Chapter 677 - The Shuddering Divine Hall

Against the Gods

Chapter 677 - The Shuddering Divine Hall

The speed of the Sun Moon Sacred Ark was extremely fast. Soon enough, the vast snow region was hundreds of miles behind them.

When they were out of Blue Wind Nation, the people from Sun Moon Divine Hall finally calmed down a bit. They wiped their foreheads which were still covered in cold sweat.

“I had no idea… that in this world, there is actually someone this terrifying!” said Ye Juanyun still fearful as he took a deep breath.

“Sigh, the territory of Profound Sky Continent is this vast, and there is nothing too strange in this boundless universe… Maybe, we really were looking at the sky from the bottom of a well,” Ye Guying sighed. Since he first entered Sun Moon Divine Hall several hundreds years ago, this was the first time he had been so frightened… Thinking back to the black-robed old man who was beyond horrifying, it was like he had visited the gates of hell.

“This is outrageous!” Ye Xinghan punched out brutally, causing a deafening sonic boom. He voice was filled with hatred, “Among the strongest practitioners in this world, besides the Phoenix God of the Divine Phoenix Sect, it is impossible for anyone to exceed my father’s level… How could someone like this suddenly appear out of nowhere!! Why was someone like this completely unknown before!!”

“Young Master, please calm down.” Ye Guying comforted in a soft voice, “When someone reaches a level like that, if he wants to be unknown, there is no one in the world at all who has the ability to discover his existence. Young Master, do you still remember how he appeared? There was originally no trace of his aura, but in an instant, it covered the sky and the sun, and his entire person also suddenly appeared in the middle of the air. Even when Yun Che went to call him out, his person and aura also completely disappeared, and then appeared again out of thin air. Young Master, do you know why that is?”

Ye Xinghan gritted his teeth hard, and said in a low voice, “Autonomous world!”

“That’s right!” Ye Guying’s face was full of shock… and admiration. “At the level of us Monarchs, we can create our own space for storage. Once someone reaches a certain supreme realm, they can control space as one pleases and create their own little world! This is absolutely not a false legend. It’s like the Supreme Ocean Palace’s ‘Divine Ocean Secret Realm,’ and the Primordial Profound Ark that Young Master was on three years ago. The worlds within are all independent small worlds created by strong practitioners using an unparalleled divine power during the Ancient Era. Sss… I thought the profound practitioners who are at this level in this world had already gone extinct and would never appear again. I did not expect, today… I actually saw someone like this myself!”

“His realm is so high that even we cannot comprehend it.” Ye Shuran shuddered violently when he thought about Ye Shi, a mid-stage Monarch just like him, being burned into nothing by the flames that were thrown out from the fingers of the black-robed old man so casually. He said in a trembling voice, “If he wants to kill us, it is simple as easy as turning his hand. Even when he held our Sun Moon Divine Hall in contempt… I feel like he wasn’t just bluffing. If it wasn’t because he wanted to use us as examples, it is impossible for us to still be alive.”

He looked at Ye Xinghan and said with a lingering fear, “If we die, we die, but if was Young Master… we really couldn’t redeem ourselves even if we died ten thousand times!”

“I feel like he simply felt disdain at the thought of attacking us, even killing Ye Shi was just an accident.” Ye Guying sighed heavily and said, “Back then Yun Che dared to face the Divine Phoenix Sect alone. Now he even killed the people of Sun Moon Divine Hall and intentionally sent the death imprint to Young Master, so I had already thought that he must have someone supporting him… But I absolutely did not think the person behind him was someone this shocking and frightening.”

“Lord Heavenly Monarch will know about Ye Shi’s death immediately for sure. When we return… how should we answer him?” Ye Juanyun locked his eyebrows and said anxiously.

“What can we do? Of course report exactly of what happened in detail.” Ye Guying said, “We had never heard of this ‘Duotian’ before. But he mentioned ‘ten thousand years,’ which means that he is an old monster that has lived for at least ten thousand years. His name probably was once renowned in the world ten thousand years ago, so it is normal for us to have never heard of it. But Lord Heavenly Monarch has the memories that are passed down through the generations of the Sun Moon ancestors, so he might know the name.”

Ye Guying turned his head, looked in the direction of Blue Wind Nation and said in an incredibly serious manner, “Young Master, I know that you must be very unwilling, but… as the future owner of Sun Moon Divine Hall, you must learn to endure a moment… or even a lifetime of anger. With the strength of Yun Che’s backer, it is definitely not a wise decision to become enemies with him! With the protection of someone like this and with his shocking growing speed in strength… maybe it really isn’t empty words that three years later, he would be strong enough to stomp over all of Sun Moon Divine Hall by himself… Moreover, it was said by the person named ‘Duotian’ himself. So…”

“So, before we are certain that we can shake his backer, we must not become enemies with him.” Ye Juanyun’s expression was heavy, as he continued to say, “We also need to try our best to resolve the resentment from before… This matter really cannot be treated lightly.”

“We should return to the Divine Hall immediately and let Lord Heavenly Monarch decide how to handle this matter with Yun Che.”

Even though the amount of time Yun Che faced Sun Moon Divine Hall wasn’t long, under the activation of the Dragon Soul, each breath was accompanied with an extremely large consumption of his mental energy. With such consumption, if he was a normal profound practitioner, it would take at least a couple of days of rest to be at ease and more than half a month to recover, and it would develop a irreversible side effect. Yun Che has the Dragon God Origin Soul, so his rate of recovery of his mental energy cannot be compared to a regular person’s, but even so, he didn’t wake up from meditating until high noon.

