Chapter 689: Divine Phoenix’s Killing Intent

Against the Gods

Chapter 689: Divine Phoenix’s Killing Intent

Divine Phoenix Nation, Divine Phoenix Sect.

The right side of Feng Ximing’s face was dark red, like blood, and it was swollen as well. After being slapped so heavily by an enraged Feng Hengkong, not even Feng Ximing, who had such strong profound strength, had been able to completely recover. He stood in front of Feng Hengkong, bowing respectfully as he said, “Royal Father, why have you summoned me?”

Both of Feng Hengkong’s hands were behind his back as he faintly said without turning around, “Feng Huwei has died.”

Feng Ximing’s brows suddenly furrowed. “Died?! It definitely seems like someone from the Four Great Sacred Grounds must have finally been unable to hold back and thus made a ruthless strike! Then… then that secret, has it been leaked?”

“Feng Huwei’s body was enchanted with the Cage of Memories which was created by the collaboration a few grand elders. There is absolutely no way that the secret was leaked.” Feng Hengkong’s brows narrowed. “Furthermore, the one who killed Feng Huwei actually wasn’t someone from the Four Great Sacred Grounds. I don’t believe that the Four Great Sacred Grounds would risk offending the Phoenix God to kill Feng Huwei just because they had some doubts.”

“It’s not someone from the Four Great Sacred Grounds?” The surprise atop Feng Ximing’s face intensified as he said, “Although Feng Huwei is the general of the Divine Phoenix Army, his profound strength by no means weak. Other than someone from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, who else has the power to and dares to kill Feng Huwei… Moreover! There is also the two hundred thousand strong Divine Phoenix Army at Feng Huwei’s side!”

“It is someone you never would have thought of.” Feng Hengkong turned around. The expression on his face was incomparably heavy and ugly as he said, “It’s Yun… Che!!”

“What?” Feng Ximing suddenly raised his head, abruptly ripping open the wound on his face which caused the edge of his eye to twitch sporadically. “It’s that Yun Che?”

“Hmph, is there any other? It is indeed the Yun Che who should have been buried within the Primordial Profound Ark three years ago!” Feng Heng heavily continued, “Don’t bother asking how he is still alive, that is something that I want to know more than anyone else!”

“How could he have lived? Three years ago, he disappeared along with the Primordial Profound Ark. There was simply no possibility of survival! Could it be… that it is only someone who looks similiar? Or perhaps just a simple illusion to confuse us?”

“Hmph, I have not yet reached the point where I am unable to determine if someone is real or not!” snorted Feng Hengkong. The voice, expressions, glares… and the wild arrogance which emanated out from Yun Che’s body from within Feng Huwei’s death soul imprint, there was absolutely no one within the world who could possibly reenact it. “Not only is he alive, his profound strength has advanced even further these last three years. Beneath his hands, there was simply nothing Feng Huwei could do to resist.”

“Could it be that his current strength has already reached the middle stage of the Tyrant Profound Realm?” asked Feng Ximing in shock. Feng Huwei’s profound strength had been at the early stage of the Tyrant Profound Realm, so for Yun Che to be able to render him helpless, Yun Che had to at least have the power of a mid-stage Overlord. “It can’t be! There is absolutely no way! No matter how talented he is, it’s not possible to advance so much within such the short span of three years!”

“Wrong! His current strength is perhaps even greater than the middle stage of Tyrant Profound Realm.” Traces of coldness emerged within Feng Hengkong’s eyes as he solemnly said, “The strange disappearance of the seven hundred thousand soldier army, including the two supervisor elders, Fei Heng and Fei Ying, in Blue Wind Imperial City was all due to him… These were his own words! If they are true, then his strength is definitely greater than the middle stage of Tyrant Profound Realm. It is very possible… that he has already reached the late stage of Tyrant Profound Realm!”

“That’s even more impossible!” Feng Ximing shook his head without hesitation. “Back then, Yun Che had used all his strength and could only barely defeat Xiluo; his strength was probably only in the ninth level of the Emperor Profound Realm. In just three short years, even if he ate the Great Shifting Gold Pellet, it’s impossible that he could advance to the late stage of the Tyrant Profound Realm in such a short amount of time. If he used some special method or profound artifact, I could still accept it. However, if we said that he relied on his own strength to obliterate the seventy thousand strong Divine Phoenix Army and the two overseeing elders, I would never believe it no matter what.

