Chapter 663 - The Overlord Returns

Against the Gods

Chapter 663 - The Overlord Returns

Looking out from Blue Wind Imperial City, the south-western sky was completely black. There were nearly twenty thousand aerial profound beasts with at least one Divine Phoenix soldier on each one. These aerial profound beasts consisted mostly of spirit profound beasts, but there were a few earth profound beasts as well… And the ones in the lead clearly released the aura of the Sky Profound Realm.

Underneath them, the Fire War Horses’ speed was no less compared to the aerial profound beasts. These Fire War Horses were also spirit profound beasts. Not only were they extremely fast, they also possessed a great amount of stamina, and their collision force also terrified their enemies They were a nightmare-like existence on the battlefield.

“Such an astonishing array of profound beasts… Probably comparable to Blue Wind’s army of several hundred thousand!” Xiao Yun inhaled a cold breath.

“Clearly, the enemy wanted to test us at all costs through using the speed of these profound beasts. At the same time, with the power of tens of thousands of profound beasts, even if they were facing a large miscalculation, they would still be able to handle it,” Number One Under Heaven said sullenly.

The sound of hurrying footsteps rang out behind the them. Cang Yue came over quickly, and behind her were Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang… The two of them had extremely heavy expressions. Under them, the city gate opened wide, and the Blue Wind Army that had been waiting rushed out, quickly getting into their battle formation, and formed a heavy defense in front of the city… However, looking at the gigantic horde of aerial profound beasts, there wasn’t any soldier without shock and terror on their faces.

“Your Majesty, let’s try a few more times… Our Blue Wind military can’t possibly defend against fifty thousand Divine Phoenix soldiers. What’s more terrifying is the profound beast horde. If Yun Che can’t come back immediately… The consequences will be unthinkable,” anxiously worried Dongfang Xiu .

Hearing a sound, the three of them turned around. Xiao Yun immediately asked, “Did something occur?”

Cang Yue held the sound transmission jade in hand and slowly said, “I just tried to send a sound transmission to my husband. I’ve already tried several times, but all of them had failed.”

“Ah?” The three of them were shocked. Xiao Yun quickly said, “Sound transmission failure? How… How is this possible! Big Brother is so powerful, it’s impossible for something to occur to him.”

“No, a sound transmission failing does not necessarily mean their sound transmission jade was destroyed,” Number One Under Heaven said calmly. “If they are somewhere with a special barrier or an isolation energy, it could also prevent sound from being transmitted. It must be the latter. Brother Yun is somewhere where sound can’t be transmitted.”

“Then… Then what are we going to do?” Xiao Yun started panicking.

“Of course it’s up to us to hold them back!” Number One Under Heaven waved his arm, and the profound energy from his body swirled up. “Why must Brother Yun rush back? Do the three of us not have enough power to delay this Divine Phoenix Army that is merely in the tens of thousands?” Number One Under Heaven looked meaningfully at Xiao Yun, his voice also becoming sullen, “Xiao Yun! I can understand that you don’t want your hands to be stained with blood. However, after encountering something slightly more difficult, the first thing you thought of is not to deal with it with your own power, but to rely on Brother Yun! You’re married now, and the one you married is my cutest little sister! If you want to become a real man, you hands can remain unstained with blood, but at the very least you have to become reliable… rather than habitually relying on someone else!”

Number One Under Heaven’s words caused Xiao Yun’s body to tremble before clenching his teeth and forcefully nodded. “I… I understand.”

“Big Brother, don’t say that about Brother Yun! Brother Yun’s personality is inherently kind. I don’t want him to change,” said Number Seven Under Heaven with an expression of displeasure as she held onto Xiao Yun’s arm.

The corner of Number One Under Heaven’s eye twitched. He could only turn around with a face that was completely crestfallen. Yet, at this moment, the large Divine Phoenix profound beast swarm was already less than two and a half kilometers away. A heavy pressure also passed from afar, and a huge wave of terror once again covered Blue Wind Imperial City.

Number One Under Heaven quietly said, “Don’t be scared by this. Remember, this isn’t our Demon Imperial City! It is a place where the level of profound energy is lower. We’re just facing some weak Divine Phoenix Army and low leveled profound beasts. The two of you have already entered the Tyrant Profound Realm. As long as there are no opponents capable of suppressing us, even if there were twice as many of them, we can stop it if all three of us work together!”

As Number One Under Heaven finished speaking, a green longbow appeared in his hands, and when he held the bow horizontal and pulled the bow string, twelve green profound arrows appeared on it… Once this was shot, these twelve profound arrows would not just extinguish twelve lives, but would pierce twelve terrifying holes through the gigantic army in sight… piercing through the front of the army, all the way to the back.

At this moment, an unusual profound energy wave emitted from the south causing Number Seven Under Heaven’s to exclaim loudly in shock, “Ah!! Look! What… What is that?!”

