Ye Qingsheng’s gaze rested on the stage to the right side of the Frozen End Divine Hall, and his aura suddenly turned violent as his face took on a sinister expression… At his current realm, he could already sense the presence of spatial energy. Although it had already been a few months, he could still sense tiny vestiges of spatial energy that had yet to disperse… It became clear that it once had contained a profound space formation!

A profound space formation was, without a doubt, the highest level of profound formations on the entire Profound Sky Continent. Even for the Four Great Sacred Grounds, creating a profound space formation was extremely difficult. That, and the enormous Heavenly Firm Jade door, absolutely should not have appeared at a place on the level of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

It was extremely clear, that during their unbearable, unceasing bombardment of the Heavenly Firm Jade door, Xia Qingyue had already escaped using the profound space formation!!

“Un… forgiveable!!” As if a basin of cold water had been poured over his head, Ye Qingsheng’s unbridledness and arrogance transformed into wrath and fear, his entire body trembling violently as he yelled, “You… had the impertinence to play with me!!”

Compared to his anger at all of his efforts having come to nothing, he was even more afraid of the consequences of not being able to bring Xia Qingyue back. In his anger, his killing intent increased and he roared, “You all… all of you, die!”

“Wait!!” Ye Ziyi pulled him back, face also darkened as he furiously said, “Speak! Where does the profound space formation lead to! Where is Xia Qingyue now… you all better speak honestly. We can still give you a path at life, this is your last chance!”

“Give up!” Chu Yueli clenched her teeth and her expression went cold, completely without fear. “We are already corpses, ready to be buried here. We absolutely won’t tell you! Don’t even think of ever being able to find her!”

“Wretches… all of you… go die!!” Ye Qingsheng’s rage completely exploded. Six months of sullenness and days and nights without rest, all of his hopes and efforts came to nothing. The consequences would be incomparably serious, and Ye Qingsheng felt his head and heart being trampled. He snarled, and his entire profound strength exploded out, causing a tyrannical pressure to radiate all in all directions.

“Protect the Mistress!!”

Crying out in alarm, Mu Lanyi, Chu Yueli, Feng Hanyue, and Feng Hanxue performed the Frozen Snow Dance Steps, simultaneously appearing in front of Gong Yuxian, causing resplendent ice spirits to dance throughout the sky. They had all already become Thrones, but the difference between a Throne and an Overlord was as big as the distance between the heaven and the earth. Even if it was just the profound energy released by an Overlord, they absolutely were unable to resist it.

The force of ten thousand mountains collided with them, inducing explosive pain within their chests and causing the ice spirits to rapidly disappear. They were only able to resist for two breaths of time before they were violently sent flying, resulting in their bodies heavily smashing against the Heavenly Firm Jade wall.

“Junior Masters!!”


The Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciples cried out in alarm… Yun Che had opened all of the profound entrances of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies, and their cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds, already completely entering the Emperor Profound Realm. From the perspective of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciples, the Emperor Profound Realm in the Profound Sky Continent was an unparalleled existence, but in front of the Tyrant Profound Realm, they were unexpectedly not even able to withstand one blow.

“Still resisting in vain?” Ye Qingsheng lifted up his arm, his expression fiendish. “If you don’t tell us where Xia Qingyue is… you all will die! Now then… let’s start with your so-called Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies!!”

Ye Qingsheng’s arm expanded, and a wave of profound energy surged throughout the entire Frozen End Divine Hall. A murderous air enveloped the Seven Fairies, ready to descend upon them in an instant when, all of a sudden, an enormous explosion came from behind, shaking the entire Frozen End Divine Hall.


“Who is it!” Ye Ziyi said as he turned around. A golden figure flashed before his eyes… this golden figure had reached an incredible speed, making him unexpectedly unable to see the figure clearly even with his level five Tyrant Profound strength. Without a response, the figure swept past his line of sight towards the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciples.

It arrived in a flash, having seemingly pierced through space!

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