“Furthermore, even if we consider the worst, even if Yun Che had really come back from the dead and now possesses the strength of a late-stage Overlord, he would only be a trifling thorn in our side. Also, knowing that the disappearance of the army had nothing to do with the Four Great Sacred Grounds, shouldn’t royal father feel reassured instead, why is your expression still so glum?”

“Hmph, even if there were another ten Yun Ches, he would not be able to conjure up much of a storm!” Feng Hengkong’s eyes knitted tightly. “But, did you forget for what reason Xue’er was unconscious for three years!”

Feng Ximing’s expression changed drastically. “Could royal father be afraid that Xue’er…”

“I’m not worried!” Feng Hengkong’s chest rose strongly, and his expression was so ugly that his face nearly contorted. “It’s something even more scary than what you imagined! Do you know what Xue’er told us before we were chased out? She wanted us… to treat Blue Wind Nation kindly!”

“... Was this the reason why royal father ordered everyone to not talk about sending troops to Blue Wind?” Feng Ximing started to realize the severity of the problem.

“How could we not agree to a request from Xue’er!” Feng Hengkong clenched his fists tightly. “Three years ago, Yun Che had indeed used his life to save Xue’er… and Xue’er had been unconscious for three years because of him and even cried in sadness for him! Before this… have you ever seen Xue’er cry?”

“We’ve long realized that her feelings towards Yun Che were not simply just pure gratitude!” Feng Hengkong’s body started to tremble as rage appeared in the depths of his eyes as well as a sense of anxiety. “Xue’er obtained an ice type aerial profound beast out of nowhere, and we learned that the ice type profound beast was known as the Snow Phoenix. It only exists in a region in Blue Wind Nation known as the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, and Yun Che had once flown on a Snow Phoenix.”

“Then… could it be…”

“Before Xue’er returned to Phoenix Perching Valley, she had suddenly requested to go to Blue Wind Nation’s Snow Region of Extreme Ice… and only one force exists at the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, which is Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace! And Yun Che, was a member was of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace!”

Feng Hengkong’s words caused Feng Ximing’s expression to darken time and time again. “Does that mean that even before the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, Xue’er and Yun Che had already known each other?”

“We should have already known that with Yun Che’s temperament. How could he have been willing to save her using his own life only because Xue’er had helped him! Similarly, how could Xue’er have been that heart broken if it was only because of the gratitude of him saving her…” Feng Hengkong’s rage had started turning into hostility, and the temperature within the entire Divine Phoenix Main Hall had started to rise intensely.

Feng Xue’er… A precious gem bestowed by heaven upon the Divine Phoenix Sect, the future Phoenix God of the Divine Phoenix Sect! His biggest pride, the most precious thing in his entire world, much more than his life. A daughter that was much more important than the entire Divine Phoenix Sect combined. But she had shed her tears for an outsider, an enemy of the Divine Phoenix Sect...

He could never blame Feng Xue’er, but his hatred for Yun Che had already grown leaps and bounds! The fact that he possessed the Phoenix bloodline and insulted the pride of his entire sect was nothing in comparison.

Because Feng Xue’er’s suggestion of treating Blue Wind Nation kindly had already thrown him into utter confusion and caused him to order a ban within the entire city. Furthermore, Yun Che was still alive! If Xue’er were to learn that Yun Che was still alive… he could not imagine what would happen.

Feng Ximing said with some calmness, “However, Xue’er usually stays either at the Phoenix Realm or Phoenix Perching Valley. It would have been impossible in the Phoenix Realm, and as for Phoenix Perching Valley, there are enchantments on three of its boundaries. For the last one, there lies a Great Phoenix Formation. Only members of our sect would be able to enter. It is impossible for Yun Che to have come into contact with Xue’er!”