In the southern sky, a tiny gold dot suddenly appeared… Although it was tiny, it was as bright as stars in the night. Furthermore, it was very fast. In the blink of an eye, that golden light grew ten times larger… then another ten times… In less than one breath’s of time, it had already turned from a tiny light to a huge figure… It was completely gold, more than three hundred meters long, several tens of meters wide, and complicated golden lines floated around it.

As it neared Blue Wind Imperial City, its speed suddenly slowed down. The golden profound light it emitted also diminished. At the same time, a violent surge of air, carrying a mysterious yet heavy pressure from the south, rushed past, which caused the Blue Wind citizens on the city wall that were caught off guard to be blown away.

“That is… a profound ark?” exclaimed Number One Under Heaven as he used his hand to block the incoming violent air. Its outline, as well as the profound energy it released while it was flying, proved that it was a unique profound ark. However, the speed that this profound ark had just shown had surprised him despite his vast knowledge… Because, in terms of speed alone, it had already far surpassed the strongest profound ark of their Under Heaven Family.

What shocked him the most was not the golden profound ark, but the person riding it! Someone who had such a shocking profound arc was definitely not a simple person! If it was an enemy, then it would be disastrous!

Wave after wave of gasps spread throughout Blue Wind Imperial City. Everyone dumbly looked at the golden color profound ark in the air. The people shocked by this profound ark were not just those in Blue Wind Imperial City. Everyone in the Divine Phoenix Army was also staring at this golden profound ark. The spiritual pressure that the profound ark released caused all of them to subconsciously slow down, until they came to a full stop.

“What is that?” Han Xingzhao said thoughtfully. “Could it be… a profound ark?”

As he said that, he looked at Feng Hengjiang’s expression and noticed that his eyes and the muscles on his face… were all relentlessly twitching and trembling. He felt a shock in his heart and quickly said, “Fifty-second Elder, what is it?!”

Feng Hengjiang’s stared straight at the golden profound ark and raised his hands. His lips moved and moved for a long time before he finally made a sound. “Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark!”

“Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark?” Han Xingzhao showed an expression of confusion. “What is that… Could it be something very scary?”

Feng Hengjiang fiercely inhaled a breath of air. “Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark… The exclusive ark of the Saint Emperor, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s highest ruler!”

“Wh-wh-what!!” Han Xingzhao nearly fell off his aerial profound beast in complete shock after hearing that. He had never heard of the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark, but who had not heard of the name of “Saint Emperor”! He was the leader of the Four Great Sacred Grounds—The ruler of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, the supreme existence that gazed down at the entire Profound Sky Continent from above! The true number one existence on the Profound Sky Continent!

He said in shock, “Fifty-second Elder, could… could you be mistaken?! How could someone like the Saint Emperor come to… this sort of place.”

“I’m not wrong! There’s only one Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark in this world! I was lucky enough to see it one time back in the day when I followed Sect Master to visit Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. I’m definitely not mistaken.” Feng Hengjiang’s body and voice were trembling. As an elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect, he was someone that could walk against the law in the Profound Sky Seven Nations. However, in front of the name of “Saint Emperor,” he could not stop his body from shuddering no matter what. “Furthermore, the Saint Emperor highly values the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark and has never lent it to anyone. Even his godsons have no right to drive it privately. So, once the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark appears… It will definitely be the Saint Emperor himself!!”

It was at that moment, the golden profound ark finally came to a complete stop. The light and profound energy fluctuations almost completely disappeared. The golden profound ark floated quietly in the air, and on the right, one of the ark doors slowly opened… Han Xingzhao and Feng Hengjiang held their breaths, but before they could clearly see the figure that walked out from the ark door, an extremely terrifying rampaging aura had already locked onto them… They didn’t dare to move a muscle as they felt like they were held down by a mountain that was tens of thousands of meters tall.

A tall and muscular figure walked out from the ark door and then slowly flew down. His eyes stared at the black Divine Phoenix Army and profound beast swarm in the southwest. He wore a gray shirt that couldn’t be even more plain. It was even a bit tattered, and his muscular body could even be described as “gigantic.” He was at least four or five times the size of a normal adult, and just by standing there, he was like a small mountain of meat.

Han Xingzhao and Feng Hengjiang opened their pupils wide. Their entire bodies trembled uncontrollably… What frightened them was not the person’s muscular and unusual body, but his rage and killing intent… The rage of the aura that had locked onto them was like the molten magma of hell. Just under this aura, they felt as if their bodies would be torn to shreds any moment now. And the aerial profound beasts under them, as well as the Fire War Horses underneath, were all trembling erratically… They were even whimpering in terror.

“That… That person’s… aura is so terrifying!” Number One Under Heaven exclaimed. He knew in an instant that this person’s aura far surpassed his, who was at the eighth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm… It was clearly the power of the Monarch realm!

And by the strength of the aura, it didn’t seen to be weaker than an enraged Yun Che!!

Who was this guy… Wasn’t Blue Wind Nation the weakest in terms of profound energy levels in the Profound Sky Continent. If so, why did a Monarch appear?!