“Ah! Palace Master, you finally woke up… Senior Sisters, Palace Master is awake!”

Right as Yun Che opened his eyes, he heard a young girl’s surprised yell by his ear. He woke up from the chilly bed and saw a beautiful young girl in white standing there. There was joy and a slight red glow on her cheeks that was finer than snow lotus, and her beautiful eyes were looking at him without blinking… Because of his heroic action of scaring Sun Moon Divine Hall off, the way she looked at him was obviously different than before.

Yun Che sat up, inspected his own mental status now, and asked the young girl, “Senior Sister Hanxue, what is the time now?”

“It’s already high noon.” Feng Hanxue answered in a clear and melodious voice, and her beautiful eyes showed surprise. “Eh? Palace Master, how did you know that I am Hanxue? I am the same as my Big Sister from top to bottom. Even our disciples and senior sisters that are most familiar with us… even the previous Palace Mistress couldn’t tell us apart, but Palace Master called out my name immediately. You also seem to be very sure.”

“It’s actually very easy to tell.” Yun Che said while smiling, “Even though your appearance, voice… even expressions are almost the same, there is still a little difference in your body scent.”

“Body… scent?” Feng Hanxue was lost as her mouth gaped a little.

Yun Che said slowly, “To become a qualified medical practitioner, one must learn to identify hundreds of herbs. Many of the medicinal herbs looks the same, so to identify them, one must rely on their scent. That is why the nose of many medical practitioners are more sensitive than normal people’s. Senior Sister Hanxue and Senior Sister Hanyue’s body scent is very similar, but Senior Sister Hanxue’s body scent carries a scent that is slightly close to the smell of a Snow Fern Flower, and Senior Sister Hanyue has the smell of a Frosting Flower. Normal people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, but to me, it is something that can be easily identified.”

“Snow Fern Flower… what kind of flower is it? This is the first time I’ve heard of it.” Feng Hanxue blinked, and before Yun Che could say anything, she spoke herself, “But the name is very nice, so the smell must be very pleasant! Palace Master, you are so impressive. I feel like there is nothing that you can’t do in this world. No wonder that even though you are a man, previous Palace Mistress still insisted on passing the position of Palace Master to you.”

“That is of course! There is still a lot more that I know. If Senior Sister Hanxue is willing, I can show it to Senior Sister Hanxue only.” Yun Che was not humble at all and said smilingly, but in his smile… there seemed to be a few… evil intentions?

“Ah? Yes! Palace Master said it yourself, you are not allowed to go back on your words!” Feng Hanxue said happily, “But, I have said many times, it’s Junior Master, not Senior Sister!!”

“I understand. Oh right, Senior Sister Hanxue, where is Xiao Yun now?”

“He is in the Snow Cloud Hall. Palace Master, are you and him really sworn brothers? But your personalities are completely different. Xiao Yun kept his head down the whole time and didn’t dare to talk with us. After we settled him in at the Snow Cloud Hall, he hasn’t come out for the entire morning,” Feng Hanxue said while laughing. Then, she suddenly noticed something and said while trying to keep a straight face, “It’s Junior Master, Junior Master, Junior Master! Not Senior Sister! Even if… even if you are the Palace Master now, the seniority cannot be ignored!”

“I understand, Senior Sister.”

“...You never listened to Junior Master!!” Feng Hanxue stomped her foot, turned her face away, and seemed like she got upset.

At this moment, the snow curtain seal on the door was removed. Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie, Mu Lanyi, Chu Yueli, and Feng Hanyue, the five of them walked in quickly. When they saw Yun Che, their beautiful eyes all lightened up at the same time. “Palace Master, you woke up.”

Whether it was their words or the look in their eyes, they were all accompanied with deep worrying and care. Three years ago in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, the voice that he heard was almost completely cold, chilly, and without emotion. At first, after he helped them open all of their profound entrances and achieve the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins that they couldn’t even dare to dream about, they gave him their approval and even some thanks. At least they stopped taking his profane intentions into account and opposing his joining Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, but that was merely it.

But as of today, it was completely different. He first solved Frozen Cloud’s calamity and then scared Sun Moon Divine Hall into retreating… that was Sun Moon Divine Hall, in all of Profound Sky Continent, there were only a handful of forces that could go head to head with Sun Moon Divine Hall! And what’s more was that he could have ignored them all, yet instead, he risked his life, directly faced Sun Moon Divine Hall, and resolved this disaster. Even if their hearts were ice cold, they deeply felt gratitude and warmth.

And there wasn’t any rejection towards his position as the Palace Master.

“Mm, I worried you all.” Yun Che leaped up from the ice bed, his eyes turned towards outside the window. “Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace suffered from these six months of calamity, so it will take a while to reform. During this period of time, I will need your hard work. I still have other important matters, so I cannot stay here long for now.”

“Palace Master, you are leaving now?” Murong Qianxue stepped forward unconsciously. “But, you were just in a coma for such a long time, it would be better for you to rest more.”

“No need. I only wore out some of my mental strength before. Now I am completely fine.” Yun Che’s eyebrows lowered slightly, and he said in a low voice, “Blue Wind Nation was stomped by Divine Phoenix Empire into the way it is now… Forget about my status of Blue Wind’s prince consort, even if I am merely the most ordinary citizen of Blue Wind… I absolutely cannot forgive them!”

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