“The problem probably lies on the Great Phoenix Formation!” Feng Hengkong’s expression darkened even further. “The Great Phoenix Formation does not only allow our sect members to enter. Don’t forget, Yun Che also possesses the Phoenix bloodline and can enter without restraint as well! Three years ago, several days before the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament began, you once personally told us that Chen’er’s chief bodyguard had died tragically within the Great Phoenix Formation…”

Feng Ximing was shocked before his expression drastically changed. “Royal Father, do you mean that the person who killed Feng Chihuo back then was Yun Che?! And after that, he passed through the Great Phoenix Formation and met Xue’er in Phoenix Perching Valley?”

“Highly likely!” Feng Hengkong solemnly said, his clenched fist making cracking noises. Back then, when he had heard that Feng Chihuo had died, he treated it as if it was nothing because he was preparing for the Seven Nation Ranking tournament and the Primordial Profound Ark. He would not bother with a lowly bodyguard’s death. Furthermore, dying within the Great Phoenix Formation meant that it was likely a battle between sect members and he had lost due to inferior skills! However, when Feng Xue’er had awoken, all her actions had caused his mind to be in a mess, and he had unknowingly recalled the “small matter” that had happened three years ago.

“Xue’er is pure and innocent, her heart untainted. Yun Che possessed the aura of the Divine Phoenix, so even if he had barged into Phoenix Perching Valley, Xue’er would not be cautious against him. Also, he is very glib-tongued and silenced so many people during the ranking tournament… Xue’er would not be able to resist his bewitchment!” Feng Hengkong clenched his teeth together tightly. Although this was all speculation, the more he thought about it and the deeper he thought about it recently, the more likely he felt that this was true.

“What shall we do next?” On Feng Ximing, the same sense of hostility as the one on Feng Hengkong appeared.

“Of course it is to kill him within the shortest amount of time!” Feng Hengkong uttered each word with killing intent, “No matter what, we must not let Xue’er see Yun Che… No! We must not let Xue’er find out that he’s alive!

“Ming’er, go inform all the elders together in the Divine Phoenix Main Hall tomorrow afternoon to discuss matters! Furthermore… it looks like we must employ a grand elder to kill Yun Che! Although the possibility that Yun Che is in the late stage of the Tyrant Profound Realm is low… he needs to die!” As he finished speaking, only the sound of his grinding teeth could be heard.

In his entire life, he had never had such bone deep hatred for someone.

Allowing a cornerstone Grand Elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect to kill a twenty odd year old youth, any member of the Divine Phoenix Sect hearing this would stare mouth agape in disbelief, but Feng Ximing did not appear to be shocked… because just as Feng Hengkong had said, Yun Che had to die! His life was worthless… but this concerned Feng Xue’er!!

“I understand.” Feng Ximing bowed solemnly.

Feng Hengkong’s chest rose and fell strongly before he eventually calmed down and seemingly muttered to himself, “Looks like before we can ensure that Yun Che and all worries are eliminated, we must try and delay Xue’er’s trip to Blue Wind Nation’s Snow Region of the Extreme Ice…”

He turned around and looked at the right side of Feng Ximing’s face, and his gaze immediately turned much gentler, “Ming’er, is your face still hurting… Royal Father could not control his emotions and apologizes.”

Feng Ximing immediately replied in shock, “What is royal father saying! I spoke out of line and made Xue’er sad. Royal father reprimanding me is only natural. I only feel ashamed and have no complaints. What royal father is saying now only makes me feel worse.”

“Heh heh,” Feng Hengkong reassuringly laughed slightly, before waving his hand. “You may leave. Only we need to know what has been said today.”

“Understood! Naturally, I won’t tell anyone anything that we discussed… I shall not disturb royal father anymore and will withdraw!”

Exiting from the Divine Phoenix Main Hall, Feng Ximing’s originally calm expression had sunk as well. He looked up, touched the swollen right side of his face, and his entire face contorted. His eyes stared widely, and within the depth of his eyes, there was a malicious, ice cold, killing intent … Gradually, traces of blood seeped through from between his teeth and gathered on his trembling lips.

“Yun… Che!!! You...  actually… dare…”

“You… actually… dare!!!”

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