However, despite his shock, Number One Under Heaven was relieved as this person’s rage that was powerful to the point of being terrifying was directed at the Divine Phoenix Army… not Blue Wind Imperial City.

“Such… Such a huge person… There is actually someone this huge,” said Number Seven Under Heaven with her eyes wide.

Cang Yue, had already covered her mouth tightly, and after a long while, she finally couldn’t help back and shouted, “Yuan… Yuanba! It’s Yuanba!!”

They hadn’t met for five years, and from her point of view, Xia Yuanba didn’t seem look very different, but his body was far taller and more muscular compared to what she remembered, and his gaze and aura had changed in an even more extreme manner. It caused her to be unable to link him with the old Xia Yuanba she knew. However, what made her scream out the name “Yuanba” was the slightly tattered gray shirt on his body.

Back when Yun Che first entered the Blue Wind Profound Palace, when she helped Yun Che sew his training uniform, in order to hide her feelings for Yun Che, she also made a set for Xia Yuanba... Xia Yuanba always treated it like a treasure, and enjoyed wearing it. Five years had passed, and he still had not discarded it. Although it was tattered in a lot of places and could not cover his body since it had grown, he still wore it...

“Yuanba… Which… Which Yuanba?” Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang all blanked. No matter what, they could not link this person who was emitting such a terrifying aura and driving the golden profound ark with Xia Yuanba, who had little to no talent in the past, was only of the Elementary Profound Realm, and suffered tons of bullying in the Blue Wind Profound Palace.

“...” Cang Yue did not say anything. She was just so worked up that tears were about to fall… Yun Che returned, and now, Xia Yuanba had also returned… Everyone is safe and sound, this was great… great...

“Who… Who are you!” Feng Hengjiang held his breath and asked… His chest felt like it was being pushed down by a metal plate. He couldn’t even breathe even though he wanted to. The person in front of him was not the Saint Emperor. Compared to the Saint Emperor’s might, the rage and killing intent released by the person in front of his eyes terrified him more… That golden profound ark was the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark without a doubt! Why was this person allowed to drive the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark that the Saint Emperor never let others touch!

“The person sending you to hell!!” Xia Yuanba slowly raised his head, and that demonic gaze locked onto the entire Divine Phoenix army and profound beast swarm in front.

Three years ago, he left the Divine Phoenix Empire to follow Spiritual Master Ancient Blue and went into seclusion with intense hatred the second day after returning to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. As he grew, he could feel the incredulous power hidden in his profound vein more and more clearly… In order to get revenge for Yun Che, he forced the power in his profound veins out at all costs...

Three years passed by in the blink of an eye. Yet the day he came out of seclusion, what he heard was the misfortune of the Blue Wind Nation being trampled upon by the Divine Phoenix Empire… He drove the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark with shocking speed and raced straight to the Blue Wind Nation. After passing the border of the Blue Wind Nation, he saw the scarred lands, the kinsmen that scattered around to escape like headless flies, the invaded and even burnt cities, as well as corpses that could be seen everywhere...

Infinite rage and hatred almost made his chest explode.

His eyes turned as red as blood, and he had no intention of stopping as he furiously flew in the direction of Blue Wind Imperial City, in hopes that the core of Blue Wind Nation had not been broken through yet.

And now, he had finally arrived. In his eyes, Blue Wind Imperial City had no signs of being invaded, and the rage that had boiled on for several hours finally found somewhere to be unleashed… The people in front wore crimson armor, proving their identities as part of the Divine Phoenix Army. As he saw them, he was unable to control the rage that he had suppressed.


In the explosion that sounded like a bomb going off, Xia Yuanba’s arm inflated in size. The originally thick arm became slightly thicker than a normal person’s body, and the aura moving in the air also reflected how he had become several times more irascible. In front of this terrifying and tyrannical might, Feng Hengjiang, who had the power of an Overlord, had no intention of resisting. His voice trembled in fear, “Wa… Wait! Senior from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary… We are… people of the Divine… Divine Phoenix Sect… Is there… some sort of… misunderstanding…”

“The ones I’m killing… are you… you animals of the Divine Phoenix Sect!” Xia Yuanba’s opened his eyes wide, his teeth clenched, and each word contained enough hatred and rage to make the earth tremble. His arm that had inflated so much that it was about to explode was furiously swung forward.

“Wait… Wait… UWAAAA…”

That moment when he swung his arm, Xia Yuanba’s entire body became scorching gold. The golden profound light released from his arm instantly covered the entire Divine Phoenix Army, including all the aerial profound beasts and the Fire War Horses, until it covered the sun.

The earth trembled, the entire Blue Wind Imperial City shook. In the golden radiance, the space crazily collapsed, and tens of thousands of spatial cracks and spatial black holes appeared forth, tearing and devouring everything that could be destroyed.

That one moment when the power in Xia Yuanba’s body surged, all of the living things covered by the golden radiance were torn mercilessly to shreds. Even those as strong as Feng Hengjiang only had a single breath remaining, and they were only a single crack away from shattering… In the next breath, they had already been demolished into blood stains as small as dust.

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